Guiding Light Update Wednesday 8/24/05


Written By Jennie
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Dinah walks up outside of Company and starts talking to her stomach. She lifts her shirt and tells it that it is a lot of trouble since because of it she is not supposed to go out, drink, or have fun. She says to imagine if it were real. She puts her shirt down and gets upset since it isn’t a real baby, but a pillow.

Edmund is outside of his apartment on his cell phone. He tells Russo that he doesn’t need his services anymore because he has a more promising lead on a baby. He thanks Russo and hangs up. He knocks on the door and asks Michelle if he can come in. She tells him that it is his suite and lets him in. He asks her how she slept and she says very well. She says that everything is great, the food, the service, everything. She tells Edmund that she thinks it is a little too great. He asks her what she means and she informs him that Edmund Winslow doesn’t do anything that won’t get him anything in return. She asks him what he wants of her for letting her stay in his place.

Dinah enters Company to find Bill. He asks her why she is out of bed since she is supposed to be on bedrest and she tells him she got tired of staying at home and since her car got into a fender bender she couldn’t even come to see him. Bill makes sure that she and the baby are fine and Dinah says that they are and then tells him that her car won’t work. Bill says they will have a look at it. He asks her why she is in such a hurry to get away from Cassie’s and wonders if it is because of Edmund. Dinah says no that she is just tired. Bill says that may have something to do with her being pregnant and Dinah just says that the baby thing is harder than what she thought it was going to be. Bill gives her a hug as Olivia arrives and sees them. Olivia gets upset about him being with “the pregnant best friend from Hell” not realizing it is Dinah. She storms in and challenges Bill on it, until she realizes that it is Dinah not Michelle.

Outside Company, Tammy runs up behind Sandy and kisses him. She asks him what is wrong and he says he could ask her the same thing. She wonders what he means and he tells her that kissing him is not going to make things all better, especially not Jonathan.

Inside Nate’s bar, Jonathan turns on a light and calls out to see if Nate is haunting the place yet. He says out loud that everyone wants him to grieve for Nate but that they all say goodbye in their own way. He picks up a can of gasoline and looks around.

Reva enters Josh’s suite and says, “Perfect”. She closes the doors to the balcony and starts to light candles around the room. She undresses and gets underneath the covers as Josh comes out of the bathroom. He asks her what she is doing. She tells him that she is going back in time since she was furious with him at Gus and Harley’s wedding. She tells him that now that she has had a chance to cool down she realized that she was just mad at herself and wanted to do some cleanup. She gives him a piece of paper and tells him to look at the date. He says it was a couple of months ago and Reva tells him that that is when things started to get off track with them. She exclaims that they are going to do that day over again, only this time they are going to do it right. She smiles at him while he just looks at her like she is crazy.

Tammy tells Sandy that she kissed him because she wanted to. He tells her that she only kissed him because she wanted to hide something. He doesn’t know if it is from him or from herself but he knows she is hiding something. She asks him if he thinks it is something about Jonathan. He just shrugs his shoulders and she tells him that she doesn’t know why he can’t believe that Jonathan is not a threat to them. She assures him that she loves what they have together. He asks her if she loves it like she loved the locket that she “lost” and then tells her that he knows that she gave it to Jonathan on the boat the night that Nate was killed and that he saw Jonathan with it at the hospital. She tells him that she only gave it to him since she thought he was leaving with his father and he asks her if it was an “remember me” gift then. She tries to explain that she only did it so that Jonathan would have something that wasn’t twisted and ugly if he left with Nate. She tells him that Richard gave it to her and since he was Jonathan’s father, she thought it was right. Sandy asks her if he still has it. She declares that if it means that much to him that she has her locket back she will go and get it now and leaves.

Dinah excuses herself and Bill chides Olivia for her actions. He tells her that he thought that they were over that and she apologizes. He tells her that he is lucky that she didn’t come in with a rolling pin like the crazy wives in the cartoons do and knock him over the head. She apologizes again and they continue with the banter. He asks her if it is okay that he goes and checks on Dinah’s car and she says of course. He tells her to count the ways that she loves him and she apologizes again and he leaves. Dinah watches him go and then goes to Olivia and makes a snide comment that she thought she was the master of driving men away. Olivia just glares at her.

Michelle tells Edmund that it’s not that she isn’t grateful for Edmund letting her stay at his suite but that she just doesn’t understand why he is doing it. Edmund says he doesn’t know exactly why either but that he thinks it is because he is a changed man due to the idea of becoming a parent. She agrees and Edmund apologizes for upsetting her. They discuss their situations and Michelle notices how much Edmund still loves Cassie. He agrees and tells her that although he knows that Cassie has moved on he is having trouble letting her go. He tells Michelle that maybe that is why he can relate with her since Danny had moved on also. Michelle agrees with Edmund and says that that is why she wants to find somewhere else to go so that she does not take advantage of his generosity. Edmund stops her and tells her that if she leaves it would be very unwise.

Jonathan ransacks the bar throwing anything made of paper into a metal trashcan which he then douses with the gasoline and starts to light a match. Tammy stops him by telling him if the does it then his father was right about him.

Reva tells Josh that that was the day that Nate sent her the drink. Josh says that maybe that day was best left forgotten and she tells him that she was expecting it to be him. She wants to pretend that it was that night again and that he was the one who sent her the drink with the invitation to come to his room. She asks what would happen next and Josh tells her that he doesn’t know. She replies that she does know, that Josh would kiss her long and sweet and then they would spend the day making love. He says she seems awfully sure that is the way it would happen and she says that they spent many nights like that so why wouldn’t it happen that way. They start to kiss till Josh pulls away and says that he can’t do this.

Reva undoes the sheet she has wrapped around her and asks him if he needs a little more romancing. Josh just shakes his head and tells her that it isn’t going to solve the problems between them. She gets upset and puts on a robe telling him that it used to. HE tries to go near her and tells her that it is not that he doesn’t want to. She pushes him away and tells him that he doesn’t. Josh tries to explain that they could make love and it still wouldn’t be enough for Reva and since he knows her so well he knows it is because of the empty space that is inside of her that Nate was able to fill. She wants them to forget about Nate and Josh says he doesn’t think that they can. Josh blames it all on the fact that Nate hurt her by making her think that he wanted her and then her finding out that it was all an act. He accuses her of trying to use him to make that hurt go away. He tells her that there is a place inside of her that no one’s love can touch except maybe her own. Reva tells him that it is the biggest bunch of bull she has ever heard. She tells Josh that Nate did want her and that she could walk out his door right now and get any man to do what Josh won’t with her. Josh asks her why she would do that and she tells him that it is because a woman has needs. Josh yells why he isn’t enough for her and she yells back that he isn’t and he can’t give her what she needs because she doesn’t want to be invisible.

Michelle asks Edmund if he is threatening her and he swears he isn’t. He just tells her that even if she doesn’t run into Danny she will run into someone who will tell Danny. He tells her to stay there and relax and wait to tell Danny when she wants to. She makes sure that it isn’t an inconvenience and that she wants to repay him. He tells her that there is something she can do for him.

Jonathan tells Tammy to leave before she goes up with the rest of the place. Tammy tells him that he doesn’t want to do this. Tammy says that Nate called him a loser who always wanted to destroy things and if he does this, he is just going to prove him right. Jonathan tells her to go and Tammy tells him that he always tells her that when they are together. Tammy says that she isn’t going to bail on him and he tells her to leave again. She tries to tell him that burning down the bar isn’t going to change anything and Jonathan continues to put stuff in the trashcan. He gets really upset and grabs her by the shoulders and yells at her that he doesn’t want her to have him and that all he wants to do is burn the place down and that there is nothing that she can do to stop him. He starts to walk away but she grabs him and passionately kisses him.

Jonathan pulls away from Tammy and asks her what that was for. She tells him that she just wanted to make him think about what he was doing. He tells her never to kiss him like that again unless she means it and she is ready to go back to where they were before. She gets a disgusted look on her face and starts to say “just when I think”, when Jonathan interrupts her and says that she doesn’t get to do that to him. He informs her that he doesn’t need her pity or her help and that he knows what he is doing. She tells him that it seems like it and he responds that his dad loved this place so the sooner he turns it into a pile of ashes the better. She tells him that if he is serious then they should do it together and starts throwing stuff in the trashcan. Jonathan says he likes this side of her and she says if he is serious about doing it then they should do it now. Jonathan starts to light a paper on fire and tells Tammy on the count of three. He starts to count on right before three Tammy grabs the paper and stomps it out. Jonathan starts to say he knew that Tammy wouldn’t go through with it when Tammy tells him he can burn it down if he wants to but according to the paper the bar isn’t Nate’s, it’s Jonathan’s.

Olivia tells Dinah not to start with her, and Dinah tells her that maybe her next sister in law and her will be closer. Olivia follows Dinah and asks if Bill said something to her about them. Dinah tells Olivia and Bill is crazy over her and wants to know why she doubts him. Olivia tells her that she never knows where she stands with men, even those who loves her. Dinah tells Olivia that she knows what it is like to have a man to hurts her and steps all over her feelings. Dinah informs Olivia that Bill is a good guy and hates it when someone doesn’t trust him. Olivia says t hat she is working on it and Dinah tells her good because she doesn’t know how much of it Bill will put up with. Olivia retorts to Dinah with a comment about her love life and how she is going after Cassie’s husband to which Dinah replies that Cassie and Edmund are over. Dinah says that Edmund is moving on, towards her and Olivia informs Dinah that she has known Edmund for a very long time and has never known him to give up on anything he wants. She also tells her that she has never seen him want anything more than he wants Cassie.

Edmund tells Michelle to forget he said anything. Michelle tells him to tell her what he wants. He finally tells her that he wants to be a good father but when he starts reading, he gets scared to death. Michelle asks what exactly scares him and he says that delivery is the worst thing. He asks her if he can pick her brain about childbirth and how to deliver a baby just in case. Michelle agrees to tell him everything he needs to know about delivering a baby.

Josh tells Reva that there is no way that she could ever be invisible. She says that it has already started happening and Josh wants to know how. Reva asks Josh if he remembers the old Reva who would wear red dresses, jump in fountains, and dance on tables. Josh says of course he remembers and Reva says that she is starting to slip further and further away from her. Reva tells him that she can’t let go of that Reva because the second she does she is gone forever. Josh tries to tell her that that isn’t true because she is a part of Reva and in his memories. Reva tells Josh that it doesn’t count and Josh wants to know why not since he is her husband. Reva says that exactly that reason since he is supposed to feel that way and he isn’t everyone else. She sobs that now she is nothing special and just another woman and that she hates it. Josh tells her that she can’t be the center of attention all the time and Reva wants to know why not. She says to call her selfish and anything else but that she wants to shine and then after causing a stir come home to Josh. She tells him that she knows what he is thinking, that she wants everything, but she tells him that that is all she ever wanted.

Tammy gives the paper to Jonathan and he wants to know what his name is doing on the title to the bar. He says he knows that his father bought the bar with his trust money, but that he bought it for Nate, not him. Tammy tells him that maybe he does care about him in his own way. Jonathan says he probably did it to stick him with the taxes or something but hat the joke is on him since Nate is dead and he has the bar. Tammy asks him if he is going to stick with plan A and lights the lighter, Jonathan jumps up from his seat and takes it out of her hands, telling her he doesn’t know. Tammy says he doesn’t have to make up his mind then and Jonathan agrees but says that his life changed on the boat that night. Tammy says that it nearly ended too and Jonathan says thanks to his dad. He says that from now on, everyone else can kiss his ass and Tammy asks if he means her too. Jonathan tells Tammy not to come around anymore to fix or heal him or do anything for him. He tells her that if she comes to him, she should come to be with him because of him. Tammy says that she will stay away then. As she is leaving she turns and asks Jonathan if he still has the locket, that she gave him. He tells her yeah and she asks for it back. He takes it out of his pants pocket and throws it at her telling her to take it. She catches it and leaves while Jonathan looks on.

Edmund tells Michelle that he is worried since Dinah is close to her due date and showing no signs of going into labor. He lies that since he knows that going past your due date can be dangerous he is worried. Michelle tells him that there are ways to induce and tells him about a drug that can speed labor along. Michelle tells him that it can be done without harming Dinah or the baby and that the procedure is very simple. Edmund says good as Michelle jumps in pain from a kick from the baby. She asks Edmund if he wants to feel and he puts his hand on Michele’s stomach and tells the baby that he is looking forward to meeting him or her.

Josh asks why it is so awful for Reva not to be the same person she was when she was younger. Reva says that she is older and Josh says that that doesn’t mean she is worse or less. Josh tells her that he thinks it makes her better. He tries to tell her that they have grown and changed and Reva doesn’t agree with him. Reva tells Josh that he blew his chance and he apologizes for hurting her feelings. Reva doesn’t believe that he is sorry and Josh says he is just tired. Reva laughs and tells him that that is what happens when you aren’t 20 anymore. She asks him if they can just go home and he tells her that he is going to stay there. She asks him if it is because he is tired and he tells her that he doesn’t think he is ready to live with her again yet.

Olivia gives Bill a peace offering of a bottle of water. He asks Olivia if he shouldn’t make a crack about Michelle being in the trunk and she gives him a look so he says he won’t. He tells her that there is no one that can break them up besides her. She says she knows and vows to love and trust him from then on. Bill throws in an added touch of not go crazy and she agrees. She asks if he forgives him and he jokes that he has to think about it. She asks him if he can think a little faster since she has places to go and people to see. He wants to know what she has to do and she says she has to come up with a good plan to make it up to him. He asks what she has in mind and she asks him to “check under her hood”. He throws the bottle of water away and kisses her.

Michelle lies on the couch and talks to her stomach telling the baby that she is going to be okay and that Michelle is going to take care of everything.

At Company Edmund asks Dinah to hear him out before she says anything. He apologizes for slamming the door on her face and says he was just in a bad mood. He tells her that it is from asking her to do so much and watching her come through for him. Dinah tells him that that is why she moved the deadline. Edmund placates her by agreeing with her. He tells hr that he knows it is taking a tool and Edmund says it will be worth it in the end when Cassie gets what is coming to her. He tells Dinah that he cherishes her and hugs her. He tells hr that it will be over soon and after that, he can put her out of her misery.

Outside Of Company, Sandy sees Tammy who comes up to him and apologizes about before. Sandy tells her not to apologize since she has given him everything and doubting her. Tammy tells him that she loves him and Sandy tells her that he trust her and kisses her.

At the bar, Jonathan is cleaning when he hears a noise. He yells out that if it is Nate, he is not afraid of ghosts. He goes to check it out when a young girl runs through the door and passes out in his arms.

Josh is dressing and Reva is looking for her shoes as Josh tries to get her to stay. An already dressed Reva tells him that she is “so out of here” and quickly walks out the door. Josh follows her and begs her not to go. He wants to talk and she tells him not to touch her. She starts to walk away and falls into an elevator shaft. Josh stares down in horror, as Reva lies, not moving at the bottom.

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