Guiding Light Update Tuesday 9/13/05


Written By Jennie
Pictures by Boo

Gus and Harley sneak up outside of Company where Harley peeks in at her family. Gus grabs her from the back and tells her that he has a proposal for her. They should go up to their room before anyone catches them and hang a big sign that says, “Do Not Disturb”.

Harley tells Gus that she thinks that he just doesn’t want to face reality. Gus says of course he doesn’t want to face reality, it’s scary. Harley says what is scary is Beth marrying Alan and she tells Gus that it is going to complicate things when he takes over Spaulding. Gus tells her to just shut up and kiss him.

Inside, Frank is helping the boys with some art projects when Buzz comes out and says that Harley and Gus’s welcome home cake is baked and ready for their party. He asks the boys who is going to go with him to pick them up at the airport the next day. Both boys say they want to go and Zach asks Buzz if they will be surprised. Jude says “no doubt” and Buzz agrees. They laugh and look up as Harley and Gus walk in the door. Zach runs over to greet his mom and Jude runs to Gus for a hug. Harley says they missed them too much so that is why they came home early. Frank and Buzz kid with them, saying that they love surprises but that they didn’t get a chance to finish their surprise. Harley says that real life starts right now.

Olivia and Bill kiss outside her room and Olivia tells him “not here”. Bill asks why not since they have been all over town everywhere else. Olivia says that she ahs a conference to get to and Bill says even more reason and continues to kiss her. While they are kissing Ava walks up and starts reading off Olivia’s itinerary, not noticing what is going on. When she realizes, Olivia tells her that here is when she says “oops”, and Ava does.

Jonathan yells to no one in particular at Outskirts as Tammy walks in and sarcastically compliments him on his people skills. Jonathan asks her what she is doing there since he told her not to come back. She says she was looking for Billy but then tells Jonathan that she found the Fallon guy that Jonathan had mentioned to her. She also tells him that this guy first said he knew Sandy and then pretended not to know him. Jonathan says that the plot is thickening. Tammy says that she is not suspicious of Sandy or anything and Jonathan smartly says why should you be suspicious of the boy who has been lying to you about everything. Sandy walks in as they are talking and he and Tammy kiss. Jonathan yells again for Ava and walks away.

Michelle talks to Robbie from her hospital bed as Danny flashes back to Michelle telling him that she never stopped loving him. She hangs up with Robbie and he asks her if she wants him to stay with her until she falls asleep. She apologizes again, for what she told him earlier and he tells her to stop and just get some sleep.

Out in the hall Mallet tells Marina that he was trying to track the cell phone that made the 911 call the night of Michelle’s accident, but that the cell phone company was having problems that night and lost some data. Mallet apologizes but says that they still have the tape of the anyomous 911 call. She asks if he has listened to it and he tells her yes but that the quality isn’t the greatest. Mallet says that he thinks that it sounded like an older gentleman with a somewhat southern accent. Marina sardonically says that that narrows it down. Mallet asks her what exactly she is looking for and Marina says she really isn’t sure, but that since Michelle is sure that someone helped wit the delivery she was thinking that maybe it was the same guy.

Tammy asks Sandy how he found her and he tells her that he has his ways. She kids him about being a man of mystery. He tells her that the only mystery is how he got so lucky to wind up with her. She says it is just because he makes her happy but wishes he came with an autobiography. They kid around about writing his book and both discover that they love to read which leads Tammy to prod which library Sandy used to spend his childhood in. Sandy tells her that she is fishing and that she should just ask him any questions she wants to know. She wants to know what brought on this change in Sandy and he just tells her the name of his hometown. Tammy is dumbfounded that he grew up in a town right next to Springfield and that he told her about it.

Harley is telling everyone about stuff from their honeymoon while Gus eats cake with the boys. Harley asks the boys if they missed them at all and they both shake their heads no. Harley acts upset but Zach confides that Jude did cry a little bit. Buzz tells her that at first Jude thought that she wasn’t coming back at all but he told them that if she could come back from prison she could come back from her honeymoon. Frank jokes that he wanted to hire some undercover detectives to tail them but that Buzz nixed the idea. Gus says that they had nothing to worry about that they slept, ate, and did some other stuff that helped them get closer. They kiss until the boys tell them to stop kissing so much which makes everyone laughs while Harley and Gus continue kissing.

Ava walks away embarrassed and when Olivia goes to follow Bill tells her to go easy on her. Olivia starts to say that she thinks that Ava might not be the right person for her since she needs a pit bull, not a puppy that she has to train. Bill tells her to give Ava a chance. Ava brings Olivia her expresso and Bill points out that she knows that already. He tells her that he is going to run over the hospital to visit Michelle and then come back to drive her to the airport. Olivia tells him to say hello to Michelle for her and Bill says he likes the new unjealous version of Olivia. She tells him to pick her up at Company so she doesn’t get more work before she goes. Olivia calls for Ava as Jonathan comes up to her and tells her that he needs her back at work. She tells him that she is working and he tells her not for Olivia but back at Outskirts since their deal was that he came first before Olivia.

Harley tells the boys that she has some presents for them but that they have to wait till tomorrow. She marvels at their manners. Buzz tells Harley that he heard that she saw Lucy while they were on their honeymoon and they discuss that her and Alan Michael’s marriage seems to have broken up and that it got pretty ugly. They tell Buzz and Frank that they got them presents also and some for Marina and Coop, which makes Buzz, wonder where Coop is. Harley and Gus exchange looks and when Buzz asks what they were for they tell him that they saw Coop earlier and fill Buzz in on his “accident”. They tell him that he was well enough to go and see Lizzie, which makes Buzz roll his eyes. Gus kids around that it is good bye beaches and hello family drama. Frank tells Gus that he may be the only sane Spaulding left which makes Harley tell them to cut it out. She goes to get some pictures from her purse, which she left outside, but when she opens the door she runs into Mallet, which upsets Gus.

Mo comes to Michelle in a dream while she is sleeping and tells her that she wants to see how she was doing. Michelle tells Mo that the baby died and asks her to watch over her in Heaven. Mo says she can’t do that because the baby isn’t there. Michelle looks surprised.

Ava tells Olivia that she was on the phone checking her flight and Olivia tells her that she wishes she could go for her since she hates flying now that she has Bill and Emma. Ava tells her that she really admires the way that she balances work and family and Olivia thanks her for it. Olivia looks over some paperwork and stops Ava asking what the hell they are. Ava tell her that it is her presentation that she proofread and Olivia wants to know what the red marks are on it and Ava tells her that she proofread it and just made some improvements on it. Olivia tells her that she may have just “improved her way out of a job.”

Sandy brings Tammy a drink and she asks him if he is really serious about opening up about his past. Sandy says the only reason he was so secretive is because he didn’t want to her think he was really that boring. He tells her that she can ask any questions and she wants to know how he and Jonathan ended up at school together. He says that he couldn’t wait to get out of town so he went to boarding school. She asks him some more questions, which he answers kind of vaguely. He tells her that if she really wants they can go to Shrewsbury and look around but then his phone rings and it is work he needs to take care of. She tells him that it means a lot to him that he is opening up to her. He leaves and Tammy calls to get directions from Springfield to Shrewsbury.

Mallet comes in and Frank says he is going to get him a beer. Mallet asks what is going on and Gus tells him that it seems like he has Harley radar or something. Mallet tells him that “his wife” invited him in and Gus stops him and tells him that “he had him at ‘his wife’”. Frank tells Harley that Mallet is over Marina’s training. Harley says that he did a good enough job with her. Buzz says he is going to take the boys up to get ready for bed and Gus says he needs to go to the office. Harley reminds him that he is the one who didn’t want the honeymoon to end and Gus tells her that he just has a little something he has to do. Harley tells him to come back soon and Gus leaves. Frank and Mallet are talking about something when Harley breaks in and tells them she wants to talk about Marina. Mallet tells her that he isn’t going to go easy on her because she is a girl and Harley says good because if he does he is going to have to answer to her. Mallet says he would be happy to answer to her and they both grin.

Marina asks Danny if Michelle has had any more memories about the baby and Danny tells her no. She mentions that it looked as if they were having an intense conversation and he says that she is just going through a tough time and he wanted to make sure that she didn’t get the wrong idea bout things. He asks her if she wants to go over to Company to get ready for Gus and Harley’s homecoming and he goes to check on her quick before they leave.

Michelle asks Mo if she is trying to tell her that her baby isn’t dead and Mo says she can’t tell her but advises her to trust her instincts since a mother knows best. She wakes up and tells Danny as he walks in that she knows her baby is alive.

Olivia asks Ava if she asked for her input on the proposal and Ava tells her no. She asks Ava if it is appropriate to give unsolicited advice and Ava says she guessed not. Jonathan comes up and asks Olivia how her new gopher is working out. Olivia tells him that they were just discussing that and tells Ava she has one more question. She wants to know if these are Ava’s ideas and when she admits they are tells her that they are pretty good. She also tells her that she has to bring the rest of the package up to standards and comments on her outfit. Ava says it is pretty much all she has and Olivia tells her that she knows where her first paycheck is going to go. Jonathan breaks in and says her first paycheck is going to pay off her debts to him and that Olivia should lend her some clothes.

They compromise that if Olivia gives her two free outfits from the Beacon’s boutique that Jonathan will give her priority on her work schedule. They agree and Olivia tells Ava to go and pick some stuff out and give them a fashion show. Jonathan tries to leave and Olivia tells him that this was his idea so he is staying.

Michelle tells Danny that she saw her mom and she told her that the baby is not up in heaven. Bill walks in and asks if Michelle means the baby is alive. Danny says she is just dreaming. Michelle starts to get upset and Bill asks if he can stay with Michelle for a little bit. Danny leaves and Michelle asks Bill if he believes her.

Frank, Mallet and Buzz are playing poker until Marina ruins one of Mallets hands. Mallet leaves the table and he and Marina discuss the 911 tapes. She tells him that she thinks he is going to drop it and Mallet asks if he is sure. She says that she doesn’t want to get Michelle’s hopes up for nothing.

Gus goes into the Spaulding boardroom and acts as if he is leading a board meeting. Harley interrupts him and reminds him that he is not CEO yet. Gus says that when they vote he will be. She says that tonight he is still just her husband and that the table she sits on is one big table. He asks if she is trying to distract him as she starts to undress. Gus locks the door and they begin to make love on the table.

Tammy calls Jonathan on his phone and asks that if he was in a strange town and was trying to find out something about someone where you would go to find stuff out. Jonathan says if someone was looking for him, it would be bars, strip joints, etc. but if he was looking for Sandy to try a church.

Ava starts to try outfits on as the song “I Like the Way You Move” plays. The first couple outfits are turned down by Olivia because they are not work appropriate. Jonathan starts to drool and can’t close his mouth on the thirst one which Ava shows she was just kidding with until finally she finds one that Olivia agree on and tells her to find another like it. Jonathan says he liked the blue dress he was drooling over. Ava hugs Olivia in thanks and then apologizes saying that it probably isn’t appropriate. Olivia goes to meet Bill and tells Ava she will call her from the conference. Ava thanks Jonathan and grabs him in a huge hug.

While the poker game goes on in the background, Mallet tells Marina that if her gut is anything like her Aunt Harley that she should go by it and not give up. Marina says that he and Harley must have made a good team and he agrees. He asks Marina if she wants to listen to the tape or not and she asks if she can get back to him on it. He tells her yes and then tells the guys that he will see them later.

Michelle tells Bill she knows what he is thinking and says that he is thinking “Poor Michelle”. He tells her not to think that since he knows her and that if she wants to hold onto hope from a dream about her mother he isn’t one to tell her not too. He comforts Michelle.

Danny walks into Company and Buzz gets excited that they have another victim. Marina says she will save him and drags him away. She asks him what is wrong and he tells her he doesn’t know how to help Michelle to let go.

Gus and Harley start to get dressed and she kids him about the headlines in the financial papers that Gus will have to finance more romance. They discuss the picture of Alan in the room and Gus goes to get some paperwork. Harley says she will meet him back and as she leaves the room grabs Mallet and throws him to the ground. She tells him that stealing corporate secrets is a crime and he tells her that so is assaulting a cop.

Harley tells Mallet to please stop following her and he gives her, her purse back. Gus finds them and says his first job will be to update the security systems. Harley explains about the purse and Mallet starts to leave but then asks them about their dealings with the Santos family. They say they did and he starts to ask them questions but then saying that they are on their honeymoon says it can wait till later and leaves. Gus says that Mallet needs a partner and Harley tells him the only partner she will ever need is him.

Outside of Company, Sandy tells Fallon that he wants him out of town by morning so that Tammy doesn’t see him. He tells him that he is on assignment anyway and that he needs an address and some answers. Fallon says not to worry and that he won’t let him down.

Tammy is at a church in Shrewsbury when a pastor comes in and tells her that services start shortly. She says she isn’t looking for a service but to find someone and asks about Sandy. The pastor recognizes the name and asks how he can help Tammy.

Ava continues to hug Jonathan who tells her that he didn’t do anything for her. She says that if it weren’t for him she wouldn’t have gotten the job with Olivia or the new outfits. He reminds her of her responsibilities at Outskirts and she says she will work double shifts while Olivia is gone. He asks her if she can wear the little blue dress she was wearing. Ava tells him that he doesn’t have to be embarrassed over doing something nice for someone and Jonathan looks happy at the statement.

At Company, Olivia orders a drink from Buzz who wonders why she is still waiting for Bill. Olivia tells him that he is with Michelle. Buzz tells her that she shouldn’t be jealous because any man that would look someone else when they had Olivia would be blind. Olivia asks why Buzz is still single. Bill still isn’t there so Olivia says she has to get to the airport and Buzz offers to drive her. She thanks him but says that she will just grab a cab and he leaves.

Bill tells Michelle that if believing that the baby is still alive gives her comfort he isn’t going to take that from her. Michelle resigns herself to the fact that the baby is gone and so is Danny.

Danny tells Marian about Michelle’s’ dream and tells Marina he doesn’t know how to help her. Frank interrupts and tells them that they are dealing them in and Danny finishes the conversation saying he just wants to help her and Marina says so does she.

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