Guiding Light Update Thursday 8/18/05


By Jen
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Harley and Gus are in her room at the Beacon. She is looking at the order to exhume Phillip’s body. Gus tells her lets go do what every couple wants to do on their wedding day, dig up a body. Harley cannot believe he did this for her and wants to know why. Gus says he tried to think of everything, flowers, perfume, and cash even but he knew this was what she wanted. Harley jokes that he is so romantic. Harley wants to know what changed his mind, why he thinks Phillip is alive. Gus tells her that he still believes he is dead but, he loves her and wants to put her doubts to rest before they walk down the isle. Harley wonders what happens if Phillip’s body is not in there. Gus tells her that they will deal with it together as husband and wife. He tells her either way she will have peace of mind and asks her what she thinks. She jokes that if she is not careful, they are going to start their honeymoon in 30 seconds.

Inside Company, Marina is filming Buzz. He tells her to hold the camera steady; he wants a good shot of the father of the bride. Marina tells him he looks stunning. Buzz talks into the camera. He tells Harley that today is the big day, and he hopes they don’t look back on it with regret in a few years. He is worried because it is not a big, fancy wedding. He says it is not even a Greek Orthodox wedding as he holds up a bottle of ketchup. He and Marina agree it is a more of a “Cooper” wedding. Buzz tells Harley they are getting lots of love. He tells her they love her so much. Marina breaks in and says “And Gus”. Buzz agrees and tells them soon they are going to be standing out there making their vows. He jokes that the word “Obey” is not in their vocabulary but they are going to promise their lives to each other. He tells them that is sacred. He finishes by giving his blessing. Marina says “What he said” into the camera. Buzz tells Marina ok lets start. Marina tells him okay as soon as the two lovebirds decide to get here. Blake, Cassie and Mel come in and put their wedding presents on the table of presents. Blake wonders if Marina’s comment means the bride and groom are together. Buzz tells her he just left them. Cassie pipes in so much for Harley’s plan. Mel says she guesses that Gus finally wore her down. Blake wants to know how they can be so blasé about this. Cassie wonders what the big deal is and reminds her that she saw Ross on their wedding day and that she saw Edmund on theirs. Blake doesn’t find comfort in this and says she doesn’t like those 50/50 odds. She wants to go separate them. She claps her hands and rushes Mel and Cassie out the door. Mel says they will be back. Marina says into the camera “Starting to wish you had eloped?”

Danny walks into Company on his cell phone. He wants the person on the phone to repeat what they just said. The nurse tells him she is processing the insurance forms for the baby. Michelle walks up and hears the nurse talking to Danny. She looks worried. Danny tells the nurse there must be some mix up that he doesn’t have a baby. He tells her he has a son but he hasn’t been in the hospital. He wants to know who filled out the paperwork. The nurse tells him his wife, Michelle Bauer Santos.

Outside of Company, Buzz is still filming, he asks Frank to say something nice to his sister. Frank stands there like he is trying to figure out something nice to say, so Coop says he will go first. Coop tells Harley that he wishes her nothing but the best. He tells her today is going to be a beautiful day and that she is going to be amazing. He starts joking that he wants her room. Buzz breaks in and says the room is his. Coop says fine. Buzz is looking at Frank again. Frank then says into the camera “Okay, sis. I love you. From knee-high to the counter, I've always had your back, and I always will love you no matter what. Now, this new husband of yours, if he doesn't treat you right, you know where to come looking. But I don't think you're going to have to do that because, well, Gus is a good man. Not as good as I am, but he'll do. Anyway, the reason he's a good man is because he stood by you when I identified that scar on your arm, and for that I am truly sorry. And I just...” Buzz tells him to save his energy for the one best man duty. Frank doesn’t understand, he tells him he has many duties as best man. Buzz asks where they are. Frank tells him not to worry that he has not lost them. Buzz wants Frank to show him the rings. Frank can’t believe he doesn’t trust him and shows him the rings.

Harley wants to know how this is going to work. Gus explains it is happening as they speak. He tells her Rick is going to be right there when they exhume the body. Harley wonders if Rick can handle that since him and Phillip were best friends. Gus doesn’t think it will be easy but believes he can handle it. He brings up that he has done this before because of his job. Harley wants to know when all of this is going to happen. Gus tells her it is happening now. Harley is shocked. Gus tells her they will know the answer before they say their vows. He jokes when someone has a “sighting” of Phillip they will know it is not true. Someone opens the door a crack and is watching them. It looks like it is Phillip because the person has his pinky ring on. Harley laughs and tells him he knows her still well. She cannot believe that he still wants to marry her. Gus jokes that it is crazy but he still wants to marry her. Harley laughs and tells him he is the perfect man for her. Gus wonders if he is the perfect man for her. She tells him again that he is. Gus says “I wish I could say the same to you, but there was Connie Hanston in the third grade, and I had high hopes.” They start kissing and Blake walks in. She tells Gus to put his hands up and step away from the bride. Gus says whoa, and Harley tells Blake it is ok. Blake wants to know if Harley has learned anything. Harley says that Gus brought her a gift, and Cassie wants to know if it was so great it couldn’t wait. Harley tells her it was nothing. Gus agrees that it was nothing. Blake tells them she has her gift and now it is time for him to go. Gus says wait a minute and starts rambling about all the time they have spent apart. Blake is hitting him and shoving him out the door. Gus tells them they can’t stand to be apart, and Cassie tells him try and shuts the door. Harley laughs as Gus is knocking on the door begging to be let in. He starts shouting I love you. Blake tells him to shut up or she is calling security. He tells them Harley better be on time or he is holding them responsible. Someone is still watching from the shadows as Gus leaves. Harley shouts she loves him too.

Cassie wonders why Harley is not dressed. Harley explains she was going to change at Company. Blake tells her she looks horrible, and Harley tells her it is nothing a brush won’t fix. Blake thinks it will take more than a little work. She tells her it will take at least half and hour to work a miracle on her. Harley says well gee thanks. Blake tells her to stay silent and be like a lump of clay and asks Cassie to hand her the makeup bag. Harley tells her she likes the way she looks. Blake reminds her she is supposed to be a lump of clay. Harley mouths to Cassie she needs a glass of wine. Mel is in the hallway looking in her purse and someone knocks into her. It was whoever was watching Harley and Gus. After he knocks into her and leaves, she calls him a jerk.

Danny is still on the phone. He explains to the nurse that Michelle used to be his wife. He doesn’t understand and wants to know if Robbie is in the hospital. Michelle takes the phone and the form from the nurse. Michelle tells Danny she can’t believe they called him about these stupid forms. Danny wants to know what is going on. She tells him she was applying for her old job back and the forms were about Robbie. She tells him she can handle it. He asks her if she needs his insurance card. She tells him no, she needs to go and finish the forms. She turns around to finish the forms and runs into Rick. He is shocked to see her pregnant belly. Marina asks Danny if that was Michelle. Danny tells her it was Michelle. Marina wonders if something is wrong. Danny explains she is across the street filling out paperwork. He tells her it is a long boring story. She wants him to lay it on her. Danny tells her no that they agreed not to talk about Michelle for the rest of the day. Marina agrees and they start kissing. Frank comes in and, Danny asks if he needs help. Frank says he’s got it. Marina says to herself “A long, boring story?” Back at the hospital, Rick wants to know what happened to Michelle. Then he says he knows what happened but wants to know why she didn’t tell him. Michelle says she was going to tell him. Rick wonders when. Rick wants to know when this happened and then he assumes that she and Tony were expecting when he passed away. Michelle says yes. Rick wants to know when she is due but before she can answer a cop interrupts them. The cop tells him the casket is in the morgue. Michelle wonders what casket. Rick tells her there are some questions about Phillip. Michelle wonders if it is cause of death. Rick explains that they want to make sure Phillip is really dead. Michelle cannot believe they are opening his casket. Rick tells her he saw the injuries and there is no way he survived. Rick tells her that part of him wishes that he did survive. Michelle says she knows and gives him a hug.

Outside of Company, Buzz is still filming everything. They see that Gus has shown up. Ross says well what you know. Frank jokes that it was nice of him to show up for his own wedding. Gus tells him to stop busting his chops that he was just enjoying the last few minutes of being a bachelor. Coop wonders with whom. Gus tells him with the bride. Frank thinks this is too much information and doesn’t want to know anymore. Buzz hands the camera to Coop and tells him he is in charge. He is going to go get Harley. Gus tells him not to bother that she is not dressed yet. Frank looks disgusted and tells him he is getting too much information. Gus tells Frank not like that that she is not dressed in her wedding dress. Buzz asks Ross to do him a favor. Gus tells them she has plenty of help not to worry about it. Buzz tells Ross not to let Gus out of his sight. Ross promises he won’t. Ross wonders if Gus is nervous. Gus says he was ready the first time and wonders why he should be nervous. Ross tells him he knows that is why he was asking if he is nervous. Ross says lets go get some punch. Gus wants to know if it has been spiked yet. Ross doesn’t think it has been yet. Gus says it is ok he is fine. Ross is performing the wedding and Gus wonders if he has a special touch. He wants to know if they work out when he performs them. Ross tells him when the mayor of Springfield performs a wedding it sticks. It is really till death do you part. Gus looks nervous and says oh yeah till death and downs his punch.

Frank comes up to Gus and asks how his sister is. Gus says she is fine. Frank is worried that Harley is worried about Phillip. Gus tells him don’t and Frank brings up that she has been running around town telling everyone she doesn’t believe Alan but he doesn’t believe that. Frank says they both know Harley. Gus tells him that once the wedding starts she won’t have anything to worry about. Gus asks Frank to show him the rings. Frank doesn’t want to but gives in anyway. Gus tells the rings they are going to play in a little while. Gus tells Frank he was just making sure he had them and the boys run outside to Gus. They sit on Gus’s lap and Zach tells Gus they are getting married for real this time. Gus assures them they are getting married for real this time. He asks them if they want to go eat some cake. Zach says they can’t they will get in trouble. Gus tells them he knows a way to eat it without anyone knowing. He jokes that he has shown them before how to eat it from the back. They leave to go inside. Ross asks Frank if he wants to come too. Frank says yea and they all head inside. Someone comes up to the bench where Gus was sitting and takes the ring box he left there.

Michelle tells Rick to go take care of things. Rick tells her in a second, he wants to understand why she didn’t tell him. She tells him she didn’t want anyone to know and explains she doesn’t know who the father is. Rick looks very worried about this. Michelle explains she didn’t want to make things complicated for Danny until she knows. The cop interrupts them again, and Rick tells Michelle he is not done with her they will talk later. Michelle tells him to tell Phillip goodbye for her. She is upset she never got the chance. Rick says he knows she didn’t and he will.

At the Beacon, Harley is in the bathroom; Cassie asks her if she is ready. Blake says yeah come on. Harley comes out in her wedding dress with flowers in her hair. The girls oh and ah over her. She looks beautiful and Blake tells her not to steal Cassie’s thunder but she looks like a princess. Harley says aw. Blake says all they need now is Gus on a white horse. Harley doesn’t want him on any horses. She thinks with her luck he would fall and break his neck. Cassie tells her to turn around so they can see the whole outfit. Harley does and asks if anything is showing. Cassie tells her all that is showing is how happy she is. Harley tells them to all grab something and head over to Company because her dad will be there any minute. Blake tells her not so fast, they have presents for her. Blake hands her something and says it is her something old. Harley cannot believe it is the wedding program from last year. Cassie says she has her something new and holds up a lingerie top. Harley wonders where the bottoms are and Cassie jokes that Gus has them on. Mel throws the bottoms to her and Harley says it is right here. Mel give her the something blue, it is the dominoes, "60 minute man." Harley fans herself and laughs saying 60 minute man, I wish. Harley doesn’t get how it is something blue. Mel explains it is the blues. Harley says she loves it. Last they give her something borrowed, it is a necklace of Nadine’s that Frank found. The necklace is a pig with wings. Harley asks if they get it “when pigs fly”. They all laugh and Harley thanks them all and tells them she loves them. She tells them they have to take something and leave that her dad will be there any minute. Cassie tells her that she better not be late. Harley swears she won’t be late this time. Harley wonders if they have her flowers and they say they have everything and leave. Harley closes the door and remembers Gus telling her they will know what is in the casket before the wedding. She hears a noise and goes in the hall to see what it was. She looks around and doesn’t see anything and goes back in the room.

Gus and the boys are eating cake. The kids and Gus have icing all over their faces. Coop is still filming them. Gus tells them after they have wedding cake everything in their life is different. He tells them their mom will love them the same as before, but they will have share their mommy with him and she will share them with him. He uses a fire truck toy as an example of sharing. He tells them he is moving back in. Zach asks if he is sure he is staying. Gus tells them he is sure and that he missed and loves them. Zach tells him he loves him too. Gus asks Jude is he does too and he says he does. Gus asks them to go clean up their faces. Frank comes in as they are going to clean up. Gus looks at Frank’s watch and Frank tells him it is only one minute later than the last time he looked. Franks asks if he is anxious. Gus says to himself he is anxious about a lot of things. At Harley’s room, Buzz is knocking on the door. He walks in looking for Harley but she is not there.

Frank, Gus and Coop are outside looking for something. Frank tells Gus he told him not to touch those rings before the wedding. Gus says he didn’t. He is sure he set them on the bench when the kids ran outside. He wonders if someone else was there. Coop tells him to check his pockets. Gus has checked multiple times and they are not there. Gus swears he put them on the bench and they are not there. Frank has him retrace his steps. Gus is telling them everything he did when the phone rings. Coop jokes that it is Harley canceling the wedding. It is Buzz looking for Harley. Gus cannot believe it and tells him Harley is not there. Gus reminds Buzz he was supposed to pick her up and wants to know where he is. Buzz tells him he is at the hotel and she is not there. He wonders if she took a cab because he was a little late. Gus wants Buzz to try and call her but she left her phone there. Gus doesn’t understand because she never leaves her cell behind. Buzz doesn’t want to worry anyone but he has no idea where she is. Gus says he knows what he is thinking but it is not like last year. He says there has to be a logical explanation. Frank says he has a theory and Gus wants to know what. Frank tells him he has to check it out on his own. He tells him to keep looking for the rings. Coop says great and thinks Frank is avoiding his one duty of the day. Frank doesn’t think Coop is helping matters. Gus tells Buzz he has to go. He is upset and says he can’t be doing this. Coop takes the phone and tells Buzz that Gus lost the rings. Gus hollers that he didn’t lose them. Coop tells Buzz they need him. Gus thinks the rings have to be there somewhere that they couldn’t just disappear. Coop says Harley is probably on her way with one of her girlfriends. Gus is doubtful and Coop wants to know what the alternatives are. Gus says he doesn’t know and goes to call Rick. He is talking to himself before the answering machine comes on. He leaves Rick a message that he has lost the rings and the bride has disappeared. He wants to know what is going on with Phillip as soon as possible. He asks him to call him as soon as he can. After he hangs up he wonders to himself if this is Phillip. He shakes it off and says Phillip is dead.

Frank runs into the girls as he is leaving Company. He asks them if Harley is with them. They tell him they left her at the hotel. Mel can’t believe she is not there yet. Frank says he has to go and runs off. Blake says on no. Cassie tells her not to start. She tells Blake Frank did not say she was missing. Blake says Hello the best man just ran out of here. She sarcastically asks if he was going to the movies. Mel says Blake’s right that something is wrong. Cassie doesn’t want Mel encouraging Blake. Blake tells Cassie the alarm bells are going off and Cassie tells her to reset them. Blake really things something big is going on.

Frank goes to the tree house and finds Harley. She was not expecting him so he scared her. She tells him that he scared her and he comes back with she scared them. He tells her Buzz thinks she is on a bus halfway to Mexico by now, and Gus feels like he has lost 10 years of his life by now. Harley says she was only gone for five minutes. Frank looks at her wedding dress and jokes that she is not wearing that is she. Harley tells him to shut up, and Frank tells her he was only joking that she looks wonderful. He calls Buzz and tells him he found her. He tells him they will be back as soon as he finishes some business here. Frank thinks Harley should put a wish in the tree. Harley says it doesn’t really work and Franks tells her it did as kids. He tells her she remembers and he starts with “A wish in the tree...” and she finishes with “And eventually the wind will carry it to the place where dreams come true.” Harley wonders where that is exactly and Frank says for him it is right there. Harley thinks it doesn’t really matter as long as the dreams get there. Frank agrees. Harley wonders what happened to all the little pieces of paper from when they were kids. She thinks maybe it was there mom. Frank thinks it was probably their dad. Harley tells him she is not up there wishing for her and Gus. She is positive they are going to make it. She tells him she is up there wishing for Phillip. She was thinking about the day they got married and what a good guy he was then. Someone is watching them from the ground. Harley tells Frank she is there to wish Phillip peace.

Michelle sits down at a table to fill out the forms and Marina comes in. Michelle asks if Danny is with her and Marina says it is just her. Michelle wants to know why she is not at Harley’s wedding. Marina tells her it has not started yet and asks how Africa was. Michelle tells her it was interesting. Michelle pulls her purse up close so Marina cannot see her belly. Marina wants to know if she has any plans now that she is back, and Michelle wants to know if she means about Danny. Marina tells her yes she was wondering about Danny. Michelle tells her she is right to be concerned that she does still have feelings for him.

Outside Company, Mel looks at her watch and says they are running late. Blake is pouring herself a drink and says they are not late yet and not to worry. Cassie cannot believe it since Blake started this panic. Blake says she something big is happening but it is not the same as last year. She takes a sip of her drink. Danny comes up and wonders if they have seen Marina. Blake looks panicky and says not the same as last year. She says last year they were just missing a bride, this year they are missing a bride and a maid of honor. She downs the rest of her drink.

Marina wants to know what Michelle means, and Michelle tells her that yes she does have feelings for Danny. Michelle tells her they that they were married for years and she loves him. Marina wonders if that is why she is home and why she sent the PI. Michelle says yes she had to know how he was doing. She just wanted to know if he was happy. Marina wonders what that means now. Michelle tells her she realized she cannot recreate the past. She says people move on and they change. She tells Marina that she sees they are happy and that her feelings don’t matter. She says she won’t ruin Danny’s life. Marina wonders when she decided all this and Michelle asks if it matters. Marina agrees it doesn’t matter. Michelle tells her to go back to the wedding and have a good time with Danny. She tells her to tell Harley “Congratulations” Marina starts to leave and then stops. She tells Michelle to tell her herself and invites Michelle to the wedding. She tells her everyone would love to see her and Michelle agrees to think about it. Marina says Please and I will see you there. Michelle says she will see.

Frank cannot believe Harley climbed the tree house in her wedding dress to wish Phillip peace. She explains she wanted to do it before Rick got back with the autopsy results. Frank wants to know what results and Harley explains that Gus is having his body exhumed as a wedding gift. She jokes that she thinks it is cute, and Frank says he can’t believe she thinks Phillip is alive. Harley says probably not but she has to know for sure. She is worried what it will mean to her family if he is still alive. Then she says she wants to know what it means for Phillip and talks about how he was a good guy once. Someone is still watching them from the ground. She talks about how Phillip wanted the same things everyone else did until he got sick. She wonders if he is out there getting better doesn’t he deserve a second chance. She wonders if it will be a wonderful thing if he is back and better. Frank tells her not as wonderful as her. Harley says okay and decides to put the wish in the tree. As she is wishing for peace for Phillip she hears something and wonders what it is. Frank goes and looks and he doesn’t see anything. Frank asks her if she is ready to get married sometime soon and they laugh.

Buzz turns the TV around and Gus is fixing his tie. Gus wonders what the TV is for and Buzz tells him that they paid someone to film the wedding. He says if it gets too crowded outside people can watch it in Company. Gus asks doesn’t he have a camera. Buzz says yes but he will be busy walking Harley down the isle. Gus is worried the wedding will fall under the Spaulding curse. Buzz assures him that this wedding is nothing like the wedding last year. Buzz says this is not a “Spaulding” wedding that nothing bad ever happens there, except indigestion. Gus reminds him he has lost the rings. Buzz tells him that they are around there somewhere. Gus can’t believe Buzz doesn’t seem worried about it at all. Buzz tells him he is not and that reassures Gus. He decides he can marry Harley with or without rings. Buzz agrees.

Frank tells Harley to be careful climbing down and not to rip her dress. Harley laughs and Frank says lets go. Harley turns around to leave and sees the ring box. She cannot believe Frank dropped them and he tells her he didn’t. He thinks it is weird that they couldn’t find them before and now they are here. Harley says the important thing is they found them and that is a good sign. Frank agrees and says lets go. Harley says ok I am ready to go get hitched. Frank starts to climb down the tree, and Harley is standing there looking worried.

Michelle changes the contact person on the form to Bill Lewis and hands the forms to the nurse. The nurse mentions the big party across the street, and Michelle explains it is a wedding and she is good friends with the bride. The nurse wonders if Michelle is going. Michelle says she might and the nurse leaves. Michelle says to herself it is time for her to start living again.

Frank and Harley walk into Company. Frank tells them here is the bride. Mel says it is about time. Harley apologizes for worrying them and Blake says no one is nervous but she needs a drink. Harley apologizes to Blake again. Frank tells her he is going out back and she tells him she loves him. He says he loves her and wishes her luck. Mel tells her the flower is coming out of her hair and fixes it. Blake wants to know where she disappeared to and Harley asks if Gus left her a message. Cassie tells her he is there to marry her and Harley asks if Rick stopped by. Mel tells her he is at the hospital and will be there later. Harley thinks that is good things are coming together. Cassie wonders if she is ready to be Gus’s wife. Harley sees the TV and walks up to it. Gus is on asking if this thing is on. Harley puts her hands on the TV and says yes it is on.

The guys are outside and Gus looks worried. Gus tells Frank he needs a ring. He says he will use his and starts to ask Frank for his ring. Frank shows him the original rings and asks if those will do. Gus is happy but wants to know where Frank found them. Frank says it doesn’t matter they showed up in the nick of time. Gus tells him he saved his life and asks where Rick is. Frank tells him he knows where Rick is that Harley told him everything. Gus explains that wasn’t for him it was for Harley. The music starts and Gus says here it is, were going to go, it is happening. Frank asks if he hears an amen, and Gus tells him he will sing hallelujah sitting on his head if he has to. He can’t believe it is finally happening. Ross interrupts and they walk to take their places. Gus tells himself to calm down that he had too much coffee. Gus lets out a big breath and Mel walks down the isle first, then comes Blake smiling at Ross, then comes Cassie, then come Marina smiling at Danny.

Inside Company, Harley is sitting in front of the TV and Buzz asks if she is ready. Harley tells him she has never been more ready for anything in her life. Buzz tells her she is a vision and she almost took his breath away. He tells her to cut it out that is not good for a man with a heart condition. Harley tells him not to say something like that and that she loves him. Buzz says he just felt a rush and it is like her mom is there. Harley wishes she was and Buzz says she would be a puddle if she was. He tells her he is proud of her and her mom would be too. Harley tells him to stop or she won’t get through this. Buzz jokes he knows some blonde jokes. Harley says Gus is a good man, the best next to him and Frank. She wonders if her dad agrees and the music stops. Buzz tells her it is her moment and takes her arm to lead her out. Rick comes in to Company and Harley turns around to look at him. They stare at each other and the scene ends.

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