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By Jennie
Pictures by Amanda

Buzz videotapes a copy of Harley and Gus’s wedding announcement in the paper and then moves the camera to Danny and Marina who are walking into Company. Marina tells Buzz to get a shot of how handsome Danny is but he tells Buzz to put the camera on Marina who he says looks beautiful. Buzz says he has both of them in focus. Marina asks Buzz what he is calling this video and Buzz says it is the “nothing better go wrong today” video. Marina says nothing will go on and Harley will be a beautiful bride. Buzz shoots back that Marina will make a lovely bride also, she tells him to get lost then turns around and apologizes to Danny. Danny says that Buzz doesn’t make him feel uncomfortable but that he does have something to tell her. He informs Marina that Michelle is back from Africa and he ran into her. Marina is a little surprised but asks how she looked.

Michelle dressed in oversize glasses, a hat, and a large purse walks into the hospital where Bill is waiting for her. She apologizes for being late and Bills says she is about eight months late. He comments on her disguise and tells her that Danny is the one who should be at the hospital with her but Michelle says she isn’t ready for that. She says that until the baby is born and she can get a paternity test she needs to do this on her own, but changes it to alone with him.

Outside of Company at the site of Harley and Gus’s wedding, Edmund walks up carrying a briefcase, to where Vince Russo, his lawyer is. Vince hands him papers for the divorce agreement with a new clause in them and the papers for their agreement for finding Edmund a baby. Edmund asks Vince if he has found a baby for him yet and Vince says he has some leads but that he can’t promise him a baby on such short notice. Edmund says that he has faith in him and saying he is touched Vince leaves. Edmund is reading over the papers when Dinah walks up and says that although the Coopers did a good job decorating, when she gets married it won’t be behind a restaurant or in a barn. Dinah asks what the papers he’s reading are and Edmund demands to know what Dinah is doing there since they told Cassie that she was on bedrest. Dinah says she was getting bored and asks again what the papers are. Edmund tells her that they are the divorce papers and Dinah gets excited and asks if there is anything about the settlement for the farm, grabbing the papers out of his hands. Edmund grabs them back quickly.

In jail, Alan looks at a paper that says, “I’ll never be far away” as he calls his lawyer, Vince Russo. He tells Vince he hasn’t had any contact from Phillip since the note and asks him if he planted the gossip about he and Beth. Vince says he has been a little bit busy but that he will get to it. Alan yells at him to make it a priority and put it in the late edition of the newspaper. Vince tells him that he is starting to scare him. He tells Vince that he is paying him good money and he wants him to help lure Phillip out. As he says this, the door opens and Beth walks into his room. Alan tells Beth finally, a friendly face and Beth asks him if they are treating him okay. Alan tells her that it is better than prison and asks how she is. She tells him she is fine and that everyone is fine. She says that he knows why she is there and he asks if it is because of his proposal. She agrees and asks if he meant it or if it was just a whim. Alan says he meant every word, and to prove it he pulls out an extremely large engagement ring.

Harley and her bridesmaids, Blake, Cassie, and Mel are exclaiming over the jewelry that Mel gives to Harley. Blake asks Harley who is coming to do her makeup and Harley says no one that it is done. She asks what is wrong with it and Blake says it is just a little bit understated. Harley declares that is what she was wanting, a low-key, fun wedding with understated hair and makeup. The bridesmaids look around and give each other knowing looks. Harley tells them that although they are her three best friends, she really doesn’t need three people to help her get dressed and tells them to go and help Buzz and Frank. A knock sounds at the door and Harley tells them that if it is Gus not to let him in. Mel answers the door and states that it is Jeffrey and asks if he has the secret password. He jokingly says that it is “no men allowed unless they are here to do menial tasks” and asks Cassie if he still needs to play chauffeur. Cassie tells him no that Buzz wants to do it and Blake kids around with Jeffrey, thanking him for the offer and telling Cassie that she has him really well trained. Jeffrey jokes back that he also sits and heels. They all laugh and Cassie asks if Harley is sure that she doesn’t want anyone to stay. Harley says she is sure, just to send Buzz back for her. She ushers them out the door as she tells them that since they are all going to the same wedding they will see her later. Blake has to throw one more jab about makeup in as she leaves and Harley promises her that she can do her makeup for her later. She closes the door and looks at her wedding dress, saying that it has been one horrible year but at least it is her wedding. Another knock sounds at the door and Harley goes to open it and Gus tries to come in. She quickly closes it on him saying he can’t see her, that it is bad luck. Gus tries to assure her that anything bad that could have happened to them has already happened. She tells him to think of natural disasters and bad things that could still happen. Gus says to think of last year and Harley tells him exactly. She says that last year she thought good things and it was awful so this year she is thinking bad things so things go good. She tells him that she loves him and wants to marry him more than anything in the world so having said that she tells him to “hit the bricks” and closes the door on him.

Alan asks Beth fi she likes the ring and she says it is beautiful. He says it will be beautiful on her hand and asks if she wants to give it a test try. She walks away and Alan tells her not to for one minute to think of marrying him as dishonoring Phillip, since she will only be doing it to save her family from Gus and the Coopers. He says more importantly to think about her children and she says that is all she does think about. Alan tells her that the two of them together can make sure that Lizzie and James have a wonderful future. He asks her what better way to show her love to Phillip. Beth says it is a lot to think about and she isn’t ready to give him an answer yet. Alan says he understands and for her to take her time but tells her to hold onto the ring and puts it in her hand. Beth says she should go and tries to leave but Alan holds onto her hand. He tells her not to think of it as an engagement gift from him but as a token to Phillip. She looks at him then leans forward and kisses him. Alan looks surprised and Beth says she is just taking a little test drive of her own. She tells him that if they are going to do this they will have to keep up with appearances. She grabs her purse and tells him that she will be in touch. He tells her to please do and she leaves the room. Alan takes the note from Phillip out and talks out loud saying that it is the only way he knows to bring him back.

Gus knocks on the door and forces it open, sticking his head in so Harley can’t close it on him. He says he just wants to see her and asks why she is superstitious all of a sudden. He tells her he has it covered and says that the interference in the wine cellar last year was his fault. But that his family is taken care of since Phillip is gone, Alan is in jail, and Alex doesn’t have any claws. He tells her that he has some PI’s watching Alan as extra protection to make sure he can’t do anything. She starts to close his head in the door and tells him to tell her what really happened. He tells her about the tape delivered to his bachelor party. He says he knows it is Alan since Phillip is dead. Harley seconds this and Gus tries to get in again, Harley tries to close his head in the door again and tells him the next time he sees her it will be when she walks down the aisle. He decides to leave and she says she will see him there. Gus takes a note out of his pocket that says “The McCauley Psychiatric Institute” on it. Harley picks up the announcement of her and Gus and hugs it too her and looks at her dress again but has an uneasy look on her face.

Danny asks Marina if she remembers the phone call Michelle made from Africa and tells her that she was lying that she was in Springfield and he ran into her. Marina comments that yet he didn’t tell her. Danny says that when he is with her he doesn’t think of his ex wife and Marina says that sounds good to her. She asks how she is and when he doesn’t answer, she asks if he is not going to tell her. Danny says no and she graves his phone and says she will just ask her herself and dials Michelle.

Dinah tells Edmund that he is testy and Edmund blames all of the paperwork from the divorce and says he is going to leave to have them notarized. He puts them in is briefcase. Dinah starts complaining about not feeling well and Edmund flashes back to himself putting something in her drink. He tells her to go home, get some rest and drink more of the vitamin drink he put aside for her. She tells him that she has a correction, she is only giving him one week till they tell Cassie about the baby. She reminds him that that was their deal. She goes to the table next to his briefcase and spills a drink, she starts cleaning it up and Edmund tells her it is fine, closes his briefcase and starts to leave. Dinah tells him that he forgot something and when he asks what goes and kisses him. He tells her that he loves her and then leaves and Dinah looks worried.

Blake and Mel walk into Company where Buzz films them. Blake says that it is one year later but that today there is no question that they are getting married. Mel says it is about time. Cassie and Jeffrey walk in, also on video, and Cassie says it is nice to be celebrating something good for once. Jeffrey says very nice and then jokes with Cassie if that was the correct well-trained response. Cassie says that Blake was just saying what a great boyfriend Jeffrey is and Buzz tells them that great boyfriends make great husbands. He puts his hand over the lens of the camera and shuts it off telling himself to watch all of this wedding talk. Cassie gives Buzz a look, and tells him that is what she was thinking too. Blake tells Mel that Gus and Harley are going to have a nice normal wedding and Mel asks what constitutes a normal wedding. Blake says she is talking to the wrong person since she was almost shot in one of hers. Mel starts to laugh until she realizes that Blake is serious and Blake tells her she wouldn’t kid about that. Blake points outside to where Cassie and Jeffrey have gone and tells Mel that her guess is that they will be the next two to walk down the aisle.

Cassie tells Jeffrey that she had nothing to do with Buzz’s comment. Jeffrey says that it is okay because he has never been a boyfriend before, much less a good one so it is an improvement. Cassie tells him the real test comes later at the reception when he has to dance with her, a lot. He tells her that he can handle the getting close part, but probably not the dancing part. She pulls him close and tells him that all you have to do is get really, really close and sway. They kiss as Edmund walks around the corner and interrupts. He says it is a lovely day for a wedding and tells Cassie to tell Harley that he wishes her the best. They leave Edmund and go out back to the wedding site. As they leave, Edmund says outloud to enjoy her while he can. He opens his briefcase and takes out the divorce papers. He can’t find the baby papers and wonders where they are. He looks up and says “Dinah”. Dinah does have the papers and is trying to open them up while looking to make sure no one is coming.

Cassie and Jeffrey walk around the corner and Cassie spots and exclaims “Dinah”. Dinah tells them that they look pretty and Cassie tells her that flattery will get her nowhere, she should be home resting. Dinah says that she knows and she will but she just wanted to come by and see Harley’s wedding dress. Buzz comes out with the camera and tells Cassie that she is up. Cassie goes with Buzz and Jeffrey sits down next to Dinah and puts his arm around her shoulder. He tells her that this is a very important day for a lot of people, including Cassie, and he doesn’t want her to ruin it. Dinah says that he is a little bit late and she hold up the papers about the baby and tells Cassie that she has something for her from Edmund, as Edmund comes around the corner into the courtyard.

Danny grabs his phone away from Marina and asks her why she wants to call Michelle. Marina says just to say hi how’s it going, and if she met any men while away. He laughs and tells her no and she asks for the phone. He tells her no again and Marian reminds him that she and Michelle were friends once. Really good friends and since they both say that they have moved on she wants them all to get along. She says she wants to welcome Michelle back to Springfield.

At the hospital, Michelle says maybe Bill is right that they should go out and take a walk, that way everyone will think that he is the baby’s father. Bill and Michelle sarcastically say that their families would be so happy, especially Olivia. He says he can see the smile on her face as she kicks him out the door. Michelle says it is good to laugh since everything has been so unfunny lately. Bill tells her not to lose her sense of humor in all of this because stress is not good for her. She says she is okay, then admits she isn’t, but will be. She wonders where the nurse is and Bill tells her to stay put that he will go and get her. As he leaves Michelle’s phone rings and she gets it out and answers it “Danny”. Marina identifies herself and asks how she is since Danny said she was back in town. Michelle acts surprised and asks “he did?” and Marina says, “why wouldn’t he” as Danny makes motions for her to wrap it up in the background. She tells him that she knows she can’t wait to see Robbie and Michelle says she really missed him. She asks Michelle how she is and Michelle answers fine and asks how Marina is. Marina says she is great and tells Michelle about Gus and Harley’s wedding. They comment on the year it has been and Marina tells Michelle that she is the maid of honor and that Danny looks great. He gives her a sarcastic smile as Michelle asks if Danny is with her right now. Marina answers that they are at Company and that he says hi, although what he is really doing is making “cut it out” motions across his neck. Marina says that she was thinking that they should get together and catch up. Marina tells Michelle that she misses her and that she thinks they could be good friends again as long as her, Michelle, and Danny are all up front and honest about things with each other. Danny is mouthing “no” to her as she is on the phone. Michelle doesn’t say anything but rubs her pregnant stomach.

Alan is sitting in his room reading as a knock sounds and Gus walks into the room in his wedding clothes. He makes a comment on how nice the room is and Alan says he didn’t expect to see Gus today of all days. Gus says he just wanted to come by and thank Alan for the tape. Alan asks what tape and Gus says, “here we go again.” Alan says that it sounds like something that Phillip might have done and Gus tells Alan to listen to him. Gus says that Alan ruined his first wedding and stole a year from his life so whatever ideas he has to ruin this one, to forget them. Alan tells Gus that he rightfully should be worrying because there is a threat out there, but it isn’t him and Harley knows it.

Harley goes out on the balcony to get some air. An unseen someone looks around her room, at her wedding dress, and then out onto the balcony where she stands. They start to open the door.

Harley turns around and gasps, she tells the person that they scared her. It is Beth and she explains to Harley that the door was open and she figured that people would be coming in and out all day helping her. Beth asks where everyone is. Harley says that she sent everyone way because she needed some alone time. Beth says she won’t stay long that she only came to give Harley some pearls that she holds out to her. Harley refuses and Beth explains that they were Phillip’s grandmothers and that he gave them to her for her last birthday. Harley says it is even more reason for her not to take them. Beth says that is why she wants them to have them so that it can show that they have put their past behind them. Beth says that now that Gus is going to be running Spaulding she has no idea what he is going to do with the company not to mention the family. Harley says that is all up to Gus and she is staying out of it. Beth says that they must have discussed it and Harley says that beyond her knowing that Gus wants to be a better influence on the family than Alan was she knows nothing. Beth tells her to enjoy the pearls and after one last try to refuse them, Harley hugs Beth uncomfortably. As Beth is walking away, Harley stops her and asks her what her take on what Alan has been saying about Phillip is. Beth says “poor Alan” and says that he has really gone around the bend this time and then leaves.

Alan tells Gus that Phillip is out there somewhere and when Phillip decides to show himself, he is going to come after Harley. Gus tells Alan to stop it and tells him to sign a paper that he gives him. Alan asks what it is and Gus says that it is a gag order to stop him from saying that Phillip is still alive. He tells Alan to think of it as a wedding gift. Alan says it will never hold up in court and Gus says that it will hold up in the family court of opinion. That if he signs it and then goes back on his word that Beth, Lizzie, and Alex won’t visit him anymore. Gus tells him that he is taking over Spaulding too, and his plan is that he is going to sell his legacy piece by piece to the lowest bidder if he doesn’t sign. Alan tells him he will sign it and takes the paper from him. He tells Gus that someday he will find out that he isn’t his biggest problem, but Harley is.

Dinah hands Cassie the paper and tells her to look. As Cassie takes them, Mel and Blake come up and tell Cassie that they have a major problem that the band’s van broke down outside of Bay City (hee nice shout out to AW). Cassie asks if it can’t be fixed and they say that it still won’t get there in time. Mel, Blake, and Jeffrey go off to find Buzz and Edmund comes up and takes the papers away from Cassie. Cassie asks what is in the papers and Edmund tells Dinah that her timing is disgusting. Edmund says it is the divorce agreement and that he gave it to Dinah to give to Cassie but he never thought she would do it at a wedding. He says they can take care of it later and Cassie agrees and goes off with the rest of the wedding party. Edmund turns and berates Dinah for stealing his papers. Dinah says that she wanted to see what the mystery was all about and he says that there was no mystery, he was just in a rush. She says but he is still there hanging around. She wants to know if there is a clause that says that Dinah gets the farm. He says that yes there is and Dinah says to show it too her.

Danny motions for the phone as Marina tells Michelle that she doesn’t want Michelle to feel threatened by her and she doesn’t want Michelle to feel that Marina sees her as a threat because she doesn’t. Michelle says that is good, and Marina continues that she and Danny are rock solid now after a bumpy start because of his feelings for Michelle. Michelle tells Marina that her other line is ringing and she ahs to go and hangs up. Danny asks Marina if she really had to say all of that and Marina says that yes, she did.

At the hospital, Michelle sighs and looks sad.

The nurse apologizes to Michelle for the delay and Michelle says it is okay and the nurse leaves. Michelle thanks Bill for holding her hand but tells him to go since he has a wedding to get to. Bill says it is okay because Emma isn’t feeling the best and they weren’t going to go till later. Michelle tells him to leave again and Bill asks her if she is trying to get rid of him, which Michelle admits. Michelle says that she is just going to be filling out forms which the nurse brings in. She starts to look over them and when she gets to the contact info part she starts to write down Bill’s name but changes it to Danny’s.

Harley is zipping up her wedding dress when Buzz knocks at the door. He tells her through the door that it is the guy who is supposed to be giving her away but that he is tempted to lock her in the room so she can’t run away again. She laughs and tells him to come in. He comes in and apologizes for being so early but says that he wanted some time alone. He and Harley hug and he asks if Gus knows how lucky he is to have her. Buzz tells her that he just wants the world for her. They tell each other that they love each other. He tells her that he has an idea and Harley asks if she should sit for it. Buzz says maybe and he tells her that since Gus doesn’t really have a father anymore since his adoptive father is dead and he can’t count on Alan that if he ever needs someone to talk to that he can come to him. Harley says that she is sure that Gus will appreciate that. Buzz says he doesn’t want to scare him away and Harley says that she will talk to him about it but she does think he will like it. She jokes that she isn’t crazy about sharing him with someone but for Gus she will make that sacrifice. They hug.

Dinah demands that Edmund show her the paperwork. He says she is disappointed and asks where the trust is and Dinah retorts, where is the farm, in his name or Cassie’s. Edmund swears that it is in their name. He tells Dinah to sit and switches the baby papers with the divorce papers that show that Dinah and Edmund have the farm. He says that that is where they will live happily ever after but that he has to go. Dinah states once again that they are getting the farm and Edmund tells her he is counting the days, as he walks away he says under his breath, “and the minutes”.

Mel wonders where they can get a band on this short of notice and Cassie turns to Jeffrey and says she knows someone who might be available. Jeffrey says no, but Blake asks him if he knows someone. Jeffrey says no again but Cassie says he does. Jeffrey pulls Cassie aside and says no again. Cassie says his band members might feel differently and might want to make a few hundred bucks. Jeffrey says they don’t do weddings. Cassie asks him why not and he lists many reasons why. She tells him not to do the standard stuff then but he still says no. She baits him with the question of whether or not he just doesn’t play weddings, or if it is weddings in general, he doesn’t like.

Jeffrey looks really scared and Cassie can’t keep a straight face and starts laughing. She tells him that she does not intend to walk down the aisle again, or at least not for a really long time. She tells him that she likes the way things are with them. Jeffrey says he does too and Cassie asks him if he will reconsider about the band thing. He asks if it means that much to her and she says yes and it will mean a lot to Gus and Harley. He asks her if she can get the sheet music to the chicken dance. She screams and hugs him.

Michelle walks out of the waiting room to find Edmund who stares at her in awe. She walks over to him and tells him that yes she is pregnant. He says that he had no idea and she says that no one does and she would appreciate it if no one knows. He asks why and she tells him that she has his reasons and asks him if he will keep it quiet. He asks if she is all right and Michelle says yes, he asks about the baby and he says that she is big and healthy and doing great. He tells her good and that she should be happy and that she is lucky. Michelle agrees but says that the circumstances are just not the best. She thanks him again and leaves as the nurse states that she has to fill in line 6 and it shows Danny as her contact info.

At Company, Danny takes his phone back as he tells Marina that they should just enjoy Harley’s wedding day. Marina says she would enjoy that but that she has to take care of something first and goes upstairs. Danny’s phone rings and he answers. He asks what information they need and then tells them that they must have the wrong information because he is not filing any health insurance claims. He then asks if they said “the baby”.

Beth stares at the ring that Alan gave her as Alan looks at the box and talks out loud saying that he has sent the bait so now all Phillip has to do is bite.

Harley grabs her dress and tells Buzz that they should get this show on the road. Buzz opens the door just to find Gus standing outside, Harley screams and asks him what he is doing there. She says they are cursed and there is no hope for them. He walks in the door and Harley says “what the heck” and jumps into his arms. She tells him that she missed him and he says he missed her too. Buzz says he will come back later and Harley motions him away with her hand. Buzz leaves and Harley and Gus continue kissing. She tells him that he is very bad for coming there and Gus says that he wanted to give her his wedding gift. She says that she thought that the house was their gift to each other and he says that is their fresh start but that his gift is another fresh start. He hands her the papers and he tells her that it is an order to exhume Phillip’s body signed by Alan. She can’t believe it and asks how he pulled it off. She asks if he did it for her and he says for them so that they can put it behind them and move on together.

The screen breaks into three parts as Gus asks Harley what she says to do what every couple does on their wedding day and dig up a body, as Alan stares at the note from Phillip and Beth stares at Alan’s engagement ring.

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