Guiding Light Update Monday 8/1/05


By Jennie
Pictures by Boo

Ross shows up at the farm on Cassie’s doorstep. She tells him that Dinah is not there and Ross tells Cassie that he wasn’t looking for Dinah he was looking for her. She says she isn’t in the mood for an argument and he agrees. Ross tells Cassie that he is there to say thank you to Cassie for doing something he possibly would never have been able to do, save Dinah.

Edmund is in Company on his cell phone when Dinah walks in and taps him on the shoulder. She goes to sit down but has to take a case containing listening devices out of the other chair.

Dinah tells Edmund he has a nice little stash going on and asks him if he is going for a career in surveillance. He tells her it is not what she thinks it is and Dinah says that bugs don’t bother her, she just wants to know whom he is going to use them on. Edmund tells her he is just putting together some stuff to take care of matters that he has going on. Dinah picks up a room key and says that his matter are in room 214 which is Jeffrey O’Neil’s room. Dinah tells Edmund that if he wants to know about Jeffrey she can fill him in. She tells Edmund that Jeffrey is kind of a boring guy, he orders the same thing from room service every night,  he likes to watch strange action movies, and that he has good personal hygeine. Edmund says he is also giving Cassie legal advice that he would like to know about but Dinah calls him on it saying that Jeffrey is also sleeping with Cassie. She tells Edmund that since he is completely over Cassie that this shouldn’t bother him in the least bit, and asks if he agrees with her.

Blake shows up at the Spaulding mansion and finds Gus sitting in Alan’s chair. She tells him not to sit there too long since the chair tends to do things to people. Gus says he never really liked it anyway and was thinking of selling it. Blake tells Gus that she hates to ask it but wonders if Harley is there. Gus tells her that Harley decided not to move in after all. Blake thinks it is a good idea and says she was there to find out if Harley needed any help with the wedding.  Gus says that they are trying to keep the wedding simple and Blake says that there is no such thing.  She says that at least there won’t be many people on Gus’s side of the church though. Blake tells Gus that Ross told her about Alan’s claim that Phillip was alive. Gus tells Blake it’s good that Harley isn’t falling for Alan’s story. He thinks they all need to move on.

Harley goes to the room where Phillip was being kept and opens the door; she sees someone inside and mouths “Phillip” and turns to walk out of the room when she is grabbed from behind. She turns around and finds Mallet. She asks what he is doing there and he jokes with her that he was looking to buy a creepy old building to turn into a roller rink. She realizes that he believes that there is something to Alan’s story. He calls her on the fact that she is there also. Mallet says that Alan’s story is so far fetched he is wondering if there is some truth to it. Mallet inquires where Gus is and Harley defensively says that they are not “joined at the hip or anything”. Mallet realizes that Gus doesn’t even know that Harley is at the warehouse.

Harley asks Mallet why he is so obsessed with Gus. Mallet says he isn’t obsessed but since he is Alan’s son and was Phillips brother he feels he should have a vested interest in the situation. Harley again tells Mallet that he is busy and Mallet sarcastically says that he really believes that Gus would tell Harley to go and investigate whether Phillip was still alive while he went and picked up the dry cleaning. Harley tells Mallet that maybe it is because Gus trusts her and Mallet tells Harley that if that is the case he is an idiot. Although Harley looks shocked, Mallet says there is no way that Gus would let her do this on her own. Harley tells Mallet that his comment was a pretty “sexist” thing to say and he declares that now he knows he is right about Gus not knowing since Harley is trying to throw him off the scent. Harley tells him he is annoying and Mallet tells her to just answer the question. Harley admits that she hasn’t shared everything she is investigating about Phillip with Gus but that she would do it eventually. She goes on and on about how he is trying to help his family and plan their wedding and how she doesn’t want to burden him with something that may or may not be true. Mallet agrees that since they don’t know if it is the truth or not that may be a good idea and remarks about Harley saying they are still getting married. When Harley asks why he mentioned it, he says he wants to get her a gift. She kind of laughs and is touched until he tells her his gift is for her to turn around and go home and not investigate this any longer. Harley gets upset and asks why she should do that and Mallet tells her so that she doesn’t have to lie to her fiancé any longer.

Gus tells Blake the Alan is lying or delusional since he wants it to be true but asks Blake not to mention it to Harley since she has enough on her mind. Blake agrees and then remarks to Gus that this is the first time she has been in the Spaulding mansion since Gus and Harley’s “almost wedding” a year ago. Gus says that it was a year “down the toilet” and when Blake says he can make up for it, Gus tells her that he intends too. Gus asks Blake if she thinks that Harley is possibly a little bit nervous about history repeating itself between them. Blake disagrees and turns the talk to the wedding. She asks Gus if it is going to be a big or small wedding and Gus says that he figures it will be big but he wants a laid back feel to it. Blake asks whom they are all going to be inviting; family, friends, and then she asks about Mallet. Gus wants to know “what about Mallet” and Blake says that since they do kind of owe him but brings up the fact that he is Harley’s ex-husband. Blake drops the subject and again asks if she can help. Gus tells her that he appreciates the offer since he knows she is good at things like that but says he is going to meet a wedding planner at Company in just a little while. Blake asks if he minds if she tags along since she is going there anyway and asks for just a minute to call Ross. Gus tells her he will meet her outside and as he leaves instead of pulling out her phone Blake pulls out her tape recorder. She starts the recorder and narrates into it “He pretends not to care but it is eating away at him. It eats at his heart, at his soul, and he is wondering like everyone else, who does she really love?”

Edmund tells Dinah that she is right that he is bugging the room since Jeffrey is Cassie’s lover and this way they will know if they talk about the divorce or about Dinah. Dinah asks if he thinks they really talk about her. Edmund tells her that this way if they start to suspect that Dinah is faking the pregnancy they will know about it. Dinah again wonders why they just can’t tell the truth. Edmund says that they can’t truly be free of her until they cause Cassie the same amount of pain that she has caused them but Dinah doesn’t agree. Edmund asks Dinah where they would live if they told her now unless Cassie signed it over to Edmund. He asks Dinah if that isn’t what she wants, the place where she and Hart once lived. Dinah says she really doesn’t think of that much anymore. Edmund starts to leave to go and bug Jeffrey’s room and Dinah says she will go with him. Edmund tells her no to go to the farm instead and she grudgingly agrees. Edmund reminds her to remember there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow waiting for her. As Edmund leaves, he stops to look back in at Dinah through the window; Dinah looks back out at him and rolls her eyes.

Ross tells Cassie that he can’t believe that he is saying it but that he thinks that the pregnancy is the best thing that has happened to Dinah. Cassie asks if Vanessa agrees and Ross says she is coming around. He says that Blake even agrees with him believe it or not since Dinah seems so much happier and so much more grounded. He says that he is worried that after Dinah has to give the baby up she may stop on the positive track and go back to her old ways. Ross says that he knows that Dinah is kind of between Edmund and Cassie and that he hopes that in the end Cassie has more influence on Dinah.

Edmund breaks into Jeffrey’s room at the Beacon and starts to plant the bugs. A strange woman named Sonya grabs him from behind and starts to passionately kiss him. She realizes it is not Jeffrey but Edmund says they can pretend he is for just a while. She says that she will not take any substitutions but that he is an awful good kisser, but she wants to know what he is doing in Jeffrey’s room.

Dinah knocks on the door of the farmhouse and starts to leave when Cassie comes around and finds her. Cassie asks if Dinah lost her key and Dinah says no but that she didn’t just want to barge in on Cassie in case she was busy. Cassie tells Dinah that she is glad she is there and that she has something for her. Cassie gives Dinah a picture of the two of them together from the baby shower and tells Dinah that she looks “really beautiful” in it. Cassie exclaims that the saying must be true about pregnant women glowing because that is what Dinah is doing in the picture. 

Edmund asks the woman if she wants the truth why he is in the room or a quickly fabricated lie. She opts for the truth so Edmund tells her everything quickly about himself, Cassie, Dinah, Jeffrey, and the baby. She laughs; thinking it is a joke. She asks how he really knows Jeffrey and Edmund tells her a lie, saying he works for him. Edmund asks how she knows Jeffrey. She says they have a little arrangement where they meet up when she is in town as a surprise. She goes to take a shower and Edmund says he will just leave Jeffrey a little note with the papers and then will leave. She leaves to go freshen up.

Cassie and Dinah are looking at more pictures of the baby shower when the phone rings. Cassie answers and no one is on the other line but she sees Jeffrey’s number on the caller id and decides to go and surprise him since she thinks he is back in town. Edmund leaves Jeffrey’s room at the beacon with Sonya showering and knowing that Cassie is on her way. Cassie asks if Dinah minds that she is leaving and Dinah says no, but after Cassie leaves she does wonder that if Jeffrey is back in town where Edmund is.

Gus and Blake enter Company and Gus says he doesn’t see the wedding planner so they sit down to wait for her. Gus asks Blake what is up and tells her that she is acting kind of like a Jack Russell Terrier. She jokes with him that if he keeps up with insulting her she may just have to dump Ross for Gus.  The wedding planner, whose name is Aimee Johnson arrives and Gus introduces her to Blake. He says how lucky they are to have her since she normally doesn’t do weddings but rock concerts and the like. Aimee mistakes Blake for Harley. Blake corrects her and says she is just the bride’s friend. Gus tries to call Harley since Aimee has another appointment but Harley doesn’t answer.

Harley yells at Mallet for interfering into her private life. As Gus tries to call her, she continues to yell at Mallet who asks her if she is going to answer her phone. She ignores it and asks him what he is doing in the room. He says he is looking around on her behalf so that she can concentrate on her wedding. She says that he shouldn’t feel guilty and he says he isn’t doing it out of guilt but so that she can plan her wedding. She gets on him for being chauvinistic.  She reminds him that once she starts on something she can’t let it go. She mentions that she has a lead and he wants to know what it is. She tells him to go but he tells her he also has a lead and she wants to know what it is. Mallet looks at Harley with a smile on his face and tells her “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.”

Harley asks Mallet what his lead it and Mallet tells her to go first. She tells him about the pink tulips that were delivered for Lizzie to Company. Since Phillip used to send Lizzie pink tulips once a week while he was alive, Harley admits she found it worth looking into. Mallet says it isn’t conclusive though and tells her that he isn’t going to give her his lead for nothing. She then shows him the piece from the model. Mallet thinks it is nothing but a piece of cardboard but Harley explains the significance of it. Mallet agrees that if the model was in the building then at least one part of Alan’s story is true. Harley says that if one part of Alan’s story is true maybe all of it is. She wants to know what Mallet’s lead is and he tells her that he dusted for fingerprints and didn’t find anything, like someone had scrubbed the place down with bleach. They both agree that someone wouldn’t have done that unless they had something to hide like Phillip’s identity. Harley and Mallet get excited and slap each other a high five. Harley starts to plan their next move saying they need to find out who had anything to do with the building and they need to talk to the homeless around the area. Mallet cuts her off saying that there is no “we” and that she needs to bow out of the investigation. Mallet tells her to go back to Gus and when she hears his name Harley realizes that she missed the meeting with the wedding planner. Mallet tells her to go and he will continue to look around but Harley tells him that it is her investigation.

They argue some more and Mallet tells Harley that he is back working at the Springfield Police Department and tells Harley to refer to him as “Detective Mallet” and that he is telling her to leave as a civilian.

The wedding planner leaves and Gus wonders where she could be. Blake says that she is sure that she is fine unless Alan’s story about Phillip being alive is true and then all bets are off. Gus receives a phone call that he has trouble hearing so he leaves the table. Blake pulls her recorder out once again and narrates “Russ put up a brave front, but he couldn't help wonder: Where was his lady? Where is Marley? Is she with him, the man that once loved her, the man that Russ thought was out of her life forever until he resurfaced to save her? How could Russ compete with that?” Blake is deep in her narration when Ross walks up behind her and taps her on the shoulder. Ross gets excited when he sees the recorder and says that Blake hasn’t talked into that since her last book. He asks if she is writing another book and wants to know what it is about.

Edmund arrives at the farm. Dinah says she thinks that Jeffrey is back and tells him that Cassie went over there. Edmund tells Dinah that Jeffrey isn’t back and that he was the one who called from the Beacon. Edmund says that calling the farm was a mistake and that he hit speed dial, which dialed Cassie. Edmund wants to know what they did to pass the time and Dinah tells him about the pictures from the baby shower. Dinah says that it wasn’t too bad that they were laughing and talking, Edmund interrupts and tells her that he was sure it was exhausting and thanks her for helping. Dinah tells him that he is welcome and says she thinks that they should make love in Cassie’s house, in her bed and she starts to kiss him. 

Cassie uses her key to get into Jeffrey’s room carrying a bottle of wine and yelling surprise.  Sonya comes out in a robe and exclaims, “Surprise yourself”. She takes the bottle of wine from Cassie and asks if she doesn’t have anything vintage.

Ross asks Blake what the book is about and she says it is based on Gus and Harley. Ross wants to know if they are okay with their private lives being made public. Blake says they will be once they know about it and tells Ross not to tell them. Blake says that she is going to change names and situations and beef up the plot so that they won’t even know it is about them.  Ross wants to know what extra spin she is putting on it and Blake says he will have to read it himself but that there will be a lot of twists and turns as she spies Harley and Mallet outside of the window at Company. Gus sits at the counter and wonders where Harley is and turns around to see Mallet with Harley outside for himself.

Cassie wants to know what the woman is doing in the room and Sonya wants to know the same thing from Cassie since she is the one in the wrong room. Cassie tells Sonya that she isn’t in the wrong room since it belongs to Jeffrey and Sonya tells Cassie she is well aware of that. Cassie advises Sonya that Jeffrey wouldn’t like her being in his room and Sonya tells Cassie that he never minded before. Cassie tells her that she must not have talked to Jeffrey in a while and that things have changed. Sonya notices that none of Cassie’s clothes are in the closet and Cassie tells her that they spend a lot of time at her farm with her kids. Sonya can’t believe that Jeffrey spends time on a farm and anywhere around kids. Cassie tells her that she should research an old flame before popping in on them and tells her that if she has trouble finding the exit she can help by calling security since she owns the Beacon. She also tells Sonya that Jeffrey is away on a business trip, Sonya throws it back at Cassie that a business trip is how they met. Cassie very sarcastically says that she figured it was when Jeffrey prosecuted her for solicitation and leaves the room.

Edmund and Dinah are kissing when Edmund notices the picture and stops. Edmund tells Dinah that Cassie is trying to pretend to be her friend and turn her against him. He tells Dinah that she needs to go somewhere very public so that she has a good alibi. Dinah wants to know why and he won’t tell her what he is doing.

Harley tells Mallet that he has to leave before Gus sees them together and figures out that they are working together on the Phillip thing. Mallet says they aren’t working together and Harley tells him that she is not letting it go. Mallet says he isn’t letting it go either and Harley says that then it looks like they are working together. Harley threatens Mallet if she tells Gus anything about the investigation and he laughingly asks what she will do to him. She laughs and says it is so horrible that she can’t even think about it right now. He tells her that Gus is a lucky man and she tells him just to go.  Harley comes into Company and gets the cold shoulder from Gus. She asks about the wedding planner and wants to know if she missed her. Gus tells her yes and when Harley wants to know if they can reschedule for the next day Gus tells her to call her. Harley tells him not to be mad that they can go somewhere private and celebrate, they leave and Harley notices Blake at the table and gives her a look as she leaves with Gus.

Blake narrates more for her book after seeing Mallet outside. She tells her recorder “For months, all Hammer could think about was that he had to help Marley. He owed her for how he'd hurt her, but along the way, he fell in love with her all over again. Now that she was safe, he knew he should turn and walk away from her. But he couldn't. He couldn't

Cassie comes back and notices that Dinah must have left in a hurry. She thinks about calling Jeffrey and tells herself not to be insecure but decides to call him anyway. She leaves him a message as the lights go out in the house.

Edmund stands outside by the fuse box and looks proud of himself.

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