Guiding Light Update Tuesday 8/2/05


By Jennie
Pictures by Boo

Dinah sits alone at Company remembering her and Edmund’s conversation about her having a good alibi for whatever he is going to do to Cassie.

She orders a light beer from the waitress and Mallet, who overhears her, says he guesses that the baby doesn’t care if it is domestic or imported. She says sorry and he says he doubts that. Mallet tells Dinah for her and her baby to enjoy her beer and gets up to move. As he walks away, he tells her to make sure that the baby doesn’t get behind the wheel tonight. Dinah asks Mallet if he is the pregnancy police and he tells her that he is on the force. He starts to introduce himself but Dinah stops him saying that she knows exactly who he is, A.C. Mallet the ex-warden. Mallet says that his reputation precedes him. Dinah asks him why he isn’t still in jail and Mallet says he was just about to ask her the same thing. She says her legend precedes her also. Dinah wants to know why he is bugging her and Mallet says that he is a cop and he knows trouble when he sees it and that Dinah looks like the kind of girl who seems to find trouble. Dinah snaps back that trouble seems to find her first.

Cassie is leaving Jeffrey a message telling him that she misses him when the lights go out at the farm. Edmund is outside by the fuse box and has been clearly messing with the lights. He goes to the window and looks in on Cassie who is lighting candles. Cassie complains that every time a storm comes through the lights go out and that the candle people must love her. She says that she can’t stand being alone in the dark and as the thunder crashes and lightning illuminates the outside Cassie is startled by Edmund standing outside the window eerily looking in.

Josh walks down the hallway at the Beacon carrying an ice bucket and runs into Olivia who is carrying a suitcase. He asks her if she needs any help with it and she tells him no, and comments that she heard he was staying there. He guesses that by her suitcase that she and Bill were in the same boat as he and Reva over the Alfred/Nate business and Josh says he is surprised that Olivia is the one who is leaving. Olivia corrects him saying that she was getting ready to go to the airport to go and visit Sam, and that she is having dinner with Bill first. She tells Josh that things are fine with her and Bill but that she knows why Josh is staying at the Beacon now.

Reva is on the phone attempting to get ahold of Nate/Alfred. She leaves a message for him telling him that she is still waiting and Jonathan is ready to hand over his money and in exchange Nate will have to leave town for good. She tells him to come to the house so that they can finish it. She looks at the paper that has Nate’s boat rental on it and hides it under some other papers. Reva goes over and pours something into one of the glasses on her serving tray saying that “no body tries to kill my kid”. She figures that Nate will want to have a drink to 2.3 million dollars. There is a knock at the door and Reva says that it was quick, Nate must have been on his way. She opens the door to find Bill on the other side. He asks if it is a bad time and she tells him it is but he comes in anyway. Bill says that of course it is a bad time and that it will be a bad time as long as Nate is around and that it is a good idea for her family to be around to give her the support she needs. He spots the drinks and tells her unless she is getting support from someone else. Reva just shrugs her shoulders and acts like she doesn’t know what he is talking about.

Dinah asks Mallet if she is a person of interest, or whatever the cops call it. Mallet asks her if it bothers her and she says that no, that there are just some people who mean it when they say they are going to turn their lives around and others that just listen. She tells him that she doesn’t have to explain herself to him though. Mallet tells her “fair enough” and sits down at the table behind Dinah. She informs him that she wasn’t actually going to drink it and he laughs, not believing her. Dinah tells him that sarcasm from a desperate man is not attractive. Mallet wants to know why he is desperate and Dinah asks him if he is at Company drinking alone because he had a hard time scraping up a date at the women’s prison. Mallet sarcastically tells her that he has heard that pregnancy mellows a woman and wants to know if this is how she is like mellow. She tells him that she is really mellow and he says that she is doing a good job hiding it. Mallet wants to know what else she is hiding and talking about the baby says he wants to feel the baby kick. Dinah holds up a fork and threatens to stab him in the wrist if he tries. Mallet calls her “Miss Mellow” and tells her she made her point. Dinah informs him that the baby isn’t hers and that she is just carrying it for a friend of Harley’s, Cassie Winslow. She tells him that she will have a baby of her own someday and that she has already picked out the perfect daddy. Mallet asks if he is really perfect and Dinah answers perfect for her. She tells him that they are going to have the life that she always wanted. Mallet says it sounds like they have common goals and that this guy will give her “everything that she deserves”.

Cassie opens the door and tells Edmund that he scared her half to death. She wants to know what he is doing there and he says he is there to see her. He tells her that he was coming up the walk when the lights went out. Edmund holds up the divorce papers and tells Cassie that he wanted to go over a few things in them with her. Cassie, confused, says that she thought that they were going to let the lawyers handle the divorce and Edmund tells her since they are getting along so much better now that he figured they could avoid that. Looking around at the candles he asks if he is interrupting anything and Cassie tells him no but that it isn’t a great time since the storm knocked the lights out again. Cassie tells him just to leave the papers and she will look over them later. Edmund inquires if she will be all right in the dark and to R.J.’s whereabouts. She tells him that he is at a sleepover and that she will be fine. Edmund figures it is just the fuse box and tells her he will look at it “no strings attached”. Cassie fights him at first but grudgingly lets him check it out. She starts to light another candle as the lights come back on. Edmund walks back into the house with a smug smile on his face. Cassie remarks how fast it was and thanks him. Cassie says they can go ahead and go over the papers now that the lights are back on, but that she hopes that there is not a problem. Edmund tells her that unfortunately there is a big problem.

Olivia follows Josh back into his hotel room and offers her advice as an ex-wife about him leaving Reva. Josh insists he didn’t leave her but that he just needed to get away and she needed to be alone for one night. Olivia worries that Reva is alone in the house with Alfred/Nate on the loose. Josh tells her that according to Frank, Alfred has left town and tells her that he hired a private investigator to look into things just in case. Olivia gets upset that Alfred is just being allowed to leave town after what he did. Josh tells her that Alfred is gone and that they are all better off that way. Olivia doesn’t agree since he murdered her sister. Josh says he understands that she wants him to pay for murdering Marissa but that it won’t bring her back. He apologizes for sounding insensitive, but that he is just tired and wants things to get back to normal. He says that he figured that Olivia would want the same thing after everything that has happened with her for Bill and Emma’s sake. Olivia agrees. Josh says that if anything good has come out of all of this it is the fact that Olivia and Reva are “co-existing peacefully”. Olivia tells him not to go crazy on her and Josh jokes that it is going to make holiday dinners a lot more peaceful. Josh brings up Olivia’s concern for Reva and Olivia stops him saying that she just knew that Reva and Nate/Alfred were once… She stops and Josh finishes for her saying that the entire town knew about Nate and Reva. Olivia says she just knows that since she has been both the walker in a relationship and the one who was walked out on, it is easier to be the one who walks.

Bill asks whom Reva is expecting. She tells him Josh and he calls her on it saying he just saw Josh at the Beacon. Reva tells him that he just had a meeting and Bill says he doesn’t think that Josh goes to too many meetings with a suitcase. Reva explains that with the whole Nate/Alfred/Jonathan mess that Josh just needed some time. Bill says he understands and asks about the alcohol. Reva says she just wanted to calm down but that there was nothing wrong with it since she wasn’t driving anywhere. Bill says that since he is he will just help himself to a club soda. He starts to pour himself a drink and Reva stops him, saying that she knows that if he does he will just make himself comfortable and start to lecture her. She tells him she knows how the Lewis men are and how they stick together. Bill agrees but says that is not why he is there. Reva tells him she appreciates his concern but tells him to go back to Olivia. He tells her that he cares about her and that she shouldn’t be alone.

Mallet asks Dinah whom she is looking for and she snaps back at him “no one”. Dinah asks Mallet if she can ask him a question and he sarcastically says, “you just did”. Dinah answers two questions and says something she always wanted to know from an ex warden and asks him if he thinks that people can change. Mallet says that it depends on the person and that from his experience it is really hard to go back once you have crossed that line. Dinah asks what line that would be and Mallet answers that everyone knows the line. Dinah wants to know if Mallet is talking about himself and Harley and Mallet quickly answers no. Mallet changes the subject and says they were talking about Dinah. Dinah gets back on track and asks that if once someone crosses that line if there is no hope left for them. Mallet says no that there is always hope, but that it doesn’t mean it will happen. He says there is no point to moving on if there is no hope. Dinah agrees and Mallet tells Dinah that it seems like she has made a few mistakes and has had a few people give up on her before. She agrees but Mallet tells her that it is impressive that she is pregnant so someone else can have a baby. He tells her that there may be hope for her after all. Dinah tells him you never know and Mallet reaches across and grabs her beer, taking a drink and telling her it is so that she is not tempted. She thanks him. Mallet starts to tell her that from his experience the good guys tend to stay good and the bad guys tend to stay bad, but Dinah sneaks out of Company as he is saying this.

Cassie tells Edmund that they both agreed that it was best to move forward with this divorce. Edmund tells Cassie that he isn’t there to make things more difficult. He says he understands why she would think the worst of him. He reminds her that they did share some beautiful times along the way and that those are what he hopes they will remember someday. She changes the subject and asks to talk about the papers. Edmund says that he feels that she has asked for less than what she deserves. He tells her that her offer to sell the farm and split the profits isn’t what he wants. Their dream to raise the children on the farm should still come true. He says that when Will comes home for a visit it should be to the house he knows and that Tammy, R.J., and the baby Dinah is carrying should have the farm since it is a good house. Edmund tells Cassie that he wants her to have the farm. She tells him how kind it is and apologizes for jumping to the wrong conclusion. She says she will drink to that and Edmund says they should drink to the best of times they had at the farm and their new lives. Cassie thanks him again for being so good. Edmund tells Cassie he just wants her to be happy. They toast to new beginnings and to happy endings.

Bill tells Reva that he knows that everyone is crazy over the whole thing with Alfred. He says it is simple though and it comes down to one thing that they should stick together as a family. He says he will do whatever it takes to make sure that Alfred goes to prison. Reva says all she needs is to be alone and wind down. Bill says he won’t leave her alone while Alfred is “out there” and Reva thinking Alfred really is outside gets nervous. Bill says that is exactly why he won’t leave her alone and she says she is just jumpy. He tells her that they can have some down time together since she is favorite aunt. Reva tells him he is sweet but that she knows Alfred is gone and that she is fine. She says that everyone she cares about is safe and tells him to go and spend time with Olivia. Bill jokes with her that her wanting to get rid of her hurts him. She calls him brat boy and tells him to go home. He finally leaves after much convincing.

Olivia offers him a drink and Josh says he doesn’t think he should be drinking in a hotel room with his ex wife. Olivia points out that since she is married to Bill that actually means he is drinking in a hotel room with his niece. Josh and Olivia both jokingly agree not to discuss that. They laugh when she calls him “Uncle Joss” and toast to marital bliss and to their family. He asks if she will tell him how to achieve marital bliss. She says no but that she doesn’t think that he should call Reva tonight. She tells him to come to dinner with her and Bill so that he is not sitting at home by himself thinking of her.

Josh asks her why she cares about it and Olivia says she wants something good to come out of the whole mess. Josh asks if him staying away from Reva will help her feel better and Olivia tells him that if there is one thing she has learned from breaking up and making up with Bill so often, it is that 24 hours apart is good for a relationship. Josh contemplates what she has said and then tells Olivia that he really thinks that Bill is excellent for her and tells her that maybe she married the wrong Lewis the first time around. She tells him there is no such thing as a wrong Lewis and that Josh is a good guy. She says one thing she has learned from Bill is how important family life is. Josh agrees to go to dinner.

Reva is standing at the drink cart again when a knock sounds at he door. Reva tells Bill that she thought she told him to go away but when she opens the door, she finds Alfred/Nate. He asks her if that is anyway to talk to an invited guest and asks her where his son and his money are.

Reva tells Nate to relax and that Jonathan is coming. She tells him that this way they can have a nice little one on one talk. She says since he is getting everything that he wants they can call a truce. Alfred/Nate says that he doesn’t think that Jon is coming and that it is a trap. He starts to leave and Reva tells him that if he doesn’t stay he won’t see any of the money. She says that she still makes a mean sidecar and pours him a drink. He asks if there is cyanide in the drink and she tells him yes, just enough to hurt him not kill him. She clinks her glass against his and drinks. He says that she did a good job since she had a good teacher. Reva tells him that he taught her a lot. She tells him that she liked the way that he made her feel wanted.

Alfred/Nate says that he thinks that Reva is buttering him up and she tells him that is the truth and she wants him to leave town. He asks if she wants him to give up Jonathan and she says in exchange for a large fortune. Reva says that she has used the scare tactics and now she wants to use the new approach of appealing to his sense of fair play and his decent side. He tells her that he doesn’t have a decent side and wants to know the real reason she called him over.

Bill is sitting at Company when Olivia and Josh come in. Bill asks if Josh is going to join them for dinner and Josh says that Olivia is holding him prisoner and that she helped him see the light about going home. Bill calls her their very own lighthouse. Josh says that Olivia helped him to see the pattern of the way things are with Reva and that the only way to fix things is to break the cycle. Josh says that he is going to test the theory that “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”. Bill says he knows everything including that Nate/Alfred is leaving town. Olivia wants to know what is wrong and if she and Reva are the only two people who want to hunt Alfred down. Bill tells Olivia that she thinks Reva has given up on Alfred also. Bill says he has talked to Reva already and that she is missing Josh but she is fine. Olivia says he is doing the right thing and it will make Reva appreciate Josh. Bill asks if it is her new theory and she says not all the time as he begins to kiss her neck, making her giggle. As they are kissing, Josh sneaks out of Company.

Edmund tells Cassie he will always be there for the child. Cassie thanks him as Dinah looks in from outside. She comes in Cassie wants to know if Dinah is okay because she doesn’t look so well. Dinah says that she thinks that she forgot her prenatal vitamins. Cassie goes upstairs to look for them. Dinah notices the candles and the wine. She jumps on Edmund saying no wonder she needed an alibi to save herself from seeing Edmund and Cassie being all romantic as his revenge. Edmund says it isn’t how it looked that he came over and the lights went out and when he got them on Cassie started to argue with him on all points of the divorce. Dinah gets upset and starts to take off the pregnancy stomach as Edmund grabs her and takes her outside.

Edmund tells Dinah that this has to stop, her threatening to take off the pregnancy belly every time she gets upset. Edmund says that Cassie is trying to take away the farm, which he wants for their future. She storms back into the house and demands that Edmund sign the divorce papers.

Reva says that the reason she called Nate/Alfred over was because she knows there is good in him just like in Jonathan. Reva asks who smacked him around as a kid. He tells her that is funny and she says that it is serious and sad. Reva says no one starts out bad but that people make others that way. Nate says that alcohol makes things clearer and finishes his drink. Reva again asks who beat him as a child to make him the way he was. Nate condescendingly makes up stories to blame how he is. He blames life for his attitude. Nate wants to know where Jonathan is. Reva starts to yell at him and ask him if he wants to beat him again. Nate says either Jonathan or someone else. She blames him for Marissa’s death again. Alfred/Nate declares the Jonathan isn’t coming and Reva says he is and that he is bringing the money. He says that the cash and Jonathan aren’t enough anymore and pushes Reva down into the chair saying he wants something else now.

Dinah demands Edmund sign the papers. Edmund says he can’t until the lawyers look over them. She makes him promise that he will sign them first thing in the morning after seeing the lawyers. Cassie comes back downstairs saying she can’t find the vitamins. Dinah says she found them and apologizes for being so confused lately. Cassie tells Dinah not to be so hard on herself. Dinah excuses herself saying she is going to bed. Cassie tells her to sleep well and after she leaves Edmund says that it was a touching moment between the two of them. Cassie walks Edmund out and thanks him for letting her have the farm. He tells her all he ever wanted was her happiness. Dinah comes out from behind the fence and it is obvious that she has heard everything.

Bill says goodbye to Olivia and says that he will take care of Alfred. Bill tells Olivia to take the time she needs to grieve with her brother but to get back when she can for Emma’s sake. Olivia wonders where Josh went.

Alfred/Nate says he thinks that Reva knows what he wants and pulls her towards him. Josh is outside about ready to enter the house. Reva asks Nate if he is going to take what he wants and he forcibly starts to kiss her. Josh thinks about going inside but then decides to leave instead. Reva fights Alfred at first but then Alfred/Nate passes out from whatever she had slipped into his drink.

Reva says aloud that she wasn’t sure it was going to work but then yells to Nate’s unconscious body and tells him not to play a player. She wonders to herself what to do now.

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