Guiding Light Update Monday 9/19/05


Written By Jennie 
Pictures by Boo

Alan paces around his hospital room and tells Beth he has never been happier to hear her voice on her machine since he thinks that means that she made it to the meeting and is now CEO of the company. He tells her that he can not wait to celebrate and starts to dance as Gus walks in and asks if anyone can join the party.

Alex tells Harley that the board voted and made a decision that Harley will be the new CEO of Spaulding enterprises. Harley can’t believe it and automatically turns to Blake for an explanation. She says that there is a mistake and that Gus was supposed to be the CEO to which Lizzie responds that they chose her instead because of her speech. India takes this opportunity to rub it in that Alex is not the CEO. Harley calls it a catastrophe as Beth walks in and apologizes for being late and asks if they are ready to vote. Lizzie smugly tells her that she is too late and tells her to meet the new boss, Harley.

Jeffrey finds the pills Edmund is having filled for Dinah and wants to know what Edmund is doing with a prescription for someone that was filed today that is supposedly missing.

Dinah talks outloud and says she now knows the game that Edmund has been playing. She realizes that Edmund was only pretending to be in love with her to get a baby to give to Cassie. She yells that it isn’t going to work, but realizes that it already has and that Edmund plans on keeping her where she is for good.

Michelle tells Danny that there is nothing wrong with her and she doesn’t need to be at Cedars. Danny says he just wants Mel to check her out and then they will leave. She reluctantly agrees and as they walk in, they spot Cassie who is there with Hope. Michelle asks if she can see Hope and stares at her in wonder.

Michelle tells Cassie that she is beautiful and congratulates Cassie. Cassie says that she thinks she is beautiful also but that she is biased. Michelle calls it mother’s prerogative. Cassie tells Michelle that she heard about the accident and tells Michelle how sorry she is. Danny comes over and interrupts and says that they were about to see the doctor and they should go. Michelle doesn’t want to go and asks Cassie if Hope is always this calm. Cassie tells her so far so good and is amazed because neither Tammy nor RJ was calm as babies. Cassie thanks Michelle for the gift and Michelle asks if she can hold Hope. Cassie says of course but Danny pulls her aside wondering if it is the best thing for her right now. Danny doesn’t think it is a good idea but Michelle says she really wants to hold her. Cassie hands her to Michelle.

Edmund tells Jeffrey he doesn’t have time for this and tells him that if he wants the pills to take them, preferably all at once with whiskey. He starts to walk away but stops and Jeffrey tells him it looks as if he can’t walk away from them. Edmund says that the pharmacy made a labeling error and Jeffrey says that he will call in and find out. Edmund admits that he took Dinah’s prescription and that since he has been having trouble sleeping so he filled the prescription for himself. Jeffrey questions Edmund on the number of pills and Edmund asks if he needs to spell it out to him. Edmund declares that he is addicted to pills and it is Jeffrey’s fault.

Alan asks Gus if they have a new CEO and Gus says he doesn’t know since he walked out. Alan asks him if he got a dose of reality or possibly cold feet. Gus says none of that just that he realized he didn’t want to be like Alan. He came to see Alan since he feels Alan is the reason that the family is in shambles anyway. He tells him that he realizes that he doesn’t want the job.

Cut to Harley in the boardroom, telling Beth that she didn’t’ want the job but that the board gave it to her. Beth says that the board must have lost its mind and Blake asks kind of like Beth’s husband. Beth says she doesn’t understand and asks how it happened. Harley says she doesn’t understand either and India breaks in that if Harley didn’t want the job she shouldn’t have given such a rousing speech, she tells Beth that she missed a great piece of Spaulding history. Beth acerbically asks India when she is leaving. India replies that she was going to leave that afternoon but that she may stick around now to spend a little time with Lizzie. Lizzie says that she would like that and Beth tells her no. India tells Beth that she is still possessive and insecure which makes Lizzie laugh. Beth tells Harley that it must have been some speech. Harley says that she gave it for Gus, and Blake tells Harley to think of the comeback story that it is an ex convict as CEO. She tells Harley it gives her goosebumps and laughs as Harley glares at her. Beth asks someone to help her out and Alex wants to know what she wants her to say. Beth says that maybe that Harley is incapable of running a multi million dollar empire. Blake says that Harley is wonder woman and Harley says she doesn’t even know what a CEO does. Lizzie tells her that it is quite easy and she can even give Lizzie her trust fund early if she wants to. India tells her that her team will make most of the decisions for her and that she was right, Spaulding needs someone whom isn’t snowed by money and power. She tells her that she knows she isn’t or otherwise she would dress better. Harley laughs and India tells her that she thinks they made the right decision and she will do great. India tells Lizzie to call her anytime and not to let her mother keep her from people who really loved her father since that would be a shame. India leaves and Blake says she needs to go also. Harley begs her not to leave her alone since she is not one of them and Blake tells her that she and Gus are the best of “them”. After Blake leaves, Beth tells Harley that she is going to demand a recount and that she gave her proxy to Lizzie in case she was late. Lizzie reminds Beth that all she said was to vote against Gus and Beth is incredulous when she asks Lizzie if she voted for Harley. Lizzie informs Beth that so did she. Beth says that is grounds for a recount right there. Alex tells Beth to calm down and tells her that Harley doesn’t want the job, and even if she did, she isn’t qualified for it. Harley takes offense to this and even after Alex’s explanation of Harley not being a leader asks them “says who?”

Gus sits on Alan’s hospital bed and asks him if he is saying that he is not at all interested in running Spaulding. Gus says that he thought he did but says that he takes on look at Alan and doesn’t want anything to do with Spaulding. Alan asks if he has any regrets and Gus says no because he knows he is going to have a beautiful family with Harley and he is sick of the lies and backstabbing. He says that he washes his hands of all of it and Alan points out that he can walk away from Spaulding but that it won’t change the fact that he is his father. Gus tells him that it is a technicality and that Joe Augistino is his actual father. Gus pulls the police officer watching over Alan into the room and tells him that he wants to go back to being a police officer and having some self-respect. He tells Alan to go back to acting crazy since that is what Spauldings do best since he is free.

Harley says that she doesn’t want the job but that if she did she would be able to do it and be damn good at it. Beth asks her what makes her think that, her vast experience at writing parking tickets and Harley rightfully throws back at Beth that she is no more qualified than she is. Beth asks Lizzie if she has any idea what it will do to her grandfather and Lizzie says she doesn’t care since he was thinking of anyone when he shot Phillip or married Beth. Lizzie reveals that she was sort of behind Beth’s being stuck in Boston and Beth asks to speak to Harley outside. Harley tells Beth that she doesn’t want to fight about it and Beth agrees telling Harley that she doesn’t want the position and she “tripped” into it. Harley points out that a lot of people voted for her and Beth says it was out of spite. Beth says that many people that have made huge sacrifices for this position and Harley declares that marrying Alan doesn’t count. She also tells Beth that Lizzie thinks that Beth may have had something to do with the attack on Coop. Beth is shocked at this and claims to know nothing about it. She points out that Beth can’t even control her own life and Beth says that she is in control for the first time in her life and excuses herself to tell Alan there has been a hostile takeover. Harley claims that she could do this job if she wanted to and says to herself that Gus is going to freak.

Dinah talks to Edmund’s picture and says that although she doesn’t shock easily Edmund has crossed the line with this one. She says as soon as she gets the pills in her hand everything will calm down, starting with Edmund.

Jeffrey asks how it is his fault that Edmund is a pill junkie. Edmund tries to cover his tracks by saying that Rick knows about his addiction also after catching him in the medicine closet at Cedars. Edmund says that he will take anything to dull the anguish of losing Cassie. He blames it on Jeffery for getting together with Cassie after their split. Edmund tells Jeffrey that everything he does is wrong because of Jeffrey and now he has one more thing to hold over him but says not to count on it for long because he is getting help. Jeffrey says it is quite a story that he is telling but that it is changing a little the more the talks. Edmund tells Jeffrey that he has no idea how hard it is to go to the farmhouse and know he is not wanted and to see Cassie. Jeffrey asks him if he wants a solution and then tells him to stay away from the farmhouse and from Cassie. Jeffrey gets out his phone and Edmund wants to know what he is doing.

Michelle comments on Hope’s name and tells Cassie that she has a cousin named Hope. She says that it means to hang on because anything is possible. Cassie’s phone starts to ring and Michelle tells her that if she wants to take it outside she will stay with the baby. Cassie does and it is Jeffrey calling her and telling her that she has bad news. He tells her that there is something that she needs to know.

Michelle introduces Hope to Danny who agrees she is beautiful. Michelle thinks that that baby is staring up at her and Danny says she is too young for her to actually focus. Michelle says that there is just something about Hope and stares down at her.

Jeffrey tells Cassie that things seem to be going good with Edmund and starts to ask her about if Edmund had an old back injury as Edmund grabs the phone out of Jeffrey’s hands and hangs up. Cassie thinks that he must have just lost his signal and goes inside.

Michelle says that there is just something about Hope. She asks Danny who she reminds him of and Danny says that she should give her back to her mother. Michelle ignores him and says that there is something about that way that she looks at her that seems as if she is just the happiest baby she has ever seen. Michelle says that it just kind of feels wrong with her holding the baby and Danny sitting next to her. Danny says maybe they should just find Mel and Michelle tells Danny to go home since Rick has to leave and he has Robbie. Danny says that he will find Mel and send her in Michelle’s direction as he is leaving. Cassie comes back and she and Michelle discuss how special Hope is.

Beth comes to Alan’s hospital room and tells him that she is glad he is lying down. Alan wants to know why, if Gus is the new CEO and Beth says worse, Harley. Alan is outraged, yelling that this must be a joke. Beth tells Alan about Harley’s speech, including that Lizzie voted for Harley. Alan wants to know if it isn’t enough that she ruined two of his sons, now she has to ruin his company. He demands to know how this happened of Beth and she says that he can blame that on Lizzie also since she set up her plane not to come back in time. Alan wants to know why she would do this and Beth says because she was angry. She goes on to say that she would be angry too if someone tried to kill her boyfriend.

Harley and Gus meet up at Company and Harley asks Gus where he went. Gus admits he wound up seeing Alan and Harley asks why. Gus tells her that it hit him that he didn’t want to be like Alan and he wants to be the guy that Harley fell in love with in the first place. He asks what happened and then asks who the poor schmuck that got the job was. Harley tells him that he is looking at her.

Alan swears he didn’t know anything about the gas leak and Beth says that she guesses he knows nothing about the tires the fell on Coop’s head either. She tells him that he promised her that no one would get hurt and Alan says that he kept his promise but that he had to keep his granddaughter from marrying beneath her. He points out that she is still single and Beth says that is beside the point to which Alan says it is exactly the point since Beth asked him to take action and he did. He wants to talk about Harley taking over Spaulding and how it will mean the destruction of the company. Beth says that they will move on but can’t believe that Alan doesn’t care about what Lizzie did. Alan says of course he is furious with her but Beth points out that he is also kind of proud. Alan tells Beth that Lizzie has more Spaulding in her than all of his kids put together. He wants Lizzie to someday run the company and Beth says that for now she should be running it. Alan tells her not to worry because of Gus’s visit earlier. He is sure that he will not want Harley involved at all and tells Beth to go home and welcome Harley and Gus into Spaulding so they can put their plan into place and divert any suspicion from them. Beth wants to know from what and Alan says that they are going to teach Harley that she is well in over her head. Beth tells Alan that if anyone else gets hurt she is out of the marriage and Alan will lose his lifeline.

At Spaulding, Lizzie tells Alex that they did it. Alex wants to know what she is talking about and Lizzie says that they kept Beth and Alan from running Spaulding. Alex says that they showed the Harley was the boss and Lizzie asks if that is not what Alex wanted. Lizzie starts putting food from the meeting into her purse and Alex asks why she is doing it. Lizzie says she is glad that she asked and asks Alex to give her some money as a reward for helping with the voting. Alex laughs and Lizzie asks if it is a yes and Alex resoundingly tells her not on her life.

Harley says she was pushing Gus not herself and Gus says he would have loved to hear the speech. Harley says she didn’t want the job anymore than what he did. Gus asks if she told them that and Harley tells him that she doesn’t plan on taking the position unless he takes it with her. Gus says that Harley never wanted him at Spaulding and Harley says maybe it was just that she wants both. Gus says that she can’t have both and Harley says that the real answer may be them working together. She wants to make the company a place to be proud of for Zach’s sake. Gus says that he can see why they chose her as CEO and Harley asks if that means that they are going to do this together. Gus tells her not a chance.

Dinah draws a mustache on Edmund’s pictures and asks what the other pictures in the room think of it. She tells the pictures that she loves them but that it is her versus Edmund and that Edmund is not going to win this one.

Edmund apologizes about the phone but tells Jeffrey that he has no right to tell Cassie about his addiction. Jeffrey tells him that since there is a new baby she deserves to know. Edmund says that Hope is what is leading him to try and get help and Jeffry tells him that the sooner he gets away from Cassie the better off he will be. Jeffrey tells him that he is not getting anywhere near the house if the thinks he is using. Edmund says that he is going to his first meeting tonight. Jeffrey tells Edmund that one of them is going to tell Cassie and suggests that they call her up to find out where she is. Danny walks by and tells them that Cassie is at Cedars. They leave to find her.

Michelle apologizes for hogging Hope and says she doesn’t want to impose. Cassie tells her to hold Hope for as long as she wants. Michelle says that Danny and Rick are treating her like she lost her sanity and Cassie says she can relate. Michelle says she knows that Cassie understands and they discuss losing a baby. Cassie tells Michelle that if she ever needs to talk to call her and Michelle agrees. She tells Hope that she wishes her a long healthy life with her mommy and daddy and then asks how Edmund is. Cassie agrees that he is very happy and says that it seems as if he is trying to change for the better. Michelle says that Cassie doesn’t have to tell her since she knows and Cassie looks suspicious.

Alan is incredulous as he repeats “Divorce?” and asks Beth who she would be without him. Beth reminds him that she is his link to the outside world and Alan retorts that she has tasted the power that goes with being Mrs. Alan Spaulding and she likes it. Beth says that it isn’t hers though and Alan says it will be soon. Alan tells her to stick around even if some other “accidents” happen. Beth leaves and Alan asks her where she is going and Beth says to prepare a warm welcome for Gus and Harley.

Lizzie tells Alex that she thought they were a team and Alex says she thought so too until she didn’t vote for her as CEO. Lizzie says that she had no idea she wanted to be CEO or she would have voted for her. Lizzie says she could still use the money and Alex tells her to go and talk to Harley, before she angrily walks out the door.

Harley tells Gus that he is abandoning her and says she can’t do it by herself. Gus says that she is the perfect person for it and that she will learn along the way. Harley says she doesn’t have the right clothes and when Gus asks her what she changes it to temperament. Harley asks what about the house they are building and wants to know where she is going to find the time. Gus says that you don’t find time you make time. He reminds her that technically they are Spauldings and says that she will see the company through fresh eyes. Harley asks what she is going to do and Gus tells her that she is on her own.

Danny walks into the Bauer backyard and looks at the rose bush that he and Michelle planted. He takes out his phone and calls Marina, asking her to meet him since he really needs to see her.

Cassie asks Michelle how long she has been back in town and Michelle says not very long. Cassie wonders how she could know that Edmund is trying to change as Dinah voiceovers that she knows where Michelle’s baby is and she could get her back for her if only someone would get her out. Michelle says she just has to believe that he has as Jeffrey and Edmund walk in to Cedars. Edmund looks upset that they are together.

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