Guiding Light Update Wednesday 8/10/05


By Jennie
Pictures by Boo

Olivia puts the pink bra on over her clothes and tells Bill that it isn’t hers. He stutters and tries to explain when the door opens and Michelle walks in saying “Honey I’m home”. Olivia with her hands on her hips glares at Bill who tells Olivia that Michelle is the proud owner of the bra he is now holding. Olivia tells Bill that she has only been gone a couple of days and tells him that he works fast.

Marina and Danny sit at Company and discuss apartments that they have been looking at. Danny reminds Marina that she found his place for him and she exclaims “Bill”. Danny says no one has ever called him Bill before. Marina says that is not what she meant and reminds Danny about the apartments at the Beacon that he was telling her about. Danny says they are really nice but really expensive also which is why he didn’t mention them again but says that Bill might cut her a deal. They decide to go and talk to him and check them out.

Alexandra walks into Company calling for Buzz, she decides he probably isn’t there and even if he were wouldn’t talk to her anyway. Beth comes down the stairs angrily yelling at Alex why she didn’t tell her. Alex says if it is about Alan she can explain and Beth wants to know when Alex was going to tell her that Alan was being committed to a high-security psychiatric hospital on an island and being taken there in shackles.

Alan is at the docks surrounded by cops and in shackles. The cops tease him about where his family and friends are. One of the cops says he isn’t very popular these days since he killed his son. Alan says he didn’t kill his son that he is still alive. The cop asks how he can be alive when his body is in a crypt. Alan swears again that he is alive and says he just needs someone on the outside to help him find him and the other cop tells him that he has no one on his side.

Harley and Gus are outside of Company where Gus says that he can’t believe that Harley picked him over an investigation. Harley says she can’t believe it either but that she did. Gus says that he knows that as soon as he turns his back though she will be looking into another lead and Harley swears she won’t since for the first time in a long time she feels happy. She says it feels like someone opened a window and let fresh air in again since they are being honest with each other. Gus wants to know if he is the one who did it and Harley assures him it was. Harley says she can now drop all of the doubt she has been carrying around and start planning the most amazing wedding to the most amazing man in the world and have the most amazing life together. They decide because of the nice weather to have their coffee outside. Gus tells Harley to stay outside and he will go and get the coffee. He starts to leave and she tells him he can’t go yet stopping him for a kiss, then she lets him go inside. After Gus leaves Mallet shows up next to Harley and tells her that he has a lead on Phillip, a solid one.

Back inside Company, Beth wants to know why she wasn’t informed that Alan was being moved. Alex tries to convince her it is for the best because he is mentally ill and needs help. Beth is worried that being with criminally insane people will be dangerous and Alex tells her he won’t be with them but in a room of his own instead of a cell. Beth says it still doesn’t make sense because instead of being where he is close by and they can visit him he is now gone. Alex says he isn’t gone yet at he is still at the docks and he won’t leave for another 20 minutes. Beth tells Alex “let’s go” and they walk by Gus in a hurry. He says hi but they ignore him. As they go outside, they run into Harley and Mallet who ask if everything is okay. Beth says no but keeps walking, Alex stops and tells Harley that Alan has been committed. She says it is probably good news for Harley since now he can’t ruin her wedding. Harley says it isn’t Alan that she is worried about. After Alex leaves, Harley asks Mallet what his lead is. He tells her about what the caretaker at the cemetery told him and when she asks if he gave a description, he tells her about the Florida plates. She says she doubts if the caretaker got a plate number and is surprised when Mallet says he does. She is even more surprised when he says that the rental company was right down the road from where they used to live in Florida. She starts to remember the “tiny little dump” they lived in and Mallet says it wasn’t all that bad and they had some good times. Harley says it must be a coincidence though because she can’t see how Phillip’s death could have anything to do with their pasts. Mallet thinks there must be some kind of connection though and tells Harley that he doesn’t think that exhuming Phillip’s body is a good idea because the person who knocked him out might still be there. He tells her he is going down to Florida to check out the connection in case she wants to get ahold of him. She tells him to let her know what he finds and says goodbye although it is clear she wants to go. He tells her bye but doesn’t leave. She tells him bye again and leaves. Harley goes inside to Gus but is clearly distracted. Gus asks her if she is all right and she says she is super. They start to go outside as Rick and Mel walk in. Harley tells them that they were just talking about asking them to help book a band for their wedding. She asks them to stay and talk with Gus while she leaves to do all of the other wedding stuff she has to do. Harley starts to leave but Gus grabs her and asks her what she is up to.

Michelle says an uncomfortable hi to Olivia as she walks into the room. Olivia tells Michelle that she looks healthy. Bill stutters that Michelle is back from Africa as Olivia can see and that he told her that she could stay with them because they are friends and that is what friends do. Olivia notices Michelle’s pregnant stomach and correctly guesses that she is hiding out because of it. Olivia starts to pry wondering who the daddy is and Bill tries to get her to butt out. Michelle says that she will just go pack since it is clear to her she is in the way. Bill stops her and says she isn’t going anywhere and they both turn and look at Olivia.

At the Beacon Marina asks Danny if he really thinks that rent is negotiable. Danny kisses her and jokes around that he knows the developer, meaning himself. Marina tells him that with her training to be a police officer, she can’t accept special favors and he stops her and tells her to just see if she likes the place first. He tells her that if she doesn’t he has another idea of a place where she could live. Marina says she doesn’t think she could think of a better place than the Beacon and asks where Bill and Olivia’s place is. Danny tells her around the corner and they start to go with Danny saying he hopes someone is home.

Michelle explains to Olivia that she doesn’t know whom the father is Danny or Tony and says that is why she was looking for a safe place to live until she knows. Olivia apologizes and says that Bill was right it was none of her business. She turns to Bill and tells him he won’t hear that again. Olivia says that when she was pregnant with Emma, she ran off and didn’t tell Phillip he was the father until many months after that. Michelle asks if she regrets that and Olivia says she never should have come back to Springfield. Bill is insulted but Olivia says that way she never would have met and fallen and love with Bill so she really has no advice for Michelle but to take care of herself and the baby. Michelle thanks Olivia but says that she doesn’t want to draw the two of them into her drama so she is going to go and find a room somewhere. Bill stops her and tells her that she is not hearing them and she isn’t going anywhere. He turns to Olivia for confirmation who gives it, although it seems grudgingly. Bill says it is settled and asks who is hungry. Olivia says she is but Michelle declines saying she isn’t hungry and she doesn’t want to risk seeing Danny. Olivia and Bill leave to get something to eat and ask Michelle to listen for Emma and call them if she wakes up.

In the hall, Bill asks Olivia if she is mad at him, she says it depends on what kind of meal he buys her, Bill says a tasty one and they go around the corner, right as Danny and Marina come around the other way. Danny says he thinks it is the right apartment and says maybe they should have called first. He knocks on the door and inside Michelle thinks that maybe Bill and Olivia forgot something.

Beth runs up to the cops and Alan and yells to wait that she is his daughter in law. Alan sees Beth and calls out to her. Alex runs up and grabs Alan and the cops tell her to step back. Alex explains who they are and begs the cops to give them a few moments alone since this may be the last time they see him for a while. They give in and Beth asks Alex if she can speak to Alex privately, Alex agrees and Beth pulls Alan off to the side. She tells him to listen to her that she knows he thinks Phillip is alive but that is just not possible. Alan shocks Beth by telling her that he knows Phillip is not alive but dead since he shot him. Beth asks why he said what he did the other day and Alan says that he told her the same thing he told everyone else because keeping up this insanity charade is better than going back to prison.

Harley says she is going to the florist, the bakery, and the bridal shop and asks Gus if he wants to take care of all of that. He starts to answer and she cuts him off saying that if he will just take care of the band she will take care of everything else. He starts to talk about the band and Harley runs off, outside to where Mallet is making reservations on a flight to Florida. He says he needs one ticket but Harley tells him he needs two. Mallet says he thought that Harley promised Gus that she wouldn’t get involved and she says that she is doing this for him because if Phillip is still alive he will find someway to ruin their wedding. Mallet tells the woman on the phone that he needs two tickets.

Back inside of Company Rick and Mel are talking about bands as Gus spies Mallet and Harley outside.

The knocking on the door continues as Michelle’s cell phone rings, she answers it and tells Bill to hold his horses she’s on her way. He asks her if she changed her mind and decided to join them after all. She says no, she meant she was about ready to answer the door for them. Bill says that he and Olivia are at Company and he was just calling to find out what kind of desert she wanted. She looks out through the peephole and sees Danny and Marina on the other side. She gets scared and tells Bill that they are right outside and he offers to come back home. Michelle tells him no that she just won’t answer the door. Bill asks again if she will be all right and she tells him yes. Danny finally stops knocking and Marina says she guesses that her apartment hunting is done for the day. Danny says not so fast that he has one more idea for her. Marina asks what place that is and Danny starts to describe it to her. He tells her that it has a good layout and a lot of room and it is well furnished. He does tell her that she would have to share with 2 roommates though and Marina says she really doesn’t want roommates. Danny tells her to listen to the address first and he tells her it is at 2189 Shadybrook Lane. Marina starts to say back the address when she realizes it is Danny’s and he says it could be theirs.

Bill asks Olivia if she thinks he should check on Michelle. She sarcastically says yes since she has only been back for an hour and she would love it if he took the car and left her to find her own taxi back home. Bill says okay and jokingly gets up from the table. Olivia grunts at him and he laughs and sits back down. He tells her she is easy and he tells her he is glad that she is not the jealous type. She asks him if that is what he thinks that it is and Bill says that he and Michelle practically grew up together. Olivia says that men and women can’t just be friends that it is genetically impossible. She tells him to correct her if she is wrong but that Bill and Michelle were more than “just friends” at one point in time. Bill agrees but says it was for like two minutes. Bill finally agrees that he was attracted to her at one point and asks Olivia if she is mad at him. She admits that she is just a little jealous of his past because she never had a friendship like that with anyone or anything.

Beth can’t believe that Alan manipulated her by telling her that Phillip was alive. She asks if his plan was to be shipped off to an insane asylum and he says it is better than a prison cell. He tells her that he will have room to breathe and make his next plan and tells her that she can help. She can’t believe that he shot the father of her children and then asks for her help. Alan tells Beth to listen to him since Phillip was about to kidnap the children. He says he had to stop him and the only way to do that was to pull the trigger. Beth tells him that he isn’t that good of an actor and that someone will find him out. He tells Beth to watch him and suddenly starts yelling at Alex that she knows where Phillip is hiding and that she can clear him. The cops come over and pull him away from Alex. He apologizes to the police officers and says he needs just one more minute alone with Beth. They tell him to keep it short but allow him to talk to Beth one more time. When he has her alone he asks her how he did. She stares at him in shock.

Gus goes back to the cemetery and calls for Mallet but runs into the caretaker instead who recognizes him. Gus says he was supposed to meet his friend there and the caretaker says that he is probably in Florida by now. Gus asks why Florida and the caretaker say that the guy who was snooping around before Mallet and Harley had Florida plates and that he had told Mallet that information. Gus asks if the caretaker can tell him more.

Mallet and Harley walk up outside of a building and Mallet tells Harley to stop hitting him. She is clearly mad at him and she tells him that he drug her there under false pretenses. Mallet tells her that they will go to the car rental place as soon as it opens up but until then they need a base of operations unless she wants to go and sit in a coffeehouse somewhere. It turns out that the building is their old apartment. Harley tells Mallet that he told her he gave it up and he says he never told her any such thing. She counters that he led her to believe it then. He wants to know why she is so bent out of shape and she says because she didn’t know he still had kept the apartment. He tells her he lived there till last spring and since he didn’t know how long the warden’s job was going to be and he needed someplace to go. He also tells her that the place is a steal at only three blocks from the ocean. She gets nervous and tells Mallet she needs to get back to Gus ASAP. He asks her if she means that second and she says yes, then changes it to that night. She whispers to herself that she definitely doesn’t want to go down memory lane with him and he retorts that he didn’t ask her to. He unlocks the door and they go inside and he tells her she is making a big deal out of nothing since it is just four walls and some furniture. When they enter Harley’s mouth drops in surprise though and she walks around the apartment and tells Mallet that he hasn’t changed a single thing.

Gus sits at Phillips tomb and says to himself that he just wants it to be over. Rick answers him though that who doesn’t. Gus asks Rick if he is following him and Rick says he comes there on most evenings and spends some time with his best friend. Rick asks about Gus since the last time he saw him he was going to look for Harley. Gus says he knows and that was the plan but that he ended up there instead. He says he knows that Harley’s heart is with him but her head seems to be at the tomb with Phillip. He asks Rick if there is a possibility that Phillip could be alive. Rick has one of those times where he actually gets completely serious and even kind of angry and tells Gus that he knows Phillip is dead. He tells him that he understands that Phillip hurt a lot of people but that he was sick and he just wants everyone to let him rest in peace. Gus says he understands and promises Rick that he and Harley will back off. Rick thanks Gus and he holds out his hand, Gus shakes it. Gus leaves Rick sitting alone at the tomb with a very serious look on his face.

Michelle looks out the peephole at Marina and Danny in the hallway. She whispers “Oh, my god, Danny, what am I going to do if this baby is yours?” and walks away from the door.

Outside in the hallway Danny holds up the keys to his place and Marina asks him if he is really asking her to move in with him. He says that is what the keys kind of suggest. He asks her why not since he is crazy about her and wants to spend as much time with her as he can, he tells her he hopes she feels the same way. Marina says she does but that moving in together implies… and Danny interrupts saying he knows it implies that they are sleeping together although they aren’t. He tells her he is not trying to pressure her into anything but that he just wants to be with her. He also tells her that if she is not ready he totally understands. Marina interrupts him and tells him to shut up and kiss her which he does as Michelle looks on from inside again.

Bill asks Olivia about her childhood and she says she never had a normal childhood. She says that although their parents loved her and Marissa and Sam they never were affectionate. She continues that they never had family trips to go and catch fireflies and go camping and that even holidays were kind of joyless. Once they died Sam became rebellious and Marissa took off and married Alfred. She tells him that she is afraid that when Emma comes to her and asks her how to be a friend she won’t know what to tell her. Bill says that she is his best friend and that will be good enough. Olivia tells him that you can’t snap your fingers and make up for a bad childhood. Bill says that he understands that but he can help by doing things with her that she never got to do. He holds up a glass and tells her to imagine it with a piece of paper and a rubberband around it with holes poked into the paper as a great firefly trap. He stands up and suggests they go try it. Olivia calls him crazy but stands up also as Bill asks her “good crazy or bad crazy?” Olivia won’t answer but laughs at him.

Beth wants to know why Alan is telling her these things. He says that he has always adored her and that they both loved Phillip very much. Beth reminds him that he killed him and he says he had to. He reminds Beth of what they went through when Phillip kidnapped the children and says that he did the only thing he could to protect the children. He then tells her that the family is being threatened again. Beth asks by whom and Alan tells her Gus. He says that Gus is trying to replace him at the house and on the Spaulding board and plays on to her insecurities by saying that he only cares about Harley’s family and children and not hers. He also tries to tell Beth that Harley will use this as revenge against her for being the love of Phillip’s life. Beth asks Alan what he wants from her and he tells her, her support and loyalty. Not to him but to the legacy that Phillip left behind. He says while he is gone he needs someone to get him information whom he can trust and he asks Beth to be that person.

Walking around the apartment Harley says that everything is exactly the same as when she left. She clutches her chest and has trouble breathing. She can’t believe he still has all of the same furniture, ugly pillows, and shells that she collected. She even sees an ashtray that she threw at his head at one point in time. Mallet tells her not to remind him about that. Harley says that he should have moved stuff around and not left it like it was when they were married. She starts to say the only thing missing is when a dog runs in and Harley drops to her knees petting it calling out “Piper”. She gets mad at Mallet saying that he told her that the dog had died and that was really low when a gentleman walks up tot he door. He greets Mallet and Mallet introduces the guy as Louden his upstairs neighbor who took in one of their dog’s puppies. He tells her that the dog’s name is Cookie and introduces Harley as “the ex”. He mentions that the dog is cute and looks just like Piper and Harley says that it is like time has stopped that nothing has changed at all.

Danny asks Marina if that is a yes and if she wants to check out the place tonight and possibly move in. Marina starts to answer when his cell phone rings, Danny answers but no one is on the other end but we see that it is Michelle calling from inside the apartment. Danny asks Marina again and she says she should probably break the news to her family first and if they don’t break his legs, she will probably move in. Michelle hears all of this and she drops the phone down to her side and imagines Danny taking it out of her hand and kissing her neck. In her fantasy he asks her if she is happy as Mrs. Santos as a baby cries and she tells Danny that everything is perfect now. She comes out of her fantasy and looks upset.

Rick comes back to Mel outside of Company and she asks if Gus was at the cemetery like Rick had thought. Rick says yes but that he doesn’t blame him because he loves Harley and just wants to help her get past it. Mel says it is doubtful that Harley will let it go and Rick says all Gus can do is encourage her. Mel spitefully says that even with Phillip gone he is still messing with people’s lives. She apologizes to Rick since she knows he was his best friend. Rick says it is okay because he is used to being the only one behind Phillip since he knows how everyone else feels. She asks if he really thinks that Harley will let it go and Rick says in his heart yes but in his gut no, that this isn’t over by a long shot.

Alan pressures Beth to give him an answer since they will be taking him away any second. Beth sighs and agrees that family has to come first and she doesn’t trust Gus. She asks Alan what he needs her to do. Alan says it is something she wouldn’t have thought about in her wildest dreams but that it makes perfect sense. Beth asks Alan again what he wants and Alan asks her to marry him! He says that this way she will have his power of attorney and his seat at Spaulding and they can fight Alex and Gus. Beth looks totally shocked and whispers to herself “marry you?” The police officers take Alan away as Alex yells after him that she loves him. Alex says that it has been a long day and tells Beth they need to go home. As Alan is walking away, he says if this doesn’t bring Phillip home, nothing will.

Harley says goodbye to the dog and tells her to go home. She tells Mallet that this is just too much for her to handle. They came down to find out who dropped the gargoyle on his head but that it is just a bit much. Mallet says they came down to find out if Phillip was still alive and that they need to get back to work and start putting their heads together. Harley says it is a great idea but that they shouldn’t do it at the apartment because she could use a drink and she is sure his fridge is empty. She starts to walk towards the sliding glass door but stops and gasps when Gus walks up outside and stares in at her.

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