Guiding Light Update Wednesday 8/3/05


By Jen
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[Missing the last 20 minutes of the show. Will be replaced in the morning.]

Reva locks her door and walks into her living room. She looks at Nate/Alfred. She has him tied to a chair.

Marina is carrying boxes into Company. Looks like she is moving back in. She gets a phone call from the detective about the assignment. They are supposed to meet that night. Danny comes walking in behind her. He has the life size cutout of himself. He says I can't believe you still have this, and he asks her if she keeps it beside her bed. He jokes that he told her to burn it. She laughs and says please. He hands her an envelope. He tells her he doesn't know what it is that it was with her stuff. She doesn't know what it is either. When she opens it she finds out it is concert tickets to see The Black Eyed Peas. She can't believe he got them tickets. He jokes and tells her he has connections in Chicago. He tells her they are all set. He got a sitter for Robbie , but they will have to hurry and leave to get there on time. Marina tells him she can't go.

Rick is outside of Company. Bill walks up and tells him he got a letter from his long-lost sister. Rick says "I have a sister?". Bill says yes you do. He says that she raves about dining on locusts and practicing medicine in the bush. He thinks she is homesick. Rick agrees. Rick says she is worried about how she will be received when she returns. Bill says they will just throw her a big party maybe even a parade. Rick insinuates that he has talked to her about Danny and Marina. Rick says he thinks she should hear that news from a friend. Bill agrees, and says that he thinks the only friend she wants to hear from is right in there. He is looking in the window at Danny. He doesn't think that Michelle will ever get over Danny.

Michelle is at the airport. She looks lost so a flight attendant asks her if she needs help. The flight attendant asks if she needs connecting flight information. Michelle says no she is home.

Tammy is laying on a lounge chair when Sandy comes up wet and starts kissing her. Tammy tells him he is going to pay for that. Then she asks him to warm her up so they kiss some more. Sandy wants to know why they ever got out of bed. Tammy says she doesn't remember. Sandy asks if she wants to go back . She says yes. Sandy in a hurry says OK I will go get my clothes.

Reva pulls the tape off of Nate/Alfred's mouth. He groans and tells her she is insane. He ac cusses her of drugging him, and he tells her it is the biggest mistake she ever made. She doesn't agree. He asks her what she is going to do with him. He wants to know if she is going to keep him there forever.

Marina tells Danny that she really wants to go to the concert with him, but she cannot go. She lies and says she has to study for a really big test. He offers to help her study on the way there and back. She tells Danny that it is confidential cop material. She says no one can see it. Danny is disappointed but he understands. Marina wonders if he can trade the tickets for another night. Danny laughs and says no. He tells her it is okay that he should have checked with her first. Marina says she is sorry. She thanks him anyway. He says this is just payback for all the times he bailed on her. He says alright lets get this stuff to your room. He goes to take a suitcase of hers. She freaks out and says no it is hers she has it. She tells him it is her uniform. The suitcase flies open and a very skimpy outfit falls out. Danny says wow cops uniforms sure have changed since the last time he was arrested.

Jonathan comes up and takes off his shirt. Tammy asks him what he is doing there. He jokes that he is trying out for the swim team. She tells him not to expect her to pull him out of the water this time. He opens a beer and asks her if she wants one. Tammy tells him she just got out of bed. He tells her good for you and that he will see her around. Sandy comes back saying why don't they take breakfast back with them. Tammy tells him that sounds good and asks what he is in the mood for. He jokes with her saying do you have to ask. He sees Jonathan standing there. He wants to know how long he has been there. He tells Jonathan the cops are after him. Jonathan wants to know if he is going to call them and tell them where he is. Sandy says no, and he says that he does not regret calling them. He tells Jonathan someone had to protect Josh and Reva. Jonathan doesn't think that is why he did it. He thinks it all because of Tammy. Jonathan thinks Sandy is scared of losing Tammy to him. Sandy tells him he is delusional. Tammy wants to leave. Sandy doesn't think Jonathan is a threat. He tells Jonathan he just can't stay away from Tammy. Jonathan says no Tammy can't stay away from him. Jonathan says he has told her to stay away many times. They look like they are going to fight. Tammy breaks them up saying can we not do this. Tammy tells him she has tried to help him because she feels sorry for him. He asks her if this is why she kissed him.

Nate tries to get Reva to let him go. Reva says no. He tells her she needs to stop this now. She says no again. He asks her if all she can say is no. She says no. She compares him to a rabid dog that has gotten loose. She says someone has to hunt it down or someone will end up dead like Marissa. Nate congratulates her on setting him up. He realizes she had it planned when she invited him over. He asks her again to let him loose. He says his circulation is being cut off. She tells him to relax. He wants to know where she is going with this. He doesn't think she even knows. Reva tells him she has him exactly where she wants him. Nate/Alfred promises to behave from now on. He tells her she has had her fun and to untie him. He says he won't call the police if she unties him now. Reva tells him to get comfortable he is not going anywhere. Nate/Alfred is mad now. He screams at her and calls her a bloody woman. He tells her she is going away for 20 years for this. Reva gets in his face and tells him to listen to this bloody woman. She wants to know how it feels to have someone else in control. She wants to know if he is scared. She says multiply that by 10,000 and he will understand what he has done to Jonathan. She tells him today he gets to be Jonathan while she is him.

Danny and Marina are talking about the skimpy outfit. She tells him she was thinking of changing her style. She wants to know what he thinks. He holds up the top and asks if there is more to it. She thinks he doesn't like it. He says no he didn't say that. She holds up some skimpy underwear and says this goes with it. Danny jokes that he feels much better now. He wants to know what is going on. Marina says she may have to go undercover some day. Danny says "Undercover or under the covers?". Marina laughs and says she has to be able to transform into anybody. Danny wonders what is wrong with the way she is now. Marina thinks she looks like the girl next door. Danny doesn't see anything wrong with this. He thinks she is great the way she is. Marina says she hardly has any makeup on. He tells her she doesn't need it. She thinks her hair is a mess. Danny says it looks sexy. They start kissing and his phone rings. He thinks it may be Robbie. When he answers no one is there. It is Michelle calling from a payphone.

She changes her mind and hangs up saying she can't do this over the phone. Marina wants to know who it was. Danny tells her nobody. He wants to know where they were. Marina says she doesn't remember. Danny tells her to try as he gets closer to her.

Tammy says "Sandy". She looks upset. She wants to explain the kiss. Jonathan jokes that he thinks they don't ever talk. Tammy tries to tell him when it happened, but Jonathan interrupts and says it happened a long time ago. He says it happened when he first came to town. He tells Tammy to admit that she had a thing for him. She thinks that was ancient history. Jonathan tells her she didn't kiss him because she felt sorry for him. Tammy tells him she didn't kiss him she kissed JB. Jonathan jokes that JB was a lucky guy. Sandy thinks he is being a jerk. Jonathan tells him he never misses and opportunity to act better. Jonathan wonders if Sandy has anything in his life he regrets. They start to throw punches. Tammy stops them and wants to go. Jonathan tells Sandy that he acts like he is great but it is all about winning. Sandy tells him this is not a competition. He says he is not there to compete with Jonathan. Jonathan tells him he can blow his world to hell anytime he wants. Sandy's phone rings. Tammy hands it to him. It is work. He leaves to go get a file from his car. He thinks Tammy should go with him, but she says she will be OK and stays. She wants to know why Jonathan didn't tell Sandy about the kiss the other day. Jonathan says what's the point. Tammy tells him he almost did. He says yeah the story of my life.

Reva shows Nate/Alfred a baby picture of Jonathan. She wants to know if it looks familiar to him. He says yeah it should because he was with Jonathan at that age. Reva tells him she found it in Marissa's things. She thinks Marissa probably took it about the time they got Jonathan. Reva asks Nate if he notices anything. He wants to know like what. Reva says the absence of the frown he always has on his face. The haunted eyes. She points out his hand are not balled into fists like they are all the time now. She tells him when she looks at the picture she sees the strong little boy she gave up. She thinks he just wasn't strong enough to fight off a man like Nate/Alfred. Nate/Alfred wants to know what she wants from him. He wonders if she wants an apology. She says no it is too late for that. She thinks he has turned her son into a monster. She thinks he wanted a replica of himself. She says it ends today. She believes his reign of terror is over. There is knocking on the door. It is officer Howell. He wants to know if Reva is OK. Nate is trying to scream for help, but Reva is struggling to get the tape back on his mouth. She gets the tape in place. She stands quietly until the officer leaves. She thinks Frank must have sent him to check on her. She says he is gone now. She pulls the tape off Nate/Alfred's mouth. You can tell it hurt Nate/Alfred. He is wondering what is next. He thinks Reva is in over her head. She jokes that he is the one strapped to a chair. He tells her that doesn't change anything that she will always be the rotten mother that dumped her kid. Reva doesn't think she dumped him. She believes she was doing what was best for him. Nate tells her he made sure Jonathan knew the truth that she didn't want him that he did. He says he gave him facts. Reva says no he gave him fists.

Bill walks up to Marina and Danny hugging. Bill asks Danny if he needs help. Danny jokes that Bill can take over. Marina laughs. She says they were done anyway that she needs to take her stuff upstairs. Danny wants to know how Bill has been. Bill wants to know if Danny is sure there is nothing he can do. Danny says he is sure but can they have a meeting. Bill wonders what he wants to meet about. Danny wants to be partners again. He has some projects lined up that he can use help with. Bill wonders if he is sure he wants to work with him. Danny says yes he is sure. He thinks they worked well together before despite how it ended. Bill says then again you were married to my best friend then. Danny asks if that is a requirement, and Danny hits Bill in the arm. Bill jokes that he must have been working out. Danny says yes he has. Bill wants to know if Michelle has been in touch with Danny. Danny says she checks in because of Robbie. Danny asks Bill if he wants a beer. Bill takes one. Bill doesn't want to pry but asks Danny if he misses Michelle. Danny says he is prying. He says he wants Michelle to come home for Robbie's sake. Bill doesn't believe it is just for Robbie's sake. Danny wants to know why Bill is giving him a hard time. Bill says because he doesn't think Michelle is the easiest person to get over. Danny tells him that Michelle will always be a part of his life because of Robbie but his life is much different now.

Marina is outside talking to Rick She tells Rick she knows he misses Michelle and was disappointed she didn't come home for the BBQ. Rick tells her he wants Michelle to be happy. He also tells her he wants her to be Happy. Marina says she is. She says she is doing great. Michelle is watching them from beside a bush.

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