Guiding Light Update Friday 9/16/05


Written By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Harley and Gus walk into the Spaulding boardroom, looking nervous. Harley turns to make sure that her new husband is ok with what is about to happen. He reassures her that he is more than ready.

Blake walks in, surprised to see the two of them there. She announces that Alan is at Cedars, and Gus leaves in a rush. Blake and Harley are both surprised, but Gus assures them that the meeting can’t start without him as he’s the one who organized it. He is convinced that his father is up to something and wants to get at the bottom of it.

On his way out of the boardroom, Alex and Lizzie notice that Gus is in a hurry. They both make comments that he can’t have cold feet now, as he was geared up to take over the family business. Alex begins to preach to her niece that they are plenty of qualified people to take over the reins of Spaulding. Lizzie grins deviously, and her aunt wonders what she has been up to.

Inside Cedars Hospital, India visit Alan. He’s surprised to see her, and she makes it clear that he should be anything but happy to see her.

Cassie joins Jeffery at Company. Sneezing he complains about catching a cold from a rude delivery man. Cassie looks worried about his health, and mentions that Hope is with Edmund, spending some time with her father.

Outside on the bench, Edmund talks to Hope. He mentions how much he loves her, and how important ‘their’ secret is.

Back in the fake farmhouse, Dinah reads a newspaper. She sees the headline about Michelle’s baby being killed in a car accident and looks concerned.

In the Bauer backyard, Michelle tells Danny that she can’t remain in Springfield. She maintains that she has to put some ‘distance’ in between her and what she lost. Danny begs her to stay and mentions that their son needs his mother. As they are talking, Robbie comes up to his mother and announces that he has a surprise for her. He mentions that they are having a mini-BBQ since Michelle missed the one on the 4th of July. “We’re having hamburgers, hot dogs, cookies and ice cream!” Announces an excited Robbie. Danny gets Robbie to head back inside so he can finish talking to Michelle. Before he has a chance to say anything she thanks him for all he has done for her. Smiling, he reminds her that Springfield is her home. “Running away is not the answer.” He tells her.

Edmund continues talking to Hope, and lets her know that he is there to take care of everything. He mentions that Michelle will soon have to ‘go away’ just like Jeffery O’Neil. With a smile, he announces that eventually he and Cassie will live ‘happily ever after.’

Alan assumes that India is angry about the death of Phillip, and tries to calm her down. “You killed the one man I ever loved…who loved me back.” She tells Alan, who doesn’t seem to want to listen. He laughs off her concerns, telling her that his son never truly loved her.

They two continue talking and mention Beth. India makes it clear that she thinks Beth is a simple person, who is easily controlled. Alan doesn’t want to hear it, and wonders what has prompted India’s return to town. “I’m here to make sure that Spaulding Enterprises closes its door to you forever.” She announces. Smiling, he reminds her that Beth is his secret weapon. India doesn’t want to hear it, and reminds Alan that he will rot in jail.

Alexandra continues prodding Lizzie to tell her what has happened. With a smile she confesses to her aunt that as long as her mother and grandfather can’t make the meeting, that Gus will have no problems getting elected. She then mentions that Beth’s flight has been redirected to Boston. Alex smiles, surprisingly not that angry with her niece.

Harley seems annoyed with Blake, and accuses her of trying to start trouble where there is none. Blake ignores Harley’s protests and refuses to believe that Harley really wants another husband to take over Spaulding. She mentions the past, and that there is no way her friend can be comfortable with this move. Harley mentions that things are already in place and that her new husband feels this is something he needs to do. Blake refuses to give up, wondering what it is that Harley wants. “I need to stand by him, and support him.” She tells Blake, and then mentions that she knows what Spaulding can ‘do’ to a person. Sighing, she mutters that Gus is different.

A guard tells Gus that he can’t see his father. Gus, however, mentions that his is Alan’s son and pushes his way inside.

Edmund walks into Company and immediately makes a rude comment about Jeffery. He then makes it clear that he doesn’t want him coming close to the baby if he’s sick. Cassie makes it clear that she will be there to watch out for Hope’s best interests. Jeffery turns the subject to Dinah, wondering if Edmund has yet to hear from her. “Not even a postcard.” He reports back without even flinching. Cassie looks concerned and mentions how worried she is about Dinah. Edmund hastily exits, claiming that he has a very busy day ahead of him.

With Edmund gone, Cassie does tell her new boyfriend that he will have to stay away from the baby until he gets better. She then orders him to finally go to the doctor to get some medicine for his cold.

Dinah stares at the paper, mentioning how horrible it is to lose a baby. “I know what it’s like.” She mutters. She goes on talking, mentioning how she hopes that things turn around for the two of them soon.

Ross shows up at the Bauer house, and is surprised that they are having a picnic. He smiles, thinking that the idea of a Bauer BBQ is a good one and lets Michelle know that he’s there to check up on her. “I’m fine.” She assures him before asking how he is doing. Looking tired, he tells her that his eldest daughter has gone missing on the night she gave birth. He confesses that he’s worried and stops short. “This is the last thing you need to hear.” He says quietly. Michelle looks worried, and then asks about Dinah’s baby. “Tell me about her. I want to hear everything there is to know about little Hope.” She says.

Gus claims that the only reason his father is even in the hospital is because of the board meeting. Alan feigns surprise, while Gus makes it know that he wants to take over at Spaulding. “Good Luck, son.” Alan tells him sarcastically. He then goes on to mention Harley, and that he hopes she is supportive of his decision. Alan mentions that it will destroy their marriage. Gus doesn’t want to hear it, and lets his father know that he & Harley have something special before walking out.

Alexandra is on the phone, checking on the status of Beth’s plane when India arrives. The two exchange rude comments with one another. India calls Alex a ‘heartless shrew’ while Alex wonders what has dragged India into town.

India mentions to Alex that she has seen Alan at the hospital, and laughs that his sister still hasn’t made time for him yet. “He’s faking.” Alex rebuts.

India strolls into the boardroom and says hello to both Harley and Blake. She then wonders where Gus is. When Harley tells them that he’s out running a few errands, India is quick to point out that most of the board members need to be schmoozed for each of their votes. Sadly, Blake agrees with her. Suddenly, Gus walks in and is ready to start the meeting.

Danny pulls Ross aside at the Bauer home to tell him that he’s trying to stop Michelle from becoming obsessive about Hope. He seems to understand as Danny continues to mention that he doesn’t think his ex-wife is thinking that clearly at the moment. “Good thing she has you to keep an eye on her.” Ross says before mentioning to everyone that he has to file a report at the police station. He exits and say goodbye to everyone. “I hope you find Dinah.” Michelle tells him before he exits.

Dinah seems surprised to see Edmund back so soon. He mentions that Jeffery could have ‘malaria’ and that Cassie would still want to be with him. He wonders what kind of hold he has on Cassie. Dinah replies back that the one thing Jeffery has that Edmund doesn’t is ‘Richard’s face. Edmund seems bound and determined to win Cassie back so that they can raise their child together. “Your child?” Dinah asks, looking confused. She then drops the subject and informs her captor that she only wants to be set free. “I’ll keep my mouth shut, and do what you want.” She promises. Edmund makes it known that she won’t be leaving the mock farmhouse anytime soon. Dinah accepts this and then wonders if she could possibly get anymore newspapers to read, and casually mentions Michelle. “What are you talking about?” Edmund yells at her.

Cassie and Jeffery run into Ross as they are leaving Company. They mention Michelle and how they both feel badly about what she’s going through. The conversation then turns to Dinah. Ross mentions that he’s filed a missing persons report on his daughter, and that he feels somewhat guilty for everything.

Back at the Bauer house, Michelle mentions how seeing Ross always reminds her of her father. She seems to have enjoyed his visit. As she’s rambling on she mentions that Dinah, like Edmund must have a good side as well. Danny picks up on this and wonders what she is talking about. “I’m just saying that I think everyone deserves a chance.” She tells Danny. He nods and then decides to go inside and check on Robbie. Before he goes inside, Michelle stops him. She tells him that she wants to see Cassie’s new baby. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.” He tells her.

“Why? What’s wrong?” Michelle challenges him, mentioning that she only wants to visit a friend. Danny sighs, and mentions that he thinks it would be better for her to focus on Robbie at the moment. Again Michelle brings up the idea of leaving town for a fresh start, and once more Danny tells her that he doesn’t understand why she would want to do that. Michelle wonders out loud if things would have been different had her baby lived. She asks Danny flat out what he thinks. “Would we be a family again?” She wonders. He doesn’t answer her question and instead goes inside to check on their son.

Dinah reads from the newspaper the headlines about Michelle losing her child. As she’s reading it she realized what has happened. “You…you took Michelle’s baby?” She asks incredulously. With a devious smile Edmund tells her that it was a ‘well orchestrated plan.’ He goes on to tell her that there is no sense in denying it to her as there is no one she can even tell. “Sit down and I will tell you how I got our beautiful daughter and put her in Cassie’s arms; with the help of Michelle.” He says.

Ross walks into the boardroom, surprising some of the members. He mentions that he’s only there to drop of proxy votes for both Alan-Michael and Amanda. Lizzie then mentions that she has the proxy for Mindy. Alexandra looks around and mentions that they should start the meeting since everyone has been accounted for.

They all sit down as Gus begins his speech. He mentions that in the past he has tried his hand at running Spaulding, and that it didn’t work. “Times change. I’ve changed.” He says and continues mentioning that he wants to get the family company back on track. In his mind, he begins to doubt himself. Harley sees that something is wrong, and asks if he is ok. He goes to get some air, as he thinks that Harley will leave him if he continues to push the issue of him taking over Spaulding.

India and Lizzie joke that the Spaulding Family sure knows how to put on a show. Alex suggests that they all vote until Harley interrupts her. She makes a passionate speech about how her new husband has a lot that he wants to accomplish. She mentions that Spaulding Enterprises has to redefine themselves for a new start. “There is honesty and decency. The company should continue to move forward with those things.” She says. She encourages the shareholders to make the right decision when it comes to electing a new CEO. She thanks them for their time, and then asks that someone cast her vote as she wants to check on Gus.

Harley runs into Gus in the hallway and lets them know that the board is about to vote. ‘I don’t want it anymore.” He announces to her. This worries Harley, especially after her most recent speech.

Edmund claims that with his plan everyone gets to have a happy ending. He mentions that Michelle won’t have to be burdened by having another child to care for. Dinah looks at him like he’s lost his mind, wondering where her happy ending is. He thanks her for everything she has done, and lets her know that he hasn’t put much thought into how he’s going to take care of her.

Dinah begins to freak out, and even begs him to kill her. He begs her to calm down and she hands him a prescription bottle. “The only thing that calms me down is these. Could you please refill them?’ She asks, showing him an empty bottle. He doesn’t want to, claiming that she has just mentioned suicide. Grasping at straws she mentions that he could keep the pills and regulate her dosage. Edmund thinks about it, and agrees to it. She thanks him and urges him to get it done as soon as possible.

Edmund leaves, and lets her know that he will return soon. Talking to herself, Dinah mentions that the next time he comes to see her that he will be the one taking all the pills.

Cassie jokes with Jeffery that she’s glad they took him to Dr. Mel Bauer. He mentions that at least he is glad that he knows what is wrong with him, a sinus infection. His cell phone rings, which interrupts them. He gets rid of the person on the other end of the line and promises to get back to them. Cassie can’t believe that he’s got to go already, especially with how sick he is. She opts to stay at the hospital since Hope has a doctor’s appointment. He says goodbye to both of them before leaving.

Danny comes back outside and tells Michelle that they got a white rose bush delivered. “I though we could plant it in memory of the baby.” He tells her. She makes an odd sound and he realizes that she is in pain. He insists that they take her to the hospital. He rushes inside to make sure that Rick can watch Robbie while he gets her to a doctor.

Alan tries calling Beth on the phone and finally reaches her. He doesn’t understand how she could get stuck in Boston and directs her to return to Springfield as soon as possible.

Harley apologizes to Gus for making the speech, though he’s not worried about it. He doesn’t think they will vote him in since he walked out on them. Smiling, Harley tells him that her speech was good. “I’m a lost cause.” He tells her and then mentions that he wants to get something to eat. Gus leaves, just before Blake comes out announcing that they are finished voting.

Harley walks in, and is confused as to why they want to see her and not Gus. Alexandra announces that they have voted and decided on a new CEO of Spaulding Enterprises. “The board has voted and it’s you, Harley. You are the new CEO of Spaulding Enterprises.”

Harley looks shocked. Blake, Lizzie and India all exchange sheepish glances.

Dinah makes a toast and mentions that sooner, rather than later she will be getting out of the farmhouse. She vows to make him pay for everything he’s done to her.

Jeffery and Edmund run into one another outside of Company. Their run in causes Edmund to drop the bag with the prescription in it. Picking it up, Jeffery notices that the name on it is Dinah’s and that it has recently been filled. He looks suspicious.

At Cedars, Michelle maintains that she simply had a cramp. Danny still remains worried and tries to find Mel. Meanwhile Cassie and Michelle run into one another.

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