Guiding Light Update Tuesday 8/30/05


Written By Jennie
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Cassie is outside at the farm when Jeffrey gets her attention while hiding behind a bush. She asks him what he is doing there and he tells her that he is trying to avoid the people who show up every time he wants to be alone with her, namely Edmund and Dinah. She laughs and asks him to come out and give her a kiss. He does and then tells her he is going back to the bushes. She tries to stop him but he goes anyway.

Outside of Company Edmund wonders aloud where Michelle is. He says out loud that wherever she is, not to start having contractions and flashes back to him injecting Michelle with the labor-inducing drug.

Michelle is driving along and rubs her stomach, talking to the baby within. She says she knows what she needs to do and prepares how she is going to tell Danny about the baby. She turns on the radio and the topic on the chat show is “Who’s the baby’s daddy”.

At the farm, Dinah calls Edmund and leaves him a message telling him that today is the day that she is supposed to “go into labor”. She tells him to call her because she is getting ready to have contractions.

Jeffrey comes out from behind the bushes again holding a large present, Cassie asks if it is for her and Jeffrey says it is for the baby.

Edmund calls the maternity ward at Cedars and asks for the head nurse. He pretends to be a writer for a maternity magazine and asks how long it usually takes for the effects of the drug he gave Michelle to kick in. The nurse tells him a few minutes to a few hours as we see Michelle driving along again.

Marina talks to a picture of Danny and Robbie and talks out loud telling Danny she hopes he comes home soon since she isn’t in the mood to be alone after what happened to her.

Edmund attempts to call Michelle’s phone again, telling her that he is worried about her and the way that she left. Michelle sees the phone and says that although Edmund is persistent he is going to have to wait for her to call him back since she need sot figure out what she is going to do. Edmund angrily says that he is not going to lose this chance to get a baby.

Marina’s phone rings and Mallet asks her how she is doing. She says she is doing fine until she flashes back to the attack and Mallet tells her that Brett made bail. She thanks him for letting her know, hangs up, and locks the door to her room, asking Danny to call her back.

Danny encounters Brett and grabs him, throwing him up against a wall and telling him that he hears he likes to mess with women. Danny tells him that this time he messed with the wrong girl.

As the radio announcer says that some women choose not to know whom the father’s of their babies are Michelle gets a pain and grabs her stomach. She wonders what is going on and thinks that she just needs to relax, trying to tell herself that there is nothing wrong.

Brett tells Danny that he doesn’t even know him, and Danny tells him that now he does. He lets him away from the wall and Brett asks if Danny is talking about the “police chick” when he said he messed with the wrong girl. Danny tells him that is who he was referring to. Brett says that he hopes Danny is a cop to since then he would be walking on his civil rights. Danny tells Brett that unfortunately for him, Danny is not a cop and grabs him and throws him against the wall again. Brett asks who he is and Danny tells him his name. Brett recognizes the name Santos and starts apologizing, telling him that he had no idea that he and Marina were a couple. Danny says that she had to be someone’s girl and when Brett says he understands Danny throws him against a door. He tells Brett that one thing he can’t stand in this world is guys who think they can put their hands all over girls and can’t take no for an answer. Brett says that it won’t happen again and Danny says no it won’t and starts to punch him in the stomach until Marina comes up on them and asks Danny to stop.

The radio announcer asks “Melanie” what her story is and Michelle starts to tell about the baby and her, Danny, and Tony. She admits that she loves both guys who could be the father, saying that one is gone and she is divorced from one who she never stopped loving.

Edmund is trying to call Michelle again and tells her that he is officially worried by now. Tammy walks up to him and asks him why he is looking for Michelle. He lies and tells her that Michelle is the name of a woman who he ordered things from for the baby. Edmund says that he is just worried about the baby and Tammy says she understands with the due date so close by. He also says that there are a lot of things that were never resolved, including the fact that Tammy was never happy with the idea of the baby. Tammy says that although it isn’t a good thing she is still excited about the baby and she is hoping to have a sister. Edmund tells her that he just wants the baby to be healthy and that is all he wanted from the beginning. He says that it doesn’t matter where the baby comes from but that this child is going to be the thing that brings the family back together. Sandy walks up, apologizing for being late and Tammy tells Edmund that they were just going to grab a bite to eat. They leave and go inside where Tammy asks him if he notices anything different. He looks around and guesses a couple of different things until she points out the locket. He tells her that she didn't have to prove anything to him and she says that she does. He stops her from talking and says that he loves her and was wanting to find a way to prove to her how much, like the way she proved it to him by getting the locket back. He says he already had something that could show that to her.

Cassie opens the present to find a car seat. She says that she already has one and he tells her that this is one for his car. She says that it is sweet and he says that this way they can take the baby for drives with the three of them. She tells him it is sweet again, but points out that he has a two-seater car. She laughs at him but tells him that he is wonderful.

Inside Dinah, wonders how many times you have to hit redial before you wear out the phone. Edmund finally answers and Dinah tells him that she just remembered what day it is. It sinks into Edmund and he gets upset. Dinah wants to know what is wrong and he lies that the phone slipped out of this hand. Dinah wants to get the show on the road and tells Edmund that she is looking and Cassie right now and wonders if she should start he contractions without him. Edmund tells her that there will be no fake labor without him and she tells him that he better hurry. She agrees and they hang up. Edmund tells himself that there will be no contractions from her and no contractions from Michelle until he finds her.

Sandy sits Tammy down and tells her not to talk and to close her eyes and not open them until he counts to three. He counts and when Tammy opens her eyes, he is holding a ring in front of him. She remarks that he kept it and he tells her that he doesn’t want to blow what they have. Tammy tells him that she doesn’t ever want to lose what they have either. He gets down on one knee before her and asks her to wear it as a promise ring. She says yes and he puts the ring on her finger. They kiss and when they break away, she says that there is only one thing. They are talking about their future and spending their lives together and she has never met anyone in his family. Sandy looks uncomfortable and starts to make excuses. Tammy tells him that she has never even seen a picture of anyone in his family and she jokes around with him asking him if he is cloned. He jokes back that that would explain a few things. Tammy sits him down and tells him that he needs to get it over with and tell her about his family and who he is since she barely knows anything about his past. He gets up and walks away.

Marina asks Danny to leave Brett alone and he tells her to leave. She says that she can’t and that she knows Danny doesn’t want to be doing this. Danny says that he isn’t a cop and she pleads with him that she almost is. Danny tells her that if he just lets him walk away he will do it again to someone else. Marina tells Danny that it won’t happen because she is going to testify against him and that he will be going to jail. She tells him that she believes in doing things the right way and that she believes in the system and that she knows she is in danger on this job. She also tells him that she need to deal with these things by the book though, not like this. She begs him for her sake to let him go. He agrees and tells Brett to go. Brett tells Danny sorry again and tells him that he will never see his face again. Danny tells him that he better not and Brett leaves. Danny asks Marina how she found him there and she tells him that when she found out that Brett made bail she figured that he would go back to Outskirts. She figured out when Danny didn’t show up that he went looking for him and put two and two together. Danny tells her that she is already a great cop and she tells him that he is a great guy, her guy, and they hug. Marina asks if they can leave and Danny agrees.

Michelle tells the radio announcer that she has no idea what it is like. She says she wants her daughter to grow up in a stable life but since she doesn’t know for sure, yet she can’t bother him. The announcer tells her that if she really loves him she has to tell him the truth and Michelle agrees and hangs up. She says out loud he needs to know the truth and that is what she is going to do.

Edmund arrives at the farm and sees Jeffrey and Cassie kissing outside. Jeffrey asks if there is any chance that they could get away. Cassie doesn’t want to leave with Dinah being so near to her “due date” and Jeffrey tells her he just wants to take her to his car. He jokes with her about an idea that he has to attach the baby seat to the sunroof of his car. They joke a little more and then Jeffrey tells Cassie that he part of him feels as if this baby is kind of his and he is just as excited as a real father waiting to hear about it. Cassie kisses him passionately.

Edmund goes inside and Dinah tells him that she was beginning to worry. Edmund tells her no need to worry because they have everything under control and Dinah says that they do since Cassie and Jeffrey are on the front porch. Edmund says that he saw them and Dinah asks if they saw him. She asks if he is ready then and when he asks ready for what she starts to moan and act like she is going into labor.

Dinah grabs a glass of water and throws it on her stomach and breaks the glass telling Edmund that her water broke. He grabs Dinah and runs to the window to check to see if Jeffrey and Cassie heard them. He is relived to find out that they didn’t and tells Dinah to stop the acting now. He tells her that they need to make it real and set a scene and that Jeffrey can’t be around when they do it. Dinah tells him that they are going to do things his way but can’t help but to throw in another moan. He tells her to gather up stuff to set the scene and he will get rid of Jeffrey.

Tammy tells him that by the power of the promise ring he needs to tell her everything about him. He tells her that he has already told her all of the important stuff and she tells him she wants to know the silly stuff. Tammy says that that is what building a future is all about. She asks him if he is on the run, then jokes with him about committing a murder. They joke around some more and Sandy asks her to drop it. She refuses, saying that the promise ring is a big step and that it is a lot to live up to. Tammy says that she doesn’t want to lose this chance and he needs to trust her. Sandy says it sounds like he is on a bad talk show and Tammy says he is about how much you know about your significant other. He says no one cares and she tells him that she does. He begs her to please let it go and walks out.

Jeffrey and Cassie are kissing when Edmund comes out and interrupts them. He takes something out of Cassie’s bag and then tells them to go and spend some time together and he will watch over Dinah. Cassie protests at first but Jeffrey convinces her to leave. After they are gone, Dinah comes out and asks where they are and Edmund tells her that they were already gone when he came outside.

Marina cleans Danny’s wounds and when he complains she tells him that it is his fault since he was the one hitting the guy. Danny says he doesn’t know what he feels worse about, the fact that he let him go or that Marina had to see him that way. He tells her that he is not proud of that part of him. He tells her that he can’t promise that she will never see it again because of how he feels about her. She tells him that she is not helpless and he tells her he knows and is proud of her because of that. He admits that when it comes to people he cares about he can’t help wanting to protect them at any cost. She asks Danny if he knows what her training to be a cop means and he says that he knows that she will be at risk but that he still has to be who he is. He tells her that he is always going to do anything in his power to keep her safe. Michelle walks up outside of t heir room and tells herself not to be a chicken and just go in and tell him.

Sandy is sitting outside of Company when Tammy comes out to find him. He tells her that he made a promise to himself never to look back and he just wants to look at the future. He agrees to talk but wants to focus on the future. Tammy agrees and she asks him again what he is holding back. Tammy tells him that there is nothing that he can tell her that would push her away. Tammy begs him to tell her and he tells her that sometimes you have to leave things alone and walks away from her again.

Jeffrey gives Cassie a drink and tells her to drink it and relax. Cassie says that she knows Dinah is going to go into labor tonight and Jeffrey tells her that they should forget it and just go back. Cassie tells him no that she wants to enjoy time alone with him. Jeffrey assures Cassie that he is not going to run from the baby and be there for her. She starts to cry and when he asks her why she says that it is because of how great he is being. She lets it slip to Jeffrey that she loves him and when she tries to cover it up, he tells her that she said what she meant. He offers to let her take it back and she says that she doesn’t want to. He tells her that he knows she does and that it took her long enough to admit it and kisses her.

Dinah tells Edmund that it is driving her crazy how he just keeps putting this off. He tries to placate her and Dinah can’t believe that Cassie would eave and threaten to beep her. Edmund tells Dinah he can’t believe that she is doing this and that she is going to ruin it. He tells her that he will go and get Cassie and bring her back and Dinah says that she will give a performance they won’t forget. Edmund goes out and wonders where Michelle is.

Michelle sees Danny and Marina through the door and hears Danny telling her that he wants to spend every night taking care of her. She starts to cry as she heard Danny profess his love to Marina.

“Hush Little Baby” plays as Tammy take off the promise ring and then put it back on and call Sandy who hangs up when he sees it his her and continues to get drunk. Danny and Marina cuddle on the bed as Michelle drives away. Jeffrey and Cassie dance and kiss and Dinah looks at a picture of Cassie and looking guilty throws it in a drawer. Edmund picks up a table and throws it across the room as Michelle starts to go into labor while driving.

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