Guiding Light Update Friday 8/12/05


By Jen 
Pictures by Amanda

Outside Company, Marina drops a magazine, Danny picks it up and is surprised to see it is a bridal magazine. He thought they were just moving in together. Marina explains it is for Harley's wedding. She is worried that she will mess up because she has never been a maid-of-honor before. Danny wonders if the wedding will happen. He mentions nobody knows where Gus and Harley are. Marina has left dozens of messages for Harley about a bachlorette party, but Harley has not returned any of her calls. Danny jokes that Gus and Harley's wedding wouldn't be a wedding if there wasn't any drama. Marina talks about their last wedding. She had a front row seat for the drama and no vows. She is worried the whole thing could be a bust. Danny tells her to relax it will work out. Marina wants to know how he is so confident. She reminds him what happened last time. There is a flash back of Danny and Michelle's last wedding. You don't know who was thinking about it because it starts with Danny and ends with Michelle rubbing her stomach in Bill's hotel room.

Edmund and Vince Russo are in Company. Edmund is telling Vince that he will do anything to get his a wife the baby she wants. He tells him money is no object and hands Vince a paper. He wants to know if Vince can handle it. Vince thinks it is a nice offer but babies don't grow on trees. He explains he is very busy with Alan's case. Edmund thinks that it the best recommendation from a lower place. Edmund tells Vince he understands it would be hard to produce a baby in a few days but that is what he will be paying him for. He doesn't care how he does it and is willing to match Alan dollar for dollar. He says Vince has a reputation for getting things done and wants him to get this done too. Dinah interrupts and says she didn't know he would be there. She wants an introduction.

Cassie and Tammy are at the hospital. Cassie is filling out forms and Tammy is messing with bandages on her wrists. Cassie tells her to stop. Tammy tells her she doesn't need a babysitter that she will have a real baby any day now. Cassie doesn't want to let her out of her sight because of what happened with Nate and Jonathan. She thinks the world is better off without Jonathan. She believes him and Nate are perfect for each other. Tammy is upset and doesn't think this is true.

Jonathan is looking at the locket Tammy gave him and puts it in his pocket. Nate comes in and hands him a beer. He says the boat is almost ready to take her out to some bigger port and rent a 30 foot cruiser with the money Jonathan stole. Jonathan wonders where they are going. Nate doesn't care as long as it is far away from Springfield. He tells Jonathan not to worry that the worst is over and they came out 2 million ahead. He tells Jonathan good riddance to this town and Jonathan's so called family. Jonathan makes a toast to his family and Nate says may you never see them again. They drink to it and Jonathan tries to start the boat. He cannot get it started and that makes Nate mad. He doesn't think Jonathan can do anything right. He tells him to get away and tries to start the boat himself. He can't get it started either. Jonathan thinks it is just broken, but Nate doesn't understand because he just checked the whole boat out. Then you see Reva in the water.

Michelle is in Bill's room, and she starts to make a phone call but there is a knock at the door. It is Rick. He is there for a house call. Michelle gets in bed under the covers and puts pillows all around her. She is trying to cover up her stomach. Rick comes in and is surprised to see Michelle. He wants to know what she is doing there and when she came back. Michelle tells him she doesn't want him to be mad. He is not mad, he is just shocked to see her. Olivia called him for a house call and he had no idea Michelle was there. He tries to go up to Michelle, and Michelle tells him not to come too close she is fighting a stomach bug. She covers herself with more pillows.

Outside Company, Marina is reading the bridal magazine. She reads that the maid-of-honor should tie up any loose ends before the wedding. Danny hands her a beer. Marina thinks this is just like taking a class, and says it is not like she hasn't been to a wedding before, but she never had to pay attention to the details. Marina cannot believe Harley has done this so many times and not gotten an ulcer. She tells Danny the magazine even has what side of the closet you should get after you move in together. Danny thinks that is easy, the woman gets whatever side she wants. Marina jokes he has read this before. Marina worries she is going overboard and freaking Danny out. Danny assures her she isn't. She thinks he looks a little spacey. She thinks this kind of stuff normally freaks most guys out. Danny points out he is not most guys. He can't wait for her to move in with him. Marina asks if he is hoping Gus and Harley don't show so they can take their place at the alter. Danny looks freaked out now and asks "What?" Marina tells him she was just kidding and reminds him of when they took Gus and Harley's place in Chicago. She tells him she got him good, and asks if he needs some water.

Inside Company, Edmund introduces Vince to Dinah. Dinah realizes he is a lawyer and hopes he is a divorce lawyer. Edmund tells her that Vince is going to help them get the farm. Dinah says that is good because she has some questions. Edmund tells her they are just wrapping up and to let him handle it. Vince is looking at Dinah and asks Edmund if one baby is not good enough. Edmund tells him he will call him later with the details and dismisses him. Vince leaves. Dinah thinks Edmund is coming through for her. She believes Edmund wants to give her the life that she didn't think she could have. Edmund tells her she is well on her way. He goes to sit down and pour them a toast. He pours himself wine and Dinah club soda. Dinah says cheers and jokes she can feel the contractions starting all over again.

Tammy is standing up for Jonathan. Tammy reminds Cassie that Jonathan saved her from Nate. Cassie doesn't think that would have happened if it hadn't been for Jonathan. She reminds Tammy of all the things Jonathan has done to everybody. Tammy thinks she is way over simplifying things. Not all her problems were because of Jonathan and they won't all disappear with him gone. Cassie thinks it will be one less thing to worry about. Tammy wants to know why nobody understands what Jonathan has been through. She thinks that is what made him the way he is. Cassie points out that Tammy had it rough too, and she is not out hurting people. Tammy thinks she had it a lot better than Jonathan, and she always knew she had a mom who loved her. Jonathan didn't have any of that in his life. Cassie doesn't think that is an excuse for the things he has done. Tammy doesn't think they should keep trashing him because he is gone. Cassie tells Tammy she has to admit Nate wouldn't have taken her if not for Jonathan. Tammy knows that but doesn't care. She thinks they should do the best they can with what they are dealt. She says "J.B." is not any different. Cassie thinks she is in denial, but Tammy says she is not. She won't forget what he did to her but she wants to move on. She thinks if all she sees in him is the bad, she won't be any better than the rest of the town. She reminds Cassie that people can change and uses her, Reva, and Sandy as examples. Tammy thinks he deserves a chance to be a person too, and he might have something to offer the world one day. She tells Cassie doesn't he deserve the same second chance as everyone else. Cassie says as long as it is not here. Sandy runs in and hugs Tammy. He thanks god she is alright.

Nate is angry with Jonathan, and looks like he is going to hurt him. Jonathan doesn't understand why. Nate accuses him of taking the spark plug wires off the boat. Jonathan has no idea what he is talking about because Reva is the one who took them. Nate asks him what is the matter is he being a chicken. Jonathan reminds him that he just brought him the biggest paycheck he has ever had. Nate believes he is trying to stop them from leaving with it and asks if he really wants to do that. Jonathan denies doing that and swears he didn't. Nate thinks Jonathan believes this is a joke, and threatens to dump him in the middle of the lake. He says he is done with him as Jonathan sees Reva's feet. Nate asks him again where the plugs are and Jonathan asks what he is going to do to get them away from him.

Rick offers to check Michelle out and she refuses. They fight over the fact he is an MD and she is a PA. Rick laughs that it didn't take them long to fight. Michelle says it is a cold and it is keeping her from seeing anyone. They talk about Robbie, and Rick tells her he sees a lot of her in Robbie and Danny too of course. Rick has enjoyed having Robbie. He wants to know if she has seen Danny. Michelle says she doesn't want to get in his way and she wants him to be happy whatever he is doing. Rick tells her they talked at the BBQ, and that Danny wants her to come home. He tells her Danny missed her so much and will be so happy she to see her. Michelle says she missed him too. Rick writes her a prescription and tells her to take it once in the morning and once in the evening. Michelle apologizes for being so out of it. Rick says that is OK and they will catch up when she feels better. He tells her it is good to have her home and leaves. Michelle reads the prescription, it says call Danny.

Danny and Marina go inside company, and Marina tells him he is totally freaked out. Danny says he isn't and tells her as long as she doesn't use his razor on her legs he's good. Marina wants him to admit he is scared. Danny wants to know what he is supposed to be scared of. Marina tells him she is just happy to be with him. She says she doesn't need to split the cable bill or have her own closet space. She jokes that he might want to label his food in the refrigerator though. Danny wants to know if she is trying to get rid of him. He thinks she might be testing him by giving him all these outs. He points out that he asked her to move in with him. Marina doesn't want to rush him, and Danny tells her he thinks they have been taking things way too slow. He is ready and wants to know if she can keep up with him. Marina tells him she is in and they kiss. Danny's phone rings, it is Michelle.

Dinah says she doubted him but he came through. Edmund offers to tell her I told you so, but she threatens to kicks his shins. She is more motivated to wear the pregnancy pad now. She is happy she gets him, the farm, and she thinks she is going to win. Edmund remembers Vince telling him babies don't grow on trees. Dinah wants him to promise her she will win. Edmund can't believe she is back to wanting to beat Cassie. He jokes that he thought she was her best friend. Dinah tells him she is not feeling as much anger but, she doesn't think Cassie deserves everything. Edmund wants to go to the hospital and get Cassie to sign the custody papers. Dinah stops him and says not without her.

Sandy worries someone hurt Tammy, and Tammy tells him she is fine now that he is there. Sandy wonders about Jonathan. Tammy tells him Nate took him, and Sandy is not surprised. Tammy tells him it is over Jonathan is gone. Sandy says it is hard to believe Jonathan would just leave her there with him. Tammy just wants to get on with her life. She can't take going over everything that happened, and Sandy tells her he understands. Tammy is glad she is there with Sandy. Cassie thinks it is ironic how Jonathan came through in the end. Tammy doesn't know what she means, and Cassie says he saved you from Nate. Tammy asks her if that makes up for it. It is like their roles are reversed from the earlier conversation. Cassie is defending Jonathan and Tammy is putting him down. Tammy tells her she was right about Jonathan earlier and can they just move on. Cassie says sure if she is ready to. Tammy says that is what everybody wants and tells Sandy they can get past everything and move on. She tells them she wants Jonathan to have a chance at life, but she realizes it is better for everyone if he is gone. She thinks Cassie can move on with the baby and hopes Reva can get past her guilt. Cassie agrees they all have lives to get back to and says she is happy Tammy is not fighting getting back to hers. Tammy says she can't wait to start over but she doesn't look convinced. She asks Sandy if they can do that and he agrees. She asks him to get her out of there and heads to the door. Sandy looks at Cassie with a worried expression and Cassie wants to know if he saw what she did. She doesn't think Tammy is okay no matter what she says. Sandy thinks the trouble is over and she just needs time to recover. Cassie would like to help but she thinks Tammy doesn't want her mom around. Sandy agrees to take care of her and leaves.

Nate is shocked Jonathan is standing up to him. Jonathan throws his beer in Nate's face and grabs him by the throat. He wants to know if Nate is shocked he is fighting back. Nate tells him he always fought back but never won. He pushes Nate up against the wall and Jonathan tells him he will win this time. He will do whatever it takes. Jonathan tells Nate you will kill me before you let me go and wonders if this is what he did to Marissa. Nate says he loved Marissa, and Jonathan thinks that is a funny way of showing it. Jonathan is still choking him. Nate tries to play mind games with Jonathan by telling him he is no good on his own. He tells him they almost burned him at the stake when he got to town. Jonathan tells him that is because of what he did not who he is. Nate tells him no one has ever wanted him not Reva, not Tammy, not even Marissa. Jonathan doesn't think he has anything to lose then and throws him on the ground. He picks up a metal wheel or something and holds it over his head like he is going to bring it down on Nate. Reva steps out and tells Jonathan not to do it. Jonathan is holding it over his head. Reva wants to know why he is doing this, and Nate wants to know if Reva came to save him. He takes the wheel and puts it up against Nate's throat. Reva begs Jonathan not to kill him. Jonathan doesn't understand why not. He believes Nate deserves to die. He tells her not to tell him that it will make him just like Nate. He says he is already just like him and he doesn't care. Reva tells him he didn't think he was going to care but he does more than he thought he could. She thinks he knows she loves him and he belongs with her. She tells him Nate has been wrong about him since he was a child. She doesn't blame him for loving him because he was his father. Nate says he is still is and Jonathan is his son. Jonathan gets pissed and wants to know if this is what this is about, them. He says one abandoned him and one beat the hell out of him. He thinks maybe he should let them fight it out. Reva begs him to let Nate go in every sense of the word and leave with her. Jonathan says why are we going to get it right this time. Reva says they will do the best they can. Jonathan is still pushing the wheel against Nate's throat. Reva pulls him off of Nate and tries to get him to come with her. Jonathan grabs her and takes the spark plug out of her pocket. He tells Nate look what he found. Reva begs him not to but he shows it to Nate.

Sandy and Tammy go back to her room and embrace each other. Sandy knows she is trying hard to convince him and her mom she is okay. He tells her she does not have to be okay. He doesn't expect her to be after all she has been through. He tells her she doesn't have to talk about anything, and Tammy tells him that is why she is glad to be alone with him because she knew he would not ask questions. Sandy says the whole Jonathan thing has been miserable and they don't need to know anymore. He wishes he could have protected her. Tammy thinks she needs protecting way too much. Sandy is glad that Jonathan saved her, and Tammy says she is glad he is out of their lives. She says he really came through for her though. Sandy says all he cares about is that she is okay. Tammy tells him in spite of what Jonathan has done to everybody he did the right thing tonight. Sandy thinks he finally listened to reason. Tammy wonders what he means by that, and she figures out that Sandy sent Jonathan to save her in spite of everything.

Cassie comes into Company and Edmund asks if she has a minute. Cassie tells Edmund Tammy is okay but shaken. He is glad, and so is Dinah. He wants Cassie to tell Tammy how worried he was about her and how much he cares. Dinah looks sleepy, and Cassie asks if she is okay. Dinah tells her she is just tired. She says she can't keep her eyes open these days. Cassie wants her to take care of herself. Dinah tells Edmund they need to discuss something. Edmund tells Cassie that the Dr suggested bed rest for the rest of Dinah's pregnancy. Cassie tells her she should go home. Dinah insists she is okay that she is sitting down. She tells her that her and Edmund need to discuss the farm anyway. Cassie wants to know what they need to discuss about the farm.

Danny tells Michelle he has been trying to get a hold of her and wants to know if she got his messages. Michelle tells him they were not always dated. Danny tells her he has been worried about her, but Marina is the one who looks worried now. Michelle asks about Robbie and Danny says he misses her. He thinks she should come home and he tells her that there is a parents day next week at Robbie's camp. He thinks she should come back and surprise Robbie. He tells her she is missing the everyday stuff with Robbie. Michelle tells him she knows. He asks if she can make it home next week. Michelle looks doubtful.

Michelle gets quiet and Danny wonders if she is still there. Michelle says she is but she can't make it home yet. She tells him she needs to stay a little while longer. He says he understands and is sure Robbie will too. Michelle doesn't think Robbie will even though he will act like he does. She says he is not going to understand why his mom is not around. Danny wants to know if she wants him to tell her the truth or something to make her feel better. Michelle says a little of both. He tells her she is in another hemisphere. He understands she needed time but doesn't get why she had to go so far away. He tells her to forget it that she is taking care of herself and he here. He tells her none of them would be where they are not if not for him. Marina slams her magazine shuts and walks behind the bar. Michelle tells Danny life takes us wherever it wants to. Michelle wants to know where his life is taking him and if she is interrupting. He tells her he is just hanging out with Marina and Springfield is the same old Springfield. He tells her that Harley was found innocent, and Alan killed Phillip. Michelle is shocked about Alan. Danny tells her there is nothing else to report, and Michelle says she better go that this phone will be cutting out. He tells her he will tell Robbie she called. Michelle hangs up and asks herself what she is doing. She grabs her hat and bags to cover her stomach and leaves.

Danny apologizes to Marina. He tells her he shouldn't have gotten into with Michelle like that. Marina says no problem. Then she tells him wait there is a problem. He wants to know what it is, and she tells him no big deal, nothing she can't handle. Marina doesn't want to get into it. Marina is mad that he didn't tell Michelle they are moving in together.

Dinah looks like she is asleep in the booth at Company. Cassie cannot believe she fell asleep like that and wonders if they should take her home. Edmund says she just feel asleep that she is okay. Cassie wants to know what is going on with the farm. Edmund tells her that with everything going on with Dinah, He thinks he should move back in to help. Cassie is shocked he wants to move back in and doesn't think it is a good idea. Edmund says it is just as a guest. He wants to help her out with the baby and be a hands on father. He wants Cassie to think about it. She tells him he is helping out by taking care of Dinah. Edmund's says he can promise he knows how to take care of Dinah.

Tammy wants to know what happened with Sandy and Jonathan while Nate had her. Sandy explains that he knew Jonathan could find Nate a lot quicker than he could so he went to him for help. Tammy can't believe he did that since he hates Jonathan. Sandy explains he loves her more than he hates him. Saving her was the most important thing. He thinks he would have been a jerk to let ego get in the way of that. He doesn't think he would be good enough for her if he had done that. Tammy tells him to never say that. She says he is the most important thing to her. He is her hero. They start kissing and undressing each other.

Jonathan gives Nate the spark plug. Reva does not understand why he would do that. He tells her she shouldn't have come and to just let him go. Nate says sometimes tenacity is stupidity. Reva isn't leaving without Jonathan. Jonathan doesn't think she has a choice. He tells her Tammy tried to get him to leave with her but this is where he belongs and who he is. Reva does not believe that. Jonathan tells her she is a fool and that can get her hurt. She says she knows. Nate is surprised how the tables have turned because Jonathan was just trying to kill him. Jonathan says none of them are model citizens. Nate's thinks they are all beast wanting to tear at each other and says he will try to remember that the next time he wants Jonathan for dinner. Jonathan wants to know what is next. Nate says there is no going back that none of them can go back, not even Reva. He tells him now is the time to release his anger, frustration and do what he has always wanted to do, kill something. Reva and Nate stare at each other neither backing down.

Danny tells Marina this was the first opportunity he had to talk to Michelle in weeks. Marina wants to know why he couldn't just slip it in. He tells her that they had to talk about Robbie, and Michelle was worried the phone would go out. He didn't think to mention it. He says it was not intentional and he will tell Michelle the next time he talks to her. Marina tells him it is not that she doesn't understand, but she thinks it will be a hard thing for Michelle to come home to. Michelle is outside Company watching and when she walks by the window it looks like Danny saw her. Marina sees the look on his face and wonders what it is. He says "What the hell?"

Dinah wakes up and says she is so tired. Edmund tells her everything is okay, and Cassie agreed to give them the farm for the baby. He says all they have to do is draw up the paperwork. Dinah asks him to get her something to drink. Cassie comes back and asks if she is okay. Dinah says she is fine and asks her if she is okay with everything. Cassie doesn't know what she is talking about. Dinah wants to know if she is okay with the farm and the custody situation. Cassie looks at her like she has lost her mind.

Edmund is at the bar getting Dinah's drink and he slips something from his pocket and puts it in the drink. He says "Sweet dreams Dinah."

Sandy and Tammy are in bed after making love, and Tammy tells him a few hours ago she could have never dreamed the night would end like this. He says she was in a nightmare a few hours ago. They start kissing and he notices her locket is gone. He wonders what happened to it. Tammy flashes back to giving it to Jonathan. She tells Sandy she must have lost it in the water or something. She is sure she will never see it again.

Jonathan is looking at Reva, and Nate wonders if he is trying to figure out how to kill her. Reva looks scared. When Nate walks over, Jonathan grabs her arm. Nate doesn't think Jonathan has what it takes to kill her. Jonathan tells him to stay out of it. He tells him this is between him and Reva. Nate doesn't want to intrude so he walks away. Reva would rather die than leave without Jonathan. Jonathan tells her to take all her nobility. apologies, and good intentions and shove them. Nate tells her if she really wants to die he will be happy to oblige her. She tells him to do what her son said and stay out of it. This is between her and Jonathan. She thinks this is Jonathan's last chance to break the cycle and have a normal life. She lets him know there are people who care about him and want to give him a home. She tells him they would do anything for another chance. Jonathan all of sudden runs at her.

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