Guiding Light Update Tuesday 9/6/05


Written By Jen
Pictures by Amanda

At Outskirts, Josh watches while Reva flirts with other patrons. Billy comes up behind him and asks him if he has seen Jonathan, noticing Reva, Billy wants to know what she is doing there and out of the hospital. Josh answers, “just being Reva”, clearly upset. Reva flashes back to the hospital where Josh told her that he would never stop loving her and that helping her is the right thing to do. She continues to flirt with a gentleman at the bar, telling hem that she is an impulsive kind of girl who does what she wants. To prove her point, she leans forward and kisses him as Josh and Billy watch.

Michelle starts to wake up as sirens wail. She tries to get towards the car yelling that her baby is in it, but an EMT holds her back and tells her that the car could explode any time. Michelle fights until an explosion throws her and the EMT to the ground.

Cassie enters the farmhouse and finds bloody towels lying on the table. She yells for Edmund or Dinah wanting to know if everything is okay. Edmund, who is holding the baby in another room, assures her that everything is fine. He tells her that the baby couldn’t wait to be born at the hospital but that an ambulance from Cedars is on the way to make sure that everything is okay with the baby. Cassie tells the baby that she is so precious and perfect and Edmund asks her if she wants to hold her. He introduces the baby to her mother and talks to Cassie about the life that they created. He says that she is worth everything that they had to do to make it happen as the camera flashes to Dinah, lying unconscious.

At the Beacon Danny and Marina, discuss how they decided to move in together and decide to start now that they are together. Danny’s cell phone rings and it is an EMT telling Danny that there has been an accident and that he needs to get to Cedars right away.

Reva continues to kiss the guy at the bar, when they break away, he asks Reva if he can buy her another drink. Josh says that he will do that and as the guy starts to protest, Billy pulls him away telling him he has something to explain to him. Josh asks Reva why she left the hospital and Reva says that there is only so much that a girl can take. Josh asks of what and Reva tells him pity from her husband that is only sticking around until her back heals. Josh starts to argue with her but Reva stops him, telling him that she doesn’t think they make each other happy anymore. She reminds him that he wanted a break before the accident and now she thinks that she needs a break from him. Josh tells Reva “no”.

Cassie exclaims how beautiful the baby is and Edmund tells her that she has Cassie’s eyes. Cassie tells him that she is only an hour old and he says it doesn’t matter. She wants to know how it happened and if she was born at the farm. Edmund tells Cassie that Dinah was fine and then all of a sudden it just happened, without even time to call 911. Edmund says that it was pretty amazing and Cassie asks where Dinah is so she can thank her. Edmund tells Cassie that Dinah is gone.

Dinah wakes up in a dark room and tries to find what is going on.

Danny and Marina run into the hospital and Danny explains who he is and that he got a call saying his ex wife was brought in. A doctor explains that she was in a car accident and that he can see her for just a minute since they need to run some tests. Marina tells him to go in, she will wait for him. Danny enters the room where Michelle is lying on a bed attached to an IV and oxygen. He stands over her and Marina watches from outside the window.

Josh tells Reva that she is trying to push him away. She disagrees and says she doesn’t want to hurt him and he tells her that he thinks she does. He says that if she doesn’t hurt him than he won’t walk away and then he will only be sticking around since he feels sorry for her. At least in her mind. He tells her that she needs to lie down and she tells him that he is smothering her. He wants to know since when is a husband caring about his wife smothering and she tells him that she doesn’t want him to care about her. Josh tells her that she doesn’t get to choose. They argue over her condition a little bit longer until the guy Reva had been flirting with comes up and tells Josh to leave her alone. He tells him to back off and when he doesn’t they get into a fight. Reva yells to Josh that she thought she was supposed to be the immature one.

Rick comes out to the waiting room looking for Danny. Marina says he is in with Michelle and asks if she is going to be okay. Rick is distracted but tells her that Michelle’s vitals are good and there doesn’t appear to be any broken bones. Marina looks relieved and Rick says they are going to keep her for observation. Rick tells her that physically she will be fine and Marina wants to know what he means by that. Rick says he is going to give Danny some time alone with Michelle and he thinks she should do the same and excuses himself.

In Michelle’s room, Danny pleads with her to be all right. Michelle starts to wake up and calls for Danny. He tells her that he is there but tells her to take it easy. Michelle asks where her baby is.

Cassie tells Edmund that she thought he said that the ambulance didn’t make it on time and wants to know where Dinah went too. Edmund says that she just left and Cassie asks why. Edmund tells her that he doesn’t know but that it was just very intense and emotional. Cassie wants to know how she left. He tells her that he took the baby to the kitchen to clean her off and when he came back Dinah was gone, that he saw her drive off. Cassie is taken aback that she could drive right after she gave birth. Edmund tells Cassie that as soon as she saw the baby she became so emotional that she needed to leave, Cassie exclaims that this is really bad and that she needs to be examined by the doctor. Cassie asks for the phone to call her but Edmund says he has already left her five messages. Cassie says that then they need to call Ross. Edmund tries to explain that this may be for the best since they always thought that Dinah may be a threat to the baby and Cassie disagrees telling him to look what she gave them. Cassie blames herself saying she should have seen it coming because of the way that Dinah was acting earlier. Cassie breaks down and Edmund assures her that they will find her, but just to concentrate on the baby now. Edmund calls her their miracle baby and Cassie says that she just hopes that wherever Dinah is she just knows the gift that she gave them. Edmund just nods in agreement.

Dinah finds a light and wonders where she is. She notices that the pregnancy stomach is gone and wonders why she took it off. She says her head is pounding and goes to find a glass of water and then realizes that she is not in the farmhouse but a replica or it. She realizes that something is not right and goes to open a window just to find bars and concrete outside. She flashes back to Edmund saying he is working on their getaway and him chloroforming her. She realizes that he kidnapped her and starts to scream.

Billy breaks up the fight and gets rid of the guy. Josh teases Reva that she has a couple of guys fighting over her and that should please her. She tells him that his left isn’t as good as it used to be and that is not what she wanted. Josh asks what she wants since he has been getting conflicting stories. Reva tells him they don’t have to pretend anymore and that she doesn’t want the quiet life he wants anymore. Reva tells him that no matter what he does it won’t be enough because he isn’t enough for her anymore. Josh draws back from the hatred in her words.

Edmund thanks the EMT again as they leave and tells the baby that she heard the doctor, she is perfect. Cassie says they need to come up with a name and none of the ones they talked about are right. Edmund starts naming off names and they ask the baby to tell them what they should name her. Edmund says that she is a miracle baby and Cassie says that “Miracle Winslow” doesn’t sound right. Edmund says that only good things are to come since they had hope and never gave up and Cassie says that is it, Hope. Edmund agrees since, “hope changes everything.” Jeffrey comes running in saying he got Cassie’s message. Cassie introduces Jeffrey to Hope as Edmund looks on in anger and hatred.

Dinah tries to escape and looks for her cell phone, but realizes that Edmund took it. She tells herself that she just needs to breathe and wait and that is what she is going to do.

Michelle calls for her baby and Danny tells her that Robbie is fine since he wasn’t in the car with her. Michelle tells Danny he doesn’t understand and Rick comes in. Danny tells him that something is wrong and she just keeps talking about a baby. Rick assures her that she is going to be fine but she keeps asking about the baby. Rick tells Michelle that he and Danny are going to go into the hallway for just a minute. They leave and go to the waiting room where Marina is still waiting. Marina asks how she is and Danny says he doesn’t know, she hit her head again and she just keeps talking about a baby. Marina asks if she means Robbie and Danny says he just doesn’t know. Rick tells Danny that it isn’t Robbie and he is sorry that he had to find out this way. He doesn’t understand but looks into the room as a nurse preps Michelle and sees that she is pregnant. Rick tells Danny she was pregnant and that is why she took off after Tony died. He tells Danny he just found out himself a couple of days ago. Danny asks why she would hide that and says he just saw her a couple of days ago. Rick tells him that she didn’t know who the father was and she was waiting to take the paternity test when the baby was born. Danny asks what happened to the baby and Rick explains that she was in an accident when she went into labor. He tells him that when she went back to get the baby the car exploded and that the baby didn’t make it. Danny breaks down.

Edmund looks on as Jeffrey and Cassie discuss the baby. Jeffrey says she is cute in a wrinkly sort of way, Cassie tells him that all newborns are wrinkly and he says that is what he heard. She asks him if he wants to hold her and he is uncomfortable but she says she will show him how. Edmund says that if Jeffrey isn’t ready that maybe he can hold her another time and Cassie says that she knows he is dying to hold her. She asks Edmund to call everyone to tell them that Hope his here, and says that there is a list in the kitchen. Jeffrey says he is afraid he will drop her and Edmund goes to outside to make the calls. Once he gets outside though he throws the list and walks away. Jeffrey holds her and Cassie exclaims over how they are fast friends. Jeffrey says they have her in common and says it is nice with the three of them.

Reva apologizes to Josh and tells him she knows he should be enough but he isn’t. She tells him that this is her problem to work out on her own and Josh asks how and when she will do it. He brings up Nate and says that although he practically murdered her that still wasn’t enough, falling down an elevator shaft wasn’t enough. Reva says that he is just as miserable as she is and he does agree with her on that. Josh tells her that life is not a roller coaster and that you have to create your own happiness and he doesn’t think he can do that for her. She tells him that he is everything in the world to her but that she just needs time alone to figure out who she is. She says once she figures stuff out she prays to God that she will still want him and that he will still want her, but if he doesn’t…

Danny asks Rick if he is sure and then realizes that Michelle doesn’t know the baby is dead. Rick says that she is still in shock and that she doesn’t need to know about the baby right now. Rick says he wishes he could tell Danny if the baby was his or not and Danny asks him to stop. Rick’s beeper goes off and he has to leave. Marina tells Danny she doesn’t know what to say and apologizes. He grabs her and holds on to her and she comforts him. She tells him to go back in and she will go and get them some coffee. He agrees and goes back in to sit with Michelle. He sits next to a sleeping Michelle and tells her he will be with her though it. He cries that it could have been their baby and gets up to leave. Michelle wakes up and calls for Danny.

Edmund comes in and Dinah goes after him. He tells her to rethink it since he is the only one who can help her get out. He asks her what she thinks of the place. He thinks he did a good job recreating a couple of the rooms at the farm since he wanted her to be comfortable. Dinah tells him that he isn’t going to keep her there. Edmund says that she had to be locked up someplace and that the place he has her isn’t that bad. He tells her she always wanted to live at the farmhouse. Dinah calls him a psycho and tells him that it isn’t the real house. Edmund tells her that it is close enough. Dinah exclaims that he is going to get caught and Edmund says he doesn’t think so. Dinah asks him to tell her his plan and how he thinks it will reconnect him with Cassie. She thinks that he is going to tell Cassie that she ran off with the baby and that this way they can grieve together. She tells Edmund that Cassie is with Jeffrey now and that there is nothing holding them together anymore. Edmund tells her that she shouldn’t be so sure about that and Dinah tells him that he is a fool. She tells him that he could have had a good life with her but now he has nothing. Edmund tells her that if that is how she wants to think to go right on ahead and starts to leave. She asks him where he is going and he says that he wanted to make sure that she was all right and now he has. He walks out the door and when she tries to follow he pushes her away and leaves, locking her back in.

Josh takes his hand back away from Reva and tells her that she is right. He says he can’t fight for her and against her at the same time and if this is really what she wants she is free. He tells her to have fun and leaves. She breaks down as Billy comes up and tells her that if she has any sense she will go and get him. He tells her that Josh is the best thing that ever happened to her and she agrees. Billy tells Reva that Josh didn’t come to find her because he felt sorry for her. Reva says that she knows that he wanted space before the accident and now he can’t leave her alone. Billy tries to go after him and Reva begs him not to saying she is doing this for Josh as much as she is doing this for herself because he deserves more than she can give him.

Marina brings the coffee and Danny wants to know why Michelle didn’t tell him that she was pregnant, if it was something that he did. Marina says she doesn’t know and she doesn’t know what to say except for that she loves him and that they will get through this and that they will get Michelle through this. A nurse comes out and says that his wife is away and asking for him and Danny goes back into the room. Danny sits down next to Michelle and she says no one will tell her anything about the baby. Michelle says that he saw her since he was there and he tells her that he wasn’t anywhere near her. Michelle swears that he was there and tells him how he helped her through labor. Michelle starts to get upset and they give her something to calm her down but she keeps begging for someone to tell her about the baby. Danny swears he wasn’t there and tells her that maybe she was just wishing he was there and Michelle says it was real and falls back to sleep. Danny comforts her and Marina watches again from the window.

Dinah goes around the faux farmhouse trying to find a way out. She can’t ding anything but picks up a framed picture of Edmund and calling him a bastard throws it down.

Jeffrey asks about Dinah and says that her leaving right after giving birth is weird even by Dinah’s standards. Cassie asks Jeffrey if he wants her to take the baby back and he says he is fine. They talk about her some more and he says she is going to be just like her mother. Edmund comes back in and says he made all of the calls and everyone is thrilled. He takes the baby from Jeffrey and tells Cassie that they should quiet things down to let her rest. Jeffrey asks Cassie if she needs anything before he goes and Edmund answers for her. Cassie says she will walk him out. Outside, Jeffrey says he doesn’t like the thought of her being alone with Edmund and the baby since it looks like he plans on staying for a while. Jeffrey says he will stick around to help out if she needs him. Cassie thanks him but says that she can’t kick him out just yet since he wants to spend time with his child. Edmund tells the baby that it is okay because he is there and he is planning on staying.

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