Guiding Light Update Wednesday 9/7/05


Written By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Lizzie talks to Roxy outside of Company and tells her that she wants Coop to be her fiancée for real, but at least her mom thinks he is. Coop is in the garage working on a car, shirtless, when Lizzie comes up and startles him. He jumps up, hitting his head on the hood of the car. Coop is upset with Lizzie at first, but when she says she was going to kiss it and make it better, he likes the sound of it. She kisses his forehead at first and he tells her a little lower would make it feel better. She kisses his nose next and he again tells her a little bit lower, finally they start passionately kissing each other.

Beth storms into Company demanding to know where Coop is. Buzz tries to joke with her but she is adamant about finding Coop. Buzz tells her that he is out back in the garage and asks why she wants to know. Beth says she is going to kill him and goes to find him. Buzz says he doesn’t think he can let her do that and follows.

Billy follows Jonathan into Outskirts, telling him he was thinking of putting in a pool table. Billy tells him that he should just leave the bar the way it is since the customers seem to like it. Ava comes in and Billy goes to introduce himself. She tells Billy that she owes Jonathan and Jonathan introduces him as his partner. Ava recognizes the name and asks Billy if he is related to Bill. Billy says that he is son and Ava says that they have the same eyes. Bill walks in at the end of the conversation and Billy asks him what they can do for him. Bill says nothing; he is there to see Ava and asks if he can speak with her for a minute. Ava asks Jonathan’s permission and he tells her she has one minute to speak with him. Bill tells her that he was hoping she would be there and asks her if she would like to be his wife’s new assistant, since this could be her only chance.

Frank enters Company where Mel and Rick are eating and asks how Michelle is doing. Mel tells him that she is stable having slept through the night and Marina comes in saying she is heading back over to the hospital right now. Frank tells Rick to let him know if there is anything he can do for them and Rick thanks him but says he thinks things are just going to get worse. He asks how he is supposed to tell his little sister that the baby she was carrying has died. Frank is shocked to hear that she doesn’t know and Mel says they thought that it would be better to tell her once she was coherent. Rick and Mel leave to go back to the hospital and ask Marina if she is ready to go. Frank overhears Rick and Mel tell her that Danny hasn’t left the hospital and asks Marina if she is okay with that. Marina says she understands Michelle was Danny’s wife and is Robbie's mom so she realizes he wants to be there for her. Frank asks if Marina would like to talk about it and she says that there is nothing to talk about.

Danny watches over a sleeping Michelle. She starts to wake up and asks Danny what happened. He tells her about the car accident and she asks about the baby. Michelle tells Danny that she knows she should have told him and starts to slip back into unconsciousness. Danny tries to revive her and taking her hand realizes she is bleeding.

Danny gets a nurse who runs in asking how long Michelle has been bleeding. Danny tells her that she woke up and passed out again and there was a lot of blood all of a sudden. Rick, Mel, Frank, and Marina run in and Rick and Mel start yelling out orders to the nurse to set up a D & C right away. Mel tells Rick to go and set it up and he refuses to leave until Mel says that she will not allow him to work on his sister. Marina tries to get Danny to go into the waiting room with her as Mel kicks them all out. Danny asks Rick what is going on and he says that she is hemorrhaging really bad and they need to get the bleeding to stop, he also tells them they won’t know what is causing it until they get her to the OR.

Danny starts to ask if she could die, and Rick tells him not to think it because it isn’t going to happen. They all watch on as the nurse and Mel work on Michelle.

Ava thanks Bill for the job offer but tells him that as she told him before she already has a job. Bill tells her to just quit and Ava says she can’t do that. Bill asks her if she didn’t just tell him that she didn’t want to be a waitress for the rest of her life and she says yes but that she is going to be starting classes at Springfield U soon. He tells her that if she takes this job that it will happen a lot faster. He jokes that Olivia pays better, has a dental plan, and that she will get to see Bill every day which is a perk in itself. Ava wants to know why Bill is being so nice to her and he says it is just who he is. Jonathan looks over and Ava asks if he doesn’t like Jonathan. Bill kind of skirts around the subject but she realizes that he doesn’t really like him. Bill asks if she will take him up on the offer and Ava tells him that although Olivia is very impressive she just started her shift. Bill tries to pressure her to say yes again as Bill comes up and asks if he is trying to steal their waitress away from them. Bill starts to admit he is as Olivia walks in. He tells her that he wants her to meet someone and Olivia takes one look at Ava and gives her their drink order. Ava leaves to go make it and Olivia and Billy have a somewhat tense and sarcastic conversation with each other. Ava starts to make the drinks and asks Jonathan how to make a good impression on someone. Jonathan laughs and tells her she really must not have been in town long since he doesn’t think he has ever made a good impression on someone in his life. Ava tells him that he made a good impression on her.

Lizzie and Coop continue to kiss and Lizzie asks how his head is. Coop acts like he forgot what she is talking about and then asks Lizzie that if he thinks he is dying if he will get more than a kiss. They start to kiss again until Lizzie pulls away telling him that she has to get back to work. He asks her what she is doing there and Lizzie says a coffee run from work. Coop asks Lizzie how she likes her job and Lizzie says that it is okay she just can’t believe how mean her boss is. Coop finds this amusing and Lizzie wants to know what he finds so funny. Lizzie tells Coop some of the stories about her job and he tells her to look at the bright side that it pays the bills and once they have money saved up they can go on an exciting adventure. Beth walks in and asks if Coop means to go on a honeymoon. Both Coop and Buzz are confused and Beth tells Buzz to ask Coop about his proposal to Lizzie. Lizzie tries to make a fast exit but Coop tells her that he thinks she should stick around for this.

Beth asks Lizzie why all of the secrecy and Buzz wants to know what is going on. Beth sarcastically asks Lizzie about the proposal and asks Lizzie if this was just about hurting her. Beth tells her that she has no respect for anyone, not her, her grandfather (to which Buzz exclaims “Oh come on”), and especially not the Coopers. Beth continues to badger Lizzie until Coop tells Beth to stop, that they really are engaged. Buzz wants to know what is going on. Coop tells Buzz and Beth that Lizzie is the woman he does want to marry and he won’t stand there and let them upset and hurt her. He kisses the top of her head while Lizzie beams.

Billy and Olivia continue their snarking towards each other until Bill stops them. Ava tells Jonathan that he helped him out although he didn’t have to and he tells her he just didn’t want to mop up any blood after the guy she was running from beat her up. She doesn’t believe him and he tells her that he wants to stay open and didn’t want any kind of trouble. Ava tells him that his rep is safe with her and that she does appreciate what he did for her and it shows a lot about his personality. Jonathan wants to know why people are always trying to analyze him and Ava tells him that he is an easy target. Ava asks again how to make a good impression and he tells her to suck up. She doesn't think it is that easy and he assures her that it is since people like to blow their own horn. She asks him why he doesn’t then, and walks away. Bill and Olivia are talking about her day when Ava walks up and starts showering praise on Olivia. Olivia asks if she knows her and Ava says no, but that she is hoping to change that.

Mel tells Danny, Marina, and Frank that they have stabilized Michelle but that she lost a lot of blood. Danny asks if there is anything they can do and Mel says that although they have blood at the hospital they are going to need more. They ask Rick and he says he doesn’t match but Marina does. She goes to give blood as the machines that Michelle is hooked up to start to go off and they call Mel back in.

Michelle’s spirit rises from her body and she hears a voice calling her name. She looks over to find her dead mother Maureen, who hugs her and tells her it, is so good to see her again.

Danny watches them work on Michelle as Spirit Michelle catches up with Maureen. Michelle starts to ask if this means she is dead and Maureen tells her no, not if she or Danny has anything to say about it. Michelle tells Mo that she messed everything up and Mo tells her that she didn’t. Michelle argues, saying that he has moved on and Mo tells her that Danny will always love her. Michelle says it is too late for them now and tries to touch Danny. She says it hurts too much and Mo tells her not to give up on hope. Michelle says there is nothing left to hope for and Mo tells her that she couldn’t be more wrong. She tells her that “hope is the only thing she has left to cling too, especially now.” Michelle realizes that this is where Mo died also and Mo tells her that she isn’t going to. Mo tells her that she has to go back, she has more to do as Mel tries to revive her. Michelle tells Mo that she had more to do also, but she still left them.

Olivia asks who Ava is and she introduces herself and lets Olivia know that she knows who she is. She says that she met her before and probably doesn’t remember her. Olivia asks if she is just moonlighting as her stalker then. Ava tries to get out of what is turning into an uncomfortable situation as Bill tells Olivia that she is going into business and he told her about her assistant position. Olivia tells her to sit down and tell her about herself and Ava does and tries to explain what kind of job she is trying to get. Olivia tells Ava that she doesn’t think that she is the right person for the job.

Coop tells Beth and Buzz that they are getting married but didn’t tell them because they knew how they would react. Buzz says that he means they are going to get married after they have gone to school and lived their lives for a while and Coop says no, they are getting married much sooner than that. Beth asks how soon and Lizzie says they don’t know yet but will let them know now. Coop says they want to be together and Beth tells them to wait. Coop says they love each other and Buzz tells Lizzie about Coop’s scholarship to Oxford. Lizzie is shocked and Beth takes it as an example to show they don’t communicate well. Buzz and Beth try to convince them not to get married or to wait for a long time until Coop asks to be alone with Lizzie. Beth isn’t happy but leaves and Buzz tells Coop they will talk later. Coop tells Lizzie he can’t believe that she told her mom that they were getting married and she counters that she can’t believe he didn’t tell her about Oxford. She asks him if he is going to go away.

Mo tells Michelle that she never wanted to leave but that she didn’t have a choice, but that Michelle does. Michelle says that she would love nothing better than to stay with her and Mo says that there will be plenty of time for that later. Michelle admits she is scared and Mo tells her that she has a full life ahead of her filled with happiness and joy. She tells her once again to hold onto hope and disappears. Michelle’s spirit goes back into her body and they get a heartbeat. Danny goes out into the waiting room and tells them that they started her heart again. Rick wants to scrub in and Mel tells him he knows that he can’t be part of the operation. Rick says he will only observe but that he doesn’t want to leave his little sister, Mel agrees to this. Danny asks Marina how she is and she says she only gave blood, that it is not a big deal. Danny says that it is a big deal to him and coddles her a little bit until his phone rings, it is Robbie wanting to know if Danny found his mommy. Frank tells Marina he is proud of her and she says that Michelle is her friend and she just wants her to be okay. She goes into Michelle’s room and sits next to her, holding her hand and talking to her. She tells Michelle that she didn’t want her to be alone and tells her that everyone is there for her and she will get better. Michelle starts to wake up, mumbling she should have listened to someone, if she had stayed hidden the baby would have been safe. Marina looks intrigued by what Michelle is mumbling.

Bill asks Olivia what is up with her this morning and she says nothing a little food couldn’t take care of. She dismissed Ava and asks her to get them some menus. Bill stops her and says that she didn’t even give her a chance and Olivia says she just doesn’t think s he is right for the job. Jonathan comes running up and asks Ava where Billy is since there is a man there threatening to shut them down. Ava asks why and Jonathan says something about paperwork. Ava tells him that she filed it herself and he asks where it would be. She tells him in the filing cabinet in the office and Ava handles the situation very professionally. Olivia is impressed and tells her that she has changed her mind and she will give her a trial basis.

Ava gets excited and tells her that she will be there. She asks Jonathan where Mr. Silver is and he tells her with Billy, that he doesn’t handle stuff like that. She asks Jonathan if she can leave early for a job opportunity and he tells her that she has a job and that it “sucks to be her” because she isn’t going anywhere.

Beth tells Buzz they are too young to get married and gets upset because it looks like Buzz is supporting them. She tells him that they don’t know what they are feeling and that it isn’t love. He throws her marriage to Alan in her face and she says it is not the same. Buzz tells her that he thinks that Beth has forgotten what it is to be in love. She disagrees and he asks her if she and Phillip never did anything crazy in the name of love. She says they did but that it is different because she is not like Lizzie. Buzz says that she just wants to be loved, just like everyone else.

Coop tells her that she is not going to lose him, and she wonders why he didn’t tell her. Coop says he didn’t tell her because it wasn’t definite and Lizzie tells him that Buzz made it seem like it was. Coop tells her that Buzz just wants him to do all of the stuff he never got to do and admits that he thought about it. He says that it seems like it would be an amazing opportunity, but that he would never make a decision without talking to her first. Lizzie asks him if he meant what he said about love meaning more than logic when it came to them and he admits he doesn’t know. Lizzie tells him that he either meant it or didn’t and Coop says he just said it to shut them up. He asks Lizzie why she told her mom that and Lizzie says she just wanted her to think it and wonders if it would be that bad. Coop says it wouldn’t but that it is just not the right time for them right now. Lizzie tells him that that is okay but is clearly hurt and he tells her that she makes him feel like the luckiest guy in the world. She asks him if he really means it and he tells her yes and then she turns to leave. He asks her where she is going and Lizzie tells him that she needs to get back to work so she doesn’t get fired. As she leaves, she tells Roxy that his “luckiest man in the world” comment means that he does love her and that she is going to make this work.

Danny asks what the problem with Michelle was and Mel tells him that not all of her placenta was expelled. She also tells him that she thinks that they got all of it now and now they just have to monitor her. They reassure him that she will be okay. Frank tells Danny he is glad Michelle is going to be okay and lets Danny know that he thinks he is a good man for his loyalty. Danny says that Michelle used to be his wife and is the mother of his child so of course he is going to be worried. Frank says that he would never ask him to walk away from that and just reminds him of his other loyalties. Danny assures Frank he knows that. Frank has to leave when he gets a call and Marina comes back up and asks how Michelle is doing. Danny wants to know if Marina would go inside with him and they go into see Michelle. Michelle wakes up and asks Danny where her baby is.

Olivia tells Bill that she has to leave and Bill asks if he can go with her. She tells him that Las Vegas isn’t really baby friendly and he kids that he will watch her. She says that she hopes that Ava will be able to handle it and Olivia makes a comment on how pretty she is. Bill realizes that she is joking and they leave.

Ava tells Jonathan that she is not quitting but just wants some flexibility. When she tells him that she is working for his aunt, he agrees to let her work both jobs as long as she doesn’t leave him hanging. She gets excited and hugs him, thanking him for the opportunity.

Buzz goes to talk to Coop and Coop tells Buzz that he loves her. Coop says that he didn’t want Buzz to find out this way and apologizes. Buzz asks him if there is anything that he is not telling him and Coops tarts to say something but tells Buzz no. He tells Buzz he needs to get back to work on the car and Buzz leaves.

Outside Company, Lizzie makes a call to a place about a wedding service and if they could go ahead with it this afternoon. She leaves as Beth walks up and makes a call to Alan telling him she needs his help.

Michelle tells Danny she needs to see the baby and asks where she is. Danny tells her that the baby didn’t make it due to the car accident. Michelle breaks down and says that the baby is not dead. Marina leaves as Danny comforts Michelle and Frank comforts Marina outside in the waiting room.

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