Guiding Light Update Monday 8/22/05


Written By Jennie 
Pictures by Boo

Outside of Company, Cassie tells Jeffrey that she always wanted to have a boyfriend in the band. He tells her it is her lucky day and she agrees. He informs her that she isn't getting out of their deal and she still has to sing.

Inside, Edmund stares at the TV where Jeffrey and Cassie are cozy together outside and begins to throw his beer at the TV as Dinah walks in and asks what he is doing.

Back outside, Cassie that she can’t sing if she hides the microphone and takes it and walks away, he follows and they playfully fight over it as Reva and Josh watch. Reva tells Josh that they make a cute couple. Josh agrees that they have a happy new couple look about them. She goads, not like them because they are just the same old Josh and Reva and he tells her that things change and stuff happens. Josh says to look at them over the past few weeks and Reva says she would rather not. Josh starts to walk away and Reva follows and tells Josh that she would like not to think over the past couple of weeks and just be happy. Josh asks if she means it and says that they should be happy for Gus and Harley and Reva says they should be happy for them. She leads Josh out onto the dance floor.

Coop and Lizzie watch Reva and Josh dance and Lizzie says that it is cool how they can stay together. Coop answers that you just have to keep things interesting and Lizzie says that she can do that and puts down her purse and puts her arms around Coop. The wedding card for Gus and Harley clearly sticks out of her purse and Coop says she can and pulls away from her. He picks up her purse and she says she can explain. Coop declares that while everyone else was lining up to kiss the bride, Lizzie was stealing from her.

At the institute, Beth introduces Alan to Rev. Cartwright. The Reverend says he has done weddings many places but that this is a first. He says there is one thing he has to know before he can proceed and asks Beth and Alan if Alan is competent enough to get married. Alan starts to ask the Reverend if he knows who he is but Beth stops him and says that she made sure that Alan’s nurse was there to reassure the Reverend that Alan was sane. She goes to the door and Lillian comes in her white doctor’s coat and tells the Reverend that she can attest that Alan is not the crazy one. Beth gives her a look.

Back at Company, Marina tells Danny that she loves weddings. Danny says he could tell the way that she practically tackled everyone to catch the bouquet. She says it was instinct and he asks if she played football in high school. Marina tells him “tight end” with a little giggle and he smiles mischievously. She tells him that she is pushing for a proposal and Danny asks who said she was. Marina kids with him that they haven’t even moved in together yet and what makes him think that she would buy a used car without giving it a test drive. Danny jokes that he is used now and Marina tells him just pre-owned. She gets serious and asks Danny if he is upset that she invited Michelle to the wedding. He says it is not a problem and Marina says she just wants to make sure that they are all up front and honest with each other.

Michelle walks up at the front of Company in a dress that clearly shows she is pregnant and says to herself that Bill is right, Danny deserves to know that he may be a father again.

Edmund asks Dinah what she is doing there and she says looking for him and that she found him. Dinah asks Edmund if he is still in love with Cassie and he says no that he was just looking at the monitor wondering what it was going to be like to wipe the smile off of her face. Dinah tells Edmund that she doesn’t believe him and picks up a beer. Edmund says that Cassie killed any love he had for her as soon as she started sleeping with Jeffrey and Dinah asks him why he is there then. Edmund says that he is only there to make sure that Cassie is happy before they make her miserable by telling her that there is no baby. Dinah asks why he was going to throw the bottle at the television then and Edmund says he was just raising a toast to Jeffrey and Cassie.

Danny and Marina are dancing and Danny tells Marina that he loves her very much, Marina tells him that she loves him also. He says that she doesn’t know how good it feels to start fresh and escape all of the baggage from his past. They start to kiss as Michelle walks up behind them. They both see she is pregnant. Danny asks Michelle why she didn’t tell him and she says that she didn’t want to burden him. He asks her if she thought that he would just turn his back on her and she tells him, she isn’t sure who the father is. He tells her that it doesn’t matter and she asks about Marina. Danny takes Michelle’s hands and tells her that he couldn’t live with himself if he didn’t do the right thing, even if that meant letting Marina go. The camera pans to Michelle and you see it was all a fantasy. She asks herself if she can really do this to Danny.

Lizzie tells Coop that she wasn’t stealing the money she was just going to borrow it. He asks why she was borrowing from Gus and Harley’s wedding gifts. Lizzie tells him that she didn’t get them anything and that they would notice if she got them something nice. Coop asks her if she really was going to steal money from them to buy them a gift and starts to say that the idea was crazy. Lizzie gets upset at the thought of Coop thinking she was crazy. Coop says that he just doesn’t understand why she thought she had to do something like that. Lizzie tells him that she was sure that they would expect something nice from her and Coop asks about Company. Lizzie wants to know what about it and Coop says that her giving the family back Company was the nicest gift that she could have given. Lizzie tells Coop that he may not understand but that large extravagant gestures are what she is used to.

Josh and Reva exit the dance floor laughing. Josh asks if he stepped on her foot and she says yes but that is was her fault because she was probably leading. Josh says that is normal and Reva says that she likes it better when he leads. The start dancing again and Reva says she remembers the first time that they danced in Miss Martha’s parlor, listening to Trish’s Carpenter’s records on her brand new stereo.. Josh asks if he stepped on her foot back then and Reva says that she probably stepped on his. Reva says that so much has happened since then and just when you think everything is okay... she cuts herself off and tells Josh to nevermind her and not to let her drink anymore. Reva says that she has to stop thinking about Nate because when she thinks about him he wins and she isn’t going to let anyone, especially a ghost come between them again.

Alan says that it is time to get the ceremony underway. Beth stands next to Alan and the Reverend says they seem in a rush. Beth tells him that they are so much in love and have waited so long for this day. The Reverend says that there is still a matter of Alan’s competency and they ask Lillian again for her opinion. Beth begs Lillian to agree and she tells the Reverend that Alan is suffering from acute depression brought on by Phillips murder but that there is no medical reason to keep them from getting married. Alan thanks Lillian, and Beth says that since she is traditional she needs to wear white on her wedding and asks Lillian if she can wear her lab coat. As Lillian is taking it off, Beth thanks her and Lillian says that if she can’t stop this “train wreck” she guesses she has to witness it. The Reverend asks if Alan has the rings and Alan says he doesn’t but Beth tells them that she does and holds up Alan’s parent’s rings. Alan asks about them and Bet says she didn’t think that Harley and Gus would need them. Alan tells her good thinking and Lillian shakes her head. Beth goes to kiss Alan on the cheek and whispers to him she saw the piece Alan had Vince Russo put in “The Mirror”. She tells him that it is okay though since he is not the only one with an agenda. They tell the Reverend that they want to get started and he starts the ceremony.

Cassie starts to walk off and Jeffrey catches her and asks her where she is going. Cassie again tells him that he doesn’t want her to sing and he tells her that she isn’t that bad. She asks if he is tone deaf and he tells her to think of it as practice. Cassie says she will practice anyplace but there. Jeffrey tells her that their deal was if his band sang at the wedding Cassie would sing. She asks if he will not let her out of it one more time and when he says no she says then she has a condition for him. He starts to argue but she tells him he will like this condition. Cassie tells him that if she sings he has to take her back to his apartment and give her a lesson in the shower. He smiles and she tells him she knew he would like her condition.

Inside Company, Dinah tells Edmund that she is sorry that she doubted him but that she just wants her happy ending. Edmund tells her that she will get it and Dinah asks him to swear. Edmund swears to her that Cassie will get the heartache she deserves and that Dinah will get the farm. Dinah says and him which is the best part of all and he tells her that she already has him. His phone rings and he says it is his lawyer, probably with news about the divorce and he excuses himself. Vince tells him that he has good news and if he meets him, he will tell him. Edmund agrees and turns around to find Dinah. He lies to Dinah that Russo found a judge that will push their case through and that he has to meet him. He tells Dinah to get to bed and she says that first she wants one dance. He agrees but says that he will get her a drink first to relieve stress and puts a drop full of something in her drink.

Edmund watches Jeffrey and Cassie on the screen again and looks at the bottle of whatever he put in Dinah’s drink. She whistles and says her drink is strong. Edmund asks if he can get her anything else and she says no, just the dance. She gets up and starts to dance with Edmund but almost immediately passes out. Edmund picks her up and carries her to the booth where he fixes her sunglasses on her face and makes it look like she just fell asleep.

Jeffrey introduces his band as Stakeout, the wedding band and introduces their new wedding singer, Cassie. Josh tells Reva that he didn’t know that Cassie could sing and Reva tells him that she can’t. Jeffrey starts to sing and Cassie just stand there and dances, every occasionally singing a word or two.

The Reverend pronounces Alan and Beth husband and wife and tells them they he can kiss the bride and Lillian sobs. Beth thanks her for the use of her coat and tells her to stop crying before she makes the minister suspicious. Alan thanks her and Lillian threatens him if he hurts her child. Alan tells her that he never will. She tells him to remember that she has access to little, mean, surgical instruments. Beth asks her to show the Reverend out and Lillian does telling Alan and Beth that since visiting hours are almost over the honeymoon can’t happen tonight. Beth apologizes to Alan for Lillian and Alan says it is okay because he knows that she loves Beth. Beth tells Alan that she just doesn’t understand. Alan says most people wouldn’t and Beth asks if Phillip would. Alan tells Beth that Phillip is dead and that he was just saying that to keep himself out of prison. Beth says she is glad he feels that way since there was something she wanted to tell him. She informs him that they opened Phillip’s grave.

Inside Company, Edmund arranges Dinah, while outside Michelle paces back and forth. She starts to walk out back and stops herself again. She tells herself that she can do it and walks toward the back as Edmund leaves through the front door.

Out back, Danny and Marina talk about Harley and Gus’s honeymoon. Danny asks how jealous are they and Marina says that they deserve their piece of paradise. Danny says they could take off for a while. Marina asks about Michelle and he says that he is not the one who invited her and he doesn’t need to see her. Danny tells Marina he was hoping that Michelle would show up so he could show her that he was over Michelle. He says that he thinks Marina knows that already though and kisses her. Danny asks her where they should go and Marina says she has an idea. They leave as Michelle watches from the side.

Cassie motions at Reva to join her onstage and Reva goes up and helps Cassie sing what little backup she is singing. Josh watches and smiles lovingly.

Coop asks how hands on Josh is at WSPR. Josh says not much but that he does watch what goes on there. Coop tells Josh he has a proposition about a new hire and Josh asks how soon this position needs to be filled. Coop says it is for a friend who needs a break, but that she doesn’t have a lot of experience. Josh correctly guesses it is Lizzie and Coop stands up for her saying that she needs something to break out with. He says she is great at makeup, has great fashion sense, and can make a great cup of coffee. Josh tells him that it is wonderful that he wants to do this and Coop says it is what she needs. Josh offers him advice and tells him to ask her because she may need something a little different and looks back at Reva.

Beth tells Alan that Rick opened the coffin and confirmed Phillip was dead. Alan asks if Rick made the ID and Beth asks why? Alan says that he didn’t think that Rick would be able to put his emotions aside and do it. Alan says he underestimated Rick. Beth tells Alan that as much as she misses Phillip she is glad that she knows so that they can move on. They toast with champagne and Alan and Beth say they are going to move on together.

Edmund finds Vince Russo at the parking garage under Cedars. Vince yells at Edmund for taking his time and Edmund says he had business to attend to. Vince says he does also and says that Edmund is not his only client. He mentions Alan and Edmund wants to know why someone in an insane asylum would need a lawyer like Vince. He asks if it is because Alan says that Phillip is still alive. Vince asks if Edmund ever heard of attorney/client privilege but then says that who would believe Alan locked Phillip in a room with a doctor and a nurse. Edmund guesses that Alan was telling the truth and Vince says his lips are sealed. He also tells Edmund that Alan fixed the room up to look like the Spaulding boardroom. Edmund asks why Vince called him and he tells Edmund that he has a line on a baby. Edmund is happy until he tells him that it will be a couple of months. Edmund says he doesn’t have a couple of months. Vince says that these things take time and asks if Edmund wants him to donate to a sperm bank in exchange for a baby. Edmund says that if that is what it will take then to do it.

Marina takes Danny up to the treehouse that Frank built for Harley when they were little. She tells him that if you are quiet you can hear Laurel Falls. She asks him if he can hear it and he kisses her neck. She tries to tell him more and he continues to kiss her. He says it is nice and that he always wanted a place like that when he was a kid, Marina says she wanted a playhouse and they both agree that neither one had a normal childhood. Danny says it is okay though because everything that he went through in life brought him to where he is right no and he likes where he is. Marina agrees.

Michelle starts to leave Company when she runs into Edmund who tells her that he was just thinking of her.

Lillian comes back into Alan’s room and takes the Champagne away from Alan and Beth. Alan swears to Lillian that he will be good to both of them. Beth tells Alan that with any luck at all she may find away to get him out of there. After they leave Lillian asks Beth if she really meant that and Beth says of course not, that Alan will never get out and that is why the marriage is going to work. Lillian looks happier.

Jeffrey tells Cassie and Reva that they did great. Cassie thanks Reva for helping her and Reva tells her she was doing just fine on her own. Cassie makes a joke about scaring stray dogs away and chides Jeffrey for liking to see her make a fool out of herself. Cassie says that thank goodness her sister is an exhibitionist and Reva kids about hogging the spotlight. Jeffrey tells her that they are looking for another singer and that everyone likes her. Reva says not everyone and excuses herself to go over to Josh. Reva tells Josh not to say it, that she will say it for him. She continues by saying that he was going to say that “there she goes again, making a complete fool out of herself”. Josh says he didn’t say any of that and Reva says he was just thinking it. Josh tells Reva that she was the one thinking it and that is why she toned it down while she was onstage. Reva says that is what he would have wanted and Josh tells her that she doesn’t know him at all.

Lizzie gets excited that Coop got her a job. Coop tells her that it is just an interview, but that he has faith in her. He tells her that knowing her it will only be a few short months before she is running things. Lizzie acts all snooty saying well of course, and they both laugh. Lizzie gets all excited thinking of all the kinds of shows she could host, including cooking with stars and pampering tips for pets. She grabs him and hugs him.

Dinah stumbles out and asks Cassie and Jeffrey if they have seen Edmund. Cassie asks Dinah what she is doing there since she is supposed to be on bedrest and Dinah tells her to shut up, that she is sick of people treating her like she is an invalid. Dinah staggers over to the food table and Jeffrey and Cassie follow. Cassie tells her that she isn’t treating her like an invalid and Dinah smarts off. Cassie asks her if she has been drinking.

Cassie asks Dinah if she is sure she hasn’t been drinking and Dinah says no, but that she can’t wait to give birth so she can go out and drink a lot of Cosmo’s. Cassie says she is almost done with the pregnancy and tells Dinah to let her take her back to the farm. Dinah starts to get ill and walks off and Cassie starts to follow but Jeffrey stops her and tells her to let Edmund take care of her since they have a date. Cassie agrees and they leave together.

Reva asks Josh if he really thinks that she doesn’t know him after all these years together. Josh tells her that she was toning it down on stage because she thought that it was what he wanted. She asks if it wasn’t and he says that if he wanted “Reva Lite” he wouldn’t be with her at all. Reva says that there is no satisfying him and Josh says that she is the one who is hard to please. Reva says that she knew that they would get back to the Nate thing and Josh says it has nothing to do with Nate but with her not trusting what they have. Reva says she is trying and Josh says maybe she shouldn’t try so hard. Reva tells him that maybe she shouldn’t try at all and storms off.

Alan calls Rick from his cell and tells him he hears that he has been a very busy boy and hopes that he isn’t too busy to come and visit him for Phillips sake.

Outside of Cedar’s Dinah bangs on a door and wonders where Edmund is. Vince Russo walks up to her and Dinah says he is the man who is going to get her back her farmhouse. He acts like he doesn’t know what she is talking about but then tries to recover. He tells her to trust him and Dinah agrees but when he walks away, she says he is lying to her and she bets Edmund is too.

Up in the treehouse, Danny says that he thinks they should get back. Marina asks if they have to and Danny says they can let Buzz clean up everything himself. Marina grudgingly agrees, but says she wishes they could stay there forever. Danny says that would be fine with him and Marina tells him he would get bored. Danny says he wouldn’t and Marina agrees with him and tells him that she is a lot of fun. Danny tells her that she is and starts to kiss her again. Marina says they need to go now or else they never will. He tells her to go first and watches her leave.

Edmund tells Michelle it must be difficult for her without Tony and when Michelle asks why he says that to raise the child alone without the father. She hesitates and he realizes that Tony may not be the father. Michelle says that they don’t know each other enough to talk about this and she says that she is going to get going. Edmund stops her and tells her that they are in the same boat with babies on the way and not being with the people they love. Edmund tells her that he loves Cassie but he knows he can never make her happy and asks if it is the same way with her and Danny. Michelle tells him sort of and Edmund asks if it is because of Marina. Michelle says yes that Danny is happy with her and Edmund says that things work out for the best and that things happen for a reason as he stares at her stomach.

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