Guiding Light Update Monday 9/12/05


Written By Jennie 
Pictures by Boo

Did not get the first couple minutes due to news coverage.

Michelle lies in her hospital bed and apologizes to Danny for what she has just said about coming back to Springfield for him. He begs her to stop.

At the chapel, Alex wonders where Coop is and tells Lizzie that he should be there by now. Lizzie insists that he will be there and Alex reminds her that the minister does have other appointments. Lizzie says that the wedding won’t take very long since all they have to do is each say “I do”. Alex reminds her that it will take a little bit longer to actually tell Coop that he is there for a wedding. Lizzie calls it a “minor technicality” and insists that he is just as excited as she is and will be there.

Coop is lying semi-unconscious on the floor of the garage while gas leaks out. Outside of the garage, Gus and Harley are back from their honeymoon. Gus tells her that he knows that she is excited to see her family again but since they are technically still on their honeymoon that they shouldn’t tell anyone they are back yet so they can have some more time alone. Harley says that while they are there she wants to grab some stuff out of the storage and Gus grabs her and tells her that there is some stuff he would like to grab. She pretends to be offended but then giggling kisses him as Coop gasps for breath inside. Harley hears him and tells Gus to be quiet but Gus says it is nothing, just his stomach from the airline food. Harley says they must still be on their honeymoon and Gus tells her he wants to show her that they still are on their honeymoon.

Harley insists that she smells something though and goes into the Garage where they find Coop. Gus realizes that there is a broken pipe somewhere and Harley tells him to get Coop out while she finds the pipe to keep the place from blowing up. Gus drags Coop out of the garage.

At the farmhouse, Edmund answers the phone. Dinah thinks it is Cassie and identifies herself. Edmund laughs and thanks the person for calling to let him know t hat they have his phone, and that he doesn’t know when or where he lost it. Dinah tells Edmund he’s pathetic. Edmund pretends to tell the person on the other line that it was smart to find him by calling the first number on his contacts. Dinah tells him that she is going to make sure he goes to prison and stays there for long as he lives. Edmund pretends that he is going to go and meet the person to get his phone back and Cassie says he is lucky that someone found the phone. She says he should do something nice for them. Edmund claims he has many things in mind to repay them for what she’s done. He leaves.

Dinah tries to get a signal again to make another call to her father, but can’t. Outside the farmhouse, Edmund makes sure that the phone company cancels all service to that phone.

Dinah looks around the farmhouse, sarcastically saying how good to her Edmund is. She mentions that he left her food in the cabinets and closets of clothes. She looks closer at t he clothes and realizes that they are all the dresses that Princess Cassie would have worn. She gets an idea.

Danny tells Michelle that he is not sorry that she told him how she feels and that she shouldn’t be sorry that she told him. She wonders why and he tells her that after everything that has happened he is glad that she can reach out to him again. He tells her that they have been through this before and that she is still his family, his home base. They both start to cry as Michelle tells him that he is hers also. Danny says it has been a difficult time for both of them and Michelle asks if that is why Danny is still around, he needs his home at this time also. Danny starts to answer as Marina knocks on the door and enters with flowers, she asks if it is a bad time.

Lizzie continues to show faith in Coop and assures Alex that he will be there. Alex wants to know who all knows that they were going to get married and Lizzie says just Alex and Beth. When Alex hears that Beth knows she tells Lizzie that Alan probably knows also. Lizzie says that she hopes he does. Alex asks Lizzie why she would want him to know and Lizzie starts to worry that he would try to do something from behind bars to stop it. Alex kind of muses to herself that she is sure Coop is okay, and Lizzie tells her she never said anything about him being in any danger.

Gus is trying to get Coop to revive outside of the garage. Gus goes to call 911 and Harley tries to wake Coop up and tells Gus to call Lizzie also since she may know what is going on. Coop starts to wake up and thinks Harley is Lizzie. She kids around with him that he is close and tells him to try and breathe normally. Coop asks what happened and Harley tells him it was a gas leak. Coop says that a stack of tires fell down on top of him and he must have fallen with them. Gus says that must have been when he hit the pipe, which started the gas leak. Coop finally realizes that Gus and Harley are back early and Gus says they didn’t’ get back early enough. Harley says she has told Buzz many times to check those pipes and tries to get Coop to lie down for a little vacation. This word makes Coop remember Lizzie and says he needs to get to her, he tries to get up but can’t. Harley and Gus try and get Coop to lie down but he asks them to help and get him to Lizzie.

Cassie tells Jeffery to relax since Edmund is gone now. Jeffrey insists that he doesn’t want Cassie to be around Edmund. Cassie asks Jeffrey to trust her since she knows how to handle Edmund and she says anyway she is never alone with him since Jeffrey is always around. Jeffrey asks her if she is trying to tell him something and she says no, that she loves having him around. She does tell him that he doesn’t’ need to be on baby duty all the time though and reminds him he has other responsibilities. He asks her if she is throwing him out and she says yes and laughingly tells him to go. He says he will go, although he tells her that she will miss him when he is gone. Cassie says she will and he leaves. Cassie goes to Hope and tells her that Jeffrey is very silly when the doorbell rings, she goes to answer it and it is Jeffrey who tells her that he is back. He asks if Cassie missed him and she says she didn’t have a chance to miss him. He says that he missed Hope though and asks where she is. Jeffrey tells her that his idea of fun is being with her and Hope and she asks what happened to him. He says he is kind of pathetic and she agrees but says it is also kind of sexy. They begin to kiss.

At the replica farmhouse, Edmund barges in wanting to know where Dinah has his phone. He sees that Dinah has set up candles and wine and is wearing one of the dresses. He asks her if she has lost her mind and she says no, she just realized that she has everything she wants. She tells him that she has the farmhouse and she has him and now all he has to do is give in and embrace the monster.

Marina apologizes and offers to come back. She gives Michelle the flowers and asks if they’ve seen Father Ray. Ray wants to talk to Danny, and he’s at the nurse’s station if he wants to talk to him she will stay with Michelle. He says he will be right back and Marina says to take his time. Michelle tells Marina she knows that this has to be hard on Marina, seeing Danny with her all the time. Marina tells her that she understands and Michelle just tells her that she doesn’t want Marina to think that she is trying to get Danny back. Marina tells her that she doesn’t think that. Michelle tells Marina that she really doesn’t know if Danny was the father of the baby and that she has this memory of Danny at the crash. Marina says Danny told her about that but that it is impossible since Danny was with her. She says she guesses that she imagined it, but that it seemed so real. Michelle explains that she still feels her baby and can hear her cry. Michelle remembers that she felt these strong hands pulling the baby from Michelle. She confesses still feels the baby. Michelle cries and asks Marina if she is crazy?

Danny watches Marina and Michelle talking through the hospital room window. Ray tells Danny that he heard that he has been a regular at the hospital chapel. Danny replies that he had been there once or twice. He confesses that he doesn’t know what to feel and wonders how he can cry for a baby he didn’t know about. Ray replies of course you can, and they can all grieve.

He states that baby could have been the last connection to Tony. Danny says that it could have been his also but that they will never know now. Ray wonders if Danny and Michelle would like to have a service for the baby. Danny says that he will talk to Michelle about it. Ray tells him it may help them to mourn what might have been and Danny asks if he means what would have happened if the baby would have been his and would have lived. Ray asks him what he would have done if the baby had been his.

Michelle tells Marina that she feels bad talking to her about this and Marina tells her to talk about it if it will help her. Michelle admits that she saw her mother. Marina asks if she talked to her and what she said and Michelle says that Mo told her it wasn’t her time and that she needed to hold onto hope. Marina asks hope for what and Michelle says she guesses for the future. Marina asks Michelle if in her hallucination of Danny delivering the baby if he said anything to her about it and Michelle asks why Marina would ask it. Marina says she just thought it might help but tells her to forget about it.

Dinah tells Edmund that she knows he holds the keys to her happiness as well as her freedom. She says that Cassie has Jeffrey now and that Edmund has her. The camera goes between Cassie and Jeffrey and Edmund and Dinah as they both begin to simultaneously fall into different steps of passion. Edmund and Dinah discuss how Edmund still believes that Cassie and Jeffrey are not going to last and how he now has “hope” in his life as Cassie and Jeffrey discuss the fun Jeffrey can have with her. Both couples start to kiss, while Cassie and Jeffrey start to undress Dinah stops in the middle and forcefully pushes Edmund away.

Lizzie leaves a message for Coop and Alex tells her that she thinks he is on his way. Lizzie wants to go and find him but Alex tells her that if she leaves that is when Coop will show up. Harley and Gus help Coop in and Lizzie asks what happened. Coop says he will be find if Lizzie doesn’t kill him. Alex notices that Harley and Gus are back early and Gus says they got back just in time to find Coop on the floor with a gas leak. Lizzie realizes that is why he was late and he apologizes about Cancun. Lizzie tells him not to worry about it and she tells him that what happened to him wasn’t an accident that “they” tried to kill him.

Coop asks who “they” are and Harley wants to know who tried to kill Coop. Lizzie believes her mom set him up. Coop doesn’t think Beth would try and kill him over a vacation. Harley is also doubtful and asks Lizzie if she really thinks that Beth would go through all of that over a vacation. Gus says it doesn’t sound like something Beth would do but Lizzie says that neither does marrying her grandfather. Harley is dumbfounded at this. Lizzie then tells him about their engagement. Gus wants to know long have they have been gone? He thinks he should stop by the prison and offer his congratulations to Alan and Beth and find out if they had anything to do with Coop’s accident. Harley asks Lizzie and Coop to stay away from each other until they find out if this was truly an accident. They leave and Lizzie hugs Coop. Coop says he can’t believe all of this over some stupid little trip and Lizzie echoes him, not telling him about the wedding she had planned.

Edmund tries to justify what he is doing to Dinah by telling her that he tried to set things up to make her feel like a princess. She tells him that after everything that Edmund gave Cassie, she still chose Jeffrey. Edmund tells Dinah that Jeffrey O’Neil is living on borrowed time, just like she is. She tells him a little fairy tale about Cassie and Jeffrey cuddling with their, she means his child and tells him that no one misses Edmund. Edmund says that fairytale won’t be coming true. Dinah tells Edmund that he is no closer to Cassie than the day she tossed him out or else he wouldn’t be here. Edmund gets upset and leaves, locking Dinah in again. Dinah bangs on the door and screams to be let out.

Cassie and Jeffrey are sitting on the couch, smiling at Hope. He says she’s cuter than Cassie, which makes Cassie kiss Jeffrey and tell him that he has good taste in women. Hope goes to sleep and Cassie her in the bassinet. Jeffrey replies she’s a good sleeper and Cassie says that is good because of all of the things that need to be done while she is sleeping, like housework and cooking. Jeffrey asks if that includes other important things and they kiss. Jeffrey asks doesn’t this feel weird to Cassie since she is right there? Cassie picks up the baby monitor, and they go outside. Jeffrey sits down and pulls Cassie down on top of him. She wants to pick up where they left off and they begin kissing again.

Danny tells Ray that it is over between him and Michelle, and that he is happy with Marina. He tells Ray that they can be happy if everyone else will just let them. Ray says he respects his decision and Danny wants to know what the but is. Ray says that the but is if he is trying to do what is right when deep down he is feeling something else which will eventually come out? Ray says he will let Danny get back to Michelle and leaves.

Michelle wants to remember and tries to think about the crash, and she hears Danny. She says that he was so gentle and calm and helped the baby but she guesses it is just wishful thinking. Danny comes back in and Marina says she needs to go. Danny tells her that she doesn’t have to leave and she says that she has to take care of something. Marina tells them to talk and says that they need each other right now. He tells her that he will call her later. Marina leaves. Michelle apologizes for what she said before and blames nostalgia for making her feel that way. Danny tells her not to apologize because what they once had was very special. Michelle agrees and they are glad to have it cleared up. Marina watches the two of them through the window.

Alex gives Lizzie and Coop some time to themselves before they have to not see each other for a while. She goes outsides. Lizzie tells Coop that Alex likes him. Coop tells Lizzie he is not sure how he can stay away from her, especially after today. He tells her his fantasies about being on a beach with her and spending the night with her, they kiss. Coop declares that he will make it up to Lizzie as soon as his “cop family” clears all of this up. Coop tells Lizzie that she better go since Alex is waiting for her. Lizzie leaves but gives Coop a cute pout as she does. Outside, Alex, who is holding Roxy, tells Lizzie that she was going to come in and rescue her but she had the good sense to leave separately.

She asks Lizzie to listen to Harley and stay away from Coop for awhile. Lizzie thanks Alex for being there for her and Alex says that they are a team. She tells Lizzie that she would be there for her if she ever needed her.

The minister comes out and apologizes to Coop saying his bride to be has already left. He tells Coop good luck making it up to her after that. Coop is dumbfounded.

Back at the garage, Gus reenacts the tires falling and they discuss how the tires shouldn’t have been stacked so high to begin with. Harley wonders what made the tires fall over in the first place and Gus says there could be a thousand reasons. Gus thinks that Lizzie is all off base, but Harley thinks they should keep their eyes open since so much weird stuff has been happening. Gus thinks there will be some fall out from the Beth and Alan marriage and Harley says she can take Beth. Gus says that they will take her together, since they are a team. Harley and Gus kiss and remember they are still on their honeymoon.

Dinah pounds on the door to be let out and says out loud that she is going to kill Edmund. She looks at his photo.

Cassie and Jeffrey are kissing and she asks him if this isn’t nice. The baby starts to cry and they hear her on the monitor. Cassie goes inside and finds Edmund holding the baby. She is a bit startled and he tells her that he didn’t want to disturb them, so he came in the back door. Edmund says he thinks the baby is hungry and Cassie says it is her feeding time. Jeffrey comes in also. Edmund sarcastically they should give Jeffrey a key. Jeffrey offers to leave and tells Cassie he will call her later. He kisses Cassie and leaves. Edmund tells Hope to say goodbye to Uncle Jeffrey. Cassie is not too happy with the situation.

Danny tells Michelle she knows how he feels. She asks about what and he says everything and takes her hand. Michelle nods her head.

Marina calls Mallet and tells him that she has a procedural question. She asks if dispatch keeps records and if she can find out who made the 911 call for Michelle’s accident.

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