Guiding Light Update Friday 8/26/05


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Amanda

Lizzie talks to her dog, Roxy, outside Company as she brushes Roxy's hair. She complains about Beth. Coop comes up, so Lizzie tells him that she's going to get even with Beth instead of letting her get on her nerves. She kisses him and says not to leave because they have to make plans. He looks worried. Next we see that Lizzie is visiting Beth at the hospital. Beth says she doesn't want to argue with Lizzie any more about her new marriage to Alan. Lizzie is tearful and whimpering as she swears she wants to come home.

Danny and Marina are still in bed at home. The phone rings and it's her work; she has to go. As she dresses, Danny says he's glad she's a cop because she looks hot in her uniform and because her fighting crime makes up for all the crimes he used to commit. She jokes that she will probably just be writing parking tickets, not fighting crime. They kiss.

In Edmund's hotel room, Michelle phones to make an appointment for an amniocentesis and a paternity test. She tells the person that she has strands of hair for the DNA test, asking if that's enough. She holds a baseball cap. She goes to leave but finds she is locked in.

Edmund steals a labor-inducing drug from a hospital drug cabinet, but Rick catches him. Edmund slips the drug in his pocket. He lies that he was looking for aspirin, but Rick stops him from leaving, saying, "nice try".

Coops brings the mail in to Buss. There is a postcard from Harley from the airport on their way to Greece, saying she misses them all but they won't have time to send postcards on their honeymoon. There is also a package for Coop, from Oxford University. He got accepted into their Creative Writing program, even though he didn't apply. He's puzzled.

Lizzie gripes to Beth about not having any money. Beth lectures her, saying she warned Lizzie that it might be too late to move back home now. Lizzie pours on the tears.

Marina tears herself away from Danny. He begs her to say, but she has to leave. They kiss again, then she leaves. He gets a phone call about Robbie, who is homesick at his camp. He misses his mom, Danny learns. Danny goes to pick him up.

Rick chews Edmund out for going in the cabinet. Edmund claims that it was open and pleads a terrible headache. Rick grabs medicine from Edmund's hand--hydrocodone. Rick thinks Edmund is hooked on the pain pills. Edmund first denies it but then smoothly admits that he is addicted. He says he got them after a boating accident a few years ago and can't live without them. Rick is understanding and gives Edmund a phone number for a rehab clinic. Rick also gives him a lecture about not going it alone. Edmund thanks him. Rick locks up the cabinet and the room it's in. He warns Edmund that he will phone the clinic to make sure Edmund checks in. Edmund looks at the medicine he stole: laprosin.

Back at his suite, Michelle phones downstairs to ask them to unlock her door, which seems to be stuck.

Marina meets Mallet, her new commanding officer, outside Company. She salutes him and jokes around. She figures Frank would put her on desk duty or something else minor. He assures her that he told Frank that he won't coddle her. He thinks she a lot of Harley in her so it wouldn't work. There is a bit more joking. He says he will treat her like any other cadet, but she has to stop smiling and call him "sir". She agrees and asks about the assignment. He says that he needs her to "look hot and flirt with a guy in a bar". She looks surprised but disappointed.

Buzz confides to Coop that he sent in some of his stories to Oxford, along with an application. Coop can't believe it. He will be taught by his idol at the seminar, Martin Amos. He is very excited. Then he realizes it starts soon and lasts all semester. We can tell he's thinking about Lizzie.

Beth tells Lizzie that she wants her to change her behavior and not just come back for the money. Lizzie knows that Beth wants her to grovel and apologize, so she does. She swears she's learned her lesson and is sorry. She says the marriage to Alan freaked her out. Beth apologizes for not telling her but reminds Lizzie that she wasn't speaking to her. Lizzie shares how she feels about it and how it makes her think about Philip. She wishes things could go back to normal, the way they were before he went away. Beth hugs Lizzie and says she can come back. She swears that she married Alan in order to protect her and James. A man in a suit and a briefcase comes up to Lizzie. She asks him to wait. Lizzie tells Beth that the man works for the TV station and has some papers for her to sign, so Beth seems to believe that. Lizzie asks Beth for pocket money so she can buy work clothes. Beth says she'll write her the blank check she promised. Lizzie thanks her. After Beth leaves, Lizzie sits down with the man. He opens a case and shows her a bunch of rings. He asks how much she wants to spend. She smiles and says she wants something that will make her mom's eyes pop out of her head.

Michelle paces, impatient to leave. She has a flashback to Robbie's birth and smiles. She phones downstairs but then hears the door opening, so she hangs up. Edmund opens the door, looking concerned. He pretends to be baffled about why the door was stuck. Michelle says she's late for an appointment for her amnio and paternity test. Edmund steps in front of her, the drugs behind his back. He asks if she's thought this through and points out the risks of amnio. They sit down. He tells her that Dinah almost lost the baby when she had her amnio. Edmund covers when Michelle asks suspicious questions. She is impatient to leave, but he talks her out of it. He says she looks exhausted and should lie down, so she does. He offers to phone the doctor for her to cancel the appointment. Instead of doing that, he prepares the drug.

Danny is at the hospital with Robbie. He says hi to Rick. Lizzie is nearby, so he asks her to watch Robbie for a minute. Danny chats with Rick about where Michelle is and how Robbie is homesick. Danny is annoyed that Michelle hasn't seen Robbie since she got back and isn't staying in touch. He wonders if she's avoiding him. Rick, trying to figure out if Danny knows yet about the baby, says maybe she is avoiding him. Rick points out that Michelle is still adjusting to the divorce and Danny being with Marina. Danny argues that Robbie should come first. He asks Rick to have her phone him.

Marina wears a flashy red dress. Mallet approves of how slutty it is. He shows her a picture of the criminal they're after, Brett Roth. She says he looks like a frat boy. Mallet informs her that he was, and he sold fake I.D.'s to other college kids, but now he sells them to real criminals as well. When Marina figures out that they want to use him to get to the real criminals, Mallet is impressed by her smarts. He tells her that she's supposed to flirt with him and get a fake I.D., then let the other cops go in and arrest Roth. He advises her to be calm and not act like a hero.

Buzz advises Coop to grab at his dreams (to go to Oxford). Beth arrives and adds her own advice that Coop should go for it. Buzz cautiously congratulates Beth about her marriage to Alan. Coop asks Beth to let him tell Lizzie about Oxford because he hasn't decided yet whether he's going, so she agrees. Coop walks away. Buzz makes some skeptical comments about Beth and Alan being in love. Lizzie arrives and asks Coop to go outside with her. Beth tells Buzz that Lizzie is taking the news of her marriage surprisingly well, but Coop has told Buzz otherwise. Beth states that Coop doesn't know her daughter as well as he thinks.

Outside, Lizzie says she has a solution to their problems. Coop isn't so sure because he has news of his own, but she insists on going first. She starts to take out the ring but gets nervous. She grabs Coop and kisses him passionately.

Danny tries to figure out where Michelle called Robbie from. He phones his camp to get her number, and he finds out she's staying at Towers.

Edmund gets the syringe ready. He puts a blanket over Michelle, who awakens a bit. He chats to her about having babies. Michelle can't believe how much they have in common now and how good he's being to her. She thinks he will be a good father. After she says this, she drops off to sleep. Edmund makes sure she is really asleep, then he goes to get the syringe out.

Buzz gets coffee for Beth. They chat about whether Lizzie and Coop are serious or not. Buzz agrees to let Beth know if Coop goes to Oxford, so she can keep Lizzie from following him.

Coop wonders why Lizzie gave him such a great kiss. She sits him down ad proposes, taking out the ring. He looks serious.

Marina follows Roth outside (looks like a hallway?) but tries to get out of going with him. He tries to kiss her, but she pushes him away. He gets rough with her, kissing her and throwing her around.

Edmund injects Michelle. She asks what that pain was. He claims he was swatting a fly and tells her to go back to sleep. Outside, Danny walks down the hallway.

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