Guiding Light Update Thursday 9/1/05


Written By Jen
Pictures by Amanda  

I missed the first few minutes due to hurricane news.

Edmund is outside of Company on the phone. He is calling Michelle again. He is really worried that the laprosin is going to kick in before he finds her, so he leaves her a message to call him immediately. Dinah calls right after he hangs up. She wants to know where the hell he is, and she tells him that Cassie is there. Edmund wants her to relax, but Dinah doesn’t know how she is supposed to relax when he water is supposed to be breaking. She wonders if he wants her to go into labor and tell everyone surprise here is your bouncing baby pillow, and Dinah wonders if he wants her to tell Cassie congratulations that the pillow has her eyes. Edmund wants her to give him some time, but Dinah is sick of him asking for time, and she wants to tell Cassie the truth. Edmund tells her he is working on a surprise. Dinah wonders what the surprise is, and he tells her it is a surprise just for the two of them. He wants her to stall for as long as she can, and he promises Dinah it will all be over soon and work out for the best. He wants her to trust him, and she tells him to hurry up. Cassie brings Dinah some pillows. Dinah apologizes and says she has the jitters because she thinks the baby will come tonight. Cassie is excited by this prospect. When Dinah sees this she rolls her eyes.

Edmund runs into Company frantically looking for Michelle. He asks the waitress if she has seen her and when she says no, he asks if she has seen Marina. The waitress explains it is Marina’s night off. Edmund gets upset and goes to leave, but Jeffery comes in and asks Edmund if he has a minute. Edmund says no and tries to brush past him, but Jeffery stops him. Jeffery wants him to make some time because he wants to talk about the baby.

In Marina’s room at the Beacon, Danny and Marina have decided to stay in for the night. Danny is lying on the bed, and Marina grabs some CDs and joins him. They discuss who is going to go get the takeout. When Danny tells Marina she can go and she disagrees, he wonders why they just can’t order room service because it is right downstairs. Marina explains that The Beacon doesn’t have Buzz burgers on the menu. Marina tries to convince him to go by telling him she will put on something to make it worth his while, for when he gets back. Danny just wants to skip to that part. He wants to help her put it on and take it off. Marina tells him they need food and to go. She tells him the quicker he goes, the quicker he will be back. He gets up and they hear a knock on the door. Danny says that it is room service because they read their minds. It is Rick. He is sorry to interrupt them but wants to know if Danny found Michelle. Marina is surprised because she didn’t know he was looking for Michelle. Danny looks at her with a guilty look.

Michelle is in her car driving, and she is talking to herself. She is not surprised that Danny loves Marina because she is selfless and was there for him, when she was nowhere to be found. She is clearly upset about this and wonders if she thought Marina was just a place holder for her. She gets another contraction and is upset because it is too soon. She tells the baby it is too soon, and she knows that she wants to see the world, and she begs the baby to wait until she can get to a hospital.

Cassie asks Dinah if she is having contractions and offers to call the hospital. Dinah tries to explain that she is not having contractions, but Cassie is confused because Dinah told her the baby was coming. Dinah explains she said if the baby comes tonight. Cassie apologizes for overreacting. She cannot quit apologizing and tells Dinah she thinks she is probably hovering. Dinah tells her to just relax that she is acting like Florence Nightingale on steroids. Dinah tells her to just let this thing take its course and Cassie says she is right that she just wants to help her because she knows how difficult labor and delivery can be. Dinah says she knows, but she doesn’t think they should talk about it. Cassie agrees and Dinah tells her that she is just going to try to breathe and relax. Cassie offers to make her some tea and then realizes she is hovering again, so she apologizes again. Dinah tells her to please stop and let her enjoy her pregnant glory. Cassie just doesn’t know what to do for Dinah and Dinah tells her to just let her enjoy it and quit trying to find something to do. Cassie wants to talk about baby names that she and Edmund have discussed. Dinah doesn’t think she needs to share them, but Cassie thinks it will be fun. Dinah thinks it would be best if Cassie would just shut up for a while. Dinah is feeling guilty and doesn’t think there is anything they need to talk about or do right now. She gets up to walk away and Cassie stops her. Cassie asks her who she thinks she is fooling, and Dinah wonders what she means. Cassie says she is just sitting there waiting for Dinah to come clean and admit it. Dinah looks scared and Cassie asks when she is finally going to tell her.

Edmund wants to know what Jeffery wants to say about the baby. He immediately gets defensive and tells him that if he has any accusations, he better have the proof to back them up. Jeffery just wanted to say that the baby could be born any day now, even tonight. Edmund wants to know what his point is and Jeffery points out that even though this baby is Edmunds, he plans on being a big part of its life because of Cassie. Edmund thinks he wants to lay claim to the baby and Jeffery says that is not what he is saying, he is just saying that he intend for the baby to be a big part of his life too. Edmund says great sarcastically and welcomes “Uncle Jeffery” to the family. He wants to know if there is anything else. He is clearly in hurry to get out of there and look for Michelle. The waitress is leaving a voice mail for Marina about her take out and Edmund overhears. Jeffery is trying to talk to Edmund about the fact that they have been through a lot, but Edmund is not paying attention. Jeffery realizes this and tells him he doesn’t feel like he has his full attention, and Edmund tells him he doesn’t. Edmund says he is about to have a baby and he is at his wits end, and Jeffery has them tangled up in some kind of male bonding moment that neither of them are comfortable with, so Edmund tells him to excuse me and tells the waitress he can take the food to Marina. He says she is just probably tied up with Danny somewhere. Jeffery isn’t finished with him. He reminds him that they were in the middle of something, and Edmund tells him they will have plenty of time to discuss how they will coexist when the baby is born. He tells Jeffery that he doesn’t think it will even be an issue because he believes when the baby is born; Jeffery will become a distant memory for all involved. He tells Jeffery it may sting a little but to get used to it. He then excuses himself by saying Marina’s food is getting cold. He goes outside and tears the receipt off the food (probably just wanted the address) and throws the food away.

Michelle is still talking to the baby; she tells her that the lucky thing is she has done this before. She explains she has been three and survived labor before, and she goes on to explain she is a medical professional. She starts having another contraction and, so she starts concentrating on her breathing. She is telling herself to just breathe and not to push yet. She tells the baby she knows she wants to see her, but it needs to wait a little while. She gets her phone to call Rick and tell him she is on her way to the hospital. She starts having another contraction and drops the phone. She is begging the baby not to come yet, but it looks like she is trying to push. Michelle wants to push but she knows she can’t. She tries to reach for the phone to call Rick again, but she can’t reach it without wrecking the car.

Danny explains to Marina that he was looking for Michelle because of the call she made to Robbie. Marina tells him to quit while he is ahead that he doesn’t need to explain. Rick asks again if he found Michelle. Danny tells him that he didn’t and that she called him to tell him she was on her way to Washington to see their Uncle Mike. Danny wants to know if there is a problem. Rick assures him there is not a problem. Rick just thinks he should have heard from her by now. Rick thinks it is weird and he apologizes again for barging in, and Danny tells him to wait a minute. Danny wants to know what is wrong, and Rick tries to convince him that there is nothing wrong. Danny thinks it is strange that he went out of his way to find him, and he tells Rick that he is a horrible liar. Marina points out that Michelle may just be busy. Rick wonders busy doing what and Danny doesn’t think she should be too busy to see her son. Marina gets upset and says she is staying out of it. Danny tries to smooth things over by telling her they are both just concerned and surprised by Michelle’s behavior. Marina doesn’t think Michelle should have to answer to anyone and points out she can take care of herself. Rick slips up and says something about her condition. He is obviously worried about her taking care of herself because she is pregnant. Danny wants to know what condition Rick is talking about.

Danny asks what condition and Rick explains it away by saying she is just under stress. Danny can’t believe he is just talking about stress, and Rick plays it off that he is just doing the big brother protective thing that Danny has seen before. Danny wants to stay in touch about this and Rick agrees. He asks Danny to let him know if he hears from her. Danny thinks it is important that they both help her through this. Marina pipes in saying for Robbie’s sake. Danny and Rick agree. Rick leaves, and Danny tells Marina that he wasn’t hiding anything from her that he was going to tell her, but Marina doesn’t let him finish. She thinks it is just like when he didn’t think it was a big deal to tell her Michelle was back in town. Danny tries to explain that he got sidetracked when he found out what happened to her. Marina knows that Michelle is an important part of Danny’s life, therefore she is an important part of her life too whether she likes it or not because Danny is important to Marina. She does feel like they have a problem though if he can not talk to her about Michelle.

Edmund is on his way to Marina’s room and knocks into Rick. He apologizes to Rick, and Rick thinks he is on something. Edmund cannot believe this and tells Rick to get out of his way. Rick tells him he let him slip by him last time, but not this time.

Dinah wants to know what Cassie thinks is going on, and Cassie tells her she is not blind. Before she can say anything else, Jeffery comes in with food. He knew they were staying in tonight and didn’t want her to have to worry about cooking dinner. He tells Dinah that Cassie told him she was craving chili cheese fries the other night, so he brought her some. Dinah tells him thank you. She cannot believe that the two of them are thinking about her, and she feels like her life is happening without her. Jeffery says he tries to let his life know who is in charge, and Cassie asks how that is going. Jeffery tells her they are at a stalemate. Dinah doesn’t want to be dramatic, but explains she feels like life has to be a certain way sometimes because that is what you are used to. Cassie thinks she knows what is going on, she thinks it is because of their past. Cassie doesn’t think Dinah has to be a slave to her past, and Dinah doesn’t think she knows how to be any other way. Jeffery has another surprise for Cassie outside, but Cassie doesn’t want to leave Dinah alone. Dinah tells her it is ok and that she doesn’t have to hold her hand all the time. Cassie and Jeffery go outside, and Dinah says to herself someone is playing a game, she can smell it.

Cassie and Jeffery are outside kissing and Cassie wonders what the surprise is. She brings up the picnic, and the serenade, and the car seat. She wonders if he is going to buy her diamonds or a trip to Paris. He tells her to look and points in the distance. Cassie is confused, it is a truck. She wants to know whose truck it is and then realizes it is Jeffery’s. Cassie cannot believe he traded in his car because he loved it so much. She thinks this is a huge sacrifice and he tells her he loves her more than the car. He explains it will be fun. He can’t wait to take it off road. They kiss again, and Cassie wonders if they are going to drive it around town pretending to be rugged individuals. He says no they are going to strap the baby on the back and go hit Tiera De Flago. Cassie is willing to settle for Lake Michigan, so he agrees to take her there.

Edmund picks Rick’s stuff up off the floor and tells him he is not going to stand and listen to him accuse him of being on drugs. Rick wants to know what he is in a hurry for and where he is going. Edmund tells him he is on his way to an addicts support group, but Rick doesn’t believe hi. Edmund doesn’t care if he believes him or not. Rick wants to take him to Cedars and take care of it under the radar. He thinks Edmund needs someone to intervene right now and he thinks he can help him. Edmund cannot believe this. Edmund’s phone rings and asks Rick to excuse him. Rick tells him to take it and Edmund answers. It is Dinah and she is mad. She wants to know where he is and threatens to tell Cassie about the baby with or without him. Edmund tells her no, and Dinah explains Cassie may already be on to them. Edmund doesn’t think that is possible and tells her to just stay the course. Dinah realizes someone is there with him because of the way he is talking. He tells her he will get her what she wants, but she will have to give him more time. Rick is listening to this and you can tell he thinks it is about drugs. Dinah doesn’t think they have much time because Jeffery is there. She tells Edmund that Jeffery can smell a lie a mile away, and she doesn’t want to be there for that. Edmund tells her she is going to have to be that she has come so far and she is managing very well. He tells her she just has to remember and the phone goes dead. Jeffery and Cassie come back in, and Jeffery is surprised Dinah has not eaten her fries. Cassie offers to warm them up, but Jeffery says he will do it instead. He tells them to sit, and Dinah tells them to stop being so nice to her.

Rick wants to know what the call was about. He thinks Edmund has ether went from using to dealing, or he owes someone money. He wants to know which it is, and Edmund tells him the conversation has gone from annoying to absurd. He cannot believe that Rick thinks he is a father to be trolling the underworld for prescription drugs. Rick tells him it is a functional addiction, but Edmund thinks this is ridiculous. He tells Rick he is fine and to just drop it. Rick agrees to drop it this time but tells him to get help.

Danny tries to convince Marina he doesn’t have a problem talking to her about Michelle. Marina points out that he doesn’t talk to her about it. Danny doesn’t want his past to have that much of a presence in his life now. Marina acts like she is shocked had a life before her. Danny tells her he loves his life with her, and Marina says that is all she needs to know. Danny wants to go get their food now before it gets cold and they hear a knock on the door. Marina cannot believe this is happening again. She thinks it is like the train station downtown and gets up to answer it. Danny wonders how everyone knows where they are. Edmund walks in the room and looks around. Marina wants to know if he is looking for Cassie. Danny is concerned something is wrong, and Edmund says yes then no. He apologizes for interrupting and says it must be nice jut the two of them there. Danny says it is, and Edmund says he is leaving. Marina stops him; she knows he came there looking for something and wants to know what.

Michelle is still driving and calling herself stupid because she almost killed them both by trying to get the phone. She thinks she should just slow down and breathe. She is not thinking clearly. She needs to pull over and call. She has another contraction, she begs not yet. She is trying to get a hold of herself but she can’t. She has more contractions and is not concentrating on driving. You hear a horn honk and see headlights in Michelle’s face.

Michelle’s car is now in the ditch and she has blood running down her face. She is worried about the baby and looks like she is about to pass out. She is calling out for someone to help her.

Danny wonders if Edmund is looking for someone, and Edmund tells him not at all that he just doesn’t want to ruin their romantic evening. He tells Danny he wanted to talk to him about the 5th street townhouse they talked about before. Danny wonders why he couldn’t he just call him, and Edmund says apparently not. He apologizes and tells them he is just running on all cylinders these days, waiting on the baby. He says he is a nervous wreck and a bit of a crazy man. Danny and Marina don’t understand what is going on. Danny tells him he was about to leave to go get their food and he can walk out with him and talk about it. Edmund tells him no they should go ahead and eat. Edmund plays it off that he just wanted to talk about the townhouse to take his mind off of the baby. Danny tells him he doesn’t mind, but Edmund says it is okay and leaves. Danny thinks that was weird and Marina agrees. Marina wants to know about the burgers, and Danny jokes he is in love with a bottomless pit. They kiss, and Danny wonders what that is for Marina says here she is thinking about food and he is worrying about Edmund the strange. Danny points out that he knew him before anyone else in this town before he got so strange. He just wishes Edmund would get his life together. He wonders if Marina always knows what he is thinking. Marina thinks it is pretty amazing that she does, and asks what it is like to be with a physic. He thinks it is sexy and freaky, and they start kissing again.

Dinah tells Jeffery and Cassie them being nice to her doesn’t feel right. Cassie says a lot of things don’t feel right and points out they were just talking about those things before. Jeffery wants to know what things. Dinah tells Cassie that she has wanted to tell her something, and Cassie tells her she knows. Cassie wanted to have this conversation with her alone, but Jeffery is there. She tells Dinah she doesn’t blame her for any of this, it is not her fault. Dinah cannot believe she is letting her off the hook. Cassie knows that Dinah is scared. She points out that she is about to have a baby and with everything she has been through it is just too real. Dinah realizes she doesn’t know there is no baby. She looks like she is about to cry. Cassie tells Dinah she doesn’t have to go through it alone because she is going to be there for her every second of the way. Dinah tells her she knows, and Cassie says she will be her friend, cheerleader, and partner for this. Cassie says they are going to do this together, and Dinah says go team. Jeffery tells Dinah that Cassie is just trying to help, but Dinah doesn’t need her help. Dinah tells them this is just going to be a bloodbath in the end and everyone will hate her. Cassie tells her not to say that and hugs her. She tells her everything is going to be fine, and Dinah says this is going to be a lot harder than anyone could imagine. Jeffery wants to know what is, but Cassie says enough and tells her to lie down because she is getting too stressed out. Dinah says she doesn’t need to lie down; she doesn’t need smiles, chili cheese fires, or love. She wants them to stop pretending she is some saint that is going to deliver this baby. Jeffery tells her they know she is not a saint, but Cassie appreciates what she is doing for her. Dinah wants him to stop. She has had enough and wants to talk to them. She looks like she is going to tell the truth, but Rick knocks on the door and tells them the party can start.

He brought Cassie a gift. Cassie is surprised, so Rick explains he wanted to come by now because everyone is so busy and she is getting ready to be even busier. He points at Dinah and tells her she is a beautiful expectant mom. He tells her he just ran into Edmund recently and Dinah wonders where. Rick tells them he doesn’t remember, but Edmund seemed so excited about becoming a first time father. Cassie agrees that he is excited. Dinah wants to know where Edmund is, and Rick tells her he doesn’t know. He tells them he is concerned because he looked very stressed out. He wonders if it was just him, or have they noticed that he seems to be bouncing off the wall lately. Cassie tells him that Edmund is always bouncing off the walls, but she is worried about Dinah’s stress. She wants him to check her out since he is there. Dinah just wants to get it over with and agrees to the exam as she holds her fake belly.

Danny is leaving to get the food, and Marina tells him it is sweet of him to be worried about Edmund. Danny says he is not worried. He just thought he seemed to be all over the place. He wonders if it is impending fatherhood. Marina thinks Dinah will be fine because she is strong, and healthy, and has the best care. Neither one of them understand why he was acting stranger than normal. Marina thinks it might be the way men are but agrees he was weird. She knows Danny wants to go check it out, so she tells him to go ahead. Danny points out that she was hungry, and she tells him she still is, but it is not easy being in love with a guy who wants to save the world. Danny doesn’t think he is some superhero but Marina does. She kisses him and tells him to go check on Edmund. Danny tells her he will be back soon. She doesn’t look that happy as she closes the door.

Dinah sits down on the couch as Rick gets out his stethoscope. Jeffery and Cassie look worried in the background. Dinah remember the conversation she had with Edmund about stalling as long as she could and trusting him. Rick is getting ready to put his hands on her stomach but she stops him. He doesn’t understand, and she says she knows she is acting like a skittish horse, but they are all looking at her like she is the prized mare and Rick is the vet. She doesn’t want to be examined. She says as far as she is concerned she is not having this baby until she is ready. Rick thinks the kid might have other ideas. Jeffery says they are just trying to support her, but Dinah thinks he is only there to make sure she fulfills the contract. Cassie says it is not like that, and Dinah gets mad. She doesn’t want Cassie telling her what it is like when she is the one having the baby. Cassie asks for some time alone with Dinah. Rick says it has been a joy and Dinah apologizes. She says it is hard for her, and he tells her to eat, drink and take care of herself, and the baby will come when they are both ready. Jeffery and Rick both walk outside. Jeffery thinks that was unusual and Rick tells him the real reason her is there. Jeffery is not surprised. Rick explains he is there about Edmund.

Cassie tells Dinah she is trying to sympathize with her, but she can’t figure her out. Dinah says it is not that complicated, she wanted to be loved and be lovable. Cassie tells her she is loved and that the baby inside of her will love her forever for bringing it into the world. Dinah tells her no it won’t. Cassie wants to know why not, and Dinah is close to tears again. Cassie just wants to know what is going on.

Michelle is in her car begging for someone to help them because she cannot feel the baby move anymore. She tells the baby it is okay, she knows the baby is just protecting itself, and she promises to protect the baby and cries out for help again. She is trying to keep herself form passing out but she can’t. She hears a voice calling her name, and she calls out “Danny”. Danny is in a white dress shirt at her window. He tells her he was driving by and saw her car. He tells her to hang on and is trying to get her door open. He kicks and bangs until he gets the door open. He tells her to give him her arm and sees her belly. She tells him she is having a baby right now.

Jeffery tells Rick if he is worried about Edmund join the club. They have their own jackets and decoder rings. Rick realizes Jeffery has been watching him too. Rick points out that he has been acting strange lately, not like the snob they know. He says at first he thought it was because of the baby, but not now. He thinks it is something more. He is interrupted by his pager. It is the hospital and he has to go. He tells Jeffery he wants to talk to him about this but it is complicated and will take time. He asks if Jeffery can come by Cedars and Jeffery agrees. He doesn’t want Cassie to have to worry about anything but the baby right now. Rick worries that Edmund will mess that up too. Jeffery swears he won’t let that happen, not on his watch. Rick tells him he will talk to him later and leaves.

Dinah is lying on a chair wondering why Cassie just couldn’t stay the whinny, little bubblehead, she thought she was. Cassie cannot believe the problem is her being nice to Dinah. Dinah says it is, and Cassie tells her she is not he monster she thought she was ether. Dinah says she is not that and she got into this for all the right reasons, as far as she is concerned, but she had no idea how much she was not going to hate her and that ruins things. Cassie doesn’t think this is about the baby and wants to know what she is ruining.

Michelle asks Danny if he can believe it and Danny tells her only because he is feeling it. She tells him she is in labor. He wants to know how far apart the contractions are. Michelle explains she was afraid to tell him and he wonders why. She tells him she overheard him and Marina tonight, and it broke her heart. She was going to tell him but it felt like she had ruined his life enough. Danny assures her she didn’t do anything. Danny tells her he never thought something like this would happen. She starts thanking God and Danny wonders why. She is having another contraction, and he tells her to grab his hand and breathe. She is scared, but is happy he is there. She knew he would understand even if she messed things up. He tells her he does and kisses her forehead. He back away from her and you see it is Edmund not Danny. Michelle passes out.

Danny walks back into the room at The Beacon and there are candles lit. Marina is on the balcony, and Danny joins her. She wonders where the food is and Danny explains they didn’t have their food, and the kitchen was closed, so they will have to order room service. Marina thinks that is weird and wonders what happened. Danny tells her that is even stranger. He couldn’t find Edmund when he went outside, and when he got to Company, Gwen told him Edmund picked up their food. Marina wants to know what is up with that and Danny says he wishes he knew.

Michelle is outside of the car, and Edmund gives her a blanket. She still thinks he is Danny. She tells him her water just broke and they have to get to the hospital before their baby is born. She starts having more contractions and tells “Danny” these are worse then when she had Robbie. Edmund tells her not to quit on him now. She is clearly in a lot of pain and is cold. She tells him he knows her that she will not quit. She tells him they are very strong and quick and they need to get to the hospital before the baby is born on the side of the road. Edmund doesn’t seem to care if it is born on the side of the road as long as it is born. He takes her over to the side of the road and lays her down. She is really hurting and shivering. Edmund tells her she can do it that “his” baby means everything to him. He tells her before the night is over her beautiful baby will grace this earth. She just wants the baby to be okay. Edmund assures her it will be.

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