Guiding Light Update Thursday 9/15/05


Written By Jennie
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Coop walks into the garage where he sees Lizzie sitting in the car he has been working on. She is playing with the radio and jumps up all excited as “This Love” by Maroon 5 plays, exclaiming that she loves this song. Coop says he loves the song also but asks her if they are not supposed to be keeping some distance from each other, clearly a bit upset with her. She tells him that they have been and that she has been a very good girl. Coop tells her that he is sure she has been and reminds her that it is a serious situation. She tells him that she is tired of being a good girl and kisses him.

A nurse at Cedars asks Alan, who is there with a guard, if he can tell them what is wrong with him. He lists a number of symptoms and the nurse leaves to get a doctor. The guard walks away to call and check in and Alan gets his cell phone out and calls Beth. He tells her that she needs to hurry back to Springfield for the board meeting to elect a new CEO. He says that Gus thinks he is going to be elected but that Alan has a different plan up his sleeve and he needs Beth to be there for it. He tells her to hurry home.

Reva thanks Billy for coming and tells him that she needed him. He says he loves to hear a woman say that as she tells him she has had one hell of a day, even before lunchtime. He kids Reva till she laughs and she says that he is the only person who could make her laugh over her injury. He asks her if her back is still hurting her and she says yes but that isn’t the pain she is calling him about. She tells him it is about Josh.

Josh talks to Stephanie at Company and reminds her that he is her boss. She says that she hopes that the two things don’t have to be exclusive since she is interested in dating him. She asks what the dating policy at the station is.

Robbie finishes his lunch and when Danny asks him if he would like desert he says no, he just wants to go and see his mommy. Danny says that they will go later after she gets out of the hospital and Robbie says he wants to go and see her now. Danny tells him that they will go in a little while and sends him to finish his coloring book that Marina gave him. He tells Marina that she has been awfully quiet and pries till he gets her to admit that she has been wondering about Michelle and the night of the accident. She tells him that she just doesn’t buy the idea that she was hallucinating when she thought that Danny helped her deliver the baby.

Michelle is getting ready to leave the hospital as Edmund checks out her chart outside of the room. He goes into see Michelle and she tells him that she was wondering when he would show up since she wanted him to know that she remembered every single thing he did.

Edmund tries to explain himself to Michelle who stops him and thanks him for everything that he did for her since she got back into town. She asks him if he heard what happened and then tells him that although they tell her that the baby died she doesn’t remember anything important about the night. She tells him that she wishes that she would have listened to him and stayed in his suite because then things would be different and she would be holding her baby. He tells her not to do that to herself and tells her to try and move on. She thanks him for coming by and he says he would have come by sooner but he wanted to give her time to grieve and heal. She tells him that although she is in a lot of pain she can’t grieve since she doesn’t believe the baby is actually dead. She tells Edmund that she knows how it is to lose her memory and this time she is going to do anything in her power to find out what happened that night.

Danny asks Marina if she thinks that he was with Michelle that night and she says no but that it is possible that someone was there with Michelle and helped deliver the baby. Danny tells her that she is thinking too much like a rookie cop which Marina takes offense too. Marina says that she isn’t doing this because it is Michelle and because the baby might have been Danny’s. She tells him that Michelle is pretty convinced that she was out of the car before she had the baby and that someone was there with her. Danny tells Marina that he is trying to help Michelle get over this and if Marina continues to question her like this, Michelle won’t be able to. Robbie runs up and asks if they can go and see Michelle and Marina opts to stay at Company. Danny asks Marina if she is okay bout letting it go and she agrees but when Danny leaves picks up the paper that has the headline about Michelle’s accident.

Josh tells Stephanie that he doesn’t feel comfortable with this and she asks if it is because he is her boss for if it is because of Reva. Josh asks if it matters and she says only if he says yes, his wife is still his wife. Josh says that she is but does admit that they are separated. Josh says that news travels fast and Stephanie says she is just trying to make sure that she doesn’t miss out since Josh is such a great catch, which all of the women at the station agree on. She tells him that she is just what he is looking for. Josh just looks at her.

Reva tells Billy about being godparents with Josh and how it bothered her. Billy tells Reva that she was the one who pushed Josh away and tells her that he is not going to give her any sympathy. She says that she just wanted both of them to be happy and Billy tells her that she made the mistake of telling Josh that he wasn’t enough for her. She tells Billy she knows she made a mistake but says that at least she can admit that there was a problem. Billy tells her that Josh has limits and that he learned you can’t push someone with Vanessa. He tells her to figure out her problems and hope that Josh will still be there when she is done. He asks her if she has had anything to eat and they agree to go to Company to get something.

Coop breaks away from their kiss and Lizzie tells him she knows she wasn’t supposed to but that she had to come and see him. Coop is very distant and tells her that she saw him and now she should leave. She tells him that she knows that he doesn’t think that it was her grandfather and he agrees that they have no proof that it was Alan. Lizzie tells him that Harley has no proof but that Coop is listening to her to stay away from Lizzie. Coop tells Lizzie that he doesn’t understand why Alan would try to hurt them when all they were doing was going off to Cancun for Lizzie’s work. He tells her that he thinks that Alan would have only done it over something a little more drastic, like the two of them getting married. Lizzie acts shocked and tells him that that is a crazy idea. Coop lets Lizzie know he is on to her and talked to her “rent a minister”. He tells her that he knows she wasn’t planning a work trip, but a honeymoon.

Coop gets very upset and let’s Lizzie know that he is not going to be her lapdog and he is not going to be lied to by her. She tells him that she thought that after his little speech to her mother that he would have been just as excited as she was. She asks him if he was ever going to tell her the truth about the writing scholarship and he tells her that is a completely different thing. Lizzie cries to Coop that she just can’t lose him.

Alan sits at the hospital and yells to the nurses who are at the nurse’s station that he demands to see a doctor. He asks them if they have any idea who he is and the nurses tell him that he is someone who needs to chill. His guard is sarcastic with him and declares that in the old days she would have been gone with that comment, Alan tells the guard that he would be gone also. He tells the guard that if he were him, he would make sure that their “star prisoner” would get the treatment that he needs. The guard gets up but tells Alan that he will keep an eye on him. Alan calls Beth again, telling her that he may not be able to meet up with her before the board meeting so he is going to tell her his plan now. He informs her that he has been in touch with some of the board members and they are ready to vote Beth in as CEO instead of Gus.

Josh tells Stephanie that her offer was very interesting and she wonders what he means by interesting. He backpedals and says that she is an attractive woman as Billy and Reva enter Company and see the two of them.

Edmund tells Michelle that she suffered a great loss and needs to rest so that she can heal. She tells him that she appreciates his concern and everything that he did for her and he asks fi they can keep that between them. Michelle asks why and when Edmund says he just doesn’t want it broadcasted around town, Michelle says that she thinks more people need to know this side of Edmund. Edmund swears it isn’t necessary and then changes the subject to see if Michelle has anyone to drive her home. She says that Rick was supposed to but he was on call and can’t now and Edmund offers to drive her. As they are leaving they run into Danny and Robbie who asks where they are going.

Michelle tells Danny that Edmund was just going to give her a ride home and then she sees Robbie and they have a little reunion. Danny asks Edmund if Michelle asked him to take her home and he lies that he was just visiting a friend and saw Michelle so thought he was stop in an visit, then upon finding out she didn’t have a ride home, offered her one. Danny thanks him but says that since he is here now he will take her home. Michelle wants to know what they are whispering about and Danny tells her, her travel plans. He asks if she is definitely ready to leave the hospital and Michelle says she wants out of there. Edmund says they should probably clear it with the nurse and Danny leaves to take care of it. Edmund says he should probably be going himself but again asks Michelle not to say anything so that Cassie won’t get the wrong idea. Michelle still doesn’t understand but says that she will keep it to herself.

Josh tells Stephanie that this is going to be tougher than he thought and she wonders why. He tells her that he is still very much in love with his wife and that he plans on staying married but that he appreciates the offer. Reva and Billy try to sneak out but Stephanie sees them and alerts Josh so Reva says that they have to go over and say hi. Billy helps Reva to the table where she tells Josh that they can’t stay because Billy was setting her up on a blind date at Towers. Josh tells Reva that he would feel better if he could tell her what was going on when they walked up but she tells him that she has a good idea. She tells him that they are both grown ups and that they can have their own fun. Josh tells her to go then since she won’t want to keep Billy’s friend waiting and they leave. As they are leaving, Stephanie sardonically asks Josh what he was saying about being married.

Billy gets Reva outside to the bench in front of Company where she sits down and says she needs to stay for a little bit. She says she almost fell and Billy says that that would have been better than lying about her “meeting” with a friend of his. Reva asks what she was supposed to say since he was sitting there with a gorgeous girl who just happened to be the person who fired her. She tells him she couldn’t think of anything else to say. Billy tells her that it could have been worse, since Josh could have seen her in pain, and Reva says yeah, “a house could have fallen on my head.”

Coop tells Lizzie that she needs to know that she can trust him now that they are together. Lizzie asks if that means he trusts her also and he tells her that he trusts what they have but that she has to start being honest with him. She asks him to teach her and he tells her that he will but that if she pulls anything like this again he will leave her. Her cell phone starts to ring and she says she will let voice mail get it but Coop says to answer it in case it is Harley. Lizzie does and it is the sanitarium telling her about her grandfather. She says that when she gets ahold of her grandfather he is going to have to see all of the doctors over again and storms off with Coop following her telling her she is going to make things worse.

Alan is on the phone with someone about the board meeting as Lizzie comes into the room. He is happy to see her but his smile vanishes when Coop follows her in. Lizzie tells him that they aren’t visitors but that they came for some answers. Lizzie accuses Alan of trying to hurt Coop and he denies it. She tells him that she knows he is lying since he did a thing with his eyebrow that Phillip once told her to watch out for. Coop pulls Lizzie close and she tells Alan to take a close look at her and Coop because that is how close they are going to be from now on. She tells him that there is nothing that he can do to tear them apart and begins to leave. Alan stops her and tells her that he needs her.

Billy and Reva are about to leave when Josh walks out and finds them. They pretend to be laughing at something extremely funny and Josh says that he thought they were going to meet the friend of Billy’s. Reva says that she changed her mind but sends Billy on anyway. He tells Reva that she seemed excited about meeting this friend and Reva says that she changed her mind, which is part of her charm. Josh agrees that it is and tries to explain again what happened with Stephanie, but Reva won’t let him, telling him that she is perfectly aware on what is going on.

Danny brings Michelle home and Robbie starts to point out stuff that has changed since Michelle has been gone. Sensing her uncomfortableness Danny sends him inside to wash up and asks her it if was a mistake coming home from the hospital so soon. Michelle says it isn’t that but that Edmund’s visit and knowing of his new baby just brought up a lot of feelings for her.

Marina waits for Edmund in his hotel lobby and asks him about the night that he came to the Beacon looking for Danny. Marina tells him that something doesn’t make sense to her and she would like him to help her clear it up. Edmund says he doesn’t know what the “it” she is referring to is, and she tells him Michelle.

Josh tells Reva that Stephanie just works for him and she tells him that it’s fine if he wants to date her. She goes to tell him that she is a little bit young for him but then he is young at heart. Josh changes his story due to Reva’s rambling and tells her that he does kind of like Stephanie and that since he doesn’t have to check in with her he won’t tell her when the second date will be and turns around and leaves Reva standing in pain.

Lizzie can’t believe that Alan “needs her”. He tells her that it is very important that she be at the board meeting since the future of the family depends on it. Lizzie says that he didn’t really need her, he just needed her vote. Alan tells her to do if for her father and she tells him that if it weren’t for him her father would still be here. She says she is going to give her vote to Gus and Alan tells her that Phillip never would have approved. He goes on to tell her that the only one who could take over, as CEO would be her mother. Lizzie is skeptical and says that the only reason Alan wants Beth as CEO is so that she will turn it back over to him. Alan tries to use blackmail to get Lizzie to vote for her mother and Coop calls him on it. They leave and when she goes out to the waiting room tells one of the nurses to run every test possible to find out what is wrong with her grandfather. Coop says that that may take days till he could get out of there. Lizzie tells him that isn’t a bad thing and tells Coop to watch and learn. She calls the pilot of her mother’s plane and tells him that Alan is very sick and is being taken to a clinic in Boston so the pilot needs to take Beth there right away. As she hangs up, she tells Coop that is how to be a real Spaulding as he looks on in disbelief.

Marina tells Edmund she will lay it all out for him. She says that he came to the Beacon a nervous wreck and wonders that since Rick did the same thing if maybe Edmund had seen Michelle before her accident also. Edmund accuses Marina of trying to be a rookie cop also and tells her that she would be less interested in who Michelle had seen and more interested in knowing where Danny is when he isn’t with Marina and leaves.

Michelle says that she can barely look at Robbie without feeling like she is going to cry and Danny says he can tell. He tells her that there are so many people who want to help her and Michelle says that she thinks it would be best for her to leave and go work with her dad. Danny tells her he doesn’t agree. He thinks she needs to stay in Springfield because Robbie needs her, he adds that he needs her also.

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