Guiding Light Update Monday 8/15/05


By Jennie 
Pictures by Boo

At the boathouse, Reva tells Jonathan that she would rather die than leave him there with Nate. Jonathan gets very upset with her and angrily tells her to take all of her nobility, apologies, and good intentions and shove them. Nate interrupts and tells Reva that if she is really ready to die he will be happy to help. Reva yells at him that Jonathan told him to stay out of it. She continues that this is between her and Jonathan. She turns to him and tells him that this is his last chance if he ever wants to break the cycle and to have a real life with people who love him and want to give him a real home. She sobs she would give anything for another chance. Jonathan suddenly gets an angry look on his face and charges at Reva knocking her down onto the dock where it looks as if she blacks out.

At Company, Marina walks away from Danny. He apologizes for not telling Michelle that he and Marina were moving in together and that he will tell her soon. Marina says she understands she just thinks it would be weird for Michelle to return and find them living together without any prior knowledge of it first. Danny tells her that he doesn’t think that Michelle is coming home any time soon. Michelle walks up in disguise outside of Company and looks in the window at Danny and Marina talking. Danny spots her and tells Marina he will be right back and goes after Michelle.

Sandy and Tammy lay in bed and Tammy tells him that he makes her really happy. He says he should hope so and then remembers that he has something to show her. He grabs a piece of paper and hands it to her. It is a bank confirmation paper showing that Sandy transferred all of the money that Jonathan took from Lewis back to the company. Tammy gets very upset and tells Sandy that he didn’t just transfer money, he may have just set Jonathan up to get killed.

Back at the boathouse, an arrow goes past Jonathan’s head as he leans over Reva. Nate sits with an angry look on his face and a crossbow in his hand. He calls Jonathan a bloody fool, grabs him and shoves him against the wall. Nate yells at Jonathan for choosing to save Reva’s life and tells him that he has now made his choice and neither Reva nor Jonathan is going to like it.

Danny looks around outside Company where he finds Bill and Olivia sitting outside. Bill asks if everything is all right and Danny says yes. He asks Bill if he has heard from Michelle, and when Bill lies and says no, Danny says he thinks he just saw her. Bill asks him if he really thought he saw her and Danny says it couldn’t have been since she is in Africa. After Danny goes back inside Olivia says that it seems as if them lying about Michelle is the new fun thing they can do together. Bill tells Olivia that she is his friend and they need to help her. Olivia wants to know why she can’t go to Rick or Mel and Bill tells her that family will put too much pressure on her. He asks Olivia if she has payroll to do and when she says yes he tells her that she should go and do it. She leaves and Bill heads off after Michelle. Olivia, who didn’t really go inside, follows him.

A nurse at Cedars asks Michelle if the baby’s father will be joining her for the procedure. Michelle tells her not that it is just going to be her.

Sandy tells Tammy to calm down and she says she can’t because once Nate finds out there is no money he may hurt Jonathan. Sandy tells her that he did the transfer before he knew that Jonathan was going to try and save her. Tammy says that he did save her though and now he could be in danger because of Sandy. Sandy tells her that he knows the Nate has been rough on Jonathan before and Tammy breaks in that Sandy thinks one more time won’t hurt Jonathan. Sandy tries to defend himself and tells Tammy that Jonathan was the reason she was kidnapped in the first place. Sandy says that bad things happen to people around Jonathan and that it isn’t a coincidence that Jonathan likes it like that. He says that Tammy’s kidnapping was the perfect example, because he put her in danger. Tammy agrees and cuddles up to Sandy.

Nate slaps Jonathan and he falls to the floor of the boathouse. Nate holds his head close to the water and Jonathan tells him to just do it. Nate asks if there will be no crying or begging this time. While he is holding him down Jonathan asks Nate why he hates him so much, at this Nate takes his hand away from Jonathan’s neck and jumps away from him. Jonathan quickly gets away from the edge and tries to catch his breath as Nate answers him that he just won’t learn. He tells him that when Jonathan was dumped on his doorstep he knew from looking at him that Jonathan was helpless and that unless he taught him to fight he would be walked on and abused all of his life. He tells him that a real man doesn’t just survive but takes what he wants. He orders Jonathan to tell him what it takes for a man to be a real man and Jonathan answers him, “discipline.” Jonathan tells Nate that he tried and Nate answers that he always messed up. Nate says he hasn’t given up on Jonathan yet and says he is still there for him and he can help him to be more disciplined. He tells Jonathan to throw Reva in the water to prove to him he can follow orders. Jonathan stands over her and looks as if he is considering it and Nate yells at him to do it. Jonathan grabs an arrow off of the wall and lunges at Nate.

At Company, Marina wants to know why Danny is so distracted. Danny tells her that he was being dirty minded by thinking how sexy Marina is going to look in her maid of honors dress. She doesn’t buy it and says she is going to be the girl here but wants to know if his weirdness is because of all the talk about them moving in together. He tells her that she is right, maybe her moving in with him is not such a great idea.

At the hospital, a nurse tells Michelle that she has a visitor. Bill walks in and Michelle says she is glad to see him but wants to know how he knew about her appointment. He tells her that she left a note with her appointment times by the phone. She says that she is glad to see him but she feels like a total idiot having to hide her pregnancy from everyone she knows. She says that she really wants to tell Danny but she doesn’t have the guts. She even says that she saw Rick and couldn’t tell him. Bill wants to know when she saw Rick and Michelle tells him how Rick was told he had a house call by Olivia and came to Bill’s suite, even though she didn’t think he knew it was for her.

Olivia walks up outside the hospital room to see Bill and Michelle hugging. She calls Company and leaves a message for Danny that Rick Bauer needs him to come to the hospital as soon as possible.

Marina is visibly upset by Danny’s comment about them not moving in together but tries to sound like she understands and starts to ramble. Danny tells her to stop and asks to get a word in edgewise. He explains that he still wants them to live together but that he doesn’t think his place is the best place for them to live. He thinks they should find a place together for the both of them. They joke around with each other and kiss as a waitress walks up to Danny and tells him that Rick Bauer left a message. Danny thinks it is weird but leaves, asking Marina if she will be there. She says that if he is coming back she will wait for him.

Back at the hospital, Michelle says that she almost told Danny everything on the phone. She thinks she should wait until she knows whom the baby’s father is before she tells him though. Olivia watches from the hallway.

Jonathan and Nate fight until Reva jumps up and hits Nate with an oar. Jonathan pushes her out of the way and grabs the oar from her. He begs Nate, calling him Dad, to put down the crossbow bolt that he grabbed out of Jonathan’s hands. Nate first tells him that Jonathan doesn’t tell him what to do and tell him he is not his father. Jonathan hits him with the oar and he falls into the water. Jonathan falls to his knees at the edge of the dock and yells for Nate to come up. Jonathan takes off his shirt and tries to jump in after him but Reva holds him back. Josh and Frank run in and ask where Alfred/Nate is; Reva tells them that he tried to kill both of them. Frank goes to call for backup and Josh jumps in after Nate. Frank makes sure that Reva is okay but she is only worried about Jonathan and trying to keep him from jumping in. Jonathan sobs on the side of the dock.

Bill and Michelle are reminiscing when Michelle spots Danny outside of the window. Michelle wants to know what he is doing there but Bill tells her that if she doesn’t hide he is going to see her. She starts to try to hide under the examining table but Bill pulls her out and tells her she won’t fit. He grabs her and they hide behind a curtain as Danny comes in calling for Rick. After he leaves, Bill tells her that she is crazy if she thinks she is going to hide this for too much longer. Michelle says she wants to know why he is at Cedars looking for Rick and Bill says he has a few ideas. Olivia knocks on the door and comes in asking Bill where Emma is. He tells her with the nanny and Olivia asks if she is interrupting anything. Michelle tells her no and that she is leaving anyway. Bill asks her about the doctor’s appointment and she says she has had enough close calls today and leaves. Bill asks Olivia about the payroll she was supposed to be doing and Olivia says she put them off till the next day. Bill then confronts her with the “forced reunions” that she was trying to pull off.

Josh comes back up for air and tells Jonathan that he tried but couldn’t find Nate under the water. Sirens sound in the background as Reva tries to convince Jonathan that he is safe but Jonathan feels as if he has killed his father. Reva tells him he has his life back now. Frank walks up and tells Jonathan that they are going to take him to Cedars to get checked out. Reva asks for one more minute and tries to comfort Jonathan. The EMT says they need to get going but that they have to take them across one at a time. Reva tells Jonathan that they have to stay but that when he gets out of the hospital he can come back and live with them for as long as he needs too. Jonathan turns away from her and leaves with the EMT. Josh comforts Reva.

At the Beacon, Tammy gets out of bed while Sandy is out of the room and calls Josh asking for news on Jonathan. Josh explains about the accident with Nate and tells Tammy that Jonathan is at Cedars. He tells her that they think Nate drowned and she says that is what Nate had in mind for Jonathan. They hang up as Sandy comes back out. Tammy says she needs to go to the hospital to file a report. Sandy offers to drive her but Tammy refuses.

Olivia admits that she was the one who got Danny over to the hospital but says that Michelle needs to take care of this pregnancy the way she did with hers. Bill says he doesn’t want to have to worry about Olivia outing Michelle every time he turns around and Olivia says she doesn’t want Bill to be holding Michelle’s hand every time she turns around. Bill calls her on her jealousy and says she doesn’t understand the relationship that he and Michelle have. Bill tells her that he loves her and he isn’t going to leave her to help Michelle. Olivia asks him to do her a favor and to prove it.

Michelle sits outside of Company with her purse and a bag on her lap hiding her stomach when Danny walks up and sees her.

Michelle makes sure to hide her stomach a little bit more as she says hi to Danny. Danny is shocked but says that he knew that it was her he saw earlier outside of the window. She apologizes but he wants to know what is going on. Michelle says she didn’t want to push things but Danny tells her that since they are divorced and haven’t seen each other in a couple of months there really isn’t much to push. She talks to him about Robbie a little bit and Danny asks her how long she is staying. Michelle says she doesn’t know but tells him there is something she needs to tell him.

Bill asks Olivia if she really wants him to prove that she and Emma mean the world to him, she asks him again if he will. Bill says he has been proving that since day one but lists all of the ways he has been there for her. He asks her if that proves he loves her and she says she doesn’t ant to make it sound like it isn’t enough but that she just has trouble trusting men after all of her problems. Bill says that it is the little things that he does for her and Emma that prove how much he loves her. Olivia starts to cry and Bill drops down on one knee and asks her to marry him. She says they did it already but Bill says he wants to have a large lavish wedding for her. Olivia says she gets it and Bill tells her he is serious.

Tammy walks up to Jonathan in the hospital and makes sure his is okay. He tells her his dad is dead and she says she knows. He tells her it has been a crappy day for everyone and she should just go home. She refuses and tells him that everything he said to her was a lie about him not wanting to be part of his family. She starts to leave and he stops her and asks her to wait.

Josh puts a blanket over Reva’s shoulders as she tells him she didn’t think they were going to make it. She tells Josh about what happens and can’t believe that Nate wanted to kill his own son. Josh says Jonathan was lucky that she was there and Reva thanks Josh for coming after her. He tells her that it is over and Frank is waiting for them. Reva tells Josh to go ahead that she is going to sit and process everything that happened. Josh leaves and Nate reaches up and grabs Reva’s leg over the side of the boat.

Reva kicks him and is able to get away a little bit. Nate climbs over and they fight as Reva starts the boat and yells for Josh. Nate grabs Reva around the throat and tries to strangle her as Josh rushes in and grabs Nate. They fight but Nate in his weakened state is no match for Josh. Josh throws him back into the water and he gets caught under the motor of the boat. Josh and Reva watch in horror as bloody water gushes up from behind the motor boat.

Danny asks what Michelle needs to tell him and she chickens out and just says that she is glad he is happy. He starts to tell her about stuff going on and she says not his business life. He tells her he is happy with Marina and Michelle says she is glad because she is happy for them and that is all she wanted. Danny tells her he has to get back inside since Marina is waiting for him. He starts to leave and he tells her to call him when she wants to see Robbie, she agrees but stops him to say that she has missed him. He tells her that he has missed her too. As Danny walks into Company Marina tells him that she found an amazing apartment complex. Danny says that they should go and look at them tomorrow. Danny is distracted and Marina asks him if he saw Rick. Danny says that it was weird since he wasn’t there. He doesn't mention seeing Michelle.

Tammy asks Jonathan what he wants and he says they are even now that they have saved each other’s lives. Tammy says they aren’t even since he saved her life from a fire also. Jonathan laughs and says that they just keep getting into trouble as Sandy walks up and asks Tammy if she gave her statement. Sandy thanks Jonathan for saving Tammy and he accepts saying that at least it is all done now. Tammy agrees and Tammy and Sandy walk away together.

Michelle Branch’s “All You Wanted” starts to play as clips show Jonathan sit down to think about everything, Danny and Marina kiss, Michelle finds out the baby is a girl, Olivia tells Bill she would have turned him down because she loved their first wedding, Sandy and Tammy hug, and Josh comforts Reva.

“I wanted to be like you I wanted everything

so I tried to be like you and I got swept away

I didn't know that...

...It was so cold and you needed someone...

I can take you away from here

so lonely inside so busy out there

and all you wanted was somebody who cares

I'm sinking slowly so hurry hold me...”

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