Guiding Light Update Tuesday 8/16/05


By Jennie
Pictures by Boo

Reva and Josh enter the house and Reva yells for Jonathan. When no one answers back Josh tells her to stop and she agrees but then says that if he isn’t there they have to go and find him. Josh tells her that they need to slow down and take a break since they have been answering questions about Alfred/Nate’s death. The door slams and Jonathan comes in and wants to know what is going on. Reva runs to him and he pushes her off, she tells him how worried she has been about him but Jonathan just wants to know if they found Nate’s body. He says that Nate swam like a fish so he doesn’t think that he is dead unless they found a body. Reva assures him that he is gone and Jonathan says knowing he is dead and thinking he is dead are two different things. Josh tells Jonathan that they know he is dead because although he did survive the first fall into the water, Josh killed him the second time.

Lizzie is at Cedars trying to find Lillian so she can get some money. Tammy walks in behind her and Lizzie tells her that she didn’t hear anything. She tells Tammy that she is fine, that it is just money. She asks Tammy how she is since she heard that Nate kidnapped her. Tammy says it is true and they can talk about it someday, just not today. Lizzie asks if Jonathan was involved and Tammy gets defensive and jumps to his defense. She tells Lizzie that Jonathan saved her and fought against the man who beat him all his life and his worst fears just for her. She says she owes him so much. Lizzie mentions that she must really care about him and Tammy tells Lizzie not to tell her to stay away from him like everyone else does. Lizzie says that she wasn’t going to tell her that, in fact she was going to say he has done a lot for her and that Tammy can’t bail out on him now.

Mallet and Harley enter his apartment in Florida. Harley is complaining that they spent all this time looking up the car to be told that the car company won’t give out that information. She says it was a waste of time but Mallet says that they know something, Harley tells him that they are no closer to tracking down Phillip than they were when they first came to Florida. Mallet sits down on the couch and relaxes. Harley yells at him and asks him what he is doing. Mallet tells her that he is going to enjoy the show of her freaking out. Harley tells him to have fun and not let her stop him. Mallet tells her that in seven seconds, she will change her mind on being upset and she blows up. She wonders why she is in Florida with Mallet on a “wild Phillip chase” when she could be home getting ready to marry the man she loves. Mallet says that with it being 3 seconds she just had a new record. He tells her that if it is really what she wants to do to call Gus and tell him that she is on her way home. Harley says that is what she plans on doing and he hands her the phone and tells her to call. She grabs the phone and kicking his feet out of her way starts to dial but stops. She wonders what the point is because she can’t tell him what he wants to hear anyway. Mallet starts to tell her that he told her so but she stops him. She says that maybe it is not where she should be right now but she is where she needs to be.

Gus walks into Company but the lights are all out. He wonders where everyone is and why the lights are out when they suddenly turn on and guys jump out from everywhere and tell Gus it is his bachelor party. Coop says that so far it is pretty good although he has nothing to compare it to since it is his first one. Gus says that he is honored and Rick tells him that they started without him. They all toast to Gus and the party continues as someone outside Company’s window looks at a news story about Gus and Harley and their wedding and watches the festivities.

Lizzie asks Tammy if she can give her some advice and Tammy agrees. Lizzie tells Tammy to tell Jonathan how she feels and let him know that he has a friend. Tammy asks why she should do this and Lizzie says that it is hard when you think you have no one and everyone is just waiting for you to mess up again. Tammy asks Lizzie why she changed and Lizzie says it is because someone believed in her for once. Tammy gets out her wallet and says she believes that Lizzie and Roxy will pay her back and gives her $10. Lizzie thanks Tammy and they share a moment and Tammy leaves.

Josh explains that Nate was trying to kill Reva and when he tried to save her, he killed him. Jonathan says it sounds like he finally got what he deserved, the good guys win, and it is like a summer blockbuster. Reva tells him he is just in shock and Jonathan disagrees and says he is just happy. She says that losing the people who brought up both in a couple of weeks has to be hard. He says he has been through worse and now it feels like the “worlds largest boa constrictor” has been lifted off from around his neck and he is happy. He takes his beer and quickly walks out the front door. Reva follows him.

At Company, Frank has everyone raise their bottles to Gus. He welcomes him to the world of marriage, telling him to get used to his no more free weekends and bottomless Honey to do list. All of the guys agree with Frank. Rick welcomes him “to the world of feelings, Gus. Her feelings, your feelings, her feelings and how you feel about her feelings. Let’s not fix the problem, let's talk about the problem.” Ross welcomes him to finding all of the old grungy clothes you never knew your wife had. Gus says to bring it on as the stranger outside delivers a package labeled “for the happy groom” outside of the door.

Harley says that she keeps telling herself that she can’t leave tills he finds out if Phillip is alive because she needs to tie up all of the loose ends in her life. She says that is who she is, who she has always been. She turns to Mallet for support and he says he can vouch for that. Harley says maybe there is something else involved also. Mallet offers to help her out and asks her why she is there. She starts to say that she is there to find Phillip and Mallet interrupts saying, no here in his house, the house they used to share. Mallet asks her if this place used to mean something to her back then and she admits that it did. She admits that she was curious at first but that she remembered all of the hope that they had when they first started out. Harley asks what happened and Mallet says that they were young and he was stupid. Harley completely surprises him when she says that she can’t marry Gus. Mallet asks her why and Harley says that although she blamed him for their marriage ending she thinks it is her fault. She says that all of her marriages have ended badly and she thinks that she is one of those women who are just not meant to be married. She thinks it is that or else that something is really wrong with her. Mallet says that there is no doubt about that.

Reva stops Jonathan outside and asks him to do her a favor and stay at their house for a few days so she can watch over him. She tells him that Josh thinks it is a good idea also. He answers that he doesn’t know if either one of them needs to be alone tonight, but that he knows, he does. Jonathan says it sounds like he is going somewhere and Reva asks him if he isn’t staying. Josh says that it is probably the best thing for both of them if he leaves and tells Jonathan not to break anything. Jonathan says he can’t make any promises and goes back inside to give them some time alone. Reva begs Josh not to leave and he tells her not to make things any harder than they already are.

When Jonathan goes back inside, Tammy comes in through the back door. He asks her what she is doing there and she tells him that there is something that she has needed to tell him that she hasn’t been able to before this. He tells her to go ahead, and she says that she will never forget what he did for her. He gets rude and tells her that he already has forgotten. She tells him that she won’t forget and she is always going to think of him as a friend. He says to screw that and goes over to her and pushes her hair behind her ears. He tells her that now that Nate is dead he is going to get what he wants and he doesn’t want her as a friend.

Back at the bachelor party, the guys are good-naturedly arguing about marriage. Buzz says to let some oxygen in and Frank goes to open the door where he finds the mystery package left for Gus. Frank brings it in and Ross asks whom it is from. Frank says he doesn’t know and Coop asks Gus if there are any ex girlfriends who may be ticked off about losing him. Frank tells Gus that speaking of ticking he may want to listen to the package to make sure that it isn’t. Gus is skeptical and opens the gift.

Harley asks Mallet if he really thinks that something is wrong with her. Mallet tells her he doesn’t just think he knows and she shoots him an annoyed look. He tells her that she hasn’t changed and she still always looks for problems even when there aren’t any. He tells her to believe for once in her life and Harley want’s to know what to believe. Mallet continues that she needs to believe in herself and the choices that she made and will make. He tells her to use her instincts as a cop to help her out. Harley says that maybe listening to her instincts is what is scaring her now. She wants to know for sure. Mallet tells her that she can’t always know for sure. He says that if he had known for sure that she and he would still be… and trails off. He tells her maybe she is running and that this whole Phillip thing is just an excuse for her not to get married again. They agree that her coming to Florida with Mallet maybe an excuse for her not to get married. Mallet says he doesn’t want to be an excuse for her and doesn’t want her to have any excuse at all. He says he knows what he has to do and at first walks away from her but walks back and passionately kisses her. She starts to kiss him back.

They continue to kiss till Harley pulls away. She looks at Mallet and tells him that she loves Gus and she is going to marry him and isn’t going to change her mind about that. Mallet points out to her that although they just had a really great kiss; she still did two things after it. She pushed him away and told him that she loved another man. She tells him that she is sorry and he tells her not to be. He asks her to do him one more favor, to go back to Springfield and pick out her wedding day hairdo. She says she doesn’t want to fail again, not for Gus or for herself. Mallet assures her that she was not the one who failed in their marriage but he did. He says he even knew the moment when it happened. She asks when and he tells her that one-day he was watching her sleep when he realized just how beautiful and special she was. He tells her he realized in that moment just how much he needed and loved her and he got scared and ran. She laughs and asks him if he cheated on her because he was great. He laughs it off but reassures her that she is great and she was a great wife. He tells her to stop second-guessing herself and to stop trying to push Gus away. He admits that he is not crazy about Gus but that is probably just because Gus is not him. Mallet tells Harley that she can trust Gus, and when Harley asks how he knows, Mallet says because Gus isn’t him.

Rick asks Gus what it is in the box. Gus pulls a video out of the box and says that maybe it is tonight’s entertainment since the stripper didn’t show up. Coop takes the tape and puts it in while Rick jokes that maybe Blake is in it and Ross says that the thought did cross his mine. The tape plays and it shows the tape that surfaced right before the wedding last year and stopped the wedding. Coop wants to know if it is someone’s idea of a bad joke and asks who would have done it. Frank says that they will find out who sent it and Gus says he knows that it was his father who is behind it. Rick says that he has to leave to go to the hospital. They all leave Gus alone for a second, except for Buzz who wants to know if Gus thinks the wedding is going to happen this time. Gus says that yes it is going to happen this time because he knows Harley and he knows that she is going to be there.

At the hospital, Rick asks Lizzie what is wrong. She says she is fine but Rick can tell she isn’t. Rick asks her what her symptoms are and she says she just needs to catch her breath but that she doesn’t want Roxy to see her like this. Rick gets her to breathe normally and asks her when the symptoms started. She mentions that they happened when she tried to get money from an ATM and then when she was pumping gas for herself. She asks if she is going to die and Rick sort of laughs and says no, that he knows what is wrong with her. He tells her that he knows that Beth cut her off and he thinks she has “a classic example, honey, of acute panic brought on by no-money- itis and you've got it really, really bad.” She laughs at herself and says she is ridiculous for freaking out since her mom cut off her credit cards. Rick asks for her hands and Lizzie wants to know why. Rick says because he asked for them and Lizzie asks if she is going to get a lecture. Rick says no lecture, just a story. He reminds her of when she was in the ICU and Rick was out in the waiting room with Phillip waiting to hear if she was going to be all right. Lizzie says that her dad was really worried about her and Rick says that he wasn’t that worried because he thought of Lizzie as the strong one in the family. Rick says this is her chance to prove that he was right.

Tammy tells Jonathan that friendship is all she can give him and he stops her saying that what makes her think that he even wants friendship from her. He says he was looking for less, and that he doesn’t want her around because all she does is make a mess out of his life. He tells her that if it wasn’t for her, he would be gone and his father would still be alive. Tammy tells him that he doesn’t mean it and Jonathan says he does and that he is done with Tammy. Tammy tells him to stop and Jonathan asks to stop what, telling the truth. Tammy tells him that Nate is gone now and he can’t hurt him anymore. Jonathan tells her that he is in control now and he wants her to stay the Hell away from him. Tammy refuses.

Outside the house, Reva tells Josh that they are in serious trouble and that the distance between them can’t continue. Josh says he knows that and although the marriage is important to him, he needs time to work out the fact that he killed someone. Reva tells him that he didn’t have a choice since Nate was going to kill her and Josh says that he did it because he hated Nate. Reva tells him that he is a good man and that he only did it because he had to. She begs him to stay with her tonight and Josh says he is not sure. Josh agrees to stay and then says it has never been easy to say no to her and Reva says that that is her secret weapon, that and her love for him. Josh says he wishes he had her confidence and walks back into the house where he finds Tammy with Jonathan. He hugs Tammy and tells her that she is the best surprise he has had all day. He asks her to stay for dinner and Jonathan says she can’t, that she was just leaving, but Tammy says that she would love to stay.

After dinner, Reva asks if everyone had enough to eat. Jonathan says he really wasn’t hungry and Reva says the best way to get over everything that happened is to go back to having a normal life. Josh tells her not to push it and Jonathan seconds that. He thanks them for dinner and offering a place to stay but says he is going to leave. Reva stops him and tells him that this is home and asks Josh to argue with him. Jonathan asks if they are going to fight him on it and Josh asks him just to stay for Reva’s sake. He agrees, but says he needs some air and walks outside. After he leaves, Josh asks Tammy if she is okay. Josh tells her that she has a good life with Sandy and that people like Jonathan who have so much baggage are always looking for someone to carry that with them. He tells her to do what is best for her. Tammy thanks him and leaves. She finds Jonathan outside and tells him that she knows that he wants her to leave him alone but that there is one thing she needs to say to him. He tells her to go ahead and she says that when she told him she wished she never had met him that it wasn’t true.

Coop walks up to Lizzie and Rick at the hospital and Lizzie can’t believe that Rick called him. Rick says he needed a second opinion so he called “Dr. Bradshaw”. They joke around a little bit about her and her lack of money and Rick leaves her with Coop, but she is starting to smile again.

At Company, Gus is sitting all by himself when a woman walks in wearing black fishnet stockings and white knee high boots, which is all we see. Gus tells her that they are closed and she says that the lights are on. Gus says he was just about to turn them off and she says to let her help with that and turns them off. She asks if he is Gus Auitoro and says she is there for his party. Gus says that the stripper was cancelled but the woman says she never got the call. She says that she could stay and that it is up to Gus, he tells her to stay and says that she may be just what he needs. The camera cuts to the woman’s face and we see that it is Harley in a white hat and a long red wig.

Train’s “Calling All Angels” starts to play as we see Lizzie and Coop talking about how the best things in life are free and kissing, Reva and Josh in bed with a lot of distance between them. Tammy sits down by Jonathan outside and Jonathan gets up and walks back inside while Tammy watches him from the doorway. Gus walking over to Harley knowing it was her, and the two of them laughing and kissing while the mystery man watches them from outside. Mallet’s cell phone rings and the person on the other side tells him that Phillip is still alive and in Springfield as he rushes back. The scene ends with the mystery man watching Harley and Gus again through the window.

“I need a sign to let me know you're here

all of these lines are being crossed over the atmosphere

I need to know that things are gonna look up

'cause I feel us drowning in a sea spilled from a cup

when there is no place safe and no safe place to put my head

when you feel the world shake from the words that are said

and I'm calling all angels and I'm calling all you angels

I won't give up if you don't give up

I won't give up if you don't give up

I won't give up if you don't give up

I won't give up if you don't give up

I need a sign to let me know you're here

'cause my tv set just keeps it all from being clear

I want a reason for the way things have to be

I need a hand to help build up some kind of hope inside of me

and I'm calling all angels...

I won't give up and I'm calling all you angels I won't give up...”

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