Guiding Light Update Thursday 8/4/05


By Jen
Pictures by Amanda  

At the scene of the car crash, Jonathan wakes up groaning. He has blood on his face. He get out of the car and touches his face. He looks at the blood on his hands. Sandy is in the driver's seat with blood running down his face. He is not awake yet.

Bill gets to his apartment. He calls out to Olivia wondering if she is home. He calls out that he needs a little loving. He hears someone coming in the door. He thinks it is Olivia. He says to wait one second as he takes his shirt off. Michelle walks in the door. She laughs nervously. Bill says Hey. Michelle is clearly embarrassed. She laughs again and says hey. She says lucky Olivia. Bill tells her well just think, this all could have been yours. Michelle calls him a freak and tells him to put his clothes back on. Bill explains that he thought she was someone else. Bill is embarrassed now. He laughs and says oh my goodness Michelle is back. He wants to know when this happened. He rambles on and asks if she brought him any gifts. Michelle is holding big bags so you really can't see her. Bill asks if she needs a hand with the bag. She tells him no thanks. Bill wonders why she didn't call him. He would have picked her up at the airport. Michelle didn't want anyone to know she was back. Bill wonders why she doesn't want anyone to know. Michelle drinks a glass of water to avoid answering. Bill wants to know is she is OK. She tells him he needs a friend. He lets her know he is there for her. She says she also needs a place to stay. Bill agrees to let her stay there. He asks if she needs anything else. She says yes she needs to know what is going on with Danny and Marina.

Danny and Marina are outside of Company. He is kissing her neck. She thinks it is distracting and goes to get some sodas. When she leaves, Danny picks up his phone and calls Michelle. He leaves her a message. He stammers into the phone that Rick told him she was homesick. He doesn't want to make it worse by calling, but he thinks she should know that Robbie came in third at his swim meet. He believes that Robbie wishes that she could have been there. He tells her voice mail that Robbie wants to talk to her. He asks her to call them. Marina walks outside and hears the last part of the conversation.

Josh and Frank are carrying boxes into Company. Frank didn't think that Josh would be talking to him. He hopes that he didn't cause any problems giving Josh the file on Nate and Reva. Josh tells him no problems. Josh believes Frank was just doing his job. Frank say yeah. He believes some people are just stupid. He thinks they look at things and make things bigger than what they are. Josh says that it is alright. He asks Frank if he said Alfred is really gone. He says it doesn't matter anymore. Frank says yeah. Josh's cell phone rings. Josh answers, it is Reva. Reva is upset and wants Josh to come home now. She tells him she has done something and needs him.

Nate is still tied up in the living room. He is trying to convince Tammy that Jonathan did this. He tells her that Jonathan is going to go after Reva. He thinks he is dangerous and out of control. He tells her he thinks Jonathan might have killed. Tammy finishes the sentence for him. She says "his mother?". Nate says he doesn't know. He begs her to untie him. He tells her he has to go warn Reva.

Reva is still on the phone with Josh. She tells him, Nate didn't leave town. She explains that she drugged him and tied him up. Josh wants to know what the hell Reva was thinking. Reva is not sorry. She is just afraid of what she might do. She begs Josh to come home now and hangs up.

Back in the living room, Tammy has let Nate go. Nate says he hope Jonathan has not done anything to Reva. Tammy thinks they need to go find her. She offers to check the pool. She tells him to check J. Farley's. Nate thinks it would be safer if they stick together.

Reva comes downstairs. She sees that Nate is gone. She hears the door open and gets a knife. The person walks into the living room. Josh screams when Reva comes at him with the knife. Reva is hyperventilating. She keeps saying oh, my god. She starts saying I don't know over and over again. Josh wants to know what happened to the house. He wants to know if Nate/Alfred did it. Reva whimpers no, she did. Josh asks if she is alright. She is crying. She is not okay. She thought she had Nate/Alfred. She can't believe he got out of all that tape. She tries to grab Josh and go find him. Josh is mad. He can't believe she kicked him out of the house for this. He is upset that she did this and now is calling him for help. Reva is frustrated. She says she did it for her son. She is worried that Nate/Alfred is going to kill Jonathan. She says she had to stop him. She had to do something. She thinks maybe it wasn't right. Josh is yelling now. He says he is done. He tells her that ever since Jonathan has been arrived, it has been one thing after the other. He is tired of cleaning up her messes. He doesn't think he should have came to help. He says he will call Frank. Reva says no that if he doesn't help Jonathan is dead.

Jonathan starts limping away from the wreck. He believes leaving Sandy in the car is payback. He tells him he left him at the bottom of a mountain. He tells him fair is fair. He stands there for a minute and goes back to the car. He drags Sandy out of the car. He starts asking Sandy if he can hear him. He checks to see if he is still breathing. Sandy wakes up and wonders where he is. Sandy is confused. Jonathan explains that Sandy crashed the car. Sandy thinks Jonathan tried to kill them. He tells Jonathan that he might not have anything to live for but he does, Tammy. Sandy tries to get up. Jonathan tells him to chill out and stops him from getting up. Jonathan explains that there was a truck coming. He says he had to swerve out of the way.Jonathan points at the truck. Sandy doesn't remember a truck. Jonathan says that is because he was too busy looking at him. Sandy thinks Jonathan is more trouble then he is worth. Jonathan helps Sandy get up. He starts to call someone. Jonathan wants to know who he is calling. Sandy says he is calling the cops. Jonathan asks him to wait. Sandy believes if he doesn't call someone else will. Jonathan says he has two minutes to say yes or no. Sandy wonders yes or no to what. Jonathan says it is an offer of a lifetime.

Marina and Danny are outside Company, they are still moving boxes. Marina wonders why she is doing this. Danny says because she needs a place to live. Marina feels like it is time for her to be on her own. Danny says she has been on her own before. Marina says living at the museum was like a sleep-away camp. Marina wonders what it would be like to have her own apartment. She thinks it is time. Danny tells her they will talk about it after his meeting. He has a meeting with Bill. He asks what she wants to do with her stuff. She says just leave it there. Marina wonders if she is making the right decision. Danny tells her she has to figure that out on her own. He doesn't think he should influence her one way or the other. Marina agrees that he is right. She jokes that she doesn't want to be 40 years old and still wrestling her father for the remote. Danny tells her to calm down and they will talk about it later. Marina says okay. Frank walks outside. It is clear he overheard the conversation. Danny says bye to Marina, and he says Hi to Frank. Franks asks Marina if she is going somewhere.

Michelle tells Bill she is sorry for not calling first. She thought she could stay on the couch since Olivia is out of town. Bill tells her he already said she could. Michelle just wants to keep a low profile. Bill wants to know why. She says she called Robbie at camp. Bill wants to know about Rick and Mel. Michelle says not yet. She tells him she will soon. She wants to know what has been going on. She wants Bill to catch her up on the gossip. Bill jokes that they can do each others nails, gossip, and rent a movie. He realizes she just wants to know about Danny and Michelle. She wants to know if they are serious. She tells Bill she hired a private investigator. Bill cannot believe she hired someone to spy on Danny. Michelle doesn't think it was spying. She just wanted to find out who he was spending time with. She says it was for Robbie's sake. Bill doesn't believe that. Bill wonders why she showed up without calling anyone and needs a place to stay. He doesn't understand why all she can think about is Danny and Marina. Michelle stand ups and drops the bags.

Bill is clearly shocked. Michelle is pregnant. He points at her stomach and gasps that she got fat.

Bill wants to know if she needs anything. He thinks she needs water. He starts rambling. Bill asks her what she needs. She says she needs to know about Danny and Marina. Bill asks if it is Danny's baby. They hear a knock at the door. Bill asks who it is. It is Danny. Bill and Michelle wonder what to do now.

Frank asks Marina if she is moving out. Marina gives him a hard time for eavesdropping. Franks says he wasn't. Franks admits he way spying. Franks wonders if it was something he said. Marina assures him it wasn't. She believes it is time to move out. Marina tells him she is not moving out of town. Frank doesn't want her to rush off quickly and become and adult to quick. He thinks the move is about Danny. Marina says no it is just her. She jokes about getting a goldfish. Frank feels better when he realizes it is not about Danny.

Jonathan thinks everyone is going to blame him for the accident. Sandy says it has nothing to do with the money. Jonathan tells Sandy he is offering him a prize. He offers to leave town for good. He says he will not have contact with anyone. Sandy asks about Tammy. Jonathan agrees not to contact her. Sandy tells him to get out of there. Jonathan says thanks and asks him to tell Reva that she was right to give him away. He leaves the scene.

Reva explains to Josh that she found the boat receipt. She believes that Nate/Alfred is going to kill Jonathan. Josh wonders if her plan was to take Alfred out first. Reva says she wasn't going to kill him. She explains that she smashed the living room to set Alfred up. She was going to call the cops but called Josh instead. Reva wants him to help her come up with something to tell the cops.

Josh says he needs a minute. He says they can't call the police that Frank said they don't have enough on Alfred. Reva wants to find Jonathan. She thinks they will have enough then. Josh says it will not be enough. Reva thinks the boat rental changes everything. Josh says no, she is the one who changes everything. He thinks she may be arrested for what she did. They decide they need to leave. They hear a cop at the door. The cop says he is there for Mrs. Reva Lewis.

Tammy asks Nate/Alfred if he found Jonathan. He says no. She thinks they should split up. Nate/Alfred grabs her arm. He tells her not to waste her time. He tries to convince her that Jonathan rented a boat to kill Reva. Tammy doesn't believe him.

Reva tells the cop she is Reva Lewis. He tells her there has been an accident. She is worried about Jonathan. The cop tells her it was Sandy. Sandy walks up. Reva wants to know if he is OK. She wonders what happened. He says he swerved to avoid a pothole. He thinks it was no big deal. Reva wants Rick to see him. Sandy tells her no doctors. The cops asks if he is sure. Josh tells the cop that they will take care of him. Reva wants to make sure he is OK. She pulls him inside. Sandy says he is fine. He explains that Jonathan was in the car too. He tells her Jonathan is gone and not coming back. Reva thinks that Jonathan is dead.

Nate/Alfred is trying to convince Tammy that she doesn't know Jonathan very well. Nate/Alfred tells her Jonathan is a dangerous man. He backs her up to the stairs. Tammy agrees he has a temper but doesn't think he is dangerous. Nate reminds her of all the things Jonathan has done to them. Tammy pushes him away. Nate/Alfred wants to know if she can live with herself if something happens to Reva. She says "No". Nate/Alfred grabs her arm and wants her to help him. He wants to go to the docks. Tammy tells him she meant no, she didn't believe him.

Inside Company, Marina and Frank are talking about Danny. Marina thinks Danny comes from a different place then her. Marina says he has been married and has a son. She says she has him and grandpa. Frank thinks grandpa is a pushover. Marina says he is coming around. She doesn't think Frank is coming around. She wants to know why he grills Danny all the time. Frank is worried she is going to get married and move away. He is worried he won't see the grand-kids. Marina thinks he is getting ahead of himself. Frank tells her Harley got married and moved away. Marina promises not to move away. They hug.

Danny is still outside Bills door. He calls out to Bill. Michelle hides in the closet. Bill lets Danny in. He tries to get Danny out of the room. Danny wants to talk there. He starts looking around the apartment. Danny likes the apartment. Danny asks Bill if he has talked to Michelle. Bill wants to know why. Danny says Robbie misses her. Bill wonders what is going on with Danny and Marina.

Danny wants to know why Bill is interested. Bill wonders if Danny is happy. Danny says he is. He starts looking around the apartment again. Danny thinks it is a nice starter apartment. Danny goes to the closet. He tries to open the door. Bill tries to stop him. He tells him it is Olivia's and messy. Danny says he doesn't care that Michelle's was bad.

Danny opens the closet door and looks around. He says it is nice and has lots of space. Bill is looking around for Michelle. Danny leaves the closet. Bill turns off the light and shuts the door. Danny thinks Bill is distracted. Bill says it has been a hell of a day. Danny says they can talk another time. Bill wonders if he minds. Danny doesn't mind. He wants Bill to let him know if he hears from Michelle. Bill says he will. Danny thinks it is time for her to come home. He thinks Robbie needs her. Bill agrees that Robbie needs her. They agree to reschedule their meeting. After he leaves, Bill opens the closet door. He wonders where Michelle is. Michelle comes out of the closet. She hide behind the clothes. Bill thinks that must have killed her. Michelle plays it off. She says she is fine. Bill tells her Danny asked about her. Michelle says she heard. She says it was good to hear his voice. Bill wants to know when she is going to tell him she is home. She tells him soon. Bill doesn't think she can hide forever. Michelle says "How about long enough to find out whose this baby is".

Jonathan is in a hotel room. Someone is knocking on the door. It is Nina, from guest services. She is bringing him ice that he ordered. He tells her thanks. She wants to know if he needs anything else. Jonathan flashes back to the kiss between him and Tammy. He starts flirting with Nina. He offers her a drink. He tells her his name is "Sandy Foster".

Sandy tells Reva and Josh about the wreck. Reva wonders if Jonathan was hurt. Sandy tells her nothing serious. Josh comments, that he just pulled him out of the wreckage and said goodbye. Sandy says that is the extent of it. Reva wonders what Jonathan will do now. She can't believe he left without saying goodbye. Josh tells her he sent Sandy to do that. Reva asks if Jonathan said anything else. Sandy flashes back to Jonathan asking him to tell Reva she was right to give him away, But Sandy tells Reva all he said is goodbye. Josh thinks that Jonathan wouldn't have left if he saw Reva. He thinks this is for the best. Reva doesn't agree. She is worried about him running from Alfred. Sandy wants to know how long ago Tammy left. Reva says Tammy wasn't there. Sandy thinks that is weird because Bill told him she was. Reva gets upset and realizes what happened.

Outside of Company, Tammy figures out that Reva tied Nate up. She says he is out to hurt Jonathan. She says he won't help him. He tells her she doesn't have a choice. Tammy tells him she is staying there. He thinks she would be smart to go with him. He warns her that he is worse than Jonathan.

Marina wants to know how Danny's meeting went. He jokes that he just wanted to get out of the heavy lifting. He tells her her found her a place to rent. Marina wants to know where. He tells her that they are building condos at The beacon. Marina is excited. They joke about hot guys living across from her. Danny says he will chase them out. He says he will have to check out the neighbors. They kiss.

Michelle tells Bill she loved Tony. She doesn't think she wants to know whose baby it is. She doesn't think she should spring it on Danny, if he is happy with Marina. She wants things to be simple. Bill wonders when things were ever simple. Michelle says never. Bill thinks this baby needs a mother and a father. He says if it is Danny's, she has to tell him.

Nina asks "Sandy" what brings him to Maplewood. She asks if he has family there. He is cleaning the blood off his face. You can tell it hurts. He tells her no family, no friends either. She takes over cleaning. She thinks he has some enemies. He says he is a klutz. He tells her he tripped. He wants to start over. She tells him if he is serious about starting over, this place has a lot to offer. He looks her up and down and says I bet it does.

Outside of Company, Tammy pushes Nate/Alfred away. She says get way from me and starts screaming. He puts his hand over her mouth. she bites him. She screams again. Franks hears her and runs outside.

Reva looks at the chair. She says she should have known. Josh realizes, Tammy let Nate/Alfred go. Reva is upset and wonders what she has done. Sandy wants to know what is going on. Reva tells him Nate has Tammy and they run out the door.

Nate/Alfred tells Tammy she made a mistake. Nate/Alfred get her in a choke hold. She can't breath. He drags her being the fence. He has his hand over her mouth. When Franks comes outside and looks around, he doesn't see them.

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