Guiding Light Update Tuesday 9/20/05


Written By Jen
Pictures by Boo

Outside of Company, Jonathan runs into Tammy. He apologizes for bumping into and then gleefully mentions the grave they found. She sheepishly tells him that she hasn’t brought it up to Sandy yet. He looks at her incredulously, and she lets him know she doesn’t want to discuss it with him. “I’m going to spend some time with my new baby sister.” She tells him as she tries to hurry out. Jonathan stops her, wondering what the hell she is talking about. Tammy explains that Dinah finally had the baby, and that everyone is happy. Looking concerned, he lets her know that what she has just told him is impossible.

Jonathan can’t believe what he is hearing, and Tammy doesn’t understand why. He thinks back to pat conversations he had with Dinah about her losing the baby. Tammy mentions that Edmund was with Dinah as she gave birth to a little girl. Jonathan makes sure he’s hearing things correctly and asks once more if Edmund was the only person there. Tammy confirms that he was, and is then asked where Dinah is.

“After giving up the baby, I guess it was too much and she left.” Tammy reports. He looks concerned and seems freaked out by everything. He mentions that he wants to see the baby, but tries to hide his concern. Tammy stops him, reminding Jonathan that he’s anything but welcome at the farmhouse. He gets close to her, and mentions that he wants to move past everything. He hopes that by being nice to the baby that he can get in good with the new parents.

In the mock farmhouse, Dinah continues to talk to herself. She begins to lose it and freak out. Throwing various items around the room, Dinah doesn’t understand what is taking Edmund so long to get a simple prescription filled. Dinah tries to convince herself that eventually all of Edmund’s lies will come out.

Dinah goes on talking to herself. She is trying to keep herself calm and begins to see the people ‘talk’ to her. Ross appears and tells his daughter that she is finally asking herself some of the important questions. He seems almost proud of her. He reminds her that she is the one who wanted to make Cassie suffer; she is the one who turned her surroundings into a prison, he tells her. She begs him to help her get out, and change what has happened. He tells her that he can’t help her any longer as Dinah begins to cry. Dinah then sees Edmund who claims that no one can help her now.

In the Bauer backyard, Danny is on his cell phone and leaves a message for Marina to call him back. He looks exhausted and sounds tired. Marina surprises him by popping out from behind him, and lets him know that if he wants to talk that she’s there now.

With a kiss, she lets him know that she wants to spend more time with him. As she pulls away from him she notices the white rose brush and mentions it. He tells her that he and Michelle planted it in memory of the baby. Marina then notices all the garbage from the barbeque that they had earlier and seems slightly hurt that she missed so much. Danny picks up on it, and tells her that he needed to talk to her about something that happened earlier.

Marina looks like she’s unsure if she wants to hear Danny out. He lets her know that he only wants to tell her how right she was about Michelle accepting that her baby is gone. Danny goes on to mention how he only thought he would be able to help her move on. Marina nods, and lets him know that she understands. She goes on to mention that he has to be having a rough time with things as well. “You have to grieve for the baby along with Michelle.” She reminds him. He smiles back at her, and wonders what he did to deserve her. “I’m crazy about you.” She tells him. He kisses her, and then tells her that he wants her to move in with him. “You are moving in with me today.” He tells her before dragging her off.

Cassie watches on as Michelle continues to spend time with Hope at the hospital. She mentions Edmund, and wonders how Michelle knows that he’s changed. “I just have to believe that Edmund is changed.” Michelle replies as Edmund and Jeffery walk over to the two of them. Cassie mentions that Hope smiled while Michelle was holding her, and Jeffery apologizes to Michelle about her recent tragedy. Edmund offer to give Jeffery and Cassie some time alone with the baby and take Michelle out for a cup of coffee, but she can’t. She lets them all know that she has to meet with Mel first. Edmund walks her out of the ER, and seems to be moving fast.

“Edmund do you mind slowing down?” Michelle yells after him. He lets her know that he needs her to listen to him. “Stay away from Cassie.” He demands as he looks at her with a dark look upon his face.

Michelle doesn’t understand what he’s saying, or why he would want her to stay away from his ex-wife. Edmund claims to be thinking of her feelings. He doesn’t know why she would want to ‘torture’ herself. She lets him know that it is helping her get past everything. Looking sympathetic, he reminds her that Hope is not her baby. “You’re holding on too tightly.” He tells her. This seems to hit home, and Michelle looks away from him.

Edmund takes this the wrong way, and tells Michelle how much he wishes she could trust him. Sighing, she mentions how much she appreciates all he has done. She becomes nostalgic and even laments that perhaps if she had listened to him to begin with that she wouldn’t be in the situation she’s in now. He stops her mid sentence, and lets her know that she shouldn’t be talking that way. “I want to help you move on.” He tells her feigning concern.

Back inside the hospital, Cassie mentions to Jeffery how painful things must be for Michelle. He reminds her that she once had the strength to move past the same hurt, and that Michelle will be able to do the same as well.

Cassie and Jeffery go out to where Michelle and Edmund are talking, “Sorry to interrupt.” She tells them. Michelle takes the opportunity to get on her way to see Mel and says goodbye to them. Cassie mentions that the baby is getting fussy and that she needs to get going as well. Edmund smiles, and then asks Jeffery to make sure that his girls get home ok. Cassie says goodbye, while Edmund and Michelle head back inside. Turning to Jeffery, Cassie seems surprised at Edmund’s latest attempt at being nice.

Jeffery thinks back to earlier, and when Edmund confessed to popping pills and doesn’t say anything. He turns and leaves with Cassie.

Michelle mentions that Mel will be able to give her a ride home once her shift is over, which should be soon. Still pretending to care about her. Edmund lets her know that he doesn’t mind waiting in order to make sure that she gets home safely. She thanks him, and then mentions that it is almost as though they have some sort of connection to one another. She walks off as he looks after her deviously.

Danny and Marina walk into Company, and he seems more than excited to work on getting her moved into his place. She begs him to calm down a bit, and he takes it as a sign that she no longer wants to live with him. She assures him that it is not the case. Marina wants to make sure that he’s doing it for all the right reasons. He tells her that he needs to because he’s sick of being in ‘limbo’ as far as their relationship is concerned. Danny pulls her closer and kisses her once more. “Let’s start packing.” He tells her and hurries her along.

On the patio of Company, Edmund is still close to Michelle. He offers to drive her home, and she mentions that sadly she no longer knows where her home is. Edmund takes the opportunity and mentions that he is sure Ed would welcome his daughter, and grandson with open arms. Smiling, she mentions that her father is now working in California. “I’ve been thinking about that a lot.” She confesses as she sits down.

Edmund goes on to mention how hard things get, and how sometimes leaving is the only way. He compares watching Cassie and Jeffery to Danny and Marina, “It’s hard on me to watch them knowing they are happy together.” He confesses. She listens and then agrees that he is right. “I am going to go inside and call the airlines,.” She tells him with a hug. Edmund lets her know that he would be more than happy to take her to the airport and mentions that having a friend there will make all the difference. Michelle thanks him for everything, and heads inside. With a smile on Edmund’s face, he walks off.

Michelle walks in just in time to hear Danny ordering a romantic dinner for his room. She listens in, and clearly thinks that he is ordering it for her as she smiles.

Dinah looks at Edmund and then back at Ross. She can’t believe that Edmund, of all people is going to be her way to salvation. He goes on to remind her that right now, in the eyes of Springfield’s residents that she is almost a saint. She gave up a child she carried for someone else’s happiness. Ross stops Edmund and reminds his daughter that Edmund is the one who originally got her into the mess to begin with.

Dinah wonders if there was anyone who could have helped her. Jeffery appears and lets her know that he did his best to help her.

At the real farm, Cassie can’t believe that Edmund was so agreeable earlier and is thankful that she gets to spend some time alone with Jeffery. He’s just about to tell her that Edmund was avoiding the truth when his cell phone rings. Jeffery answers it, and has to rush out. It is obviously about work, and she lets him know that she will be there waiting for him when he gets done.

Before he leaves, she mentions Edmund. “I’m going to let Edmund tell you what’s going on.” Jeffery tells her before taking off.

Tammy walks into the farmhouse and immediately tells her mother that she hopes what she has done is ok. Cassie looks confused until Jonathan walks in. “Why is he here?” She asks Tammy. Jonathan rushes over to Hope and mentions how much of a miracle her arrival is. Cassie doesn’t look too excited to have him there, but tolerates him as he gushes over the incredible fact that Cassie has a new baby.

Danny continues to make reservations for his romantic night with Marina. Michelle begins to realize that her ex-husband might not be planning the night for her. Before she has a chance to walk in, Marina comes out from the back. Michelle listens in as Danny and Marina joke about what she considers ‘important’ stuff to move. Michelle looks hurt, and walks in just as Danny and Marina are headed out. She takes a deep breath as they ask her what she’s doing.

‘Jeffery’ tells Dinah that he helped her when he got her out of prison. He is quick to remind her that he did it out of the goodness of his own heart. Edmund pops in and comments that when it comes to being deceitful that Jeffery has him matched. Dinah comments that she is going to have to come clean to Cassie about everything as soon as she gets out the farmhouse. All three of the apparitions laugh at her. She begs them to stop, and yells at them. They all disappear as she tells herself that she needs to find someone who will be there for her, no matter what. ‘Jonathan’ appears and sweeps Dinah up into an embrace.

Back at the real farmhouse, Jonathan continues to gush on about how unbelievable it is that Hope is here. He mentions that he was close to Dinah, and that she kept some things a secret from everyone. Cassie becomes interested, and Edmund walks in. “Sit down, Uncle Eddie. I was just talking about miracles.” He announces.

Edmund walks past his nephew and demands to know what he is doing there. Tammy mentions that her cousin simply wanted to meet the baby. Turning to Jonathan, Edmund makes it clear that he’s not welcome in the house. “Get out.” He tells his nephew. Cassie interrupts the two of them, and wonders what Jonathan was going to say before Edmund walked in. Before Jonathan has a chance to say anything Edmund asks his nephew to take a walk outside with him. The baby cries and Cassie comforts it. Edmund and Jonathan exchange looks and it is clear that they both know the truth.

With the baby quieted down, Jonathan simply tells Cassie that he’s glad Dinah came through for them. He goes on to mention how he only wishes she were here as well. Cassie agrees with him, and Jonathan exchanges looks with Edmund once more.

Danny begins asking Michelle what happened at the hospital when his phone rings. He takes off to answer it, leaving the two women alone. Michelle mentions that she saw Hope at the hospital. but that she’s fine. She mentions Edmund’s name and Marina instantly becomes curious. “Believe it or not, he gave me some good advice just now.” She tells a skeptical Marina. Michelle goes on to mention that losing someone so important has caused her to look at her life closer. She then asks Marina to tell Danny goodbye for her. Looking perplexed, she assures Michelle that he will be back soon. Michelle leaves anyway.

Danny comes back, wondering where his ex-wife has gone. Marina explains that she’s not quite sure what happened. He assumes that she’s gone back to the house, and seems excited about spending time with Marina.

Outside of Company, a woman from the district attorney’s office greets him. She tells him that unfortunately the witness decided not to testify, and there will be no meeting. She does hand him a manila envelope that she found on his desk though. It reads ‘for your eyes only’ on it. He opens it to find a letter reading ‘stop now or everybody dies.’

Dinah doesn’t understand why Jonathan is appearing to her. She seems confused, thinking that they were only together for the physical aspect of the relationship. She is ecstatic though that he is the one who is going to rescue her. She mentions that perhaps she wants more with him than just fun. Jonathan tells her that she’s not the kind he would stick around for. He leaves, despite her yelling for him not to.

At the real farmhouse, Jonathan mentions once more how sad it is that Dinah isn’t around to see the baby she brought into the world. Again, he and Edmund exchange looks that say they know what is really going on. Edmund changes the subject, mentioning that it is time for the baby to go to bed. Jonathan makes it known that he will be there when Edmund gets back.

Alone with Jonathan, Tammy wonders why he is so hell bent on defending Dinah all of a sudden. He shrugs it off, claiming that it is simply weird the way she left town. Tammy realizes that there might have been something more between them and begins to ask if they were ever and item. Jonathan smiles, pulls his cousin closer and then laughs that she is jealous. Tammy backs off as Cassie comes back into the living room, excited to show her eldest daughter some baby clothes.

Edmund comes out too, and at the prodding of Cassie offer to have a cigar with Jonathan. “We can share a smoke, and toast Hope’s future.” Edmund tells Jonathan. Jonathan agrees and the two head outside. Before leaving, Jonathan says goodbye to the women. Outside, Edmund and Jonathan sets the record straight. He admits that he knew Dinah was never pregnant. “Which means you didn’t deliver any baby. So where’d you get that kind in there?” He demands to know.

Marina grabs a toothbrush and lets him know that she has enough stuff for the night. She wants to take things bit by bit. “I don’t want to flaunt it in front of Michelle.” She confesses. He agrees with her.

Michelle looks at the white rose bush she and Danny planted. She holds some airline tickets in her hands, and laments that she should have listened to Edmund from the beginning. Leaving is the right thing for me to do, she reason.

Alone in the fake farmhouse, Dinah realizes she is alone. She vows to help herself and not rely on any man every again. After all they’ve never come through for her before. “You will not depend on another man for love or anything else ever again.” She tells herself.

Cassie sits with Tammy and mentions how good Jeffery has been with Hope. She smiles as Tammy agrees and then mentions that Sandy too has changed for the better as well. “Look at him now; he’s a great trustworthy guy.” Cassie tells her. Tammy thinks back to when she and Jonathan found the ‘Sandy Foster’ headstone. She looks up and decides to call Sandy.

On the phone, she tells Sandy that she is going to break their plans so that she can spend time with her mother.

The farmhouse phone rings, and Cassie answers. Jeffery is on the other end and tells her that he’s got to work all night. He tells her to make sure that all her doors are locked and hangs up. He sounds worried and hangs up. Back on the Company patio, he takes another look at the letter he has gotten.

Edmund claims that Jonathan doesn’t know anything about the birth of his daughter. “Cut the crap.” Jonathan says and raises his voice. “I know she was pretending to carry around your little spawn after she already lost the baby.” He tells his uncle. Edmund claims that the charges are ridiculous, and that Jonathan has no proof. “What the hell did you do with her? Where is she?” Jonathan demands to know as he grabs his uncle.

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