Guiding Light Update Thursday 9/8/05


Written By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Marina watches on as Danny comforts a distraught Michelle. He’s upset as he tries to let her know that he wasn’t there with her when she gave birth, and that the baby died. Crying, Michelle repeatedly tells Danny that what he’s telling her simply can’t be. Looking upset, Marina heads out of the room.

Rick, who was on the phone sees that she left in a hurry and wonders what is going on. He calls after her. With tears in her eyes, Marina informs him that Michelle now knows the truth about her baby. Rick turns to looks towards his sister’s room and Marina takes the opportunity to walk out. Rick calls out after her.

Back in Michelle’s room, Danny continues to try and comfort his ex wife. She’s in disbelief and still maintains that she couldn’t have imagined him being there. As she cries, she tells him that she heard her daughter cry.

In the Winslow farmhouse, Jeffery is taping a home movie of the entire family. Edmund, Cassie, Hope, RJ, Tammy and Sandy are all there. Edmund seems annoyed by Jeffery’s actions, though he tries to hide it around Cassie. RJ, Tammy and Sandy are excited over the newest part of their family. The tape ends, and Jeffery heads into the kitchen for the spare tape. Suddenly there is a knock at the door. Sandy answers it to find Ross and Blake at the door. The two rush over to the baby to welcome Hope into the world. Ross turns to Edmund, wondering if he is finally relieved to have his daughter with him. Edmund looks confused as Ross wonders where his daughter is.

Meanwhile, in the mock farmhouse, Dinah tries to get out of her prison. She gets angry and then turns to a photo of Edmund. Dinah yells at the photo, wondering why no one has come looking for her. Vowing to get out of her cell alive, she storms off into a back room.

Coop is talking to himself in the garage and wonders why fixing his life has to be so complicated. He laments that it should be as easy as fixing a car. Outside, Lizzie makes her way to the garage when her cell phone rings. She answers it quietly, clearly not wanting Coop to hear. There is a reverend on the other end and she assures him that she will be ready to get married that afternoon. She promises that they will be there in an hour, and then heads inside the garage. Once inside she tells Coop that she is going to be sent to Cancun for a job assignment. Lizzie holds up two airline tickets and with a kiss tells him that she thinks it will be an eventful weekend.

Beth is on the phone with Alan outside of Company. She tells him all about the situation with Coop and Lizzie. Alan doesn’t seem happy and tells Beth that eventually Lizzie will change her mind. “You leave it to me, this wedding will never happen.” He tells his new bride.

Beth doesn’t see how she can stop her daughter. Alan gives her the phone number of a man who will arrange for her to stay in Phoenix for a week. Beth seems confused as Alan explains that while she is at a spa he will take care of the problem. Looking concerned, she wonders what her husband is planning that he doesn’t want her around for.

Coop seems unsure of spending time abroad with Lizzie. She tells him that it would be foolish to give up tickets to Mexico, and he eventually agrees. Lizzie smiles and gives him an address. He looks down at the paper, while she explains that it is where she has to pick up some press kits. Coop agrees to meet her there in an hour, and promises not to tell anyone. She is ecstatic, kisses him and runs out. On her way out of the garage she runs into Alexandra. “Are you going somewhere, darling?” Her aunt asks.

Ross looks confused when he’s told that his daughter is gone, and immediately wonders if she was physically ok. Cassie mentions that perhaps Dinah simply wasn’t ready to give up a baby she had just given birth to. Ross turns to Edmund, wondering why they should simply take his word for it. Blake jumps into the conversation and mentions that it is strange that Dinah wouldn’t have talked to her father before leaving. “Perhaps she is sick.” Blake wonders. Edmund keeps his cool and tells them that they should simply all be thankful for the gift they were given.

Jeffery comes out of the kitchen, tape in hand and wonders where the blank tape is. He holds up the one he has found, and tells them that there is something on it. “To Daddy.” He reads aloud. Blake grabs the tape and realizes that it is Dinah’s handwriting. Edmund pretends to be perplexed by all of this, which angers Ross. They decide to watch the tape, and Blake puts it in the machine.

Michelle continues to maintain that she would know if her child was dead. Danny gets up and begins pacing around the room. He tries to explain to her that she was in a serious car wreck and that the baby isn’t alive. He explains that no one is really sure of the specifics of what happened that night. He lets her know that she gave birth in the car, and that she had time to get out. Crying, she tells him that she gave birth outside of the car. “Don’t you think I would feel it in my heart if I lost my baby?” She tells him still not wanting to hear what he is telling her. “Because I don’t.” She continues looking very sure of herself.

The entire gang at the Winslow farmhouse looks on as they watch Dinah on a video tape. She tells them that it is time for her to get a fresh start, and leave town. Ross looks upset, and Blake comforts him. Edmund watches on, hoping that everyone there is buying the video. On the tape, Dinah urges them not to look for her and mentions that losing herself in the world is one of her many talents. She promises them that she will make her way back to Springfield in time. “I love you with all of my heart” are her parting sentiments.

Blake wonders if perhaps Dinah had been planning her exit for a long time. Ross still looks upset as Cassie assures him that she had no idea of what his daughter was going to do. Edmund contemplates that perhaps Dinah finally realized that the two of them weren’t going to be together. Getting up, Ross wonders how his daughter could leave town so easily. Edmund gets ready to leave and informs them that he has to get some baby formula. Before leaving he urges Ross to look at the gift his daughter gave the Winslow family.

Beth continues to pressure Alan, demanding that he tell her his plan. He urges her to leave town, so that she won’t give in at an inconvenient time. She makes him promise her that he will handle Lizzie gently and agrees to trust him.

Inside Company, Lizzie is being followed by her aunt. Alex keeps telling her that despite supporting her in the past that her current plan may be too outrageous. Lizzie lies to her at first and uses the excuse of going to Mexico for a job; however her aunt doesn’t buy the story. Sighing, she decides to tell her aunt the truth. Flashing her engagement ring, Lizzie tells Alex that she is getting married. She doesn’t seem to understand what is going on. She listens as her niece mentions that it is her plan to keep Coop from heading to Oxford. She mentions that it is a surprise, and Alex is floored. After informing her aunt that she loves Coop, she mentions that perhaps she is only Spaulding who is following her feelings. Lizzie then turns and leaves Alex in the restaurant looking confused.

Dinah comes rushing out of the back room of the pseudo farmhouse when she hears Edmund come in. She can’t believe he is back there again. He takes pleasure in the fact that he and Cassie finally have a new baby. She doesn’t understand, and demands to know when she will be let free. Nonchalantly, he tells her that she will be able to go when he thinks she is able to keep quiet. He goes on to let her know that she finally has had her dream of being taken care of by him come true. Angry, she throws the potato chips he has brought her to the floor.

Danny continues to tell Michelle about her health situation. He urges her to rest, and lets her know that perhaps she isn’t thinking clearly. Reminding him that their daughter could have been hers, she then mentions that the death of their child could have been her fault. Marina walks in as Danny questions Michelle about where she was going in the car on the night of her accident. “I was trying to find you, Danny.” She tells him. Marina looks on with a worried look upon her face.

Danny doesn’t realize they’re not alone and presses Michelle for the reason why she was looking for him. She begins to tell him that she wanted to see him to tell him about the baby and that she loves him when she notices Marina. “I’m sorry for interrupting, but I thought there was someone you might want to see.” She tells Danny & Michelle. From behind her, Robbie comes running out to his mother with open arms. He jumps into bed with her and the three hug. Marina walks out of the room quietly.

Dinah can’t believe that Edmund is planning on keeping her locked away for so long. Looking reassured, he tells her that she helped him get away with it. He reminds her of the videotape that was labeled in her own handwriting and thanks her for it being so persuasive. He makes it clear that everyone who counted was there. Looking hurt, she mentions their time together and wonders why it meant nothing to him. Edmund tells her matter of factly that he did have feelings for her, but that in the end it came down to the simple fact that she was not Cassie.

Ross looks sad in the real farmhouse living room as he wonders why he daughter didn’t come to see him. He doesn’t understand why she would leave town without seeing him in person. Blake mentions that perhaps she did it to spare his feelings.

In the kitchen, Cassie approaches Jeffery who is fiddling with the tape recorder. He looks annoyed as he asks her if she had any problems with Edmund last night. She tells him that Edmund has been too worried about being a devoted father to cause any trouble. She assures him that Edmund will soon leave. Jeffery doesn’t buy it and lets her know that the only reason Edmund is sticking around is to get closer to her. Cassie smiles and then changes the subject. Handing the camera to Jeffery, she tells him that they still need a family portrait. Together they pose with one another, until Tammy’s phone rings. She rushes to answer the phone, claiming that it is an emergency.

In the kitchen, Tammy talks to a stranger named Ethan Fallon. She mentions that she is looking for someone who knew Sandy Foster. Ethan, who happens to be standing outside of Company, tells her that he does in fact know Sandy. Tammy mentions a surprise that she is putting together for Sandy and offers to meet him. By chance he happens to be in Springfield, and they agree to meet up later. Sandy arrives behind her just in time to hear his girlfriend mention that she’s going to be meeting someone later. He questions her about it, and she comes up with the excuse that she is meeting someone class. Tammy then rushes to be part of the family photo, as Sandy looks after her it is clear that he knows something odd is going on.

Coop is rushing around the garage so that he won’t be late meeting Lizzie. As he picks his things up, Beth arrives. She announces that she is here to talk to him and demands to know what it is going to take to keep the two of them apart. She claims to understand that they care for each other, but that she doesn’t want her daughter to end up hurt. She mentions that since they both want the best for Lizzie that things are simple. “Tell me what I can do for you that will keep you from making the biggest mistake of your life.” Beth says. As the two are talking someone watches on from outside. Again, Beth offers him anything to keep him from marrying Lizzie.

Coop turns around and lets her know that he can’t be bribed. She doesn’t want to look at it that way and says that she only wants to help her daughter. Coop is still not pleased and makes it clear that he doesn’t like the fact that she’s trying to manipulate him. He then uses the excuse that he has to get back to work. Beth warns him that she will do whatever it takes to protect her daughter and leaves in a huff.

From behind a tower of tires, someone hits Coop over the head with a ratchet. They then push the tires on top of him as gas leaks out of a cylinder. Coop attempts to regain consciousness, but lies back on the ground in pain.

In a church, Lizzie meets with Reverend Landry and introduces herself. Lizzie is in a white dress, as the minister mentions that he needs to talk with the two of them before the ceremony. She informs him that Coop will be with them shortly. The reverend leaves, and tells her that he’s got some preparations to make.

Alex suddenly walks in the church. Thinking that her aunt is there to stop the wedding, Lizzie protests. “I’m not here to stop you all.” She tells the bride to be. Handing her a bouquet, she tells Lizzie that no one should get married without flowers. The two women smile at one another and hug.

Michelle begins asking Robbie all about camp, school and his life in general. He doesn’t really answer her questions, and instead wants to know if she’s going to be staying around this time. Danny changes the subject just as Rick walks into the room. Rick offers to take Robbie out for a drink, and he leaves.

Danny wonders what is going on with Michelle. She complains that she doesn’t feel at home anywhere. Sighing, he tells his ex-wife that Robbie needs his mother around.

In the waiting room, Robbie and Rick join Marina. Rick mentions that it was a wonderful idea to bring Robbie around. Turning back to Rick, she questions if Rick knew where Michelle was staying before the accident. He looks confused and mentions that for a while she was with Bill at the Beacon. When he asks why she’s so curious she shrugs it off. Suddenly his beeper goes off; he makes sure that Marina is ok with Robbie before heading off to an emergency.

Marina sits down with Robbie who has overheard part of the conversation. He thanks her for helping his mom feel better. “I would do anything for you and your dad.” She confesses to him.

Ross and Blake say their goodbyes and look upset. Cassie assures them that they are more than welcome to stop by and see Hope whenever they want to. They thank her for her kindness and leave.

Sandy looks nervous and mentions a business meeting that he’s going to be late for. He thanks everyone for the good time and then leaves. He promises to call Tammy later as well. Once he’s gone, Tammy tells her mother that she’s planning something for Sandy. She promises to come back as soon as possible and leaves.

Alone in the house, Jeffery approaches Cassie and mentions that for the first time since Hope was born that they are alone in the house. As they kiss, the baby begins to cry.

Dinah doesn’t understand how he is capable of kidnapping her. He seems very cavalier about the whole thing, and tells her that he must be going. The more time he is with her, the more time Cassie and Jeffery have alone, he reasons. She continues to complain about things, and as he leaves she attacks him. He warns her before leaving that her situation is only as unpleasant as she wants it to be. He leaves after throwing her back onto the chair. With Edmund gone, Dinah throws his cell phone into the air telling herself that she might not be here when he gets back.

Mr. Fallon gets up from his meeting at Company just as Tammy walks in. She approaches him, and mentions that she wanted to talk to him about Sandy Foster. He looks confused and claims that he misunderstood her. “I thought you said Randy. Randy Coster.” He tells her in an obvious hurry. He claims the misunderstanding on a bad cell phone, and leaves the restaurant. She looks suspicious.

Outside, Ethan runs into Sandy. Looking confused Ethan tells his friend that he blew Tammy off, just like he was asked to do. Ethan still looks confused and makes it clear that he’s not sure why he had to lie in the first place. Sandy seems annoyed and informs Ethan that he asked him to come to town in order to do a job. “Anything you say. You’re the boss.” Fallon says before leaving. “Yes, I am.” Sandy says to himself as he looks through the window of Company at Tammy.

Danny looks at Michelle, and tells her that she should get some sleep. Handing her a photo of Robbie, he promises her that he will come and see her tomorrow. Before he walks out the door, she tells him that she lied to him. “I have to tell you why I came back.” She says through tears. “I never stopped loving you.” He looks at her with a puzzled look on his face.

Jeffery and Cassie are finally alone in the farmhouse as Hope sleeps in her bassinet. They begin to kiss one another, just as Edmund walks in. Jeffery makes it clear that he thinks Edmund has overstayed his welcome at the farmhouse.

Back at the mock farmhouse, Dinah wanders around the place trying to get a signal with Edmund’s cell phone. She makes a phone call, hoping for the best.

Edmund holds his baby as Cassie takes a photo. The three comment on how adorable the baby is. The telephone rings, and Cassie heads off to get it.

Lizzie gets serious for a moment, and wonders why her aunt has decided to support her. “ I think someone in this family deserves to be happy.” She says as she hugs her niece. They smile as Lizzie mentions that Coop should be on his way.

Inside the garage, Coop struggles to move as he coughs. He wakes up and tries to crawl out before collapsing.

Outside Company, Gus and Harley return to Springfield. He lets her know that he wants to continue their honeymoon for a few more hours. The two take off back towards where they came.

Coop lays motionless on the floor of the garage, still unconscious.

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