Guiding Light Update Thursday 8/11/05


By Jen
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In Company, Buzz is on the phone leaving Harley a message. He wants to know where she is and why she won't call him back. He is worried about her, and says she has a wedding to plan. He tells her this run away bride thing is not funny. He tells her to call him back.

Outside Company, Coop is helping Lizzie move her stuff in. He is loaded down with stuff and asks her to lend him a hand. She tells him her hands are full but all she has is Roxy. Coop jokes she only weighs like 3 pounds. Lizzie thinks Roxy is nervous because she is shaking. Coops puts down the stuff, and Lizzie wants to know what he is doing. He tells her he is taking a break since she won't help. She tells him he needs to go to the gym a few more times a week. Coop thinks she needs to economize that she won't need all of this stuff. He says she doesn't even wear all these clothes. Lizzie thinks they could come in handy some day. He thinks she is doing the right thing by moving and is proud of her. She says thank you and that she is trying to... He finishes the word budget for her. Coop tells her at least she will be down the hall from his room. Lizzie is just worried about Roxy and tells him that Roxy is used to certain amenities. She promises Roxy they won't be there long, and Coop looks hurt. He wants to know what she means. She explains that once her mom realizes she is serious and can't be intimidated things will go back to normal. Coop reminds her she will be right down the hall from him. They kiss.

Beth is at Phillip's grave. She says she has to talk to him, and wants to know why he left her. She says she needs him and his strength. She needs his wisdom to make her choice. She thinks things were much easier when they were kids and they just followed their hearts. She says no you're right that things were not exactly like that, but they always had hope for the future. She tells him that Alan asked her to marry him and she is considering it. She explains he needs someone he can trust to run the company and the family. She can't handle the thought of Gus stepping in and replacing Phillip. She doesn't know what to do. She looks up and asks Phillip want to do. A light is shinned in her face, and you hear Lillian tell her Phillip is gone and to ask her.

Alan is being escorted to his room. He tells the nurse that he will need certain accessories while he is there. He offers to give the nurse money but he refuses. Alan thinks he should at least think about it. The guard pushes Alan into his room, and Alan tells him everyone has their price. The guard just shuts the door and leaves. Alan looks around the room and sees a note under his pillow. He reads it out-loud. It says I will never be far away.

At Harley and Mallet's old apartment, Harley is telling Cookie goodbye. She tells her to go home and shuts the door. She thinks this is too much. She says they just came here to find out who knocked Mallet out but this is too much. Mallet wants to get back to work on finding Phillip. Harley agrees but says not there, she wants a drink and goes to leave, but Gus is standing at the door. She can't believe he found her and wants to know how. Gus tells her that Mallet left a contact at the precinct and it wasn't hard to figure out. Mallet says he tried to talk her out of coming, but Harley interrupts and tells Gus she wanted to come. She explains they have a lead on Phillip that they can prove he is alive. Gus doesn't understand how that leads brought them here. Mallet tells Gus he lives there. Harley says it is just a pit stop because the car rental place is closed. Gus doesn't think she is there chasing after a dead man; he believes she is there because this is where her and Mallet lived together. He asks her if this is where they lived when they were married.

Lizzie is sitting on Coop's lap outside of Company. He wants to know what happens if Beth doesn't give in. She says she will have to learn how to live the simple life. Coop isn't sure she can do that. Lizzie wants to know why he doesn't think she can, and he pulls open one of her dress bags. He tells her this is why that he cannot even pronounce the names of these dresses. Lizzie tells him she is going to sell them in a tag sale if she needs the extra money. He realizes she is serious. Lizzie knows he will be there for her and Roxy. Coop tells her his dad, Frank, Harley, and the kids will be there too. She jokes that will make it harder to sneak into his room. Coop says "You think so." and they start kissing. Buzz interrupts and tells them they need to get a few things straight. Coop wonders about what. Buzz wants to set some ground rules for this arrangement. Coop says they are adults and don't need a babysitter. Buzz says he is Lizzie's mom, dad and dog wrangler while she is there.

Beth wonders how Lillian knew where she was. Lillian talked to Alex about their visit with Alan and she knew this is where Beth would need to go. Beth needed to feel close to Phillip. Lillian wonders if she wanted Phillip's advice. Beth says it's nothing. Lillian does not believe her she can tell she is upset. Beth is confused, she explains about Alan's proposal and Lillian thinks he has lost his mind. They talk about Alan shooting Phillip and saying he is alive. Beth doesn't think Alan shot Phillip on purpose. Lillian doesn't believe that excuses what he did. Beth tells her Alan asked her to marry him so she will be in a position to protect the kids birth right and Phillip's legacy. Lillian doesn't believe she needs to marry him to do that. She knows Beth doesn't love him, but Beth doesn't think that matters. Lillian says it should, but Beth tells her she married for love before and it didn't work. Lillian thinks Alan is manipulating her and she is going to be his pawn. She tells Beth she is too good for that. Beth is doing it for the power she has never had.

Vince Russo walks into Alan's room and tells him he can get him out of there. Alan explains he already has a lawyer. Vince thinks he can do better. Alan wants to know about Leo Flynn, and he tells him he cut him loose. Vince is own his own now and doing well. They discuss prices, and Vince tells him his prices have gone up. Alan wants to know if that means he guarantees results. Vince brings up he has helped him in the past off the books and has always given him the "dirtiest of his dirty." Alan says there is nothing like a good ambulance chaser. Alan says he will send him roses if he gets him out, and Vince wants to know if the check is in the mail. Alan warns him not to disappoint him, and Vince tells him satisfaction is his middle name. Alan gives Vince the note and tells him that is his first television appearance. Vince wants to know what the note is, and Alan explains it is from Phillip. Vince asks if that is the son he shot dead. Alan calls him on being disrespectful. Vince wonders how Phillip got the note in there, and Alan tells him that is his job to find out.

Harley tells Gus she didn't come to their old place to walk down memory lane. Gus wants to know how they picked this place then. Mallet explains again that he lives there. Gus asks if this is where they lived together. Harley says it was just a pit stop because the rental car place is closed. Gus says sarcastically that is very inconvenient. He picks up a wedding picture and Mallet tells him he is not going to apologize for keeping old photos. Gus tells him he didn't ask him to, and he sits the picture face down. Mallet goes and puts the picture upright and tells Gus at least he got her down the isle once. He leaves to go get a drink. Gus is in the kitchen looking at more pictures. He wants to know if Harley is trying to tell him something. Harley reassures him she is not. He thinks it is weird and the apartment is like a shrine. Harley jokes what girl wouldn't want a museum. Gus wants to know if Mallet kept a piece of wedding cake. Harley tells him to look in the freezer and he does. There is not one there but there is booze. He takes it out and pours himself a shot. He makes a toast to him and the past, Harley interrupts so he pours her some too. He thinks he poured too much in her drink so he pours some of it in his glass. They argue about her history and her trying to find Phillip. Gus thinks she is using the Phillip thing to avoid the wedding, but Harley thinks Gus is using the wedding to avoid the truth about Phillip and them.

Coop doesn't think Lizzie needs another freaked out parent. Buzz says he is not freaked out, but Coop doesn't believe him because of the look in his eyes. Lizzie tries to get Coop to stop but he goes on. He points out Lizzie gave Company back and he thinks they should be grateful. Buzz says he is grateful. Coop points out that Lizzie works there and lives there, and Buzz points out there are little kids living there too. Coop doesn't understand what that has to do with it. Buzz tells him he knows the point. Coop explains that they kids will not see anything they shouldn't, and Buzz tells him that is rule number one. Coop wants to know if he is going to strap electronic anklets on them whenever they go out. Buzz jokes that he doesn't think that is a bad idea. Coop thinks Buzz has lost his mind. Lizzie interrupts and tells them that Buzz is right. She likes the idea of having rules because it means he cares. She thinks Buzz is awesome and that her grandfather was wrong about him. She hugs him and tells them she needs to go inside and get Roxy settled. She says she does want to know about the rules so she doesn't break them. Buzz tells Coop after she leaves that she seems happy. Coop wonders why Buzz is coming down so hard on them all of a sudden. Buzz jokes that he likes to check up on his kids every two years or so. Coop wants to know if Buzz thinks Lizzie is the enemy now. Buzz tells him no she has actually grown on him. Coop wants to know is going on, and Buzz tells him he hates to see him hold back. Coop has no idea what Buzz means, and Buzz tells him he found his stash. Coop acts like he has no idea what he means. Buzz asks him when he was going to tell him about it.

Lillian wonders what happened to the sweet girl she raised and says she was never concerned with power. Beth tells her she has changed. Lillian wants to know when, and Beth tells her when she realized what the world is really like. Lillian thinks Beth is starting to sound like Alan. Beth does not think she is cynical she just isn't naive anymore. Lillian reminds her of her marriage to Edmund, and Beth tells her this is nothing like that. She isn't being seduced, she has her eyes wide open. Lillian thinks Alan is using her, but Beth says she can use him too. She thinks as Alan's wife she can protect her kids. She tells her mom she should know what it is like. Lillian says that is what she is trying to do now. Beth wants to stop Gus from taking over the family. She believes he wants to erase every sign of Phillip and Alan. Lillian doesn't understand when Gus became the enemy. Beth says when he destroyed Lizzie on the witness stand. Lillian says she is right. Beth says he also convinced her to move out of the house. Lillian thinks that was the right thing to do and that she is better off on her own. She believes it will make her stronger. Beth does not agree with this. Beth thinks she knows what is best for her children. Lillian asks if that means saying I do to Alan. Beth thinks it might.

Vince wants to know where the proof is that Phillip is alive, and Alan tells him it is the note in his hand. He tells him it is Phillip's handwriting and to check it out. Vince makes a joke about dead man writing and tells Alan he is asking the impossible. Alan says he doesn't know what he is asking him and tells him Phillip will not just show himself. He believes Phillip is having to much fun playing with them. Vince doesn't think anyone else believes Phillip is alive, and Alan explains that Harley does. Vince cannot believe Alan wants him to team up with Harley. Alan doesn't want him to team up with Harley. He wants him to go to the tabloids with a story about him marrying Beth. Vince says Beth is hot, and Alan doesn't like that. Vince agrees to go to the tabloid and asks about getting Alan out of there. Alan's main priority is smoking Phillip out. He thinks his marriage to Beth won't just cause smoke it will set the town on fire.

Outside Mallet's apartment, Mallet calls Alan and tells the nurse it is official duty. The nurse says Alan is not allowed phone calls, but Mallet threatens him with Chief Cooper. The nurse gives the phone to Alan. Alan tells Vince to go do what he wants him to do. Mallet asks Alan where to look for Phillip, and Alan asks if Harley is with him. Mallet starts to hang up, but Alan stops him and tells him he will tell him what he needs to know.

Harley asks Gus if he remembers how they met. Gus cannot believe she asked him that. Harley explains it wasn't over pizza and beer. Gus wants to know what the point is and Harley tells him the point is this it's them. Gus points out that this is not them it is Mallet and Harley. Harley wants him to forget about Mallet and tells him that she is talking about the investigation. Gus thinks she is chasing ghosts that it is not real. It is real to Harley and it is important to her. She says it is who she is. She tells him this is the woman he fell in love with and he should let her finish this. She wants him to help her finish it. He doesn't think there is anything to finish. She tells him to give her some room then and to go get them a room in the priciest resort on the island, sit on the beach, drink pina coladas, watch the bikinis go by. He can't believe she gave him permission to watch the bikinis go by. She tells him to forget the bikini part. She wants him to wait for her so they can we can celebrate our honeymoon before the wedding. Gus repeats before the wedding, and Harley asks if that is a yes. They start kissing.

Lillian tells Beth she cannot marry Alan. Beth regrets telling her. Lillian wants to know what she is thinking and asks what would Phillip think. Beth says that is a good question. Someone is watching them from the shadows.

Coop wants to know what he was supposed to tell Buzz about, and Buzz tells him he found his blue folder. Coop cannot believe he looked at them. Buzz says he was moving his stuff and they fell out. Coop wants to know if he read them. Buzz tells him The one about the duchess and the ex-con man, that seemed sort of familiar. Coop cannot believe Buzz read them. Buzz starts asking if he really beat Prince William at poker. Coop says he did, and then Buzz goes on to ask if the one with the rich girl in the Hampton's was about Lizzie. He picks on Coop and tells him that one was hot. Coop is embarrassed and wants to know why he read them all. Buzz says he just couldn't put them down and wants to know how long he has been writing. Coop tells him his aunt got him a journal when he was 8. Buzz thinks Coop is really good. Buzz tells him he is a writer, but Coop says he does it for fun. Buzz wonders if he ever thought of doing it for more than fun. Coop says sure he has. Buzz wants to know why he is letting it take a backseat. Coop says it is not taking a backseat he's just.. Coop want to know where all this is coming from and he doesn't know what to do with Buzz like this. Buzz explains he wasted a lot of years and he doesn't want to see Coop do the same. Buzz tells him not to give up on his dreams and wake up 20 years from now with regrets. Coop tells him to get to the point he doesn't want him to see Lizzie anymore. Lizzie is standing behind them listening.

Beth doesn't want Lillian to worry, but Lillian can't help worrying about her. She thinks she has all but made up her mind. Beth says she hasn't, and she is not going to just jump into a marriage with Alan. She just wants to consider her options. Lillian thinks she should know by now she should just bite her tongue. Beth understands because she is a mother too. Lillian tells her she just wants her to be happy. Beth wants her to trust that she won't do anything that is not in hers and her kids best interest. Lillian says she does trust her and they hug. She wants Beth to go back to the house with her, but Beth wants to stay at the grave for a little while longer. Lillian agrees and she leave the grave. Beth starts talking to Phillip again and she tells him she still wants to know what he thinks. She picks up a flower and decides to throw it, if it lands pointing Phillip she will tell Alan no, if it lands away from Phillip she will see. She throws the flower and when it lands she looks down at it.

Outside Mallet's apartment, Mallet wants Alan to get on with it he doesn't have all day. Alan wants to know if he believes Phillip is alive. Mallet tells him he is considering it. Alan wonders what this hold is Harley has over men. Mallet just wants to know where Phillip would go. Alan wonders where Gus is if Harley is with Mallet. Mallet points out Gus is not a cop anymore and he is. He wants Alan to just answer the question. Alan tells him Phillip was there and about the note. Mallet wonders how he knows it is from Phillip, and Alan tells him it quoted something he said to Phillip the last time he saw him alone. Alan tells Mallet if he helps him find Phillip he will help him with anything, including Harley.

Inside, Harley tells Gus she wouldn't miss their wedding for anything. Gus wants her to drop the Phillip thing if this lead doesn't pan out. Harley promises to drop it if the lead is no good. They start kissing and Mallet interrupts them to tell them about the phone call with Alan. Gus tells Mallet he knows what he is doing and it won't work.

Buzz tells Coop he would not tell him to give up Lizzie, but he thinks she may become a distraction. Coop does not think Lizzie is a mistake at all. He wants to know what Lizzie would be a distraction from, and Buzz tells him she would be a distraction from his gift, writing. Coop thinks Buzz is telling him he has to be single to be a good writer. Buzz thinks Lizzie is a full time job. Lizzie goes back inside looking hurt. Buzz gives Coop a raise and wants him to go around the world and write a book about it. Coop ask him if he has heard of William Faulkner and tells him he wrote about a small coroner of Mississippi. They start to go inside and Buzz asks him if he is going to write about Springfield. Coop says sure. Buzz wonders what he will write about because nothing happens there. Coop looks at him like he is insane and walks off. Lizzie goes outside and says to herself "I'm a mistake?"

Beth picks up the follow and says facing away from you. She wonders if that is his way of telling her to move on. She leaves the grave and someone walks up to the grave.

Gus thinks that Mallet is keeping the Phillip alive thing going to spend more time with Harley. Harley doesn't think that is true but even if it were that is not why she is there. She is there to find out the truth about Phillip. Mallet wants to know if Gus thinks he is making this stuff up and trying to take Harley away. Gus says "Oh, come on. I mean, honestly, isn't that what you... " Harley chimes in and wants to know if she gets a say in this. Mallet thinks Gus is trying to push Harley away. Harley says nobody is pushing anyone away that this is about Phillip. Gus doesn't care anymore if Phillip is alive or not. Harley doesn't think he means that, but Gus says he does mean it. He says he is going home to the living and wants to know if she is coming or not.

Beth walks up to Lizzie outside of Company and asks how the move went. Lizzie says it went great and that everyone is great. She doesn't seem to happy though. Beth tells her she just wants her to be happy and remembers her mom just told her the same thing. She thinks it is funny how they become like their mothers. Beth sees the party dresses, and tells Lizzie to hold on to them she might need one soon. Lizzie wonders what she would need it for. Beth invites Lizzie to come home for tea, and Lizzie tells her she is home. Beth says OK and she leaves. Coop comes out and finds Lizzie. Lizzie tells him he is the best thing that ever happened to her and she tells him she will be for him too. She says just wait and see. She promises everyone will see that she is good for him.

Alan is laying in bed asleep. He is dreaming about Beth, and they discuss their luck in past marriages. She tells him maybe they should try their luck together, and that she will do anything to bring Phillip home. Alan points out that Phillip will not like that she is engaged. Beth points out that that is the point to this. Alan thinks he may be violent, but Beth thinks she can handle it. The nurse walks in and tells Alan lights out waking him up.

Gus tells Harley they have a wedding to get to. He wants her to come with him, but she needs to be here and finish what she started. Gus tells her if Mallet is not the only one holding feelings here then she needs to stay and work them out. He thinks she needs to get her feelings for Mallet out of her system. He tells her she knows where he will be. Harley tells him she loves him, wants to be with him, and wants to marry him. Gus tells her he hopes she finds what she is looking for and leaves.

At the cemetery, Someone walks up and picks the flower up that Beth dropped and rips it up. All they show is the person's hand and there is a ring on the pinky finger just like Phillip's

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