Guiding Light Update Wednesday 9/14/05


Written By Jennie
Pictures by Boo

Cassie and Edmund are sitting over Hope’s bassinet, talking about how beautiful she is when Cassie looks up at Edmund and tells him that she loves him. She tells him that he gave her everything that she ever wanted as a knock sounds at the door. Michelle yells in from outside, calling for Edmund and Cassie gets up to answer the door. Michelle storms in and yells that Edmund is a monster who stole her baby and left her by the side of the road to die. She picks the baby up as Cassie realizes what is going on and starts to scream at Edmund herself. She screams at Edmund that he made her love the baby that is now being taken from her and that she hates him for it. Edmund suddenly wakes up and realizes it is all a dream. Looking over at Hope he says that he has won and that his dream is never going to happen.

At the Hospital, Michelle hears a baby crying in her sleep and wakes up reaching for her baby. Rick, who was alerted by her crying, comes into the room to see if she is okay. Michelle says that she is but says that she feels as if she is losing her mind.

At Company, Sandy is looking at his computer screen as Jonathan comes up behind him; he quickly closes the screen so Jonathan can’t see what he is working on. Jonathan starts quizzing him on his past and hints that he thinks that it is causing problems with Sandy and Tammy. Sandy tells Jonathan that Tammy knows everything she needs to know about him and inadvertently tells Jonathan the name of his hometown. Jonathan warns Sandy that the past can sometimes mess him up and warns Sandy to deal with it before it messes up Tammy’s life.

At the church in Shrewsbury, Tammy finds the minister she talked to the evening before about Sandy. He tells her that although he hasn’t been in the town for long he has heard good things about him and offers to take her to him.

Outside of the farmhouse, Reva sits down, still in some pain. Josh walks up beside her and asks her if it is a private party or if anyone can join in. Reva asks him what he is doing there and he tells her that he was invited to see the baby. He asks her how she is doing and she says great and asks him the same. He tells her that he is doing fine and she admits that she was hoping that he was going to say he was lonely and not doing well like she really is. She tells him that part of her would like nothing better than to throw herself at him and forget all of their problems. Josh asks her what is stopping him.

Edmund is on the phone with the hospital, trying to find out how Michelle is doing. He doesn’t want to leave his name like the person on the other line asks him too. He asks to speak to a doctor as Cassie walks up behind him and asks if there is something wrong with the baby.

Edmund tries to cover with Cassie saying that Hope sneezed and he overreacted and called the doctor. Cassie tells Hope that her daddy is a nervous wreck and Edmund agrees he is, especially today since he has a surprise for Cassie. He tells Cassie that he booked the church for Hope’s christening, and that the Reverend is on his way over to meet with them. Cassie is a little upset that he did this without her, and says that they haven’t even chosen godparents. Edmund surprises her with fact that he asked Reva and Josh over to ask them. Cassie is still a little unsure but then agrees to it, saying that it is a good excuse for a party and to be able to show Hope off to the world.

Reva answers to Josh that the last time she threw herself into his arms she wound up at the bottom of an elevator shaft. He starts to apologize and she stops him, telling him that he was right and that the fall didn’t change anything with them. He starts to tell her that he has lived his whole life watching her go from crisis to crisis, and that she always comes back to him and Reva points out that this isn’t a crisis. He tells her that he can’t help feeling and she interrupts him saying that he doesn’t need to feel as if it his responsibility or job. She changes the subject and says that they should go into see Hope. Edmund answers the door and ushers them in, they coo over Hope for a bit and Reva says she wants to know about Dinah giving birth at the farmhouse. Edmund changes the subject and picks up the baby, hands her to Reva, and asks them to be her godparents. Reva agrees but looks at the baby and says she can’t figure out whom she looks like although she recognizes the shape of her face. Cassie laughs and Reva asks if she can tell, as Edmund looks uncomfortable.

Michelle tells Rick that every time she dreams, she dreams about the baby and then the pain hits her again when she wakes up that she is gone. Rick tells her that it is a natural response and Michelle fills him in on her dream about Mo telling her that Hope isn’t in Heaven with her. Rick tells her that it is because of her accident and Michelle agrees that it is probably just what she wants to hear. She says she knows she has to accept that her baby is gone for Robbie’s sake. She says she just wants it to be true and Rick tells her that he understands. Rick finds a small pink teddy bear and asks Michelle what it is. She tells him that she was holding onto it because it made her feel closer to her baby and she knows she should get rid of it now. She asks if Rick thinks that Cassie would want it and he wants to know why. When Michelle says since Cassie and Edmund’s baby is due anyday she feels she should give them something. Rick tells her that the baby was born and it was a little girl. She says it is great and asks if Rick would give the teddy bear to them. He asks if she would want to do it herself and Michelle says that she would rather it be done right away since she knows what Cassie is going through since she did with when Robbie was born. Rick agrees to take it to Cassie and Michelle looks at the bear.

Tammy tells the minister that Sandy has always been kind of a mystery to her and the minister tells her that he never has been to the people around the town. Jonathan shows up and Tammy is shocked to see him. He acts worried that something was wrong with her and when she asks him why she also asks the minister if he can give them a minute alone. The minister leaves and she asks Jonathan if he is following her. He admits he is and tells her that since he told her to look in a church and then got the name of the town out of Sandy he thinks he is pretty smart. Tammy asks why he is there and he tells her that he just wanted to make sure that she got home in one piece. She wonders why she wouldn’t and he tells her that once you start digging up skeletons sometimes you find things you don’t want to. He says he doesn’t know what Sandy could be hiding and Tammy asks if he is here to protect her. He is evasive and says he may just want to get dirt on Sandy. The minister comes back and asks if Tammy is ready to go and when Jonathan asks where they are going she tells him that the minister is going to take her to see Sandy. Jonathan says that this makes it worth the trip.

Reva and Cassie look at the baby some more and Reva thinks that she looked like Cassie for a while but now she is not sure. She says maybe it is someone on Edmund’s side of the family. Cassie asks if they will be the godparents then and Josh asks if there is maybe not someone else they can ask. Cassie insists that they want them and Reva gets up to put the baby in the bassinet and Josh goes into the kitchen. Cassie asks her what is going on and Reva says that they are separated. Cassie apologizes and Reva says that they just aren’t on the same wavelength anymore. Cassie tells her that she thinks they will work it out like they always have and Reva says that maybe she should find someone a little more stable to be Hope’s godparents. She thinks Josh may not want to be tied to her with something like this. Edmund follows Josh and although he thanks Edmund for asking, tells him that maybe Reva doesn’t want the responsibility with him. Edmund says that he thinks they will work things out again and that he should do anything to keep his family together. A knock sounds on the door and when Edmund goes to answer it the delivery guy sneezes on him. Edmund yells at the guy and tells him not to come inside since he has a cold. Cassie calls Jeffrey and leaves him a message telling him to come over as soon as he can since they are planning Hope’s christening. Edmund overhears and gets an idea and tells the guy that he will pay him $100 if he will go and deliver his cold to Jeffrey O’Neil. The man coughs and Edmund backs away from him.

Sandy tries to call Tammy and when she answers, he wonders where she is. She evades the question and he tells her that Cassie wants them to come over and help plan the christening. She asks if she can meet him later and when he asks if there is a problem, she tells him that she is just in the middle of something right then. She tells him that she loves him and Jonathan mocks her from the background. She yells at him and puts her hand over his mouth and he tells her that Sandy didn’t hear him so she glares at him. She says that she wants to get this over with and they walk outside to a cemetery. Tammy asks why they are there and the minister points out a gravestone with the heading Dandy Foster 1919-1992.

Josh asks if they are getting any sleep and Edmund says barely a wink. Reva tells him it is the way the women in the family are and Cassie laughs. Edmund says that Hope is definitely her mother’s daughter and Reva’s niece and Reva says she is also definitely wet. Cassie goes to change her and Reva and Josh talk and agree to be her godparents. They agree that their lives will always be intertwined and agree that that is not necessarily a bad thing. There is another knock on the door and when Josh answers it Rick comes in with a present, Edmund asks Rick what he is doing there and when he says he is there because of Michelle, Edmund jumps up and yells that Rick doesn’t know what he is doing. Everyone looks at Edmund in shock and wonder.

Cassie asks Edmund what is wrong with him and he says that they just can’t do this today. Rick says he just came to drop off a present and he puts the present on the table. Cassie opens it up and says that it is very sweet and asks Rick to thank Michelle for her. Rick looks at the baby and says she is beautiful and Cassie invites him to the christening. Rick accepts and she tells him to invite Danny, Marina, and Michelle also. Rick says he doesn’t think Michelle will be able to come and when Cassie asks why not since he said she was in town he tells her about Michelle’s accident and losing the baby. Edmund suddenly is interested in the conversation when Rick says that Michelle is doing okay. Rick says that he doesn’t want to bring any more bad news and asks what the baby’s name is. They tell him Hope and he says it is beautiful. Rick leaves after telling them that they are truly blessed.

Michelle sits in her hospital bed and hugs her pillow to her crying over the baby.

The minister says that everyone in the town loved Sandy and he is truly missed since his death was so sudden and tragic. Jonathan asks what happened to him and the minister says that no one really knows. Tammy is shocked and the minister says that he thought she knew he was dead. Jonathan asks for some time alone for Tammy and the minister leaves. Tammy wonders what this means and Jonathan says that it means that Sandy isn’t who he says he is. Tammy wonders who he is then.

Sandy is on the phone with Fallon threatening him not to talk to Tammy ever again and asking if he is doing the job, he sent him to do.

Cassie stands over top of the bassinet looking at the baby and says that she can’t believe that Michelle lost the baby, she ponders that live is so unfair. Edmund says that it makes him appreciate what they have that much more. The Reverend arrives and they thank him for coming. They introduce Reva and Josh and sit down to discuss the christening. The reverend asks them about their divorce and Edmund’s commitment to the family. He assures him that he loves Cassie and Hope and they come before anything. Cassie says that family is extremely important to her also. She says that that is why they asked Reva and Josh to be godparents and the reverend asks them if they understand their responsibilities to set a good example for the baby. The Reverend asks if he can talk to Cassie and Edmund alone and Reva and Josh leave to go outside. Josh says he needs to leave and Reva tells him that she will see him at the Christening and he leaves.

Tammy wonders who this Sandy is and ponders a couple of people it could be including his father. She thinks it could be a coincidence and Jonathan teases her that he can see Sandy ending up in the gas chamber. She asks Jonathan to help her find out what is going on and he agrees as long as they leave after they talk to the minister.

Josh finds Sandy at Company and tells him that he looks like Josh feels. Sandy says he just has a lot going on and Josh advises him not to take life so seriously. He says that there are a lot of complications and he just wants Tammy in his life then asks Josh if he can have some time off. Josh says to take all the time he needs and Sandy thanks him and leaves.

Reva apologizes that Josh had to leave and Cassie kids that he is so rude. Edmund asks if he will be at the christening and Reva says of course, they both will. They all say how glad they are about them being the godparents and Reva leaves. Once outside she calls someone and asks them to meet her at the Beacon.

Josh in also on the phone and says he will meet the person on the other line and says aloud “she wants to meet with me”.

Cassie says how happy she is and Edmund tells her that he is very happy also. Cassie says how bad she feels for Michelle since she knows what she is going through and Edmund says she will be okay since she can have other children. Cassie says that it doesn’t matter because you never get over losing a baby and she wants to go and see Michelle.

Sandy is on the pone and tells someone that it is good news and he is going to take care of things once and for all. Tammy and Jonathan walk up behind him and Jonathan kids that he looks pretty good for a dead guy, which leads Tammy to tell him not to joke.

Reva thanks someone for coming since she really needed to see them.

Josh tells an unseen someone that he was surprised to get her call. The camera shows a woman who tells him that she just wanted to take her boss out for lunch. He tells her that he doesn’t know how long he will be her boss since the reason he bought the station doesn’t really exist anymore. She kids that she will start working on her resume and Josh mentions her name is Stephanie. Josh says he doesn’t want to talk business and Stephanie agrees and asks if the rumor that he is available is true.

Rick enters Michelle’s room and teases her that she can’t pretend to be asleep for him. She asks if he delivered the present and he tells her that he did. Michelle asks a lot of questions about the baby and Rick tells her not to torture herself. Michelle says he is right but says she just wants to know the baby’s name and Rick tells her Hope, like their cousin. Michelle repeats the name and looks pensive.

Edmund tells Cassie that she can’t go and see Michelle because it would just make Michelle feel worse with Cassie just having a new baby. She agrees and Edmund says to himself that he is the one who needs to go and see Michelle.

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