Guiding Light Update Tuesday 8/9/05


By Jennie
Pictures by Boo

Outside of his suite at the Beacon, Bill is on the phone with Billy telling him about the Tammy situation. He says that there is nothing that they can do but that he will keep him posted. Talking to himself Bill says that speaking of girls who are in need of rescuing and says Michelle’s name as he walks into the suite. He opens the door to find Olivia who he is surprised to see. She tells him that it is their suite and she is his wife. She also tells him that she heard him talking to himself in the hallway and tells him that has to stop because it is scaring the guests. She asks him if he is all right and he says yes but that he is happy and surprised to see her since she is home early. She asks if it is a good surprise and he says the best but is clearly nervous. She says that is good because it seemed like he was expecting someone else.

Jeffrey is on the phone at Company telling someone to let him know if there is any new news when Sonya walks up to him. He says he heard that she was back in town. Sonya says from his girlfriend no doubt and he tells her that her name is Cassie. Sonya tells him not to give her attitude because she didn’t mind that Cassie told him about their run in, what she minded was his employee not giving her the heads up. Jeffrey is confused and wants to know what employee and Sonya tells him the one with the key that came right in, she tells Jeffrey to tell the guy next time to knock.

Cassie wants to know if Dinah is sure she is in labor and Dinah asks if she looks like she is sure. Cassie sends Edmund for a blanket and leaves the room to get Dinah a glass of water and to call the doctor. As she leaves, she asks Edmund to make sure that Dinah is comfortable. Edmund throws the blanket down and asks Dinah if she would be comfortable with him wringing her neck. Dinah jumps up and says she is sick of the lie and that she thinks they should tell Cassie about the baby, or lack thereof.

Reva and Josh are outside of the hotel where Jonathan was staying. Reva bangs on the door and tells Josh that he has to be there. Josh says that Sandy said that he would be there and at this point, he is the only one who can help get Tammy back. Reva wants to know what is going to happen to Jonathan and Josh says he really doesn’t care. Josh kicks down the door saying that they don’t have time for this. They enter the room yelling for Jonathan and Reva goes through the bag on the bed pulling out women’s clothing. She says that it isn’t Jonathan’s stuff as Nina the hotel manager walks out of the bathroom. She demands to know what they are doing and Reva tells her they are looking for Jonathan Randall since they were told he was staying there. Josh asks if she has any idea where he might be and Nina tells them that the last person staying there was Sandy Foster and that he was talking about taking off for California.

Nate/Alfred paces back and forth at the boathouse reciting the nursery rhyme “Humpty Dumpty” as Tammy tries to convince Jonathan to come back with her. Nate tells him that he will ruin her life and grabs Tammy by the back of the neck to get her off the boat. Jonathan forcefully grabs Nate and yells at him if he ever touches her again he will kill him. Tammy tells him just to let him go so that they can leave. She declares that he owns himself and tells him to say goodbye. Jonathan yells that he isn’t going anywhere that she is the only one he is saying goodbye too.

Josh tells Reva he knows that she was hoping and she interrupts saying that she wasn’t hoping she was counting on him because she knew she could in her heart. She says that this is Tammy they are talking about. She thought he would help to save her. Josh tells her that leaving is what Jonathan does and Reva says that he can’t with Tammy’s life at stake.

Tammy tells Jonathan that she is not going to leave without him and Jonathan demands that he talks to Tammy alone. Nate wants to know why he should let him and Jonathan tells him that he made up his mind that he is not going to leave Nate. Jonathan tells him that he got him his money and he has been coming through for him since day one so he wants Nate to start trusting him. Nate agrees to let them talk alone but tells him not to forget who he really is. Tammy tells Jonathan that it was good acting and that they need to come up with a plan since Nate won’t let Jonathan just leave. Jonathan tells her that the only plan is for her to leave. He picks up her locket that she has dropped and again tells her to leave. Tammy says she won’t leave without him and asks him why he is listening to Nate. He tells her it is her he is listening to, since just the other day she told him that he was just like Nate. She says that she didn’t mean it but Jonathan says that she did. He says that all they do is hurt each other. He tells her that he is just like Nate as Nate looks on.

Bill says that he is glad that she is home and she says she knows what he is looking for. She tells him that she didn’t get him any of the little airport tschotske souvenirs that he likes. She says she has something better for him though and he gets excited about Emma being home. He goes to give her a kiss and Olivia convinces him not to wake her up. Olivia tells him that Emma had a great time with her Uncle Sam and Bill asks if she is trying to make him jealous by making him think that she loves her Uncle Sam more than she loves Bill. Olivia says no but it is a close second. Olivia asks Bill if he lost his mind while she was gone and he says he doesn’t know what she is talking about that he just missed his girls. She calls him on that saying he has a funny way of showing it. He notices some of Michelle’s things on the bed and rolls over to get it out of the way kicking Olivia in the process. He apologizes; saying it was a new move he was trying to romance her with.

Jeffrey asks how long Sonya was talking with the employee and questions her about the appearance. She describes Edmund for Jeffrey and he figures out who it is. Sonya says that maybe since Jeffrey is off the market maybe he can hook the two of them up. Jeffrey says that he would never do that to her since he thinks she is a nice person and wouldn’t want to ruin her life.

Dinah says that when they started this all she wanted was to ruin Cassie but now she thinks it is inhumane. She says that she doesn’t even have the feelings of anger towards Cassie anymore. Edmund tells her that he doesn’t believe her because she lives for revenge. She tells him that the only reason that she ever did any of this was for him and if she even had a fraction of the love and devotion that Edmund felt for Cassie she would be happy. Edmund tells her that the only thing she really wants is a baby of her own no matter who the father is. Dinah insists that she wants is Edmund’s baby as Cassie comes back into the room wondering what is going on with Dinah’s contractions.

Bill tells Olivia to stay sitting and he will get them a bottle of wine. She tells him she already has a glass of wine and he says that he will just get himself a drink since she already went into the closet and got out a bottle of wine. She tells him to remind her not to leave him alone for a while again since he is acting so weird. Bill apologizes and says that with Olivia going away it is like getting to know each other all over again. Olivia tells him that she wants to get to know him better right now and begins to kiss him.

Cassie tells Dinah that the lady from the ER said that if the baby is coming that Dinah needs to lie down. Dinah stops her and says that the baby isn’t coming it was a false alarm. Cassie makes sure that she is okay and Dinah said that it felt real but there is nothing now. Edmund points out that false contractions are normal at this stage and Cassie agrees. Dinah says that she just got her hopes up and that is what she is upset about. Edmund assures Cassie that he has been with Dinah the entire time and that she has been fine. Cassie says she is going to call Dr. Sedgwick back just in case and Dinah tells Cassie to worry about Tammy right now. Cassie says that there is nothing she can do for Tammy so she is going to help Dinah out. Dinah tells Edmund that she is good for Cassie. After Cassie leaves, Edmund tells Dinah that she is doing well with sticking to the plan. Dinah wants to know if it is the plan they hatched together or Edmund’s lifelong live with Cassie plan. Edmund acts confused and Dinah tells him that she knows about him promising Cassie the farm. She tells Edmund that if stabbing her in the back is part of the divorce settlement she is going to need a little bit more convincing before she can believe in them again.

Reva and Josh walk up outside of Company discussing the fact that they thought Jonathan was getting better. Josh says that it takes years for that kind of damage to be reversed. Reva replies that she thought that being part of the family was helping and Josh says that they aren’t his family. Reva doesn’t want to hear that and says that family is what you make of it. Josh tells Reva that there was only so much she could have done for Jonathan and that she gave it her best shot. Reva says it wasn’t enough and that she thought Jonathan was going to give her the chance to make everything right.

Jonathan tells Tammy that she and Reva need to get it through their heads that he doesn’t belong in Springfield with their family. Tammy insists that he does belong and Jonathan says Springfield isn’t all good. Tammy says it isn’t all bad either. Tammy tells Jonathan that all he had to do was give into the love that everyone was willing to give him. She tells him that she thought he had forgiven Reva and he says that it isn’t about forgiveness. He says that it is about who he is. Tammy says that he is not Nate he is Richard’s son. She wants to know why he can’t break away from Nate and be who he is supposed to be. Jonathan says he is who he is supposed to be and that Sandy was right about him. He says what Tammy doesn’t understand is that he hates her family and that he came to town to set them up and that is what he has done so he is saying goodbye. He grabs Tammy and yells at her that he said goodbye. He wanted Reva to regret the day he was born, he got the money he wanted, and he took Tammy’s virginity and that he did all that. Tammy tells him that he is wrong, that he looks at her and wonders if she is right about the good person he could be. She says that it is that part of Jonathan that scares Nate. She presses her locket into Jonathan’s hand and tells him to watch his back and she leaves.

Tammy walks up outside of Company into Reva’s waiting arms. Josh asks if she is okay and Reva asks about Jonathan. Tammy tells them that Jonathan is gone and Reva says that she knows that he was heading towards California. Tammy corrects them saying he is with Nate and when Reva starts to leave Tammy tells her not to, that Jonathan is gone and not coming back.

Jonathan is looking around the boat and Nate asks him what he is looking for. Jonathan answers that they are a couple of guys on a boat and that Nate is a weirdo since he has handcuffs but no beer. Nate laughs and tells Jonathan that he kind of half expected him to go with Tammy. Jonathan says but he didn’t and Nate says it was smart and that it does call for a drink. He brings out Rum instead of beer and says it is a pirates life for them until they reach their first port of call and settle down to spend their millions. Jonathan proposes a toast to Nate and says he owes him since he made him who he is today. He wants to ship off and says he is ready to get out of Springfield.

Jeffrey is questioning Tammy inside of Company. Tammy says that there isn’t much to tell just that Jonathan gave Nate the money and then he let her go. Jeffrey asks if Jonathan was the one who let Tammy go and Tammy picks up on what Jeffrey means. She tells him that she doesn’t expect him to understand but that the kidnapping was all Nate. Reva tells Tammy she believes her. Tammy tells Reva that Jonathan had to force himself not to come with her and Josh is incredulous reminding Tammy that she was kidnapped. Tammy says that in a way so was Jonathan. She says that Nate has a hold over him that he can’t get out of since he doesn’t believe he has any place else to go. Jeffrey asks about the boathouse they were at and Tammy explains about it but says that you can’t see it. Reva asks if she has any idea where they were going and Tammy says she is just sure that they aren’t coming back. Josh asks if that is enough questions because they really should get Tammy back to Cassie. Reva thinks she should see a Dr. first and Reva says she will go across to Cedars and get a paramedic and asks Josh to call Cassie. Tammy tells Reva she did everything she could for Jonathan and Reva tells her she knows she did and leaves to get a paramedic.

At Reva’s Cassie brings Dinah a cup of chamomile tea although Dinah wanted a double caramel latte. Dinah jokes that a pregnant girl can’t have any fun. The phone rings and Jeffrey asks Cassie if she is sitting down. Cassie nervously asks Jeffrey what he has found and Tammy answers “Hi Mom”. Cassie is relieved to hear Tammy’s voice and asks her if she is hurt. Tammy says she is just a little shaken up and Edmund asks if she is okay. Tammy reassures Cassie she is okay and after telling Edmund and Dinah, she leaves the room to finish the call. Edmund asks Dinah if she is glad that they didn’t tell Cassie the truth, Dinah answers no she isn’t glad. Edmund asks if they are just going to continue to tangle this way and she claims to be pregnant and moody. Edmund starts to offer her some advice about dealing with him and Dinah interrupts to tell him that she can’t tell him enough how much she doesn’t care. She tells him that all she wants to hear is what he told Cassie. He tells her not in there and takes her outside.

Back at the Beacon there are clothes thrown all around the suite and Olivia and Bill are in bed after just making love. Bill kisses her and sighs happily as they bask in their lovemaking. Olivia tells him how much she missed him. She declares that she feels less alone when they are together like this. Bill says he doesn’t like the thought of her feeling alone. A cell phone starts to ring and Bill tells Olivia not to get it but to finish her thought but says he has to answer the phone when Olivia tells him it is his. He answers and it is Josh telling him that they found Tammy and she is all right. Olivia jokes that he has to leave to go and build a house and he tells Olivia about the Tammy situation. Olivia tells him that Nate is part of the reason that she came home, after talking with Sam she realized that she had to let her obsession about Nate and Marissa go. Olivia says that she has decided to let the past be the past and hold on to what she has now.

Edmund tells Dinah that his new plan is to make Cassie be the one to give Dinah the farm. Dinah says that his new plan sounds crazy but that she wants to know how he plans to do it.

Josh is on the phone with Billy inside of Company while the paramedics outside are checking out Tammy. Josh tells Billy that he doesn’t have to call some of “his people”. The paramedic says Tammy is fine and Jeffrey motions to Josh for them to go.

Bill and Olivia start to dress and Bill is upset that Olivia will listen to Sam about moving on but not to him. Olivia says that Sam knows her the best and Bill says that being her husband he knows her probably as well as Sam does. She tells Bill how grateful she is for everything that she does have and says that Nate threatening that was too much for her but that she is going to focus on her present life. Bill says that he will drink to that but still says that he is upset about Sam being the one to be able to help. Olivia says that Bill’s life is kind of a storybook life and Bill points out that his life was not always perfect. He says he doesn’t dwell on the past since he had so many issues with his parents and he wanted to be part of Michelle’s family but he finally realized that normal doesn’t exist. He says that they want to look forward and not dwell in the past. She says that is not what she is trying to say but that she just feels that she has dumped so much on Bill she doesn’t want to put more. He says that they are there to help each other, that is what they are there for. He tells her that he can get into just as much trouble as the next guy can.

Edmund says he is going to make Cassie choose between the baby and the farm. He says he knows that she will choose the baby and then find out she has lost both. Dinah spots Tammy and they both tell her how glad they are to see her. Tammy goes inside to find her mom and Jeffrey tells Edmund that a friend of his wants to have dinner with Edmund. Edmund asks if he knows this friend and Jeffrey says that it is a funny thing but that she seems to think that Edmund works for him. Edmund catches on but tells Jeffrey that he will think about it but that he is a bit busy these days. Jeffrey counters that the question is busy doing what and goes inside.

Cassie is hugging Tammy and tells her that she was dying not knowing how to help her. Tammy thinks about Jonathan and says that she knows what she means.

Nate tells Jonathan that Tammy was out of his league. Jonathan gets upset and Nate tells him to go easy that he will forget her by the first port of call. Nate tells him that they will have so much money they will be able to do whatever they want. Jonathan tells him to stop that he is there with him and he already has him he doesn’t have to make more promises. Jonathan tells him not to mention Tammy or try to brainwash him and Nate agrees. Jonathan sits down in the boat and takes out the locket that Tammy has giving him, inside is a picture of Tammy and Cassie.

Olivia tells Bill she hopes that he knows how much she loves him and hopes that he will be patient with her. He says it is a lifetime project and she says it is one that she is looking forward too. He says he needs to talk to her about something and she says as long as she can have her drink, he gets up to get it for her. Olivia picks up a pink bra on the end of the bed and says she knows they are looking into their future but she thinks she just found a bit of his past.

Cassie and Jeffrey are comforting Tammy. Edmund walks outside saying that he thinks that he and Dinah should go. Dinah asks Edmund if he doesn’t want to hear about the deadline. Edmund asks what deadline and she says that he has two weeks to tell Cassie about the baby or else she goes into “labor”.

Cassie asks Tammy if she is hungry but before she leaves, she says that Jonathan made his decision and now Tammy has to make hers. Tammy wants to know what decision and Cassie says that it is really over now and they have to move on.

Josh asks the paramedic if he has seen Reva and the paramedic tells Josh that she pointed him in the direction of Company and then took off walking.

At the boathouse, Jonathan reads the inscription on the locket. “To my girls, all my love, Richard”. He says Richard’s name out loud and Nate notices the locket. Jonathan says it is nothing and starts to drop it over the side but changes his mind. He takes a drink of the rum and hands it to Nate. Nate says it has been a long time coming but that they are at the end of the plan. He says that past couple of weeks have been a struggle but that they are starting to mesh again. He asks Jonathan if he feels the same way and Jonathan says yes as Reva looks on.

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