Guiding Light Update Wednesday 9/21/05


Written By Jennie

Tammy walks into Company, and asks for her order. As the waitress heads out back to get it Tammy thinks back to when she found the grave of Sandy Foster. She is interrupted by Sandy, who lets her know that she didn’t have to lie to him.

Billy is behind the bar at Outskirts, and serves his brother s up a drink. Josh looks surprised to see him there, as Billy mentions that spending time with Stephanie was a great way to make Reva green with envy. Josh protests, trying to tell his brother that it wasn’t what it looked like. As the two brothers are talking, Stephanie walks in dressed in a skimpy outfit. “I didn’t keep you waiting too long, I hope.” She tells Josh.

Reva walks into the farmhouse, and comments on how many baby things there are lying around. Cassie looks surprised to see her, and wonders where she came from. “I came in the back door. Fewer steps.” Reva says while she winces with pain. She’s still hobbling about with a cane, and explains that she is still able to help her sister out. Cassie takes one look at her sister and demands to know what is going on with her and Josh.

“There’s nothing wrong with Josh. It’s me.” Reva meekly explains. Cassie doesn’t seem to understand and asks for further explanation. Reva goes on to mention that she made him think she had a date when she didn’t. She explains that she did it only because she saw Josh with a younger woman. “I flipped. I really think I’m losing it.” She tells Cassie.

Inside the Beacon, Jeffery stares at the letter he got. Ross approaches him, wondering what it was Jeffery needed to see him about. He makes it clear that he wants whatever it is to be quick. “I want to spend time with Blake and the kids.” He mentions to the D.A. Jeffery shows him the letter in a plastic bag. Ross takes one look at it, and immediately seems worried.

Reva tells her sister that she no longer wants to talk about her problems, and instead asks about Edmund. Cassie laughs and mentions that Edmund is currently on the porch having a cigar with Jonathan of all people. Reva is shocked and can’t believe it.

Out on the porch, Jonathan and Edmund continue arguing with one another. Jonathan still wants to know how Hope came to be when Dinah wasn’t even pregnant. “I don’t owe you any explanation.” Edmund maintains sounding angry. Jonathan wants answers, and threatens to go inside and tell Cassie what he knows. “I’m sure she would be pumped to know Dinah had a baby and wasn’t even pregnant.” He tells his uncle. Edmund urges his nephew to head inside and tell everyone the truth, “Destroy their lives.” He challenges Jonathan.

Tammy turns to Sandy and lets him know that she’s not the one lying. “You’re living a lie.” She accuses him. Confused, Sandy wonders what she is talking about. Tammy spills the beans about traveling to Shrewsbury and finding the grave marked ‘Sandy Foster.’ “I can explain that.” He tells her without flinching, though he looks mad.

Jeffery and Ross walk out onto the Beacon patio, as Ross wonders what it is he can do to help. The D.A. asks that he get more resources made available to him, to help protect his witnesses. Ross seems more concerned about making sure that Jeffery is protected as well. Ross is assured that he can protect himself, however he’s also concerned about Cassie and the children. “The note says everybody dies.” Explains Jeffery. Ross nods, as he looks over the note once more. He makes sure that Jeffery doesn’t want police help, and then tells Jeffery that he will do what he can. “However, I want you to do something for me in return. Find Dinah.” Ross says.

Josh introduces Billy to Stephanie, and explains that she is one of the executives at WSPR. She smiles, and orders a drink. Josh immediately wants to rush into discussing work, but Stephanie has other things on her mind. She flat out tells him that she wants to get to know him better. Billy pops in on the conversation and mentions that his brother has a full life, one with children and a wife.

Stephanie takes what Billy has said with a grain of salt, and only mentions that it sounds like he’s ready for a change. She then excuses herself and leaves. Josh turns to his brother and makes it clear that Reva is the one who made the choice for them to split up. “Now I’m making some choices of my own.” He tells Billy.

Reva watches Hope and mentions to her sister how great having a child is. She goes on to talk about how having a baby brings out the best in people. Cassie laughs and jokes that the mother of Jonathan could talk so sweetly about children. Reva becomes protective and reminds her sister that he hasn’t done anything terrible lately. “I know. He’s making some progress.” Cassie admits. Reva reminds her sister that he’s outside, trying to find some common ground with Edmund. “Perhaps there really is some hope for us all.” Reva tells Cassie.

Edmund challenges Jonathan to run inside and tell Cassie the truth. He warns her, that sometimes the messenger is the one that people typically ‘shoot.’ He goes on to explain to Jonathan that he wanted to give Cassie a baby because he loves her, and wanted to help make her dreams come true. “How did you score the baby?” Jonathan demands to know.

Edmund goes on and mentions how upset he was when he found out the truth about Dinah’s pregnancy. “I didn’t want Cassie to go through the same loss that I had.” He explains and further mentions that in the end he knew Dinah wanted to do what was best for everyone involved as well. “She wanted to prove herself to everyone, that’s why I told her to keep the belly pad on.” Edmund says. Jonathan’s main concern is still where Hope came from.

Edmund tells him that the baby was being sold on the black market, and that the mother didn’t give a care in the world about where it ended up. “I’m just trying to give Hope a good home, and Cassie the miracle baby.” Edmund explains.

Jonathan accepts this, but still wants to know where Dinah is and why she didn’t stick around to enjoy all the attention and gratitude she should have gotten. “In the end, Dinah couldn’t stand the idea of seeing Cassie happy again.” Edmund tells his nephew.

Jonathan doesn’t buy it, he reminds his uncle that Dinah was expendable, someone who made his plan dangerous. He insists on knowing what Edmund did with her. “Nothing. I did nothing with Dinah.” Edmund maintains. Jonathan doesn’t buy it, and threatens to go to Jeffery with the information he has.

Sandy tries to explain to Tammy that the gravestone she saw was his grandfathers. She doesn’t want to hear it, but he continues to explain that it was a mix up. He pretends to be offended, as she goes on about how he wouldn’t share a last name with his maternal grandfather. “I don’t use my father’s last name.” He tells her, looking very hurt. He goes on to tell her about his grandfather, and that he wanted to disappear when he left town. Tammy doesn’t understand the need for him to start over, despite his best explanation. She kisses him and he looks worried.

Tammy finally looks like she buys his story and asks him to wait up for her. She just has to deliver the food to her mother first. He smiles, letting her know that he will be there for her when she gets back.

Billy tells his brother that he doesn’t mean to be judgmental, but that things have changed since his brother last dated. Josh scoffs at the idea, and reminds Billy that the essentials never change. Billy mentions the age difference, and Josh gets mad. He claims that they are simply having a drink with one another, nothing more. With a smile, Billy tries to explain to his brother that ‘having a drink’ usually means the same thing as ‘hooking up.’ Josh makes fun of the fact that his brother is alone, just as Stephanie comes back. “I’m interested in getting a bite to eat, somewhere other than here.” Josh tells his date, and together they leave.

Ross looks concerned about where his daughter is. Jeffery on the other hand is confused, and mentions that he thought Dinah left of her own volition. “I don’t buy that for a minute.” Ross tells Jeffery. Nodding, Jeffery agrees to help out and mentions that he has some contacts that might come in handy in the search. Ross thanks him, and Jeffery assures him that it’s fine. “Don’t let them intimidate you.” Ross advises Jeffery.

Jeffery laments that he all he has wanted to do was to protect Cassie. He confesses that he truly cares for Cassie and would do anything in the world to protect her. Ross agrees that he was the same way while he was serving as the district attorney.

Edmund reminds Jonathan that Dinah left behind a video tape where she confessed that she was leaving town. Again, Jonathan refuses to believe his uncle. “Anyone will say anything if they are scared enough.” He yells back. Edmund throws Jonathan up against a wall and warns him to back off. Jonathan doesn’t take the threat well and yells that he’s no longer scared of his uncle. Cassie and Reva walk out on the porch just in time to see the two of them fighting. Cassie and Reva demand to know what is going on.

Jonathan warns his uncle to tell them what has happened. Edmund begins to explain things to Cassie just as Tammy arrives. Cassie wonders what it is that she needs to understand. Jonathan tells his aunt that no matter what miracle comes into their lives, they will never get along. Edmund jumps into the conversation and takes the full blame. He mentions that he accused Jonathan of having ulterior motives when it came to seeing Hope. “I really think he just wants to be a part of this family.” Edmund confesses.

The baby begins to cry and Reva offers to head inside and help out. Cassie turns down her offer, and demands that she go home to take care of things there. She then turns to Tammy and urges her to go and spend some time with Sandy. Cassie heads inside to comfort Hope.

Reva approaches her son, and thanks him for trying to be a part of the family. She kisses him goodnight, leaves. Tammy then decides to leave and meet Sandy at Company. Jonathan mentions that he was headed there as well and asks for a ride. Smiling, Tammy agrees to drop him off. The two begin to walk off together. Edmund stops him and thanks him for remaining quiet. “I didn’t do it for you. I was thinking of that baby in there. And I still want to know what you did with Dinah.” Jonathan replies back before leaving.

Josh has continued his date inside Company. He’s looking at a menu when Stephanie takes it out of his hand. She claims to know what is going on. Josh smiles and apologizes for Billy’s behavior. As she gushes on and on about how great he is, Josh interrupts. He tries to tell her that he’s not single and she doesn’t want to hear it. “I’m willing to work around that if you are.” She tells him as she gets closer to him. He confesses that he finds her attractive, and is about to say something else when Sandy walks over. He apologizes for interrupting and realizes that more was going on that he had anticipated.

Billy is rushing everyone out of the bar when Reva walks in. She reminds him that it’s still early for the bar crowd, and he seems shocked to see her. She mentions that she wanted a drink and he suggests that she drink it quickly and then head over to Company. Confused, she tells him that she’s not hungry. Looking curious she jokes if Buzz has a deal going with Billy to drum up more business. Billy doesn’t come out and tell her exactly why he wants her to go over there, but she can tell that something is up. “Josh is there, and he’s not alone.” He confesses to Reva, who swallows back a quick shot.

Jeffery looks at the note once more before putting it back in his briefcase and heading out. As he’s leaving, he picks up his cell phone to make a call.

Edmund stares at the baby as Cassie comments that their child is so beautiful that it’s hard to stop looking at her. He thanks her for letting him be such a big part of their child’s life. He offers to watch the baby for a bit, if Cassie wants to go to bed. She makes sure that he’s able to handle things and he promises that he is. Cassie heads to bed, as she watches Edmund stare at his daughter. He looks at his daughter, and tells himself that Cassie is finally coming around.

The phone rings and Jeffery is on the other end. He demands to talk with Cassie. “She’s asleep.” Edmund replies. Jeffery mentions that he will call back later, and Edmund doesn’t want to hear it. He mentions that he will be disconnecting the phone so that neither Cassie, nor Hope will be disturbed before hanging up. Jeffery looks concerned as he hangs up his cell phone.

Reva decides that she wants another shot before leaving. Billy doesn’t understand why she’s not rushing over to find Josh. “The last think I want to do is walk in on him and whatever it is.” She tells him. Reva smiles and comments that both Billy and Cassie have been telling her the same thing all night. He reminds her that it is because they care about her.

Reva laments that she wishes her problems with Josh were easy to solve, but they’re not. She looks determined as she confesses that her marriage is at an impasse and no amount of love can change that. Billy wonders if she’s given it a chance to help their problems or not, and reminds her that she’s running out of time. He warns her that if she takes too much time figuring out her problems that he might be there.

Josh begins to introduce Sandy and Stephanie to one another, but they already know each other from when he worked on Reva’s show. Smiling, Stephanie explains that they were talking about work. “Well I should take off because I wanted to talk to you about non-business related stuff.” He says to Josh.

Stephanie decides that she’s going to leave and promises to talk to Josh tomorrow. Josh walks her out, and lets her know that he’s not quite ready to begin dating just yet. She lets him know that everything is ok, and that he should be sure to look her up when he’s ready. Stephanie kisses him goodbye on the cheek before leaving.

Josh heads back inside and Sandy jokes that he truly has a way with women. He then mentions that he needs help with Tammy.

On the patio of Company, Tammy and Jonathan arrive. She looks inside through the window and confesses that Sandy is waiting for her. He jokes that he’s more than willing to head in with her to make sure everything is ok. Looking exasperated, Tammy tells Jonathan that Sandy explained the tombstone. Jonathan doesn’t sound too convinced that it’s the truth and reminds her that he has done nothing but lie to her since she came to town.

Tammy turns the tables on him and accuses him of lying about the fight he and Edmund were having. She lets him know that it was pretty obvious that they wanted to kill one another, and wonders what was really going on. “You don’t want to know.” He tells her. She informs him that she is still curious, and he confesses that it was about Dinah.

Hope begins to cry and Edmund comforts her. Cassie hears the cries, and comes out to check on things. Cassie comforts her, as Edmund comments on how nice things are.

Jeffery arrives on the farmhouse porch and looks inside just in time to see both Cassie and Edmund caring for Hope together.

Reva thanks Billy for the drinks, and he offers to give her a ride home. They joke with one another. Reva collapses on him, and heads out with her.

Sandy explains that he knows it might be too early for him to freak out about his relationship with Tammy, but that some first loves work. He uses Josh and Reva as an example. Josh tries to stop him, but Sandy keeps on talking.

Sandy agrees that sometimes, love isn’t enough to make a relationship work. Before Josh has a chance to comment on any of this, he is being thanked. “You have opened my eyes. I have to stop tip-toeing around and make the plunge.” Sandy realizes. Josh finally gets a chance to talk as Sandy is leaving. They hug, and Sandy takes off leaving Josh alone.

Edmund and Cassie discuss who Hope looks like more. Edmund turns to his ex-wife and tells her that when she said he would want to be a better man because of her that she was right. He confesses that he wants to be a hero for her, and wonders if that role is beyond him. Cassie tells him that she can’t be the judge of that. She urges him to simply be there for his daughter no matter what. Edmund assures her that he will be there for the both of them.

On the porch, Jeffery looks back and forth between the letter and inside.

Cassie decides to go back to bed, and looks at Edmund with a new admiration.

Edmund looks at his daughter, and then pulls out his cell phone. He makes a call, wondering if ‘the message has been sent.’ He tells the person on the other end of the line that he wants to make sure that it can’t be tracked back to him in anyway. With and evil chuckle, Edmund agrees to give the person on the other end of the line another call if there needs to be a follow up letter. Edmund turns back to his daughter and tells her that sometimes dreams do come true.

Tammy doesn’t understand why Jonathan and Edmund would argue about Dinah of all people. Jonathan begins to explain things to Tammy, and mentions that it seems weird that she’s not around to get credit for everything she did. Tammy’s only response is wondering if Jonathan misses her. “Dinah was straight with me. Honesty like that is hard to find around her.” He confesses. She walks away, and tells him that she hopes he finds her.

“I’ll find her. You can count on that. Eddie can to.” Jonathan mutters.

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