Guiding Light Update Friday 8/5/05


By Jen 
Pictures by Amanda

At Company, Gus and Harley are looking at wedding books. Harley is rambling about the plans for the wedding. Gus has his head down on the table. Harley realizes Gus is still mad about the missed appointment. She tells him she is sorry that she just forgot. Gus says right and flashes to seeing her outside with Mallet the day before. He tells her that is the thing, she never forgets. He says she ducks things and that is a different story. He feels like they should postpone the wedding.

Cassie is going into Company, but Jeffery stops her. He tells her she looks like the most beautiful woman in the world. She tells him she missed him, and she runs up to him to hug him. They start kissing passionately. He tells her he only thought about her once or twice a minute. He suggests they go back to his place for a proper welcome. Cassie tells him it may be a little crowded. Jeffery doesn't understand, and he wants to know why she thinks that. She tells him there is someone there who wants to welcome him, Sonya.

Reva meets Josh at the front door of their house. She wants to know if he found Tammy. He has checked everywhere and found no sigh of Nate and Tammy. Reva wonders where he would have taken her. Reva is worried about Tammy. Josh thinks she needs to stay positive. Sandy comes in. He has not been able to find her either. Sandy wonders why Nate took Tammy. Reva says that Tammy is bait. The real target is Jonathan. She thinks they need to find both of them.

Jonathan just came out of the shower in his hotel room. He is looking in the mirror. He has a short haircut. He says to himself , this is the first day of his new life. He thinks the 2 million will help him do it right. He imagines Tammy in the mirror. She is telling him she wished she never met him. He gets mad and throws his towel at the mirror. He says she can leave him alone now. He thinks she got what she wanted. He is out of her life for good. He thinks it should be the best day of her life.

Nate takes Tammy to the docks. He has her hands tied and a gag on. He sits her on a bench. Nate knows Reva will realize Tammy let him go. Tammy mumbles something. Nate repeats what she said. She said that Sandy will realize she didn't come home last night. He tells her he will take the gag off. She has to promise to behave. He tells her that her screaming last night almost ruined things. She agrees to behave. He takes the gag off. She tells him that Reva and Sandy will have a million cops looking for her. She thinks Nate should let her go. Nate doesn't seem too concerned. She realizes that he is using her as bait. She stands up and tries to leave. Nate stops her and puts his hands over her mouth. He tells her she is too smart for her own good.

Harley can't believe that Gus wants to postpone the wedding. She thinks that after all they have been through it is weird. Gus thinks they should wait until Harley is 100% sure of what she is doing. Harley says she is sure. Gus brings up her wanting to move in the Spaulding house and backing out. Harley tells him that had nothing to do with the wedding. He wants to know what it has to do with. He questions if it is because of Phillip. He tells her he knows she is buying into Alan's story. He can tell by the look on her face. Mallet comes running up to the table. He tells Harley he has something to tell her about Phillip. Gus says "So, denial ain't just a river in Egypt, huh?".

Lizzie is on the phone with her credit card company. She wants to know why they have "deapproved" her. She tells them she has been using that card since she could read it. She tells them she probably put their kids through college on her shoe bill alone. She hangs up. Coop comes up to her. He wonders what is wrong. She tells him she thinks her mom cut her cards off. She complains that she couldn't buy her end-of-summer outfit. Coop thinks it is funny. Lizzie gets upset and tells him it is not funny. Coop apoligizes.

Cassie wants to know if that name sounds familiar. Jeffery repeats the name Sonya. He says she is just a former friend. Then he says not a former friend. Cassie asks if she was an occasional friend. Jeffery doesn't think it matters because everything has changed. Cassie doesn't think Sonya knows that. Jefferey says he will tell her. He thinks she is a vestige of the life he had before. Cassie gives him a hard time about it. He tells her to have her fun. He says he is crazy about her. She tells him to prove it. He tells her to wait there.

Tammy points out that she won't make a good lure if she is hurt. She wonders if the lure is for Reva. Nate says if he wanted Reva, he could have her in many ways. Tammy is disgusted. Nate tells Tammy she knows who he is after that she is going to deliver him. Tammy doesn't see how. She says her and Jonathan hate each other. Nate tells her he is not interested in their teen drama. He says they don't act like cousins. He grabs a chocolate donut and offers her one. She declines. She sits back down on the bench and is digging in her back pocket. She pulls out her phone.

Jonathan is sitting on the bed in his hotel room. He pulls out a picture of Tammy. He rips it up and throws it away. There is a knock on the door. It is Nina. She has towels in her hand, and Nina says she is late for the shower. Jonathan tells her that is okay, he might need another one. He wants to know why the manager is doing a housekeeper's job. She says she likes the personal touch. She is playing with his hair. She wants to know if he is feeling better this morning. He says yes. He wants to know if she has anything else for him. Nina tells him she took the morning off. She offers to show him the sites. She asks if he has anything more important to do. He hears Tammy's voice again saying "I wish I never met you". He says he can't think of a thing.

Tammy has the phone behind her back. She opens it. Tammy thinks that Jonathan will not come rescue her. Nate wants to know why her and Jonathan act like they don't care. He thinks they are in love. She says don't say it. Tammy is crying. She admits that she does care. She says a part of her wishes... Nate asks "What?". She tells she that she wishes Jonathan would rescue her. Nate thinks it would be sweet. Tammy can't help her feelings. She puts the phone back in her pocket. Nate comes up and starts playing with her hair. He tells her to go ahead and cry. He thinks they are a pair of forbidden love birds. He is sure Jonathan will come to her rescue. He turns his back on her, while eating the donut. She gets up and knocks him over. Tammy takes off running. Nate chases after her. She trips and falls. Nate finds her and leans over her. He pulls her up by her hair. He jokes that she doesn't find him attractive.

Jeffery comes back holding his little black book. Cassie can't believe he has one. Jeffery says he is a traditionalist. He is going to throw the book away. Cassie grabs it and reads it. She jokes that her name is not in there. Cassie hold it over the trash can and tells him to say goodbye. He says to let it drop. She throws it away. He tells her he didn't even flinch. Reva comes up. Reva is glad to have found Cassie. Cassie can tell something is wrong and ask what. Reva tells her it is about Tammy.

Mallet is sitting down with Harley and Gus. Gus wants to know what is going on. Gus asks what does Mallet know about Phillip. Mallet tries to play it off. He says it is not about Phillip that it involves Phillip. He says that Alan swears he is not dead. Harley breaks in, and says that Alan is deluded. Mallet tells Gus that Alan is offering him bribes and making threats. He wants them to know that he is not going to let him use his money or his muscle to get someone in authority to believe his story. Harley tells him they appreciate that. She wants to focus on the wedding. Gus says he needs to call and reschedule the appointment with the planner. He leaves the table and goes to the bar. Harley turns on Mallet. She is mad. She tells him she didn't want Gus involved. Mallet tells her he didn't want her involved. He thinks he should keep his information to himself. Harley wants to know what information. They have a whispered conversation. They don't want Gus to hear. He tells Harley that he talked to a janitor at the warehouse. He says that there was a Dr and a nurse there on a regular basis. He tells her the only other person with a key to that room was. Harley coughs and guesses Alan. Harley thinks it may not have been Phillip. She says it could be some other project. She says she doesn't care. Mallet thinks that is great. Mallet tries to leave. Harley says no, of course she cares. She has to know what is going on. Mallet knows she has a plan and wants to know what it is. Harley tells him not to worry about it. Gus walks up. Mallet pretends to be looking at cakes. Harley sees Lizzie. She says she needs to talk to her. Harley gets up and goes over to Lizzie. Gus asks Mallet what he was telling her.

Harley taps Lizzie on the shoulder and asks to talk to her alone. Coops leaves. Gus thinks she is going to ask Lizzie to be a bridesmaid. Harley really asks Lizzie to have her father exhumed. Lizzie is shocked. She sighs.

Outside of Company, Cassie is upset. She goes off on Reva. She is mad at Reva for playing hero. Reva thinks she had to. She thinks Jonathan is really the one in jeopardy. Cassie doesn't understand why Reva is worried about Jonathan, when Tammy was the one dragged off somewhere. She doesn't think Reva cares about Tammy. She thinks she is only worried about Jonathan. Reva says that is not true. Cassie is tired of everything being about Jonathan. She thinks Tammy is paying the price because of Reva. Jeffery steps in and tries to calm her down. Jeffery thinks they need to proceed with caution. He does not want to put Tammy in anymore danger.

Nate has Tammy pinned to the ground. He tells her they will both end up in the water if they don't stop fighting. He can't promise her she will come out alive. He helps her up. He looks her up and down. He manages to find the phone. He is angry that she held out on him.

Jonathan and Nina are kissing. Jonathan imagines it is Tammy and pulls back. Nina wants to know what is wrong. She thought this is what he wanted. Jonathan assures her it is. He starts to take off her shirt. There is a knock at the door, it is Sandy. Sandy says You're not as smart as you think you are, "Sandy Foster." Jonathan tells him good detective work, and tries to shut the door. Sandy says he was hoping to never see him again, but Sandy needs his help. Nina excuses herself. Jonathan lays down on the bed and drinks a beer. He wants to know what Sandy wants. Sandy tells him about Tammy. Jonathan is shocked but doesn't want to help find her. He tells Sandy it is his problem. Sandy gets mad and leaves.

Tammy tells Nate he is good at hurting little boys. She thinks he can't wait for Jonathan to show up. Nate can't believe he doesn't scare Tammy. Tammy is more scared for Jonathan. Nate thinks she should worry about herself. He sneers at Tammy. Tammy tells him Jonathan had the same sneer when he came to town. The same need to frighten and control people. Nate tells her it worked on her. Tammy says yeah it did. She tells him he created a monster, but at some point Jonathan started thinking for himself. She tells him he started to care about Reva and being a real person. Nate thinks he went soft. He thinks he can toughen him back up. Tammy wants to know how. She thinks he will try abuse. Tammy begs him not to. He tells her it is not time for a heartfelt plea. He thinks she will get Jonathan there. He starts to dial her phone.

Mallet tells Gus that they were talking about Alan. He says Alan is nuts. Gus asks if that is right. Jeffery interrupts. He wants Mallet to help find Tammy. Mallet agrees.

Reva tells Cassie that Jeffery is on it. Josh and Reva try to reassure Cassie that everything will be alright. Josh asks Jeffery to stay with Cassie. Jeffery agrees and they leave. Josh wonders what Nate's MO is. Reva tells him it is fear. She figures out that he has Tammy at the docks. She pieces it together because of the boat receipt. They rush off to the docks.

Mallet is on the phone. He tells someone to call him as soon as they get anything. Gus walks up and offers to help. Mallet tells him no thanks. He says he is learning to delegate. Gus thinks he should learn that when it involves Harley. Mallet wants him to give him a break. Gus wants to know what they have been up to. Mallet says nothing. He says there were married once, and he is not looking for round two. He thinks she is happy with Gus. Gus tells him he is not saying he is hitting on her. Then he asks if he is. He wants to know what is going on with the Phillip thing. Gus thinks Mallet is encouraging Harley. Mallet tells Gus that Harley asked him about Alan's story. He says she is worried. She thinks if Phillip is alive that he will be a threat to her family. Mallet says he told her to leave it alone. He tells Gus that when he saw them the other day, he was encouraging her to drop it. He says he told her "stop imagining you're in some csi unit and start trying on wedding dresses or something."

Lizzie cannot believe Harley wants to dig up her father. Harley says she wouldn't like it but it would work on Alan. Lizzie says no. Harley tries to convince her, but Lizzie still says no. Lizzie doesn't want to talk about it. She walks over to Coop. He puts his arm around her. Harley looks at Gus and Mallet and rolls her eyes. The scene flashes to Phillip's grave. Harley is walking barefoot. She gets to his grave and turns around. She has a crowbar behind her back.

Jonathan is on the bed drinking a beer. His phone rings. He looks at it and sees it is Tammy.

Nate has Tammy backed against the fence. She is crying telling him to stop. Nate tells Jonathan he has to answer. Reva and Josh are calling for Tammy. Nate hears them and covers Tammy's mouth. He drags her off. Jonathan answers the phone, but Nate has already hung up. Reva is upset. She really thought they would be at the docks. Sandy shows up. He wonders if they had any luck. Reva tells him no. Sandy thought she was so sure. Sandy tells her she can rule out Jonathan. He explains that he found him. He tells them that Jonathan said no. Reva thinks it is best that he stay away. Sandy says sarcastically, "Got to think of what's best for the golden child." Reva still believes Jonathan is the target. Josh thinks they should let the cops take over. Reva still doesn't understand why they are not there. Josh takes her home. Sandy looks around and finds something on the ground. He wipes his finger in it. It looks like mud or chocolate.

Cassie says she can not just sit there and wait. Cassie says he has to find Tammy. Jeffery says he will but, he has to know she is safe. She does not want to go back to the farm. He talks her into going to Reva's.

Coop asks Lizzie if she is okay. Lizzie says the day keeps getting better and better. Gus comes up and asks how the new bridesmaid is. Lizzie doesn't know what he is talking about. Gus thought that is what her and Harley were talking about. Lizzie says no. Gus wants to know what they were talking about then. Lizzie says nothing. Gus thinks she is depressed. She doesn't want to talk about it. Gus tells her if she does, he is there for her. She says she is fine. Gus asks if it was about her father. Lizzie tells him that Harley wanted to exhume Phillip. Coop cannot believe it. Lizzie explains that it will prove Alan is a liar. Gus wants to know what she told Harley. Lizzie says she told her no. Gus wonders if she was disappointed. Lizzie says yes, but Harley respected her decision. She wants to go for a walk. Her and Coop leave.

Gus says to himself that what Harley says and does are different.

At Phillips tomb, Harley is trying to open the tomb. Mallet sneaks up on Harley. Harley gives him grief for sneaking up on her again. Mallet says so much for focusing on your wedding. Harley says she needs to know for her kids sake. Mallet tells her not to just stand there move over. He says they better get going before a cop shows up, and Mallet starts helping her. Harley jokes that he is a cop. Mallet says not to remind him.

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