Guiding Light Update Monday 8/29/05


Written By Jennie 
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Alan sits in his room reading when Beth comes in. She asks if he can spare a little time for his wife and Alan smiles and asks if it is visiting hours already. Beth laughs and says that she slipped the guards a little bit of money, which extends the hours. Alan is pleased with this and tells her that it looks like she has been doing a little bit of shopping as well. She tells him that she got him some more books and Alan is pleased with her choices. He asks her if there is any news from the outside world. She tells him good news since Lizzie decided to come home with a little arm-twisting. Alan interrupts and says also a little cash incentive and Beth says he knows his granddaughter. Beth tells him it is good to see him since he is the only person she can really talk to these days and Alan agrees saying that, that is what a good marriage is all about. Alexandra enters and asks them if it is true, are they really married. Alan asks if she came to congratulate them and she asks if they both have gone crazy. Alan answers that if they have they are in the right place.

Outside of Company, Lizzie tries to get Coop’s attention and asks him to give her an answer to her marriage proposal. Coop asks if she is out of her mind and Lizzie says that isn’t the answer, all he has to do it take the ring and put it on her finger and profess his undying love for her.

Inside Mallet is on the phone with Marina’s backup; he tells him that he needs to keep in touch with Mallet while he is on assignment with Marina. Mallet wants to him to call if anything looks “wonky” with the undercover assignment. Buzz overhears this term and is concerned, although he doesn’t know it applies to Marina. Buzz asks if Frank is keeping Mallet busy and comments that Frank is glad to have Mallet back. Mallet says it is good to be back and be in the Cooper’s good graces again. Buzz tells Mallet that he is glad that Marina is learning the ropes under him and Mallet looks worried.

At Outskirts, Marina pulls away from Brett asking him if he learned to kiss like that in the 5th grade. She tells him that she came out with him to get a fake id, not to get manhandled. Brett tells her that she is going to get both and starts to kiss her again. Marina fights him and tells him to get her hands off of her right now. Brett tells her that his hands will be all over her and starts to attack her again.

Edmund looks at the hypodermic needle and starts to inject Michelle; she wakes up at the pain and asks what is going on. Edmund lies that he swatted a fly that landed on her and tells her to go back to sleep. She lies back down and Edmund watches her. Outside in the hall Danny looks around, a maid asks him if she can help him find someone and he says he is looking for his wife who he thinks is on this floor. She tells him to keep looking, that the room he is by is Edmund Winslow’s room. Danny turns and knocks on the door and calls out to Edmund. Inside Edmund hears Danny and looks worried.

Brett continues to attack Marina and she tells him to get his hands off of her before someone gets hurt. He asks her if she is waiting for her superhero to come out and save her and she says she doesn’t even know why she is trying to be nice to him and pushes him away. She knees him and knocks him to the ground as her backup, Sherman, comes rushing out. Sherman says it looks as if it got a little rough and she tells him that some people don’t’ understand that No means no. She tells him to cuff Brett while she goes and calls Detective Mallet. Sherman apologizes for not being there and she tells him it is okay but that he owes her one. She calls Mallet and tells him he should get down to Outskirts. He asks if she is okay and she says she is fine but that he needs to get down there.

Coop looks at the ring and Lizzie tells him to make an honest woman out of her. He asks her where she got the ring from and she says that she didn’t’ steal it if that is what he was thinking. Coop asks if Lizzie really wants them to get married. Lizzie says yes, but that Coop has to be the one to answer that question since she asked him. He reminds her that they can barely be around each other without fighting and Lizzie counters that or wanting to rip each other’s clothes off. She says that is real passion and love. Lizzie asks him why he keeps denying that they belong together and kisses him passionately. He pulls away and tells her that although it sounds great to him, it also sounds like revenge. She asks him if he really thinks that he is going to marry him and then get revenge on him and he tells her that he meant revenge against her mom and grandfather.

Alex asks if Alan is not the least bit ashamed of himself. He says not at all and she asks if his insanity is contagious. She asks if there is any of their common sense that she could appeal too. Alan says that he treasures Beth and Beth responds that she does love Alan. Alan says that Beth has always put the family first and if he is going to hold it together, he will do it in any way possible. Alex asks if she can borrow her new... but can’t finish the phrase. Beth fills in sister-in-law and agrees to go with Alex. Alan thanks her for trying to understand and Alex says she is trying. They go outside and Alex starts to speak but Beth stops her and says no lectures that if Lillian can accept it so can Alex. Alex asks if Lillian is really happy to be Alan’s mother in law. Beth says that she wants Beth to be safe and happy and that Alan was speaking the truth by saying he just wants everyone to heal. Alex asks if there is no way that Beth can get out of this marriage and Beth says that she is doing what she wants. She tells Beth to get the marriage annulled or she is going to be sorry.

Michelle hears the knocking and starts to wake up. Edmund tells her it is just housekeeping and tells her to go back to sleep. He goes to answer the door and keeps Danny out in the hallway. Danny says he hopes that he isn’t interrupting and Edmund just says he wasn’t expecting Danny. Danny asks why would he be and Edmund covers saying he was expecting someone else. Danny tells Edmund that he is looking for Michelle since he heard she might be staying at Towers and Edmund tells Danny he hasn’t seen her. He excuses himself, telling Danny he has a lot of work to do and Danny asks Edmund why he is sweating so much. Edmund makes up a lie that the air conditioning broke and that he called maintenance to fix it. Danny asks if he wants him to look at it and Edmund refuses telling Danny he isn’t a home repairman. Danny tells him that since he owns so many buildings you get used to fixing things and says to let him in so he can check it out.

Mallet arrives at Outskirts while Marina is reading Brett his rights. He tells her she should have let him do more so that she would have something to actually hold him on. She tells him to enjoy jail and walks off. Sherman takes him away and Mallet goes to question Marina. Mallet asks her if she took the guy down by herself and she says she didn’t have a choice since he wanted to go outside. Mallet asks her if she went without backup and Marina says that he said he had the stuff for the fake ids in his car. She tells him that if they can’t bust him on fake id’s they can bust him on something else now. Mallet tells Marina never to sacrifice herself like this for anything ever again, and asks where Sherman was. Marina starts to explain and Mallet says “Damnit Harley, you are always pushing the envelope.” Marina corrects him, telling him that he called her Harley. Mallet apologizes for the slip and Marina says she takes it as a compliment. He asks her again if she is okay and Marina says she is fine, she just wants to interrogate the guy. Mallet tells her no, and tells her to take the rest of the day off and starts to leave. He stops and tells Marina that she did good work. Olivia walks in and sees Marina and tells the bartender to give her two of whatever she has on tap. Marina asks her if she is going to drink them both and Olivia says that whatever happened to her she looks like she could use a drink. This causes Marina to start sobbing and Olivia goes to comfort her.

Lizzie asks if they can not assume that everything she does has an ulterior motive. She tells him that she doesn’t understand why he just can’t say that he wants to marry her. He tells her that he knows that her mom just married her grandfather, which makes him her stepfather, and he is also the guy who killed her father. She says it sounds worse when he says it like that and he tells her that there are tons of ways to deal with it other than to get married. She thanks him for his free therapy and he tells her that he is just stating facts. She tells him that she doesn’t want the facts. Coop tells her that he was tempted and she doesn’t believe him, thinking he is just trying to make her feel better. Coop says that he is telling the truth, that when she asked he pictured her in a wedding dress, himself in a tux and Roxy as a flower girl. Lizzie admits that Roxy is adorable all dressed up like that. He tells her that they aren’t at that point yet and asks her to focus on them. She asks if it could happen someday and he agrees that it is a fantasy he could see in the future. He gives her the ring back and they stop to kiss and Lizzie drops the ring. Buzz picks it up and gives the two of them a look.

Beth tells Alex that she doesn’t want to do this now and Alex tells her she doesn’t care what Beth wants. She tells her that she is not going to stand by and watch the marriage continue. Beth says she would rather that they could be friends about it and Alex says she doesn’t want to be her friend in this. She asks Beth what got into her and reminds her that she isn’t the first Alan Spaulding and certainly won’t be the last. She says what she is right now is what matters and Alex tells her that she knows better. Alex tells Beth that she admires her and asks her if she really thinks that she can assume leadership of the family because she doesn’t think so. Beth tells her that there is no if about it and she and Alan have an understanding that they will share each other’s lives. Alex says she is missing the point and Beth wants to know if the point is that Alex has been sucking up to Gus and there is a good chance that he won’t be in charge after Beth takes over. Alex tells Beth that soon she will be thrown to the curb just like every other wife of Alan’s. Beth asks if she is worried about her or just losing her power over the family. Alex laughs and leaves and Beth goes back to Alan ands asks him who is more important, her or Alex. Alan answers Beth, and Beth says that he needs to tell her how to stop Alex before she stops Beth.

Edmund thanks Danny but says that he pays a lot of money to live there so that maintenance should be the one to fix it. Danny offers again and Edmund refuses, again. He tells her to go and find his wife and asks why he is looking for her. Danny says because of their child and Edmund gets worried until he realizes that Danny means Robbie. Michelle hears Danny from inside and Edmund tells Danny he is sorry but he hasn’t seen her but if he does, he will tell her that he is looking for her. Michelle knocks over something in the room and Danny realizes that Edmund isn’t alone.

Lizzie and Coop continue to kiss as Buzz looks on. He interrupts them by clearing his throat and Buzz holds up the ring and asks them if they lost something. Coop covers saying that Lizzie lost it and they were looking for it. Buzz tells them they should be more careful since it looks like such a special ring. Lizzie takes it and says that she is going to go and put it in her jewelry box just in case she ever needs to find it again. She leaves giving Coop a knowing look over her shoulder. Coop tells Buzz he knows what he is thinking and Buzz says that he is passing up a once in a lifetime chance to go to Oxford. Coop says he isn’t and Coop asks if he saw the ring on her finger. Buzz asks if Coop told her about Oxford yet and Coop says no. They continue to argue and Buzz asks if he is going to ask her to marry him, Coop yells, what if he wants to, it is no business of Buzz’s and there is nothing he can do about it. Coop runs off and Buzz yells in frustration.

Alan tells Beth that if Alex tries to take advantage of or undermine her in anyway to use the information he gave her against her. He tells Beth not to tell her that he was the one who gave her the information thought. Beth says of course not and thanks Alan again for being there for her, she tells him he has no idea what his companionship means to her. Alan takes her hand and says she knows how much he trusts her, Beth says he hates to see him in the institute. Alan says it is okay since she is taking care of things outside because together there is nothing that they can not do. He tells her that there is one thing that he would like, to see his granddaughter. Beth says she thinks she can arrange that and leaves.

Olivia asks Marina to tell her what happened. Marina says that she left with Brett to go to make the bust about the fake id’s and things got out of hand. Olivia chides her about going out without her backup and Marina says she knows. She says that she kicked him in his “spirits” and Olivia says that was the way to go. Marina admits that nothing really happened but she is still upset. Olivia asks her if she still feels ashamed and stupid and Marina agrees and asks if Olivia knows from experience. Olivia tells Marina she is going to share a story with her that she has only told one person before. She tells her that when she was young, there was a boy she really liked that she went out on a date with. At the end of the night, she kissed him goodnight but he wanted more and took it from her. She says she knows now that it wasn’t her fault but that this is why she still has so much trouble trusting guys to this day. She advises Marina not to let it come between her and Danny.

Edmund says that it is just Dinah inside and she isn’t feeling well. Danny asks why Edmund just didn’t say that in the first place. His phone rings and he says that it is Michelle. Edmund gets upset when he hears this. Michelle tells Danny she has been trying to reach him and that she is on her way to Washington to go and see her Uncle Mike. Danny tells her how upset that her phone call made Robbie and admonishes her for not seeing him yet. She apologizes and says that if she had known she wouldn’t have gone but that she is almost there. She tells Danny she shouldn’t be driving while talking on the phone as an excuse to hang up. Danny leaves, apologizing for bothering Edmund, who goes back inside and asks Michelle why she is out of bed. Michelle says that she isn’t feeling well and Edmund tells her that Danny is gone. Michelle says that she doesn’t want to lie anymore and wants to go after him. She starts to leave.

Coop looks over his papers for Oxford as Alex enters Company looking for Buzz. He tells her that Buzz is taking a walk to cool off from his fight with Coop. Coop tells her that he got accepted into Oxford’s creative writing program and Alex is excited for him until he tells her that Lizzie just asked him to marry her.

Beth tells Lizzie that she just saw her grandfather and Lizzie retorts if that is what she is still calling him. Beth tells her that he misses her and wants to see her. Lizzie, who has put the ring on her finger, tells Beth that she may just be too busy getting married and shows her, her left hand. Beth stares on in shock and horror.

Olivia tells Marina that she will drive her back to Company since friends don’t let friends drive in outfits like the one Marina is wearing. Marina laughs and thanks her for asking and Olivia thanks her because she says she really needed to tell someone that. Olivia hugs Marina as Danny walks in. He asks her what she is doing there and if she is done with work. Danny wants to know what is going on and Marina covers saying that they were just having some girl talk. Danny gets worried when he sees her shirt and Marina tells him it is fine and invites him to come to Company with them to celebrate her first successful bust. He agrees but says he has some business to do first and will meet them there. He looks after Marina with a worried look on his face and calls Mallet to meet him.

Michelle starts to leave and Edmund stands in her way. She wants to know why and he tells her that she may ruin Danny’s life if she tells him and it isn’t his baby. Michelle pretends to agree and says that she needs to use the bathroom since she isn’t feeling well. Edmund looks on in glee and says to himself that the medicine must be working and it won’t be long till she has the baby.

Beth tells Lizzie it must be a joke. She asks where she got the ring from and Lizzie tells her that she bought it. Beth can’t believe that Lizzie used the money she gave her to buy a diamond ring. Lizzie reminds her that it is an engagement ring and compares her and Coop to Alan and Beth. Beth tells Lizzie that there is no way that she is going to get married and that she is going to return the ring. She also tells Lizzie that she is grounded. Lizzie says that Beth can’t ground her since she doesn’t live at home anymore and tells her that she will never live at home again. She goes inside where Coop says they need to talk. She walks away and tells him that he made himself perfectly clear and he follows her. Beth sees them go off together and Alex sarcastically comments from the counter that Beth has done such a wonderful job with Lizzie, it will show what kind of job she will do with the rest of the family. Beth tells her not now and Alex says that they are Spauldings, everything happens right now.

Marina thanks Olivia for her backup with Danny and Olivia gives her advice that since she was attacked it will do something too her. She tells her not to keep it from Danny and to do the right thing. Buzz comes out and asks Marina if he allowed her out in those clothes. Marina says she was on the job and Buzz asks if she still is. When Marina says no, he asks her if she will change them and Marina says right after she takes a long hot shower. Olivia says that they can celebrate the arrest and Buzz asks if it was dangerous but then tells her he doesn’t want to know. He hugs her and tells her to go upstairs and clean up and he will make her a burger. When Marina leaves, Olivia tells him that she knows he is worried about her but that she can really take care of herself. Buzz says that Harley used to say that same thing and if he had his way he would lock Marina up and never give them their badges. Olivia says that the best way to help Marina is to fix her a good cheeseburger and some wine to comfort her a little bit. She starts to leave but Buzz jokes with her a little and says that he noticed that she was really good with Marina. He asks her to stay and help pick out the wine. Olivia agrees and they go inside together.

Alan talks on the phone with someone and says that marriage agrees with him and he really wants this one to work. He says that being locked up has its merits because he can get a perspective on things. He says that he wants to talk to the mystery person on the phone since if he/she has been following what has been going on around time then they would know it was time.

Mallet enters Outskirts to find Danny. Mallet asks if Marina is around and Danny tells him she went to Company. He comments that it was a big night for her and Mallet agrees. He tells Danny that he understands why Danny is concerned and Danny says he guesses he will have to get used to it. Mallet says that it is part of the job and although this isn’t going to happen all the time, it is good to be ready for it. He also says that it will never happen to Marina on his watch again and Danny tells him that it did happen this time on his watch. Mallet says that it was a combination of a lot of things that made things go wrong, some of the departments doing and some of Marina’s. Danny asks questions about what she had to do to the guy and Mallet lets him know that she fought the guy off. Mallet tells Danny the name of the guy and says that he made bail but that he will be spending some time in jail. Danny leaves to go and check on Marina and Mallet says to tell her that she did a good job and that she is a natural. As Danny leaves, he calls in a favor to someone to look up the guy Brett to give him something he owes him.

Edmund comes back inside from the terrace looking for Michelle. He calls for her and when she doesn’t answer he goes into the bathroom and finds she has left. He gets upset knowing that she could go into labor any minute.

Michelle is driving to find Danny, telling herself that she can’t keep this from him any longer.

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