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Harley and Mallet are outside of Phillip’s tomb trying to get into his crypt with a crowbar. They are having no luck so they stop. Mallet looks around and making a face makes a comment about all of the dead Spauldings around them. He mentions “Phillip G.” being the star of the show. Harley looks uncomfortable and Mallet asks her what is wrong. She says that she is just itchy and Mallet jokes that she is allergic to every last Spaulding, dead or alive. Mallet suddenly smiles and says that he forgot, Harley has a thing about graveyards and Harley protests. She tells him that it is zombies she has a problem with not graveyards. Mallet tells her that she shouldn’t worry, zombies eat brains so they will come after him not her. She is not too amused and tells him that they wouldn’t be interested in hors d’oeuvres but a full meal. All kidding aside Mallet tells Harley that if she wants to leave he can open Phillip’s tomb on his own. She declines and tells him they should just be back to work so they can see if Phillip is in the tomb so they can leave. They go back to work with their crowbars.

Dinah looks at piece of broccoli at Company and says yuck. Ross comes over with a glass of milk and being very fatherly tells her to eat it all since it is good for her and especially good for the baby. She tells him “Cute daddy” and he admits he is a cute daddy and she is a beautiful daughter. He asks her how she is feeling today. Dinah says that she will just be glad when this is all over. Ross tells her that the third trimester is the most difficult but then says he wouldn’t know it first hand but from hearing other people. Dinah says that this is different than what she expected it to be and she just wants to get her life back. Ross tells her that after she has the baby they can take a trip together wherever Dinah wants and she tells him he is sweet but that she needs to stay in Springfield. Ross wants to know why and Dinah tells him she needs to be there for Edmund since Cassie’s attention will turn to the baby. Ross asks her if she truly believes that is going to happen and Dinah adamantly says yes, it is what she has to believe.

At Reva’s, Cassie talks on her cell phone to Jeffrey telling him that she is going crazy sitting around wondering what is happening with Tammy. She begs him to find her little girl and bring her home. She agrees with him on something and hangs up the phone. A knock sounds at the door and Cassie runs towards it but opens it only to find Edmund. He tells her he just heard about Tammy and asks if there is any word. She tells him no not since Sandy last saw her. She tells him that she has to stay there in case someone calls and walks back into the living room. Edmund follows her and says he can’t believe that they left her alone. Cassie says it is all right that she is fine and tells him to leave. Edmund pleads with Cassie not to shut him out, he tells her that he isn’t divorcing the children and that he would do anything to help find Tammy. He asks Cassie what he can do. Cassie yells that she doesn’t know and that she is just terrified but asks him if he will just sit with her.

Sandy is on the docks where he sees muddy footprints on the grate. He starts to look around yelling out for Tammy not hearing anything he turns and leaves.

Tammy and Alfred/Nate are on a small boat and Tammy asks him where they are. Alfred tells her that she will love it there, they make a lovely margarita. She asks him if they are just going to sit and wait and Alfred advises her that if she doesn’t want the gag back in she should speak only when spoken too. He does tell her that she is safe for the moment. Alfred tells her that since they are far away from everyone else that maybe it would be a good time to try and call Jonathan again.

Jonathan stands in his hotel room and looks at his phone. He has three missed calls, two from Reva and one from Tammy. He throws the phone down on the bed. Looking into the mirror, he says out loud that Tammy is now Sandy’s girl so she needs to let him rescue her. Jonathan remembers back to Sandy coming to his room and telling him that his father had Tammy and that Jonathan needed to help get her back. His phone starts to ring and he picks it up asking “Tammy”. It is Alfred though and when Jonathan asks where he has Tammy, Alfred says that he will get her back if he brings everything having to do with where he stashed the 2.3 million dollars. Jonathan asks where they are and Alfred says they are in his happy place and Jonathan’s unhappy place. Jonathan correctly guesses by water and Alfred tells him they are at a boathouse off of 54. He tells him that it is in the middle of a lake where no one can sneak up and surprise him. Alfred tells Jonathan to face his fears and be a man to come and rescue Tammy. He tells Jonathan to hurry or that the next time he sees Tammy will be when her body washes up on the shore.

Harley and Mallet are still trying to get Phillip’s tomb open. Mallet tells her to push and that she is not even moving it. Harley counters that he is bigger than she is and the bickering goes on with Mallet telling her to open the rest herself. They stop arguing and Mallet tells her that it is time to open the big box and see if Phillip is inside. Harley tells him to wait a second and when Mallet asks why she tells him that she feels they should say something. Mallet wants to know if she is kidding and Harley says no, if they are going to open it and Phillip is in there it just feels right to say something. Mallet agrees to say something and breaking out in laughter says “open sesame”. Harley is not amused. He asks her if she really believes that Phillip is in there and she says no but that someone is. Mallet tells her that he gets her point, “never to tick of the zombies.” Harley tells him that she wishes he would just forget about the zombie thing and he tells her that he has never forgotten anything about her or their marriage. She looks touched but looks away from him. He tell her that she has faced drug dealers, kidnappers and serial killers and when she asks if there is a point he tells her that nothing fazes her. He wants to know why she is so freaked out and Harley tells him because she was married to this particular zombie and has a kid with him. She tells him to forget it and that she will just say something so that they can just open the tomb. As she is walking towards the tomb, a branch breaks. Harley asks Mallet if he heard anything and starts to freak out telling him to go see what it was. Mallet tells her that even scared out of her mind she is still the bossiest person that he knows. Harley tells him not to talk or else he will not hear them sneaking up behind him and Mallet feigns fear. Mallet takes the crowbar and starts saying “Here zombie zombie fresh brains” and looking around. He starts to walk toward the wall and looking up wonders what something is as a gargoyle falls directly towards his head.

Dinah tells Ross that she knows Edmund’s feelings for her aren’t the same as hers for him but that she thinks that he will see how she stood by him and that she really thinks she can make him happy. Ross asks if he can make her happy and Dinah says that she believes he can make her happier than she ever thought she could be. Ross asks her if she really knows who Edmund is. Dinah tells him that they have seen each others flaws and that neither one is afraid. Ross asks her why he feels so afraid then. Dinah tells him it is because he is her Daddy and that is his job. Ross laughs and Dinah assures him that she can handle Edmund. She says that they have talked about having an incredible life together and Ross asks if she is sure that is what he wants. Dinah thinks that if she shows them just what they could have he will want that with her. Ross tells her that that isn’t what he asked her. He wants to know if she really believes that in his heart Edmund really wants to spend his life with her. Dinah insists that she believes in the two of them. Ross doesn’t look convinced but kisses Dinah on the head and tells her that he loves her. She tells him that she loves him too and watches him walk away, shaking her head.

Cassie tries the phone again. Edmund assures her that is does work. Cassie grabs her phone and saying that she just can’t wait around says she is going to try and find Tammy. Edmund starts to say something and Cassie cuts him off telling him not to try and talk her out of it. Edmund says he wasn’t going to and offers to drive Cassie wherever she wants to go. They get to the door where Cassie stops saying that they told her to wait at Reva’s in case Tammy called. She admits the police are following every lead and that she doesn’t know where she would start. They walk back in and Edmund says that when they find Nate he is going to have him deported back to San Cristobel to the worst prison they have there. Cassie picks up a picture of Tammy and says that she doesn’t even want to think about what is happening to her. Edmund reassures her that Nate has no reason to hurt Tammy and that she is a brave, strong girl just like her mother and that she shouldn’t worry, but Cassie can’t help worry as a tear streams down her face.

At the Docks Jonathan races to save Tammy but he finds there are no boats to get him across the lake. Climbing over a wall, he takes off his jacket preparing to dive in.

Nate offers Tammy a drink but she refuses. He tells her to suit herself. Tammy asks him what is wrong with him, if he really cared for Jonathan how could he do this to him. Nate tells her everyone shows how they care in different ways. Tammy tells him that if he really gave a damn he wouldn’t make him do this. She tells him that he doesn’t know Jonathan at all. He tells her that he has never once coddled Jonathan and that he never will. He says that fear is a weakness that needs to be found and destroyed. Tammy tells him that Jonathan can’t handle the water and that he panics and Nate says he knows. Nate says that he better handle it for Tammy’s sake. She wants to know what happens if he tries and goes under like the last time. Nate tells her that if he drowns it will be very bad for her.

Jonathan attempts to jump into the water but stops himself. He looks at himself in the water and starts to hyperventilate. Saying to himself “Screw it”, he jumps in.

Harley rushes over to Mallet who is lying on the floor yelling at him to wake up. He does and tells Harley to stop screaming, he has a headache. She gets him to sit up and says that they need to call 911, Mallet tells him that they are 911. Mallet asks Harley what happened. She points to the statue on the ground and tells him that “that statue hit that head.” She also tells him that she thinks someone pushed it. Mallet tries to rationalize it by saying that the tomb is old and maybe they jarred it or something but Harley doesn’t buy it. Mallet asks who could have pushed it since they are the only ones there and Harley seriously tells him that it was the zombies. He jokes with her telling her that here they come and she leaps into his arms right as Gus walks up and asks them how the grave robbing business is.

Edmund places a blanket around Cassie’s shoulders but she pushes it off and tells him that she knows he is just using the situation to get closer to her. Edmund denies it and tells Cassie how much Tammy means to him. Cassie says that she has been paying so much attention to the baby that she has been neglecting Tammy. Edmund reassures Cassie that Tammy knows how much she loves her. Cassie says that there is a big difference between love and attention and that Tammy is really grown up now. Cassie admits that sometimes Tammy is even more grown up than she is. She says that she didn’t even know she was missing until Reva told her. She blames herself for being a bad mother and cries that she can’t lose her. She wants to know what the monster (meaning Nate) is doing to her and cries over all of the dreams that Tammy still has. Edmund reassures her that all of Tammy’s dreams will come true and she hugs him thankful for his words. Dinah watches them from a window.

Nate is looking out of the boathouse and tells Tammy that there is still no sign of Jonathan. Tammy says she doesn’t know why Jonathan would come since the two of them can’t stand to be around each other. Nate calls Tammy princess and tells her not to start that since they both know that Jonathan and Tammy have the “itch for each other”. He teases her about them being kissing cousins and baits that they were a little bit more than kissing from what he hears and she yells at him to shut up. He steps down into the boat and tells her he is not judging her since the two of them weren’t brought up together. Tammy tells Nate that Jonathan doesn’t care about her as much as Nate thinks he does. Nate counters that knowing him as well as he does he thinks that Jonathan cares more than what Tammy knows he does. Tammy says the only reason he bothered with her in the first place was because he wanted to destroy her whole family. She then asks Nate if he sent him to do that. Nate says it was all Jonathan’s idea and that he just followed him to Springfield. He says that Jonathan’s connection with Tammy was all his own doing, and Nate says that is when Jonathan started getting soft on him. At this point Jonathan’s head breaks above the water on the side of the boat but nobody sees him. Tammy starts to complain about her wrists saying that she thinks that they are bleeding but Nate is not sympathetic and tells her that he told her to stop pulling against the cuffs. She begs Nate to take the cuffs off for just a minute so she can clean and wrap her wrists. Nate considers it but tells her that he will get very upset and have to punish her if she tries anything. Tammy says she understands and Jonathan starts to climb up the side of the boathouse. Nate uncuffs Tammy’s hands and she immediately tries to run away. Nate grabs her easily though and shoves her head under the water. He pulls her up long enough for her to grab a breath and shoves her back under again. Jonathan breaks in to the boathouse at this time and yells at Nate to get his hands off of Tammy. He grabs an axe and threatens Nate but Nate just laughs and asks Jonathan how his swim was.

Gus asks Harley and Mallet if they need to be reminded what kind of sentence they could get for desecrating a grave. Harley jumps off of Mallet and tries to explain to Gus that it was just minor vandalism since the tomb wasn’t actually opened. Mallet asks Gus how he knew where to find them and Gus explains that Lizzie told him that Harley wanted to open the tomb. He tells her that although Lizzie said no he knew that wouldn’t stop Harley. Mallet asks Gus if he was the one who whacked him with a Gargoyle. Gus looks confused. Harley explains to Gus that they made a conscious decision to open the grave because they figured it would cause the least amount of pain that way. Mallet interjects “so much for that” rubbing his head. Harley changes it to emotional pain and says that she did it for Gus so that the family would know for sure if Phillip were dead. Gus asks her if that is why she had to sneak around behind his back the entire time he was thinking she was working on wedding plans. Gus calls himself stupid and an idiot. Harley admits that she was sneaking around and apologizes for that but says while they are there anyway it wouldn’t hurt to take a peek. Gus gets upset and yells that it is her ex-husband in there and then looking at Mallet points out that there is another ex-husband standing in front of him. Mallet points out that she has a right to look and Gus yells at him to shut up. Harley tells Gus he can’t yell at Mallet since he just had a gargoyle hit him in the head and asks Gus if he did it. Gus tells Harley that he remembers having a conversation where she said she wanted a normal life and asks her if she still wants that as Mallet tries to interrupt. Finally stopping the argument, they look at Mallet who says he isn’t feeling so good and starts to faint. Harley and Gus catch him.

Cassie is sitting on the steps at Reva’s and asks Edmund if he really thinks that Tammy is going to be all right. He answers of course he does and tries to reassure her as a knock sounds at the front door. Edmund jumps up to answer it and finds Dinah on the other side of the door. Dinah tells Edmund she didn’t expect to find him there and Cassie joining the two of them asks Dinah what she has heard. Dinah is confused and asks about what? Edmund explains about Tammy being kidnapped and Dinah says that Cassie must be ready to scream as Cassie walks back into the house. She sarcastically tells Edmund that it’s convenient that the is there to be a shoulder to cry on and then tells Cassie sincerely that if she needs anything to count her in. Edmund tries to get rid of Dinah telling her that they will call her if they need anything but that they are fine now but Cassie stops him and tells Dinah she is glad she is there. This way she knows the baby is safe. Dinah says she is happy to stay and Cassie excuses herself to get some air and asks if they will listen for the phone. Edmund offers to join her but Cassie turns him down. Dinah tells Edmund he is being such a hero.

Tammy tells Jonathan she can’t believe that he swam the entire way and Nate tells her to let the boy catch his breath before getting him all riled up. He tells Jonathan he is proud of him for facing his fear and calls him his boy. Jonathan tells Nate that he is not his boy and Nate agrees saying that he is now the man he raised him to be. Tammy tells Nate to leave him alone and Jonathan asks Tammy how she is. When Tammy says she is fine Nate tells Jonathan that that is the answer he was looking for. Jonathan tells Nate he got what he wanted so now he can let Tammy go. Nate tells Jonathan that he was very gentle with Tammy and Jonathan wants to know what she means to him. Nate says not to him but to Jonathan, since Tammy is so special to him Nate treated her safely. He wants to know what kind of a dad he would be if he didn’t treat the girl who stole his son’s heart with care and Jonathan claims not to know what he is talking about. Jonathan says she is just a girl, not important to him. Nate says he proved that she was important to him, the question is just how important.

Dinah says that she really hopes that Tammy is going to be okay and Edmund agrees with her. Dinah states that Edmund really has Cassie fooled pretending to be the selfless ex husband who is actually getting ready to set her up for the worst fall of her life. Edmund says that that is the plan. Dinah declares that with the way things are with Tammy this would be the perfect time to tell her that there is no baby. Edmund angrily stops her and says they are not going to discuss this at this time. Dinah reluctantly agrees.

Sandy walks up outside of Reva’s and Cassie asks him if he found anything out. Sandy tells her no that he was hoping someone there would know something. He reassures Cassie that he is not going to stop looking for Tammy until he finds her because he loves her. Cassie thankfully tells him that that is how they will find her by love. She hugs him and thanks him for loving her little girl so much. Sandy says he better get back to looking and Cassie asks him to call her if he finds anything. He agrees and leaves.

Jonathan tells Nate that this is about the two of them not Tammy so he should let her go. Nate asks where the money is and Jonathan says he will give it to him as soon as he lets Tammy go. Nate says he wants the money first. Tammy yells not to give it to him because he doesn’t deserve it. Nate tells her that she doesn’t know anything but that her family owes him money that they owe Jonathan money. Jonathan gives Nate something and tells him that there is the money he can pick it up however he wants and tells Nate to give him the key to Tammy’s handcuffs. He tells Nate to leave them alone. Picking up on the “us” he asks Jonathan why he is going to give away 2.3 million dollars for a girl who wont even let him lay a hand on her since she thinks she is too good for him. Jonathan tells Nate to let her go and Nate gives him the key. Jonathan unlocks the cuffs as Nate tells him that Tammy is his but only for the moment. He tells him to keep on reaching for something he will never have. Tammy hugs him and thanks him for rescuing her and asks how they are going to leave. Jonathan says they can leave on the other boat and Nate stops him. He tells Jonathan that Tammy can leave whenever she wants but that he has to stay.

Harley tries to get Mallet to stay awake and tells him to listen to her. Mallet asks her if he has a choice and Harley tells him no, just like she didn’t have a choice when she had the concussion in prison. Mallet tells her that she isn’t a doctor but hearing Rick’s voice, she says that he is. Rick comes in and wants to know what they are doing at the grave. They both start to tell conflicting stories and Rick tells them they should have gotten their stories straight before anyone asked. Rick turns to Gus and asks him for the real story and Gus tells Rick that Harley is just double-checking that Phillip is really dead.

Rick wants to know if the three of them don’t have anything better to do than to play in a mausoleum. Harley says that she needs to know and needs to look and Rick tells her that this is not the right way. Mallet starts to speak and Rick stops him saying that they need to get him to the hospital for an EEG. He tells Harley to go home to their son. Now that Harley and Gus are alone she kind of laughs and tells him that it is a good thing that he loves her so much because anyone else would be mad at her right now. He tells her to knock it off and she tells him that she is doing it for them. He tells her that they have had this conversation a million times and she tells him that she has to follow her instincts. Gus tells her that her instincts are driving him crazy and asks her if she wants to have a life together.

She says she wants that more than anything but that she needs to see if Phillip is really dead. Gus asks her if she needs to see that more than she needs to be happy with him. She promises him that although she may not stop looking into to Phillips “death” that she will put him first from now on. She promises that their wedding will come first.

Outside the mausoleum, the groundskeeper asks what the commotion was. Mallet says he was paying his respects when a statue came loose and hit him in the head. The groundskeeper says that the tomb was a popular place tonight and Mallet asks him what he means. He says that there was a guy with a hat pulled over his eyes who was driving the car with Florida rental plates must have been an out of town relative visiting.

Rick comes back in and Harley excuses herself saying that she is going to check on the boys. Gus tells her to tell them goodnight for him. She leaves and Rick tells Gus at least he hasn’t gone off the deep end with Harley. Gus says that Mallet has though. Gus asks Rick if he can ask him a favor and Rick agrees. Gus asks Rick if he can keep Mallet out of commission for a while. Rick plays along and says that it was a nasty bump and he thinks they may need to keep him in the hospital for a while. Harley walks back in and Gus thanks him and Rick tells him he will take care of Mallet if Gus will take care of Harley. Harley tells both of them that the boys send hugs and kisses. Gus asks Harley if she wants to go to the hospital with the guys and Harley says no, she made a promise and she is going to go through with that.

Rick goes outside and asks where the patient is. The EMT says that Mallet told him Rick said it was okay to go and that he took off in a hurry. Rick is not pleased.

Back inside the tomb, Gus begs Harley to focus on them and that if she does everything will come together. She agrees to focus on them and their wedding and kisses him. As they leave though she can’t help but take one look back inside at Phillips tomb.

Dinah stands at the fireplace in Reva’s house and asks Edmund if he is hungry since she is starving. He tells her that she can leave if she wants to. Cassie come back in and asks if there were any calls. Dinah asks Cassie if she is hungry saying that although she is a miserable cook she can throw something together. Cassie says she couldn’t eat anything and this is really hard because she has no control over any of it. Dinah reassures Cassie that they are going to call and let her know that Tammy is safe. The phone rings and Cassie answers it hopefully but it is just a long distance company. She starts to break down and Edmund goes to comfort her. Dinah suddenly groans and when Cassie and Edmund ask her what is wrong she says she thinks she just had a contraction. Edmund says it is too early for that and gives Dinah an evil look. Cassie is incredulous and Dinah says she just had another one and she thinks she is in labor.

Jonathan helps Tammy off of the boat and Tammy tells Nate that he is out of his mind if he thinks Jonathan is going to stay there with him. Nate tells Tammy that this has nothing to do with her and pulls Jonathan back down onto the boat. They argue with each other, pulling Jonathan between them like the proverbial angel and devil on each shoulder. Tammy tells him that Reva is there for him and that is one reason to stay. She tells him that she has proven she has loved him 1000 times over. They continue to argue with Nate saying that he will never fit in and Tammy telling him that there are people who do love him. Jonathan says he could be like the rest of his family and Nate disagrees he tells Jonathan that if he does stay innocent people like Tammy will be hurt in the end. Tammy tells him not to listen and to take her hand and come with her. Jonathan is clearly torn.

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