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Pictures by Amanda

Outside of Company, The wedding has begun, Mel walks down the isle first on her way she gives Zach and Jude high five. Next Blake walks down the isle smiling at Ross. Then it is Cassie. She is smiling at Jeffery when their gazes meet. Marina is next down the isle; she smiles at Frank and then Danny. Gus looks worried when Harley doesn’t come out next.

Inside Company, Rick walks in and calls for Harley. Buzz tells her no as she goes to Rick. He tells her all systems are a go and she needs to get out there. Harley asks him to give them just a second. Buzz cannot believe this is happening. Harley tells him again it will only take a second. Buzz leaves and Rick tells Harley she looks beautiful. She asks if he did it. He tells her yes that he opened his best friends casket and looked inside.

Mallet is in a parking garage on the phone. He tells the person yes he is talking about Phillip Spaulding. He says yes the guy that was killed. He then corrects that to well supposedly killed. He tells him he just wanted to send the photo over and see if anything turns up. The person on the other end agrees to this. Mallet thanks them and then he realizes his tires are slashed. He pulls his gun and starts looking around and someone runs by him. He chases them up the stairs calling out Phillip’s name.

Harley wants to know what he found. She wonders if the casket was empty and Phillip is alive or was he in there. Rick tells her that he was in the casket that Phillip is dead. He tells her that Alan killed him and Harley runs out of Company. Buzz and Rick yell after her but she doesn’t stop. Coop and Danny walk up to Gus and them wondering where Harley is. Blake says she knew it and Cassie tells her not to start that they just left Harley and she was happy and ready to get married. Blake thinks this is just like before and she is worried the same thing is going to happen. Cassie tells her to be quiet. Gus walks away from the front like he is going to look for Harley and Frank stops him. Gus asks Frank what Frank tells him not to do it and Gus says he just wants to see if she is okay. Harley walks up the where the isle starts and grins at Gus.

Gus tells everyone that is just his bride telling him in secret code that she is ready to get married. He asks Harley is he is right and she says yes. Harley tells him of course she is and Buzz runs up saying not without him. Harley realizes she forgot about Buzz walking her down the isle. They start down the isle and Harley sees the boys. She asks Zach if he wants to come with them and both boys join them. A song is playing in the background.

Only you can make this world seem right

Only you and you alone

Can thrill me like you do and fill my heart with love

For only you….

Mallet is looking around and cannot find anyone. He kicks over a trash can and says Damn it.

Lizzie and Alex run into Company and see Rick. Lizzie is worried they are late and wonders if they have started yet. Rick tells her it just began and Lizzie can see that he is upset. She wonders what is wrong and tells him he looks like he lost his best friend. She tells him it is a wedding and he should smile. Alex says they better head outside before they miss it. She tells Lizzie to come on and Rick heads out to the wedding. Lizzie realizes she forgot a wedding gift, and Alex tells her she has plenty of time to send them a gift. Lizzie wonders how much one spends on a wedding gift. Alex tells her about 1000 dollars but they won’t expect her to be so extravagant because of her situation. Lizzie says what situation, the fact that her mom cut her off and she has no money. Alex offers to let her go to Egan’s and charge something on her account, but Lizzie turns her down and tells her she will figure it out on her own. Alex tells her okay and they head out to the wedding.

Alan is in his room looking at a newspaper heading and he has a big grin on his face. It looks like a heading about his and Beth’s engagement.

Rick goes and sits down beside Beth and Beth wonders why he is upset. Rick tells her he will tell her later but the exhumation order falls out of his pocket as he gets a handkerchief. Beth picks it up and realizes what it is. She cannot believe that he opened Phillip’s coffin. He tells her that he had no choice that Alan signed the order. Beth asks if he saw Phillip and Rick tells her yes he did. Rick wonders if she thought Phillip was alive and she tells him no but she had hoped.

Ross asks Gus if he is ready and Gus tells him he was ready a year ago. Zach pipes in that yeah it should have been a year ago. Harley tells the boys to sit with grandpa and Marina.

Ross gives a speech to welcome everyone to Gus and Harley's wedding. He talks about how they are shining examples of what it is to hang on to hope in the face of incredible adversity. He talks about their love just growing during all their challenges. He compares them to stare crossed lovers. He thinks it is great that they are here in front of all their friends and God stronger than ever after all that has happened. He tells them that he is confident that he speaks for all who love them when he says that it is a privilege to be there with them today, for it is a joy to witness the beginning of a new and wonderful, and hopefully less eventful, chapter in their lives together. Harley is tearing up and Zach grabs Jude’s hand.

Ross starts the wedding by telling them that the good book tells them they should not enter into marriage lightly and that they have taken that advice to heart. He knows they have not entered into this commitment without a great deal of thought. He reminds them they have written their own vows to show this. He tells them the moment for this has no arrived and tells Harley to begin.

Harley tells Gus she thinks he will like these vows much better than the last. They laugh and you hear Harley’s voice saying, she cannot believe they have finally made it here and wants Gus to pinch her to prove it wasn't a dream. Mallet is in Company watching them on the monitor. She says if it is dream she wants to stay in it forever because it almost didn't happen. She tells him he made and mistake (the camera flashes on Alex’s face) and then she made one too, and she couldn't forgive him because she was afraid. She tells him she was afraid because she loves him with all her heart and she was hurt by love in the past. The scene goes back to Mallet watching them on the monitor and he obviously feels guilty for hurting her in the past. Harley says she is not afraid anymore and Mallet wonders how he will tell her Phillip is alive. Harley tells Gus …..Because she is ready to spend the rest of her life with the most wonderful man in the world. She tells him she loves the way he looks at her, like right now. The scene flashes to Cassie and Jeffery looking cozy. Harley thinks he looks at her like she is the only one in the room. She tells him they have been together for a long time, and still when he looks at her like that, her heart…she tells him thank you, for opening his heart to her and her children. She thanks him for loving her children. The camera goes to Zach and Jude. Zach has his fingers in his mouth like he is chewing on them. Harley tells him that is a sign of a real man. She tells him she couldn’t love anyone the way she loves him. The scene flashes to Mallet looking upset. When Harley tells Gus “You kept me calm when I was frightened and alone, and so now, here in front of god and all these beautiful and handsome people, I, Harley Cooper, promise you, Gus Aitoro, that I will love you more and more with every passing day, through the joy and adversity that life throws our way. I will support you and encourage you and believe in you the way that you have believed in me for the rest of our lives." Zach says yay and everybody laughs. Mallet is inside during this and he puts his hand to Harley’s nose on the monitor when she says frightened and alone.

Harley tells Gus he is up. Gus starts his vows they are: "Well, you make it sound like a big deal that I stuck by your side this whole past year, and the truth of the matter is I didn't really have a choice. You're it. You're it for me, end of story. That smile-- I mean, how could that not hook a guy forever, and just never let him go? And then you introduced your crazy family into the picture-- sorry frank-- and your kids. (Scene flashes on her family) I also know that everything good that has happened to me is because of you, and anything bad is just part of the price that had to be paid to be able to be here right now at this moment so that I could say to you in front of god and all these... these people and witnesses that I want to thank you, because I feel blessed and I feel honored that you said yes and that you would be mine. And I promise you that I will love you each and every single day, no matter what joy or adversity is thrown our way. “Harley says yes and Gus finishes his vows with: "That I will encourage you and I will love you and I will support you and I'll believe in you just the way that you believed in me, every single day. And I will take care of you and our children. But most importantly, I'm just going... going to be grateful for you every day for the rest of our lives. Okay. “Zach says yay again and everyone laughs. Gus tells him he is going to boarding school and everyone laughs again. Ross says now that Harley and Gus have said their vows it is time for him to make the completely rhetorical statement. "If there by anyone who has reason to object to this union, speak now or forever hold your peace." As Ross says this Mallet walks outside to see the wedding.

Ross says speak now or forever hold your peace, going once, going twice, no takers. Mallet looks around and walks in the other direction. Ross says that is just as he thought and then he tells Harley they need the rings. Harley takes hers and puts it on Gus’s finger and says “With this ring I thee wed, and with all that I am and all that I have, I pledge myself to you for the rest of our lives.” She kisses Gus’s hand and Gus takes his ring and puts it on her finger saying, "With this ring I thee wed, and with all that I am and all that I have, I pledge myself to you for the rest of our lives.” He kisses her hand. They are now holding hands grinning from ear to ear. Ross tells them that they have pledged their eternal love to each other, and they have done so before god and their family and friends. They have exchanged rings symbolizing that eternal love, and that has brought them to this moment. He then pronounces them husband and wife. He tells Gus he may kiss his bride and they kiss passionately. Everyone claps and then they break them up telling them that is enough of that. Zach and Jude are covering their eyes. Buzz congratulates them and Harley says thanks. Harley tells Zach to stay with grandpa for a minute and Gus takes Harley inside. Mallet doesn’t look happy at all.

Gus asks if this is better and Harley says much as they kiss again. They discuss Rick telling them Phillip was in the casket. Harley thinks it is the end of the story but she feels sorry for Rick. Gus agrees he wishes it could have been easier, but this is the way it had to be. He is glad that at least now they know the truth and they don’t have to look back. Harley realizes Zach has truly lost his father and she looks out at him playing with Blake. Gus tells her yeah but he gained a stepfather. Harley thinks Gus is the best one the boys could have.

Danny tells Marina she is smoking and Marina says “this little rag?” Danny tells her to shut up that she is stunning. Marina says if she is it is because he makes her so happy. Danny wants to know if that is why she disappeared on him earlier. He tells her no one knew where she went. Marina says she had something to take care of. Danny wonders if it was a bridesmaid thing and she tells him she went to talk to Michelle.

Cassie pulls Jeffery off to the side and gives him a passionate kiss. He wonders what that was for not that he is complaining. Cassie tells him that was a send off and he wonders where he is going. Cassie informs him he is going to set up the band because she would like to dance. Jeffery thinks she can dance to the recorded music. Cassie tells him he is not getting out of this and he tries to blame it on the guys that they don’t do weddings. He tells Cassie they will only do it if she sings backup. She tells him she can’t sing and he says she is not that bad. Cassie thinks this is cruel and unusual punishment. Jeffery says it is mutual humiliation.

Mallet walks up to Gus and Harley and tells them congratulations. He kisses Harley’s cheek and they make a toast. Harley tells him she is glad that he came and Gus agrees. Harley whispers that they have good news and tells him that Phillip was in his coffin. Mallet is surprised and says wow. Harley tells him that Rick was the one who did the exhumation and Mallet turns around to see Rick standing by himself. He says Rick would be the guy that would know, so that’s great.

Buzz is inside Company and Frank walks in. Frank wonders what he is doing and says he is missing all the fun. Buzz tells him he is changing the battery in the video camera. Frank reminds him he hired a guy to do that. Buzz tells him they are good but he has more pizzazz. Frank tells him if he doesn’t come out now he is going to miss everything and Buzz says okay. Frank leaves and Alex comes in. She tells Buzz that she is so happy for Harley and that he is certainly the proud father. Buzz says he is that. Alex is grateful that they invited her and says it was a lovely wedding. She jokes they got married and she is not in cuffs. She tells him to enjoy himself and starts to leave. He stops her and lets her know that he knows she signed the papers to have Alan committed. He wonders if she was concerned that Alan was telling the truth and tells her about Rick exhuming the body. Alex says she is glad he is the one that told her. She couldn’t help but wonder, of course, because Alan was so sure. She couldn’t help wishing Phillip were alive. Buzz tells her he knows and gives her a hug. He tells her Alan is loosing it.

Alan throws the paper on the bed and pulls a phone from under the mattress. He calls Vince Russo and tells him good work. He also wants him to put men at the airport, bus station, and the train station because he thinks Phillip will be coming home when he reads this.

Beth walks over to Lizzie and Lizzie tries to leave, but Beth stops her from leaving. She thinks they can at least talk. Lizzie wants to know about what and Beth asks how she is doing. Lizzie is being sarcastic and tells her she is doing great. She tells her she has no money that she took it away from her and she is probably the only one that couldn’t afford a wedding gift. Beth tells her there is a solution to that. She tells her she could move back home where she belongs. Lizzie wants to know what happened to being independent and responsible. She thinks Beth really has problems. She starts to walk away again and Beth grabs her arm. She tells her to be careful what she walks away from. She tells her it might not be there when she realizes she needs it. Lizzie doesn’t know what she is talking about. Beth explains that Gus is in charge of things now and there is no telling what he will do. Lizzie trusts Gus, and Beth can’t believe this given what he did to her on the witness stand. Lizzie doesn’t care if he wants Spaulding. Beth tells her not to say that that this is Phillip’s legacy. She tells her if Gus runs it into the ground that is her future. Lizzie wants to know what future, her money. She tells Beth she already took that away from her. Beth thinks Lizzie is making a mistake. Lizzie doesn’t think so, but says if it does it runs in the family and storms off. Beth stands there for a minute and then leaves.

Gus and Harley are drinking champaign and Gus toasts to Mrs. Aitoro. Harley asks if she mentioned she is not changing her name. Gus tells her as long as she keeps the ring on her finger that is ok. Harley says it is never coming off, and Gus jokes that he used super glue on it. Harley thinks that is sneaky and Gus says he is not taking any chances. He asks her how she is and tells her he loves her. They are kissing again. Harley tells him she loves him too.

Marina is heading up the stairs but Danny stops her. He wants to know why she went to see Michelle. Marina felt like her phone call about the insurance papers was an excuse. Danny wants to know for what and Marina thinks it was to talk to him or see if what she told her about moving on was true. She wanted Michelle to know that it was. Danny points out that she made that clear in the phone call earlier. Marina says that Michelle got the point and she is moving on too. Danny is happy about this, and Marina tells him she invited Michelle to the wedding. Danny thinks she is a freak. Marina tells him that he loves it.

Lizzie sees some envelopes on the stairs and Coop tells her it is a Greek tradition. Lizzie doesn’t understand so he explains that those are wedding gifts. Lizzie is shocked that they are filled with money. Coop thinks by the looks of it, Gus and Harley are going to make out well. Franks drags Coop off and Lizzie looks around nervously.

Buzz gives a speech to the crowd about the newly weds. He tells them he wants to welcome them to the event that… Coop breaks in as says “That we never thought would happen?” Buzz tells him to speak for himself. He calls Gus and Harley over. He tells them they worked long and hard to find their way back to each other and he is glad that they found their way to them meaning the crowd of family and friends. He is over the moon that his amazing and beautiful daughter found a guy that knows how lucky he is to have her. Frank says here, here. Buzz tells them to crank up the music. He tells Gus that he has to dance with his wife and a fast tune starts to play. He introduces them as Mr. and Mrs. Gus Aitoro. Everyone cheers and Claps. Gus tells Harley he believes this is their dance and they start to dance. Rick leaves and Mallet follows him inside.

Mallet tells Rick is it is a great party and Rick agrees. Mallet tells him he is sorry he had to start his day on such a different note and explains that Harley told him about Phillip. He doesn’t think that was and easy thing to do. Rick says it wasn’t but it comes with the territory. Mallet wants to know what territory that is and Rick reminds him he is medical examiner. He tells him that the job is full of unpleasant duties. Mallet says he guesses you have to do what you have to do. Rick reminds him that he is cop and should know the drill. Mallet tells him he is beginning to wonder how good of a cop his is because he thought he had some good leads on Phillip. He was actually thought Phillip was alive, but now Rick is telling him he is alive. You can tell that Mallet is trying to trip Rick up. He tells Rick that he can’t doubt a statement like that. He asks if there was a witness to the exhumation, and Rick tells him that no one was in there with him. He tells him that he could have joined him if he wanted. Then he points out that he didn’t know till after the fact. He rubs in that only Harley, Gus and knew. Mallet asks if Rick thinks she is safe now and Rick says he knows she is safe. He says he knows his friend is in a better place and Mallet wonders where that would be. Rick tells them that it is time for them to move forward. Mallet asks if Rick is sure about that and Rick says positive.

Alan is reading a book in his room and Beth walks in. Alan thought she would be at the wedding and wonders what she is doing there. Beth tells him she was but she thought her time would be better spent there with him, getting a few things straight. She takes the book out of his hands and tells him she told her mom about his proposal. Alan says he is sure Lillian was thrilled. Beth tells him Lillian thinks he is using her. She tells him she told her that Alan doesn’t see her that way he has to much respect for her. Alan tells her she is right and Beth tells him they are just using each other. She tells him she has learned a few things living under the same roof as him. She tells him she has learned to like herself and that she knows who she is. She tells him when she gets married again it will be a 50-50 partnership, sometimes even 60-40 in her favor. She says she will not suppress her needs or identity for any man ever again. Alan tells her good for her. Beth wonders what Gus will do with the company and tells him she has heard rumors. Beth tells him that this family, this company was everything to Phillip. She can’t believe that Gus is just waltzing in and taking over, and giving Lizzie bad advice. Alan tells her she has to the power to stop it. Beth tells him she is already one step ahead of him.

Harley and Gus are dancing and Buzz cuts in. He says it is one of his few remaining prerogatives. Gus tells him it is his pleasure that he has her for the rest of his life. Buzz asks Harley if she is happy and she says she is ecstatic. Buzz jokes that he never would have guessed it. Buzz tells everybody to dance. Coop sees Lizzie stealing some of the envelopes with money in them. Frank goes up to Gus and tells him there is something he needs to say to him. Gus wonders if he had too many onions, and Frank tells him he was wrong that he is the right guy for Harley. He tells him he always was and thanks him for making her happy and they hug. Gus says he is all teary and it is not just the onions. He says lets go get the kids and they go get the boys. They all pile in for a family dance and Gus asks if they have any plates they can break.

Rick is inside by himself and his phone rings. Rick answers, it is Phillip. Phillip asks if he is alone and can he talk. Rick says yeah and tells Phillip he has everything under control that nobody knows. He tells him his secret is safe with him. Phillip tells him he knows what he is asking him to do is difficult. Rick tells him he would do anything for him and that he will continue to keep his promise to watch out for Beth and the kids. He tells him that the lying is getting to him that it is really taking a toll. He says there is so many questions that Phillip has not answered yet and he tells him he can tell him anything that he is still his best friend. Phillip says a good friend is hard to come by. Rick agrees and wishes he could turn back the clock. Phillip asks if he remembers when they were young, how simple everything used to be when it was just Rick, Beth, Mindy, and him. Rick says sure he remembers that.

Beth tells Alan that she accepts his proposal and she can’t wait to be Mrs. Alan Spualding. She wants to get married right now and brings a preacher in the room.

Rick asks Phillip when he is coming home and Phillip tells him he can’t tell him that. Rick tells him he understands and Phillip tells him it is time to go. Rick says okay and he hopes to see him soon.

Gus and Harley address the crowd, and Gus tells them he wants everyone to enjoy themselves and thanks them for coming. Harley thanks everyone for coming. She says it was a really great day and it was special in every single way. They couldn’t have asked for more. Gus tells them to stay and enjoy the cake, but they have to go. They are going to the airport and going to Greece on their honeymoon. Harley is doing a little dance. Gus jokes asking who would like to come and then says it is not happening they are going by themselves. He says it is their honeymoon and the only time he gets her alone. They start to leave and Blake stops them and asks if they are leaving now. Harley says they have to catch a flight but please, stay and enjoy the party. She tells them mainly because her dad is paying. She asks for a round of applause for her dad. They cheer and applaud. She thanks them and her dad. Everyone is hugging each other and Harley thanks Marina for being her maid of honor. She tells her to stay out of trouble and Marina says of course. Gus thanks Buzz and tells him he is the best. Buzz tells him he is not too shabby. Harley thanks Cassie and tells her she wants to know what other hidden talents Jeffery has when she gets back. Gus shakes Coop’s hand and remembers the first time they met, when Coop punched him. Coop says look at us now: they’re family. Alex comes up and asks Gus for a hug. She tells him she is so happy for him and Harley. She tells him she knows that they will have a wonderful life. Gus asks Lizzie if she is going to be okay while they are gone. Lizzie says she will be fine that Roxy will take care of her. Coop says he will too. Frank goes up to Harley, and Harley tells him not to miss her too much. Frank jokes he could use the rest and laughs. Harley wonders if she has worn him out. They tell each other they love each other. Zach comes running up calling Mommy. Harley pulls him and Zach into a hug and Gus joins. Harley tells them she is going to miss them and she winds Jude’s camera for him. She tells them they are going to bring them back souvenirs. Gus tells them they both will miss them. Harley tells them not to worry they are going to have fun hanging out with Rick. Rick is in the background looking upset. Gus accidentally knocks the boys’ heads together. He tells them not to try that when they are gone. They start to leave and Cassie stops them. She reminds Harley she has not thrown the bouquet. Harley can’t believe she forgot and tells all the single ladies to come forward. Cassie jokes that the third time is the charm hoping to catch it. She throws the bouquet and Marina catches it as Danny takes a picture, grinning. Everyone claps and they tell everyone bye and that they love them. Mallet watches them go and they run inside Company.

Inside Company, Harley says they throw a good wedding and Gus agrees. He wonders if she has any regrets. She says one that they didn’t do this sooner. They are kissing and telling each other how much they love each other. Gus wonders if he says that too much and Harley tells him no. She says tells him she hasn’t heard it enough and not to stop loving her until death do they part. Gus says lets go and they run out the door.

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