Guiding Light Update Tuesday 8/23/05


Written By Jen
Pictures by Amanda

Beth and Lizzie are inside company, it looks like they just came in from the reception. Beth is checking herself in a makeup mirror while Lizzie is saying she can’t believe that Beth just went and got married. She doesn’t understand because Beth was not seeing anyone. She is upset that Beth didn’t even discuss it with her and Beth throws it in her face that she wanted to be on her own and not be part of the family anymore. She tells Lizzie that if she wants to be included in family decisions; she has to act like part of the family. Beth goes on to tell her that she wasn’t home to consult with. Lizzie thinks she could have at least made a phone to her and Beth explains it happened quickly. Lizzie doesn’t understand how she could just marry a complete stranger and Beth tells her that she didn’t marry a stranger. Lizzie is visibly shaken when Beth tells her she married her grandfather.

Rick arrives at Alan’s hospital room wondering why Alan called him there and tells Alan if it is for a second opinion then he called the wrong person. Alan tells him to quit playing games that he knows damn well why he is there. Rick supposes it is about Phillip and Alan yells that he doesn’t know what kind of game he is up to but whatever it is it won’t work.

Dinah is sitting in her car thinking to herself that Vince lied to her and she thinks that lawyer and liar sound way too much alike. She just can’t figure out what he is lying to her about. She calls Edmund and leaves him a voice mail that she is on her way back to the farm. She believes she just needs to focus and get home on the couch. She is clearly very tired and just wants to pass out. As she is pulling out she hits another car. She gets out of the car upset and blames the other driver. She wonders who they had to bribe to get their drivers license and shouts that they should open there eyes while driving. She thinks it is the other person’s fault and digs in her purse for her phone. She plans on calling the police and filing a report but Mallet tells her not to bother the cops are there. He is the driver of the other car. Dinah sighs and puts the phone up.

Outside Company, Edmund is commiserating with Michelle about their love lives. He tells her that learning to live without Cassie is the hardest thing he has ever done. He tells her that he understands a little of what she is going through being without Danny. Michelle believes he does understand what she is going through. Edmund tells her that he thinks the best thing to do is take a deep breath and move on. He thinks the only thing she should worry about is having a healthy and happy baby.

Marina and Danny are walking up to Company. Marina tells Danny she just wants to make sure everything is under control at Company and she will grab some food and be his the rest of the night. Danny tells her that sounds good and they start kissing.

Edmund spots them and quickly has Michelle hide. Michelle doesn’t understand why but hides behind the building.

Edmund then calls out to Danny that he is just the person he was looking for. He wants to know if Danny has a few minutes and Danny tells him not really. Marina tells them that it is okay and she will meet him inside. Edmund tells Danny that he heard a townhouse was for sale on 5th street. He explains that Cassie and he are getting a divorce so he needs a place to stay. Danny tells him he didn’t know and empathizes with him. Edmund agrees it is tough and then tells Danny the same thing he told Michelle about taking a deep breath and moving on. Edmund points out that he and Michelle seem to have done that without looking back and Danny says yeah pretty much. He tells Edmund to call him in the morning and he will go over the specs of the townhouse with him. Edmund thanks him and Danny goes inside. Michelle then comes from behind the building, and Edmund wonders if she is okay. He points out that she looks rather pale and she says she is fine. She says the truth just hurts sometimes, and Edmund pretends to sympathize with her about it. He tells her they better get her out of there before Danny sees her and she agrees. He tells her he just needs to go check on Dinah inside company first. When he goes inside he expects to find her still passed out from the drug he gave her but finds she is gone. He cannot believe she is not where he left her. He is not happy about this turn of events and runs outside.

In the parking garage, Dinah is saying she should have known a guy with a badge would drive like he owns the road. Mallet is trying to get out the driver door of his car but Dinah’s car is blocking it, so he crawls out the passenger side. He wants to know what the hell she is doing. He cannot believe she hit him when they are not even on the road. He tells her she just hit him and wonders if she has been drinking. He thinks that is just great and makes a comment about a pregnant woman drinking and driving. Dinah starts to deny it but he interrupts, telling her not even her Major father can get her out of this. She denies drinking again and tells him she will walk a straight line for him. She tells him he should lighten up and calls him “officer”. Mallet corrects her saying it is “Detective” not officer. She assumes that makes him cooler and says the point is no one got hurt. She says that if she was going to run into someone “figuratively” He interrupts her saying it was literally pointing to his car. She finishes with she would be glad it was him. He wants to know why and she tells him because of his fine reputation of saving women in distress. She points to herself and says “Like moi? “ He tells her to forget it that he is out of that business. She thinks he should do one more for the road then and he tells her he is not in the mood to rescue anyone. He just wants to trade insurance numbers. Dinah wants him to admit he is just in a bad mood because he wasn’t the groom at Harley’s wedding. He sarcastically asks if the torment and hurt about the wedding shows. He tells her it is a good thing he ran into her then because nothing is better than getting love and marriage advice from an unmarried, pregnant ex con. He tells her to go ahead and hit him with the advice. Dinah goes to hit him and he blocks it. He tells her he meant “figuratively” too.

Danny and Marina are outside of company with food and beer. Marina wonders if he and Edmund were trading divorce war stories. Danny tells her they were briefly discussing moving on and not looking back. He thinks it helped to have a visual aide like kissing her. He then starts to kiss her and they are interrupted by Lizzie screaming from inside Company. You hear Lizzie saying “Don’t tell me to lower my voice” and she goes on to say that she thinks she should lock Beth up with Alan. She says Beth is just as crazy as he is. Coop walks up at this point and wonders what the hell is going on inside. Marina tells him good luck, and Danny tells him he will need it. Coop heads inside saying “Oh boy”.

Inside Company, Beth tells Lizzie not to talk to her that way. Lizzie cannot believe she married the man that killed her father and she tells Beth not to expect her to be polite when she married him. Beth thinks she should be because he is her granddad, and Lizzie tells her she doesn’t care. She thinks he is a murdering, nut job who deserves to be locked up. Lizzie doesn’t know if she should cry, throw up, or yell at the thought of them together. Beth tries to explain that what they have is different, but Lizzie doesn’t want to hear, see, or think about it. Beth tells her to open her eyes then and look at her but Lizzie can’t. Beth tells her that she is running the family now and she wants to make it something Lizzie can be proud of. She also tells Lizzie she wants her to quit wishing and pretending to be someone else. Lizzie cannot believe she did it for her and tells her she made a bad decision because she is never coming back there. She tells her there is nothing she can do or say to change her mind but Beth doesn’t believe that. Coop is standing there watching them argue when Beth pulls out something. Lizzie wonders what it is, and Beth tells her it is a blank check, it can be any amount she wants and to never say never.

Alan tells Rick that he knows he exhumed Phillip’s grave and Rick tells him of course he would know that he signed the order. He rubs it in that he didn’t know what he was signing when he signed the order. Alan tells him he would have done it anyway because he wanted them to look. He just didn’t know Rick would be the one to look. Rick tells Alan he can understand why he is upset and Alan says “Oh, really?” Rick thinks he is upset because he heard his report confirms Phillip is in his grave when he maintained all along that he was alive. Rick tells him obviously it is very painful for him and that is why he is in a mental hospital. Alan wants to know why Rick is saying all these things to him and doing this. Rick plays dumb and pretends not to know what Alan is talking about. Alan doesn’t understand how Phillip’s best friend can be walking around telling everyone Phillip is dead when they both know he is alive. Rick tells him if he keeps talking like this then he will never get out of the hospital and he wants to know if Alan understands. Alan doesn’t think Rick can make that happen, and Rick informs him it is already done because that is what Phillip would have wanted.

Alan wants to know what would make Rick think this is what Phillip would want and asks if Rick has been talking to him. Rick says oh yeah all the time, and jokes that they have been having one way conversations, like he has been having with himself in the hospital. Rick tells him it is like he said, Phillip was his best friend and he misses him. Alan tells him they both know Phillip was not in the casket. Rick tells him he has plenty of time on his hands to read the report Rick filed. He tells him he will send him a copy. Alan tells him to go on and enjoy himself that he will bide his time here. He explains he can take care of his outside needs from right here in the hospital. Rick tells him whatever makes him happy, and Alan thinks it is funny he should mention happiness. Alan starts playing with his wedding ring and he tells Rick that he has not been this happy in a long time. Rick wants to know what is making him so happy so Alan asks if he is going to congratulate the groom and shows his wedding ring. He tells Rick that he knows the bride very well. Rick looks extremely shocked.

Lizzie is looking at the check and she wants to know why Beth is doing this. Beth tells her she will only get hurt pretending she can live like the Coopers. She doesn’t think Lizzie is built for it and that she will hurt anyone who tries to help her. Lizzie wonders if she means Coop. Beth tells her if she comes home then the check is hers. She says she just wants her to be happy. Coop walks up and he asks if everything is okay, and Lizzie tells him it is just another typical Spaulding day. She explains that her mom is trying to bribe her to stay away from him. Lizzie explains that her mom doesn’t know she has a job now. Beth is shocked and she wants to know where Lizzie is working. Lizzie tells her she is the newest employee at WSPR. Beth wonders what she will be doing and Lizzie tells her something important. Coop agrees that one day she will be doing something important there. Beth tries to ruin it by telling her she will be making coffee, and copies, and she won’t be making that much money doing it. She tells her she can have whatever amount she wants right now if she comes home. She thinks she is making her a wonderful offer but Lizzie doesn’t agree. Lizzie thinks she is trying to take away everything she tried to do on her own. Lizzie knew what she was giving up when she left and she reminds her mom that she and dad gave up everything once too. Lizzie says obviously money wasn’t an issue but they wanted other things, like getting married. Beth calls her by her full name Elizabeth Lillian Spaulding and wonders if she is thinking of marriage. Lizzie doesn’t think it is any of her business because she is of age. Coop is looking very uncomfortable now with where the conversation is heading. Lizzie cannot believe she is questioning her judgment when she just married her crazy granddad. Beth tries to get a word in but can’t, Lizzie tells her to leave her alone that she is not going to talk about this and walks away. Coop hands Beth the check and says Lizzie is priceless. Beth tells him for once they agree on something. She tells him it is not Beth anymore it is Mrs. Spaulding, Mrs. Alan Spaulding she tells him not to forget it. Coop is amazed by this and goes over to Lizzie. He starts to say something about it but Lizzie stops him. She begs him not to say it.

Mallet tells Dinah if she didn’t look like a Macy’s balloon her wouldn’t be so nice to hear. Dinah can’t believe this is him being nice. He informs her normally when someone hits his car and tries to take a swing at him they don’t get off this easily. Dinah laughs and starts to walk away and Mallet yells after her to stop. He wants to know where she is going.

Danny cannot believe Marina has finished her burger already and she explains it is hard work being a bridesmaid. She complains about wearing this dress and he tells her there is something to be said for a beautiful girl wearing a dress like that with s stray drop of ketchup. She doesn’t know what he means by that and he leans in to kiss the pretend ketchup away. He tells her not to move and comments that her lips are sexy. Marina asks if that turns him on and he tells her everything about her does. He wonders if she is turned on and she tells him the look in his eyes is working for her. She reminds him he promised her a night out and she wonders if he has anything planned. Danny tells her with a grin he has lots of ideas. He wants to just see where the night takes them and he asks if she is okay with that. Marina wants to take the night back out to his place.

Edmund has taken Michelle to his suite at towers and she tells him he didn’t have to do that. He tells her he just wants to help and offers her a seat. He tells her she doesn’t have to worry about being spotted here or answer any questions. Michelle says okay but she thinks he has his hands full with Dinah. Edmund tells her Dinah is fine and he asks her to please get off her feet. Michelle thinks he should go look for Dinah but he says Cassie is probably already with her at the farm. Michelle thinks it must be a wonderful feeling to be taken care of and know the baby you are carrying is wanted. Edmund tells Michelle he admires what she is doing because of how hard it must be to go through being pregnant alone. He offers to help in any way he can and Michelle wonders what he means by that. He tells her to start with a glass of water and he gets her some water. He tells her he will order her a feast from room service because she needs to keep up her strength. Michelle likes this side to Edmund and he says impending fatherhood has changed him. Michelle says it changed Danny too when Robbie was born. She gets mad at herself for bring up Danny again because she is still thinking about him like he was hers. She excuses herself to go splash water on her face and pull herself together. Edmund tells her he wants to protect her and take care of her, whatever she needs, anything the baby needs. Michelle thinks that is nice and Edmund asks her to let him take care of her and the baby. Michelle wants to know if he really means it and he tells her he promises and he tells her she won’t regret it.

Danny and Marina are in the hall at The Beacon making out. He tells her to close her eyes and opens the door to the room. When they go in the room is all lit up with candles. Marina is touched and Danny tells her he called ahead. He wants tonight to be special and he offers her some champagne. She tells him it is wonderful but declines the champagne. Danny tells her he just wants her to be comfortable and they start kissing. Marina tells him she is and Danny asks what he can do. She tells him he can unzip her dress.

Edmund wonders when Michelle is do and she tells him soon. He wonders if anyone else knows and she tells him Rick, Bill, and Olivia know because she was staying with Bill and Olivia. She mentions that it has been crowded though and she will be leaving soon. Michelle thinks she was crazy for coming back to Springfield thinking she could hide that she is pregnant. Edmund tells her it can be done and offers to help her. He offers to let her stay in suite but Michelle is not so sure about this. He explains he will be staying at the farm taking care of Dinah and the baby when it is born. Michelle can’t believe he would do this for her and he says he has just been getting paternal these days. Michelle seems unsure what she wants to do and then there is a knock at the door. Edmund goes to answer the door and it is Dinah.

Lizzie calls Alan her step granddad and contemplates the fact that her mom is now her step grandmother. She starts to have a panic attack and Coop reminds her he is Dr. Bradshaw trying to calm her down. He offers her water and of course Lizzie wants the fancy kind. Lizzie says all these years she thought she was the crazy one and Coop hands her the water. He tries to get her to drink it and calm down but she starts going on about the grown-ups being the crazy ones. She thinks that is why she always felt so alone growing up. Coop reminds her she is not alone now that she has him. He thinks this is her chance to build her life away from all of them and she starts rambling about losing her family and her money. She thinks her mom marrying her granddad, who killed her father, is like the plays where they walk around in tights. Coop tries to calm her down he tells her things with get better and to trust him. Lizzie looks like she has an idea and she starts to breathe normally. Coop thinks that is a good start but Lizzie says it is just the beginning of the war.

Rick cannot believe that Alan got married in a mental institution and picks on Alan about marrying a patient. Alan explains it is not a patient and Rick wonders who in there right mind would marry Alan. He thinks the only reason someone would marry him is for his money and even that is a stretch. Alan tells him he would be surprised but Rick doesn’t think so. Beth walks in at that moment saying “Hi, honey, I'M...” Rick and Beth stare at each other in shock and Alan looks pleased.

Alan calls Beth sweetheart and he says look who came to pay me a visit. Rick clearly cannot believe what he is seeing. He thinks it is a joke and begs Beth to tell him it is not true, but Beth says looks like Alan has told you the good news. Alan asks Rick isn’t it wonderful, and Rick says that is not the word he would have used. He still wants Beth to tell him this is a joke. He doesn’t think this is something that Beth would do ever. She tells him not to judge her and he says who cares what he thinks and he starts to say If Phillip knew he catches himself and Alan asks what. Rick covers by saying he would turn over in his grave. Alan supposed he would if he knew. Rick tells Beth he wants to talk to her now and he takes her out in the hall.

He thinks Alan threatened or forced her into this marriage, but Beth assures him that Alan did not threaten or force her. She says it was her choice but Rick doesn’t believe her. She explains that she is doing this for the power and the chance to run the family. She thinks she knows what she is doing. Rick clearly doesn’t agree and is worried about what happens when Phillip finds out. Rick tells her if she trusts him she needs to get out of this marriage now. Beth doesn’t understand and refuses to unless he gives her a good reason. He tells her maybe he can give her one.

Lizzie thinks her mom wants to play hardball and decides she will too. Coop is trying to stop her from thinking like this but she says they respect an eye for an eye kind of thing. Coop tells her to stop that is their world and he reminds her she is trying to get away from that. He says that’s the way they are and reminds her she doesn’t want to turn out like them. Lizzie thinks the harder she tries and the faster she runs the more like them she becomes. Coop thinks she needs to live life her way and she should do things the way she wants, the way they want meaning him and her. He doesn’t think they need her parents help. Lizzie agrees, and says they have a million things going for them. She thinks they should just live life their way and leave the rest of them and their mistakes behind. Coop tells her to let her mom know she doesn’t need to hand out paycheck and she can shove them. Lizzie starts to have another panic attack and he gets her to calm down again. He tells her he is proud of her and so what if her mom married her granddad. Lizzie rolls her eyes at this as Coop walks to the bar.

Mallet is at the bar and Coop asks him how he is doing. Mallet says hey and asks how it is going. Coop says he is breathing and they look over at Lizzie. Mallet says oh yeah “Little Lizzie Spaulding” and he talks about how he remembers when she was born. Coop thinks wow and looks at Mallet like he is really old. Mallet tells Coop to take care of himself.

Lizzie is at the table talking to herself. She is repeating so what if my mom married my granddad. She is telling herself as long as she doesn’t react everything will be ok. She decides to ignore them and she thinks that is how she will get her revenge. Then she says to herself “Besides, who needs... needs... revenge?” She is looking at Coop with a glint in her eye as she says this. It looks like Lizzie just had a brilliant idea.

Edmund asks Dinah what she is doing here and Dinah wonders why he doesn’t say “Dinah, what a lovely surprise, I was worried about you." Edmund tells her he was worried about her and he mentions her disappearing. She wants to go in the suite and sit down but he pushes her into the hall. He tells her his lawyer is there to discuss some things. Dinah wonders if this is the same lawyer she saw in the parking garage because offered her a ride on his way home. Edmund explains that Vince saw his car and decided to stop and work some things out. Dinah says she is sorry to interrupt and that he sounds like he is busy. He tells her very and Dinah say hopefully not too busy to share his affections. He gives her a hug and says never, he is thrilled to see her and that he hopes she will sleep well. He tells her he will call her tomorrow and shuts the door to the room. Dinah stands outside for a minute wondering what he is up to.

Edmund tells Michelle she can come out everything is ok. Michelle cannot believe she is hiding like a criminal. Edmund offers again to help her out and he tells her if it makes her uneasy he will take her back to Danny. After talking about it some more she decides to let him help her on one condition.

Marina unzips her dress and takes it off. When she turns to face Danny all he can say is wow. Marina jokes is that the best he can do and Danny tells her she just makes him feel ….wow. Marina tells him she doesn’t want to wait anymore and Danny wonders if she is sure. Marina tells him she has been sure for a long time and they start kissing. Danny tells her he has wanted her so much and Marina tells him he had her but she was afraid. She starts unbuttoning his shirt and Danny wonders what she was afraid of. She explains she was afraid that he couldn’t…. She takes off Danny’s shirt and Danny tells her he is all hers that she made it so easy for him to fall in love with her. She made him feel needed and happy again. She makes him want to get up in the morning and to look forward to his day. He just wants to be the best person he can be for her. Marina loves him just the way he is and tells him he does not need to change for her, ever. Danny thinks he is so lucky and pushes her bra strap down. Marina says they are so lucky and Danny takes her bra off as they kiss some more.

Dinah walks into Company and Mallet sneers at her. Dinah mumbles to herself that is just what she needs. She thinks he is so obnoxious he makes Jeffery look good. Lizzie calls Dinah over and tells her to have a seat. Lizzie tells Dinah “There’s something I bet you know right off the top of that pregnant little head. “ Dinah wonders what she wants to know. Lizzie asks Dinah how much an engagement ring costs. She doesn’t want anything flashy just something that will be noticed, and Dinah wants to know why Lizzie is asking her, so Lizzie points to her pregnant belly and says “one of those” she points to her ring finger and says “and none of these means you're still on the market. I'm sure you've done your research.” Dinah thinks she has nerve saying that to her and calls her on it. Lizzie says thank you and points out from what she remembers Dinah has nerve too. Dinah tells her she is getting married soon, and Lizzie says that is just something else they have in common.

Coop tells Mallet he is not the first person to look at Lizzie Spaulding and roll his eyes and wish him luck. He says he knows everyone thinks she is a handful and Mallet tells him some women are. Coop thinks some mean like that and Mallet says yeah don’t I know it. Coop agrees that Lizzie is a brat and a whiner but there is more to her than that. Mallet tells Coop there always is and raises her beer to him. Coop thinks she got a raw deal growing up and that her family is crazy. He is glad one of them is locked up and they toast to Alan being there for a long time.

Alan is listening to Beth and Rick argue outside the door. Rick ends with fine do whatever you want and Beth comes in the room. Alan quickly goes to the window to pretend he wasn’t listening. When Beth comes in he asks her if Rick upset her and she says she is fine. Alan mentions that Rick seemed very concerned and Beth explains he is not happy with their news. Alan is not surprised. Beth explains that Rick thinks he is taking advantage of her somehow and she tells him she asked Rick point blank if there was a reason he feels that way. Alan is sure Rick came up with a few and Beth tells him nothing new. Alan reminds her that most people are not going to understand why they are together and Beth says she doesn’t care about most people. Alan tells her he is glad to hear that and he doesn’t doubt this is going to work out. Beth agrees and she says they have a lot to offer each other.

Marina and Danny are lying in bed and all they can say is wow. Marina tells him he was amazing and Danny says she inspired him. Marina wonders what they were waiting for and decides it was dumb to wait. He tells her it was the right thing to do and it was worth the wait. Marina is lying with her head on his chest not saying anything. Danny laughs and says “Hello?” Marina tells him she is thinking and he tells her to stop thinking. Marina says she has no regrets, no doubts, and no fears but… Danny wonders what she is thinking about and she jokes that if she had known then what she knows now, she would have done this months ago. Danny tells her she thinks and talks too much and kisses her.

Michelle agrees to stay in Edmund’s suite but she tells him it is just till she can figure out what she is going to do. She just wants to be somewhere safe until she decides. Edmund tells her she has a safe place but he wants to know what her condition is, so she tells him he has to let her pay him back someday. She makes him promise he will let her do something for him. He plays coy but he says okay with an evil gleam in his eyes.

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