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Written By Jen
Pictures by Amanda  

Josh is putting on his shirt and trying to stop Reva from leaving his hotel room, but she grabs her shoes and goes out into the hallway. He begs her not leave like this and she tells him he is the one who doesn’t want to come home. He doesn’t want to go home but he thinks she should stay and talk. Reva doesn’t think there is anything to talk about, so she hits the button for the elevator. Josh tries to grab her arm to stop her, but she pushes him away and tells him to stop. Josh reminds her that shutting him out is how this whole thing got started. Reva thinks he is the one shutting her out because he does not want to come home with her. He asks her again to stay and talk, and he tries to take her hand. Reva tells him again that she is not staying. Josh doesn’t think anything is going to change if she leaves this way, but Reva is leaving anyway. She yanks her hand out of his and goes to step in the elevator. The elevator is not there and she falls into the elevator shaft. Josh is upset and screaming her name. Reva is lying on top of the elevator and making groaning noises.

Jonathan is at Crossroads cleaning up behind the bar and hears a noise. He calls out wondering who is there. He hears a thump noise again, and He says “Hey dad if that’s you I am not afraid of ghosts.” A girl comes running in and passes out in his arms. He picks her up, and grabs some pillows for her head, and lays her down on the floor. He tries to wake her up but it doesn’t work. He thinks he is going to get blamed for this too because he gets blamed for everything else. He puts his fingers to her neck to check her pulse.

At the farmhouse, Cassie is looking for Dinah because she heard something, but Dinah is not there. As she is looking around, she finds a paper on the floor. Cassie reads it and is amused. The note is from Jeffery, he wants her to dump the ex-husband and the pregnant chick to meet him behind Company. It also says clothing is optional. Edmund and Dinah show up outside of the farmhouse. He is tells her to stand still, and she says she doesn’t have a fever yet. He puts his hand to her forehead and tells her she does feel a bit warm. He wants her to go inside and take a nap because she needs to keep her strength up. He doesn’t want 9 months of planning to go down the drain because she has the flu. He has a drink in his hand, and he tells her to take it with her that it is a vitamin drink to keep up her energy, so she can pretend to give birth. She says okay and takes the drink from him. She wonders where he is going, and he tells her he just needs to take care of a few details before they drop the bomb on Cassie. He jokes that he will be back before she can say look mom no baby. Dinah says okay, and Edmund tells her he will see her later and gives her a kiss. Dinah turns around and goes into the house. Edmund says ok that’s done let’s get the baby. He starts to leave but then turns and looks in the window at Cassie and Dinah.

Cassie tells Dinah she looks exhausted and tries to get her to lie down. She reminds her that the Dr told her to stay off of her feet. Cassie tells her she understands that she is probably ready to get this baby out of her. Cassie reminds her she is due any day. She feels like she is going to make it. Cassie tells her she is supposed to go meet Jeffery but that she can stay and hang out with her. Dinah tells her not to worry about it she promised Edmund she would lie down and drink her vitamin drink. Cassie thinks Edmund worries too much and tells her she doesn’t have to drink it. She takes the drink and gives her all of her numbers in case she goes into labor. Dinah tells her intuition is telling her it will happen sooner than they think. Edmund is still outside the window and he doesn’t look very happy.

Michelle is rubbing her belly and looking at a picture of Danny and Robbie. She tells the baby everything is going to be ok and it doesn’t matter who the daddy is because she will have her and that she loves her. Michelle believes everything will be fine even if she is not with Danny.

Cassie goes to leave the farmhouse and runs into Edmund. She wonders what he is doing there, and he tells her that he just dropped Dinah off. He wanted to make sure Dinah made it inside. He doesn’t think they can be too careful these days, and Cassie agrees that they can’t. She is so excited because the new baby should be there any day. Edmund thinks it will change their lives forever, but Cassie is worried about the birth. She hopes nothing goes wrong. Edmund assures her that he will make sure everything goes like it should. Cassie tells him she has an appointment and points out the next time they see each other, they might be parents.

Michelle is still rubbing her stomach as you hear Edmund’s voice saying depend on it.

Edmund enters the suite at Towers with bags off groceries. He tells Michelle he is sorry for barging in, but he has a special delivery for her, and he thought he was going to drop them. She goes over to help him and wonders what he has. He figured since she has to keep a low profile for a while he would get some things for her. He has snacks, tooth paste, magazines, books, baby formula, and diapers. She can’t believe he got all this stuff for her, so he tells her he tries to be the ultimate host. She starts going through the bags of stuff and wonders why he got all the baby stuff. He explains that he was buying stuff for his baby, so he just bought double. He wants to know if Michelle has made any plans for after the baby comes. He also wants to know if she has told Danny. Michelle has not told Danny yet. He tells her that is probably for the best and sits her down on the couch. He wants her to save her energy and let him take care of everything else. Michelle still can’t get over how nice he is being. He tells her he likes having her around, and he likes having the opportunity to talk to her about the things that scare him. He acts like he is scared that Dinah will have to be induced. Michelle assures him it is nothing to worry about that it is very common. He tells her he is worried about the risks, but she points out that there is risk taking an aspirin. She tells him that laprosin is commonly used. He writes it down and asks if it is in pill form. She tells him no that it has to be injection or giving in an IV. He tells Michelle that Dinah is scared of needles, and Michelle tells him that on the day Dinah gives birth, needles will be the least of her worries. She tells him Dinah will be screaming things that he didn’t even know she knew. He asks her if contractions start right away and plays with his ear. Michelle tells him he needs to chill that they don’t start right away. She points out that he shouldn’t worry because the Dr will be there and know what to do. He tells her she is right that he is just anxious for the baby to arrive. He is looking at her stomach as he says this.

Dinah is at the farmhouse drinking a beer. She pulls up her shirt and tells the fake belly that she can’t wait to be rid of it. She jokes that she might have it glazed and turned into a table. She jumps off the couch and goes into the kitchen looking for something. She doesn’t see what she is looking for, but she knows they are around there somewhere.

Cassie is out behind Company, and she looks around for Jeffery. She doesn’t see him but finds a bottle of wine that says drink me and food that says eat me. She wonders if she is in Alice in Wonderland. She calls out wondering where the Mad Hatter is, but no one answers. She sits down at the table and says “Well down the rabbit hole” and pours some wine. She is happy to see there are fudge brownies because they are her favorite. She takes a sip of wine and takes out her phone. She calls Jeffery and wonders where he is because she is sure he is around somewhere. He plays like he is not there, but when she gets worried about whose food she is eating, he comes out. He likes a girl with an appetite, and she laughs that it wasn’t very funny, so he kisses her. She wonders why he did all this, and he explains this is probably one of the last times they can do this before the baby comes. He knows he won’t have a moment of Cassie to himself when the baby arrives, so he thought he would try the straight forward approach, and Cassie responded because the signs were clear. He takes a sticky note that says kiss me and puts it on his chest. He wants to know how that is for a signal. They start kissing but her phone rings. Cassie thinks it is Dinah in labor.

Jonathan is still trying to wake the girl up, but she is not moving even though she is breathing. He gets up a grabs a bottle of alcohol. He takes a swig as he heads over to her and holds it under her nose. It wakes her up, and he tells her to look at him. When she opens her eyes and sees him, she flips out telling him to get away from her. She runs over to the bar and grabs a bottle. She tells him not to touch her and tries to hit him with the bottle. He grabs her from behind to avoid being hit and wants to know what is wrong with her. She wants him to let go of her. Jonathan tries to explain that he won’t hurt her but she still looks freaked. She gets away from him and holds the bottle up again. He points out that the bottle is not dangerous because the edge is not broken. He keeps telling her to put it down until she does. He explains that he owns the place, and if she puts it down, he will forget the whole thing. She apologizes and tells him she thought he was someone else. He can tell and wants to know who. He asks if she thought he was the cops or a boyfriend. She explains that she owes someone money, and she thought Jonathan was him. She thinks she should get out of there before he comes after her. Jonathan agrees and tries to shoo her out the door. She is worried someone is out there, so he looks and tells her there isn’t. She asks for a glass of water before she goes. Jonathan doesn’t seem thrilled but gets it anyway. He tells her not to get too comfortable. She says she won’t, and he wonders who she is. She introduces herself as Ava and says she has had a rough couple of weeks. She says she is new in town, and Jonathan tells her welcome to Springfield. He wants her to catch her breath and then disappear. He walks into the other room.

Reva is rushed to the hospital on a backboard. Josh wonders how she feels, and she tells him she feels like an idiot. She thinks this was someone’s way of telling her to look before she leaps. Josh tells her it wasn’t her fault and thinks back to the argument they had about him not satisfying her needs. He remembers her telling him he is not enough and storming out to the elevator. He remembers begging her not to go. Rick comes out and says he just got the call. He wonders what the damage is, and the EMT gives Rick her stats. It sounds like everything was normal except for some abrasions. Rick wants to know what they gave her on the bus, and the EMT says 16 in and a liter of ringers. Rick asks Josh if he saw what happened, and Josh explains that she fell down the elevator shaft. He tells him it was a floor or two, but she didn’t lose consciousness. Reva pipes in that she is still conscious and says hey to Rick. Rick says hey and asks if she was practicing her swan dive. Reva tells him she was getting ready to try again, but they wouldn’t let her. She wants to know if she can get up, but Rick tells her she has to tell him where it hurts. She hurts everywhere, and Rick wants to know how she fell, how she landed. Reva doesn’t know, so Rick tells her they need to do some tests. Reva doesn’t think she needs in any tests, but Josh thinks she might be in shock. Reva wants Josh to go with her, but Rick won’t let him. Josh tells her Rick will take care of everything she needs, and Reva tells him that he is all she needs.

At Crossroads, Ava is sitting at the bar. Jonathan gives her the water, and she tells him she will make it fast. Jonathan wants to know who she owes money to, so she tells him his name is Dean. Jonathan doesn’t think it sounds very scary, and Ava points out it rhymes with mean. Ava tells Jonathan all she wanted to do was go to college but when the semester came up she didn’t have the money. Dean offered to loan it to her. She thought he seemed like such a nice guy, so she borrowed the money. Jonathan assumes he was only nice until she couldn’t pay him back. She wanted to pay him back but couldn’t find a job. She says he started making threats if she didn’t pay him back, and she found out he does this a lot. Jonathan thinks he must have loaned her a lot of money to knock her out. She says he didn’t knock her out that she was running. She explains she didn’t have any money for breakfast or lunch. He tells her there is a church right outside that feeds people and gives her directions. She tells him sarcastically thank you and she will go now. He tells her to go, and then they hear someone pounding on the door. Jonathan tells them they are closed, but the person persists and calls out for Ava. He tells her he knows she is in there. Jonathan assumes it is Dean, and Ava confirms it.

Josh goes into Reva’s hospital room and wants to know what is going on. Rick tells him he will have a better idea when he gets the tests results. Reva thinks this means she can go home, but Rick wants to keep her over night. He wants to make sure she has no broken bones or anything. He wants to know why she didn’t notice she was stepping into an empty space instead of an elevator. He can’t believe she didn’t notice it wasn’t there. She tells him she was a little preoccupied. Josh tells Rick it was because of him and starts to explain that they were arguing, but Reva interrupts saying they were in the middle of trying to decide where to go for dinner. She says she wasn’t watching where she was going, but next time she will know to take the stairs. Rick wants her to get some rest and leaves her and Josh alone. Josh tells her they were not discussing where they were going to go for dinner, and Reva says she knows. Josh points out that lying about what happened will not make it go away.

Cassie is on the phone saying “Dinah”. She tells her she was worried when she didn’t answer the phone. Dinah is sitting on the ground with a lot of food beside her. She tells Cassie she is on the ground, and Cassie immediately thinks she is in labor. Dinah is not in labor, she wants to know where the Pringles are. Cassie cannot believe Dinah beeped her because of the Pringles. Dinah really wants them and doesn’t remember where they put them. She reminds Cassie she said to page her if there was a problem. Cassie tells her they are in the pantry behind the cereal. Jeffery is playing with the sticky note laughing. Dinah tells Cassie she has been looking for ten minutes, and Cassie jokes about it being a crisis. Dinah feels bad because Cassie thought she was in labor. Cassie tells her she was really excited, and Dinah apologizes. Cassie tells her it is okay that she is glad it didn’t happen while she is alone. She wants to be there for every minute of the delivery. Dinah feels really bad about what she and Edmund are doing. Cassie tells her she has to go, and Dinah apologizes again.

Jeffery pours some whine and asks if it was a false alarm. Cassie doesn’t think Dinah understands what an emergency is. Jeffery believes Dinah’s whole life is an emergency, and he compares it to one endless Greek tragedy after another. Jeffery is looking forward to the day Dinah will be out of her life for good. Cassie reminds him that he will have to share her with a newborn then. Jeffery doesn’t want to talk about anything, not even the kid. Cassie realizes, he really does want her all to himself, and he tells her guilty as charged.

Edmund is in another room at his suite looking at something. He puts it in his pocket and goes back to Michelle. He wants to know if there is anything else he can get her. She jokes that he already bought out the supermarket. He tells her he will leave then and gives her all his numbers, in case, she needs him. She tells him she doubts she will and thanks him again for everything. She worries about how she is going to repay him, and he tells her she already has. She doesn’t think telling him how to induce labor is a big deal because he could have read it in any book. He tells her he is getting just as much as she is, if not more. She is glad to have helped. He tells her he will speak to her soon and leaves. He pulls what looks like a screwdriver out of his pocket and jams it in the lock. Michelle is staring at Danny and Robbie’s picture. She glances longingly at the phone. Edmund is outside the door, and he says that should hold her and leaves.

Reva tells Josh she is not denying what happened. She doesn’t think Rick should know. Josh agrees and Reva says that he was leaving her. Josh doesn’t think so and points out she was the one leaving. She points out it was because he didn’t want to come home with her. She says she may have fallen, but she didn’t hit her head, she remembers everything that was said. She doesn’t blame him for any of it. She says she knows that everything that has happened in the last few weeks has been because of her and Jonathan, and her and Nate, and her, and her. She says she can’t promise him that that will ever change. She thinks he was leaving her and didn’t want to hear it that is why she ran out of the room. Josh tries to explain that he wasn’t leaving her; he just wasn’t ready to come home yet. He doesn’t think they need to talk about this right now. When he saw her fall it was like his heart stopped. It was dark and he couldn’t see her, so he was scared. She tells him he has always been there to catch her but this time he couldn’t. She tells him it is okay and he can go. Josh tells her he can’t, but Reva says she will be fine. She will back home tomorrow when they get the test results. Josh wonders what happens tomorrow. She thinks they should worry about it then. He leaves to go call the kids, and Reva tells him to let them know she is okay. When Josh leaves you can tell she is really in pain.

Dean is still pounding on the door. Ava knew he would find her, and Jonathan wonders what she wants him to do about it. He tells her to give him his money, and he will go away. He doesn’t think he will hurt her if she gives him the money. Ava wants to know how he knows that. Jonathan says he doesn’t. He thinks if they are quiet Dean will go away. When he doesn’t go away Jonathan tells her to close her eyes that she won’t want to see this. Ava wants him to be careful. Jonathan goes to the door, and she hides behind the bar. Jonathan unlocks the door and swings it to hit Dean in the face. He pulls him in and starts beating on him. He grabs the side of his mouth and tells Dean to listen. He tells him it is his place and he doesn’t say a word. He tells him the key word is discipline and lights into him about almost breaking the door. He wants to know what they are going to do about it. He sounds a lot like Nate while he is berating the guy. He screams that he needs to get it through his head that we don’t do that. Dean tells him he has no problem with him, and Jonathan asks if he wants the chick hiding behind the bar. Ava stands up looking upset.

Michelle calls Robbie and tells him it is so good to hear his voice. She tells him she misses him, Robbie wants to know if “daddy” is with her. She tells him no that daddy is busy. She starts rubbing her belly and tells him she has a surprise for him.

Edmund is on the payphone at the hospital, and he says he is just calling to see how the project is coming along. He wants to know if it will be done on time. He then says that is fantastic and, says he has an errand to run. He watches the nurse unlock the medicine cabinet.

Jeffery is playing a small violin. Cassie wonders if he is going to serenade her, and Jeffery tells her he wrote her a song. He was inspired while she was singing backup for him at the wedding reception. She looks surprised and asks if it inspired him to sing I wanna hold your mouth shut. He tells her to be serious, it is a serious song. She wonders how serious it can be at a post it party. He thinks she should not laugh when he is trying to pour his heart out to her in song. She stops herself from laughing, and he thinks that is better. He explains this is a goodbye because life as they know it will be gone when the baby arrives.

Dinah is sitting on the couch eating Pringles. She takes her pregnant pouch off and sits to watch Love of Light. She throws the pillow out of the way and it lands on her phone. Somehow it manages to page Cassie again. Jeffery is not happy with the interruption and wonders where the romantic Cassie went. Cassie tries to call Dinah back but gets voice mail. She is worried now and tells Jeffery they need to go. Dinah is sitting on the couch eating Pringles totally oblivious to the fact that Cassie was trying to call

Dean goes after Ava, and she begs him to give her a couple days. She tells him she will get his money. He grabs her arm, and Jonathan pulls him off. Jonathan tells him that is not how to collect a debt. Dean wants to know if Jonathan has any suggestions. Jonathan asks her how much she owes Dean, and she says she owes 3000 dollars. Jonathan pulls out a cash box and gives Dean 3000 dollars. He tells him to get out of there and not come back. Dean is happy and tells him nice doing business with you. Ava thanks him and asks his name. Jonathan introduces himself and tells her she owes him 3000 dollars. She looks worried about this.

Josh is on the phone talking to Marah. He tells her that Reva is fine and not to worry. He tells her he will have her call Marah tomorrow. He tells her he loves her and gets off the phone.

Edmund is watching the nurse in the medicine cabinet. The nurse asks if she can help him and, and he tells her that he was just admiring her efficiency with that many bottles. She explains they are all clearly labeled. Josh walks by, and Edmund stops him to ask about Reva. Josh assures Edmund she is okay, and he asks about Dinah and the baby. Edmund says he is at the hospital making sure the insurance is all worked out. Josh realizes Edmund is about to be a father for the first time and tells him his life is about to change completely. He says no matter what is going on in life your kids….

Rick comes out of Reva’s room saying he needs Josh. Josh runs in the room, and Rick is holding onto Reva. Josh wonders what the hell she is doing. The nurse goes running by Edmund and drops her keys. Josh asks Reva what the hell she is doing, and she says she is going home. She is clearly in pain and Josh and Rick look worried. Edmund picks up the keys the nurse dropped and goes into the medicine room.

Michelle is telling Robbie that if she tells him what the surprise is it won’t be a surprise. She tells him she can’t wait to hold him again. He asks if she is coming to parents’ day. Michelle tells him that she wants to and she will try. She tells him that even if they are not together they are a family. She tells him he better go before he misses his swimming lesson. When she hangs up, she wonders what she is doing. She doesn’t think it is fair to the baby or Robbie. Edmund looks around to make sure no one is looking and goes back to the medicine cabinet looking for the laprosin. He is worried it is on backorder.

Cassie and Jeffery arrive at the farmhouse. Dinah hears Cassie yelling for her and jumps up to hide the beer bottles. Then she realizes she doesn’t have the stomach pad on, so she covers her belly with pillows from the couch and a blanket. Dinah acts like she is asleep. Cassie wants to know why she paged her and Dinah tells her she didn’t that she must have rolled over on it or something. She says she just wants to go to sleep. Jeffery excuses himself to make a phone call, and Cassie offers to get Dinah a pillow. Cassie doesn’t understand where all the pillows are and gets up to look.

Jonathan tells Ava he is not a charity organization, and he wants something in return. Ava swears she will pay him back. Jonathan points out that she didn’t pay Dean back and heads towards her. She thinks he is going to hurt her, but he hands her an apron. She doesn’t understand, so he explains she is his newest employee. She cannot believe this and points out that she knows nothing about a bar. He tells her to join the club that he doesn’t either. He tells her there are some glasses behind the bar she can clean and then vacuum. Ava doesn’t look too enthused by this job.

Josh wants to know why Reva is trying to leave, and she says that Rick said she was okay. Rick says that he told her he thought she was, but they will have to wait for the tests to be sure. Josh tells her to get back in bed. She thinks they are overreacting. Josh tells her it is just overnight, and Rick leaves to go get the test results. Reva thought Josh went home, and he tells her he thought she might make a break for it. Reva says she almost did. She doesn’t think he has to stay but Josh wants to.

Cassie brings Dinah some pillows and hears her beeper go off. She looks at it and goes outside. Dinah uses this time to put the pregnancy pad back on. She thinks she should have told Cassie. She hopes that Edmund is enjoying the fact that she is suffering for him.

Cassie goes outside and asks Jeffery if he paged her, and he reminds her that he had a call to make. She asks why he paged 911 and he says it is an emergency and leans in to kiss her.

Dinah sees a newspaper and wonders what today’s date is. She thinks back to the conversation where she gave Edmund the 2 week deadline. She says this is it and happy birthday baby. She looks outside at Jeffery and Cassie.

Michelle is on the phone asking to do an amniocentesis. They wonder is she is at risk, and she explains that she wants a paternity test as soon as possible. Edmund is trying to find the drug, and says him and Michelle are getting ready to have a baby. Rick walks in and catches him. He wants to know what Edmund is up to.

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