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Written By Jen
Pictures by Boo  

At the hospital, you hear Danny telling Michelle that the baby died. Marina walks away from the room. Rick stops her to find out what she is upset about, and she tells him that Danny just told Michelle that the baby died. Marina is crying and goes to leave. Rick calls out for her to stop.

Michelle is crying and telling Danny that she didn’t imagine it. She still thinks he was there. She tells him that he held her, and she heard her cry. Michelle cannot believe this is happening. She is extremely upset and just keeps crying “my poor baby”.

At the farmhouse, Jeffery has a video camera filming everyone. Sandy, Tammy, RJ, Edmund and Cassie are there. Cassie is sitting on the couch holding Hope. RJ is sitting beside them. Tammy thinks the baby looks like an Angel and tells Sandy to look. Jeffery says “So beautiful. And the baby isn't bad either. Doesn't look like daddy at all.” Edmund would be happier if Jeffery wasn’t there for the photo shoot. Jeffery jokes that when Edmund looked at the camera it broke, but it was just out of tape. Cassie tells him where to find an extra tape, and there is a knock at the door. Sandy answers, it is Blake and Ross. Ross thinks Edmund should be happy and relieved. He thinks Dinah has come through for them in a big way and wonders where she is.

Dinah is at the replica of the farmhouse, she is trying to pick the lock to get out. She is not able to do it, so she starts cussing Edmund. She wants him to die a slow and painful death. She picks up his picture and starts talking to it. She doesn’t think Edmund is coming back, and she doesn’t think anyone will come looking for her. She throws the picture down. She is trying to figure out how to get out of there, because she knows it is up to her to save herself.

Coop is in the garage messing with his tools. He wonders why he can’t tune up his life like he can a car. He throws the tools down.

Lizzie and Roxy are outside of Company when her phone rings, it is the reverend. She tells him they will be there within the hour. She tells him her and her fiancé are just saying their good-byes. She tells him she is bringing her maid of honor as she looks at Roxy. She tells him to get his bible warmed up. Lizzie goes into the garage and Coop manages to hit his head on the hood of the car again. Lizzie can’t believe he did it again. Coop wonders why she is there, He thought she was at work. She tells him she was, but then she got a call. She tells him that they want to send them to Cancun to check out new vacations. Coop is shocked and tells her that is great for her. Lizzie explains she has two tickets, so it is great for them. She wants him to start packing. She tells him this is a weekend where they can have some alone time, and she thinks it will be very eventful. Coop says really and they kiss.

Beth is on the phone with Alan. She thinks they have to stop Lizzie. Alan wants to know what is going on. Beth explains that Lizzie and Coop are engaged. She explains how she took the blank check for moving back home and bought an engagement ring. Alan says he hates irony, and thinks Lizzie will break it off when she realizes how little Coop has to offer. Beth explains that Lizzie has already talked to a minister and they could be married by the end of the day. Alan assures her the wedding will never happen.

Beth doesn’t think they can stop her unless they abduct her. Alan tells her to get a pen and take down a number. He tells her she will be talking to Scott Perrin, and he will be going to arrange transportation for you to leave town at once. Beth doesn’t understand why she will be leaving, and she wants to know where she will be going. He tells her she will be going to a wonderful spa in Arizona for a week. Beth wants to know what he up to, what he doesn’t want to do while she is there.

Coop cannot believe Lizzie wants him to go to Cancun with her. Lizzie wants him to accept her apology and go with her. Coop gives in and decides to go. He can’t say no to a beautiful woman asking him to go to Cancun. They start kissing. Lizzie is glad and gives him an address. Coop wants to know what the place is, and she tells him she has to pick up some press kits and to just be there in an hour. Coop agrees and Lizzie tells him it is very important, so he assures her he will be there. She goes to leave and then turns around to tell him not to tell anyone about this, especially not his dad or her mom. Coop agrees. Lizzie is ecstatic about this and thinks they are going to have a wonderful time. She thinks he will love every minute of it. Coop thinks he probably will, and he gives her a kiss and tells her to go. Lizzie reminds him to be there in one hour and not to be late. As she is leaving she runs into Alex. Lizzie wonders what she is doing there, and Alex wonders where she is going.

Ross is upset that Dinah just left. He doesn’t understand. Blake wonders if she was well enough to leave. Cassie explains that she doesn’t know, and she thinks Ross was right that handing over the baby was just too much for her. Ross agrees that it probably was, but he doesn’t seem to trust that all they have is Edmund’s word about her leaving. Edmund can’t believe that is not good enough, and Ross tells him for him it isn’t. Blake thinks even Dinah would have said good-bye to her dad before she left. She wonders if she is sick. Jeffery comes in and says “hey everyone” then he realizes Blake and Ross are there. Jeffery couldn’t find a blank tape. He explains all he could find is one with something on it. Cassie says she didn’t use it and wonders if Tammy did. Tammy says she didn’t. Jeffery says there is a label on it that says “to daddy.” Blake takes the tape and realizes it is Dinah’s handwriting. Edmund wonders how that could be, and Ross says he doesn’t know, but Dinah wrote it. Blake wants to go ahead and watch it to see what it is.

Danny is pacing in the hospital room. Michelle does not believe the baby is gone. She would feel it if she was, and she doesn’t feel it. Danny explains she was in a bad car accident and nobody really knows what happened. He explains that they don’t know if she wrecked the car and went into labor, or if she went into labor and that is why she wrecked the car, but either way she gave birth in the car. Michelle is shaking her head no as he explains this. He says the car caught fire and he thanks god that she was able to get out and explains the baby didn’t. Michelle tells him that is not how it happened. She tells him she can see the fire and the accident that she is not confused about that. She explains that she got out of the car and gave birth. She tells him he helped her, but Danny tells her he didn’t help her. Michelle doesn’t understand this because she saw him there. Danny wishes he hand been there to help her. Michelle cannot accept this. She is upset, and she tells him she would feel it in her heart and soul if the baby didn’t make it, but she doesn’t feel that at all.

At the farmhouse the tape is playing. It is a message from Dinah. She says “Hi, daddy. I'm sure you're wondering what this is all about, and I'll get right to the point. All I've ever done since I came to this town was cause a lot of trouble. I guess it's what I'm really good at. But it's time for a fresh start and it's time for me to get out. And until I get on that right road and find a better life, I'd ask you to not look for me, okay? I know that you're going to want to, but I ask you not to. You know, disappearing and not being found is my number two talent. But, dad, I want you to know that I... I'm sorry. For everything. And I'm going to make my way back, and I'm going to probably make apologies just one by one, but until then, I want you to remember me, daddy. And I want you to remember that I love you with all of my heart. I love you.” Edmund acts shocked by this and tells them, he only turned his back for a minute while he was cleaning the baby. Blake thinks she was planning this all along from the sounds of the tape. Cassie doesn’t believe that. She says she didn’t sense this at all. Ross didn’t sense it either. Edmund says maybe she realized the two of them were never going to end up together. Ross still doesn’t understand and wonders how Dinah could do this. Edmund says this is a very emotional time for all of them. He excuses himself to go to the store and get some formula. He tells Ross to forget what Dinah has done for them and points to the baby. He says she is strong and that she will be fine. Blake tries to comfort Ross by telling him that Dinah is a survivor and Ross agrees that she is. Cassie and Jeffery look upset. Edmund closes the door looking smug.

Beth wants to know why Alan is trying to get rid of her, and Alan tells her to just make the phone call and go to the spa. He thinks otherwise she might be tempted to give in at the wrong moment. He wants her to trust him on this. Beth wants him to promise he will handle Lizzie with kid gloves. Alan tells her protecting Lizzie is what this is all about and to trust him. He doesn’t want her to give it another thought, and they hang up. Beth looks worried.

Inside Company, Alex is telling Lizzie that she has been her biggest defender so far, but not to push it too far. Lizzie asks the waitress for water, and tells Alex not to worry that she is not doing anything. Alex doesn’t believe her and wonders what the trip to Cancun is about. The waitress hands Lizzie the water, and Lizzie thanks her. Lizzie explains the trip is for work. She tells Alex that they are sending her to scout vacation spots. Alex is in disbelief that after being on the job a week, they would send her to a cushy island. She thinks it is some job. Lizzie tells her fine that she will tell her the truth. She thinks Alex will find out anyway. She tells Alex she is getting married. Alex is shocked. Lizzie tells her she is marrying Coop. Alex wants to know if she is marrying him right now, and Lizzie thinks if they don’t get married now, he will go to school in England and they will have no chance. She knows he really cares for her and thinks when he sees the minister he will be shocked and surprised but. Alex laughs at this. Lizzie is sure he will be happy. Alex is surprised that Coop does not even know about this wedding. Lizzie says he does in his heart that the rest of him just needs to catch up. Alex wants to know if Lizzie is doing this to get back at Beth for marrying Alan. Lizzie says it is not, but Alex isn’t so sure. She asks Lizzie again, and Lizzie says some guys just need to be pushed a bit. She wants Alex to wish her luck and goes to leave, but Alex stops her and tells her she thinks it is going to take more than luck. Lizzie is not happy about this and tells her it is not about her. She explains she told her the truth even though she knows she could ruin things for her. Alex agrees that she could, and she wants Lizzie to give her good reason not to. Lizzie says because she is the only one in the family doing something for the right reason. She feels she is marrying Coop for the right reason because she loves him. She leaves and Alex is standing there in shock.

Edmund goes to the farmhouse replica. Dinah is shocked he came back, and he tells her he is sorry that him and Cassie were bonding with their new baby. Dinah wonders what new baby he is talking about. Edmund thinks ignorance is bliss. Dinah wonders when he is going to let her out of this cage, and Edmund tells her when she can keep her mouth zipped. He tells her until then, she should be happy, he is taking care of her like she always wanted. He explains that the food she eats, water she drinks, and air she breathes are personal gifts from him. He hands her some Pringles and she throws them at him.

Danny explains to Michelle that she had emergency surgery this morning. He thinks she needs to rest because she is not thinking clearly. Michelle wonders if he knows the baby could have been his. Danny is just grateful she is okay. Michelle thinks it is her fault if it happened the way he says it did. She should have pulled over when she started having contractions. Danny doesn’t think she should blame herself. She starts crying saying she didn’t pull over. Marina is in the doorway now listening. Danny wants to know where she was going and points out she said she was going to visit her uncle Mike. Michelle tells him she was coming to find him.

Danny wants to know why Michelle was looking for him, and she explains that she was going to tell him about the baby and that…. Marina walks up, so Michelle stops and tells her hi. Marina apologizes for interrupting, she thought she could use this, and Robbie comes running in. He gives Michelle a hug. Michelle is thrilled by this. Danny and she tell Robbie hi. Michelle has tears in her eyes as she hugs him. Marina leaves the room.

Dinah thinks Edmund is insane, she can’t believe she never saw it before. Edmund tells her she was blinded by love. Dinah wonders how he thinks he is going to get away with this. She thinks eventually someone will find her. Edmund tells her no one will be looking for her. He tells her she already said her good-byes in the video tape. He says he almost teared up watching it. He explains that everyone was there Blake, her father, and the whole crowd. He tells her they all bought it, and points out that she told them she knows how to disappear. Dinah thinks Ross will see through it that he always does. Edmund explains that Ross was heartbroken. Dinah can’t believe no one will be coming to find her. She wonders if Edmund ever had feelings for her. Edmund doesn’t want her to put him in this position. He says yes he had feelings for her because they spent a lot of time together. Dinah wants to know why then, and he explains because she is not Cassie.

Ross is holding the tape. He doesn’t understand why Dinah didn’t come see him, or call instead of making the tape. Blake thinks it is because of how difficult it would have been for both of them to say good-bye. Cassie walks up to Jeffery and wants to know what is going on. Jeffery wonders if Cassie had any problems with Edmund last night. Cassie explains he was too busy with Hope to cause any problems. She thinks he will be out of there when Hope won’t stop crying and he has to change five diapers in a row. Jeffery doesn’t believe he is just hanging around to play daddy. He thinks he is there because he wants to be close to Cassie. Cassie says he would just be wasting his time and that he knows it. She kisses Jeffery and tells everyone they are going to take more pictures. She wants them all to pose over with the baby. Jeffery tells everyone to line up, and Tammy is holding the baby. Sandy thinks she is a natural. Tammy tells him to be quiet that he will wake up the baby. She also tells him to smile, and he points out he is smiling. RJ is sitting in Cassie’s lap and wonders if Tammy and Sandy are going to start kissing. Cassie says if he is lucky and Sandy just grins. Jeffery tells everybody to come on and get this done. He starts to count to three to snap the picture and Tammy’s phone rings. She hands Hope to Sandy, and he wonders why she can’t just let it go to voice mail. She explains she has been waiting for this call. She answers the phone wondering if it is Mr. Fallon. It is Mr. Ethan Fallon. It looks like he is standing outside of Company. He tells her he is returning her call. She introduces herself and says that she is looking for someone with his name that knows her boyfriend “Sandy Foster.” Fallon tells her that yes he does know Sandy. Tammy is excited because he is the 4th one she tried. She tells him she is trying to put together a surprise for Sandy and wonders if she can ask him some questions. He tells her sure, but he is not at home right now. He is in Springfield. Tammy explains that is where she is and they agree to meet later at Company. He tells her this is not a problem because that is where he is meeting is taking place. She hangs up the phone obviously happy and Sandy is standing there. He wants to know who she is meeting. She lies and tells him is a Jen from her psych class that she wants to get her notes. Jeffery yells at them to come on and get the picture. Tammy tells him she is on her way Sandy says he is right behind her. Cassie wonders what the phone call was about, and they flash to Sandy standing there looking a little mad.

Coop is trying to hurry up and leave the garage because Lizzie will be upset if he is late. When he turns around Beth is there. He says, “Well, hello Mrs. Spaulding.” Beth wants him to call her Beth, and he says okay. He wonders what she is doing there because this is not her normal parking space. Beth agrees it is not and that she came there to see him. Coop thinks that was nice of her, and Beth asks him what it will take. Coop doesn’t know what she means. Beth explains that she knows he has strong feelings for her daughter and he can’t be bribed, but she doesn’t want Lizzie hurt. Coop is not planning on hurting Lizzie. Beth points out that most of the time we don’t mean to hurt people but it happens anyway. She thinks they both want to protect Lizzie, so they should have a meeting of the minds. She tells him she will give him anything he wants to stop them from making the biggest mistake of their lives. Someone is watching them from outside the garage. Whoever it is pulls the shut a little.

Coop cannot believe she is trying to bribe him when she just said she knows he can’t be bribed. She doesn’t think it is bribery. She says she is just trying to protect Lizzie. He tells her she is not very good at manipulating and sneaking around, but her new husband, on the other hand, is pretty good at manipulating and controlling people. He wonders why she doesn’t just leave it to the pros. Beth says maybe she will. Coop tells her he needs to get back to work. He walks off and Beth grabs his arm. She warns him that she will do whatever it takes help her daughter, keep her safe and happy. Coop says that is good, that they have something in common. Beth leaves and Coop goes back to the car. Someone knocks him out and pushes a bunch of tires on him, and you hear a hissing noise. Coop tries to get up but he passes out.

Lizzie arrives at the church to talk to the minister. She and Roxy are both dressed in pretty white dresses. She introduces herself and Roxy to the minister. He wonders where her young man is, and she explains he will be there in a few minutes. The minister tells her he will need time with both of them before the ceremony. Lizzie knows it is to make sure they are committed because they are so young. She tells him they are the most committed couple ever. He tells Lizzie to give him a few minutes to get everything together, and she tells him she will yell when Coop gets there. She lets out a big breath when he leaves, and tells Roxy she is sure Coop will be there.

She is sure he will say yes when he gets there. She feels it. She hears a door open and wonders if it is Coop. It is Alex. Lizzie is worried she will try to stop her, but Alex tells her no that she doesn’t think any bride should get married without flowers, and she hands her some flowers. Lizzie thinks they are beautiful that everything is beautiful.

Michelle wants Robbie to tell her everything, and she asks him about camp and wonders if he is excited to start school soon. Robbie wonders if she is staying home this time, and Michelle tells him they will talk about it. She is happy that they are all here right now. Danny says he to Robbie and Rick walks in. Rick tells everyone hi, and wonders if everything is okay. Danny sighs and says yeah. Rick wants Robbie to go get a soda with him because he could use the company. Michelle thinks that would be great and she tells Robbie she is tired and needs rest. She tells him to give her a kiss and she will see him tomorrow. He leaves with Rick. Danny wants to know what she means they will talk about it later. He wants to know what she is going to do. Michelle doesn’t know. She doesn’t feel like she belongs anywhere, and Danny tells her she belongs here that Robbie needs her.

Rick brings Robbie back to Marina outside Michelle’s room. Marina tells Robbie he just made his mom very happy, and Rick thanks her for the spectacular idea. Marina wants to ask Rick a question, so he agrees. They walk off a little, and she asks if he knows who Michelle was staying with before this happened. He explains that she was at The Beacon with Bill to begin with but after that he doesn’t know. He wants to know why and Marina just looks like she is deep in thought, so Rick asks why again. Marina tells him it’s nothing and his pager goes off. He tells her he has to take this and asks if she can keep an eye on Robbie. She tells him not to worry about it she will watch him. He hands her Robbie’s toy and Rick leaves. Robbie thanks Marina for making his mom feel better because Rick told him she did. Marina tells him she would do anything for him and his dad. She hugs him.

At the farm, Blake tells Cassie they are really happy for her. Ross agrees and tells her how beautiful the baby is. Cassie doesn’t think they need to leave so soon, but Ross says they do. Cassie tells them to come by and see Hope anytime that want. She thinks that is only fair after everything Dinah did for them. Ross thanks her and tells her that means more to him then she knows. They say their good-byes, and Tammy says she has never seen Ross so sad. Cassie hasn’t either.

Sandy has to leave to go to a work site. He says good-bye to everyone and heads out the door. Tammy has to go too, but Cassie wants her to stay longer. Tammy explains she is planning a surprise for Sandy and she has to go meet this guy about it. She assures Cassie she will be back later, and Cassie tells her she better be. Tammy tells Cassie she loves her and Hope that Hope is so pretty. When Tammy leaves Cassie says so much for the party and Jeffery points out this is the first time they have been alone since you know who arrived. Cassie wonders if that is possible, and Jeffery can’t believe she hasn’t noticed. They start to kiss and the baby cries. They both laugh about this.

Dinah wants to know how Edmund could do this to her, and Edmund wonders how he could not. He tells Dinah he has to go, and she wonders if he has to go kidnap some more women or buy more babies. He has priorities; the more time he is there is more time Jeffery has with Cassie. Edmund tells Dinah ‘You've done horrible things for the sour cream and onion, but I have ranch here for you, and other things, and of course, water.” Dinah wants to know if that is supposed to make it better, and he tells her no but it doesn’t hurt. He tells her this is her life and to enjoy the peace and quiet. She charges into him and he gets mad. He pushes her back in the door and tells her she is making things very unpleasant. He warns if she keeps it up, he won’t come back anytime soon. She tells him to take his time as he walks out the door. Then she says that she won’t be there anyway. She has managed to get his cell phone. She opens it to call someone.

Tammy arrives at Company and introduces herself to Fallon. He tells her he is under a deadline and wonders what she wanted to ask him about. Tammy tells him Sandy Foster and he plays like he doesn’t know him. He tells her she said Randy Coster. She says she didn’t and he tells her it must have been a bad connection. Tammy doesn’t believe this because she heard him say Sandy’s name. He blames it on the connection again. He tells her he has to run and good luck finding her friend. Tammy doesn’t understand.

Outside Company, Sandy wants to know if Ethan told her, and he tells him he did. Ethan doesn’t understand why he had him come all the way to Springfield to lie and tell Tammy he doesn’t know him. Sandy tells him he called him to do a job and to disappear now. Ethan tells him he is the boss, and Sandy says yes he is. Sandy goes and looks in the window at Tammy. Tammy doesn’t look happy.

Danny sits on the bed with Michelle and gives her picture of Robbie to hold on to. He thinks it would help. Danny tells her he needs to leave because Robbie is out there waiting with Marina. He tells her to get some sleep and they hold hands for a minute. Michelle tells him thanks and he goes to leave. Michelle stops him and tells him she can’t keep lying to him. He tries to stop her, but she tells him she has to tell him why she came back. She tells him she knows he is with Marina now and everything has changed, but she hasn’t, and she tells him that she still loves him. They just stare at each other.

Jeffery tells Cassie she must have the touch because the baby is sleeping now. Cassie lays her down and says “you guess?” Jeffery thinks she may need to remind him. She starts to remind him by kissing him, and Edmund wonders where everyone went. Jeffery tells him that everyone left because they didn’t want to overstay there welcome. He says it in a way that comes across as he thinks Edmund has overstayed his.

Dinah is trying to get a signal on the cell phone. Jeffery offers to take Hope back if Edmund’s arms are getting tired. Edmund is sure he would, but he thinks with Hope in his arms and his heart, life is perfect. Cassie thinks she sure is irresistible, and Edmund and Jeffery both agree at the same time. The phone rings. Cassie was trying to take a picture. Edmund asks Jeffery to get the phone and to hurry before the baby wakes up. Cassie says she will get it.

Lizzie wants to ask Alex a question. She wonders why Alex really came there, and Alex tells her she thinks someone in the family deserves to be happy. She is glad it is Lizzie. Alex wonders where Coop is, and Lizzie thinks he will be there any minute.

Back at the garage Coop is trying to get up, but you still hear the hissing noise. He is coughing and passes out again. It looks like a gas leak or something. Harley and Gus walk up outside of Company. Gus wonders if they will be excited to see them. Harley says not as excited as she will be. Gus says to wait, he knows she is excited but he wants to have another 24 hours on their honeymoon. Harley agrees and they go to leave. The show closes with Coop lying passed out in the garage.

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