Guiding Light Update Friday 7/29/05


By Jen 
Pictures by Amanda

Sandy, Tammy, and Jonathan are at The Beacon. Sandy wants to know what is going on. Tammy says nothing is going on. Sandy is mad, and he thinks she is trying to protect Jonathan. Jonathan tells Sandy that nothing happened. Sandy wonders why Jonathan is there. He wonders why Jonathan can't stay away from Tammy. Jonathan is being sarcastic, and he says "You ever think maybe it's you I can't stay away from?". Tammy tries to stop them from fighting. Jonathan thinks Sandy is losing his cool. Sandy thinks Jonathan conned his way in the room. Tammy lets him know she let Jonathan in.

Outside at Reva's house, Frank wonders if Josh knows what was really going on with Reva and Nate. Josh thinks they were just friends. Frank went to the bar, and he found out that people thought they were an item. Josh thanks Frank for letting him know this. Frank feels sorry for Josh. Josh goes in the house. Reva is trying to call Jonathan but he is not answering. Josh wants to ask Reva a question. He was scared to ask her before now. He was afraid of what the answer would be. He asks her if she slept with Nate.

At Elizabeth and Company, Buzz and Coop are setting up for an engagement party for Harley and Gus. Coop wonders where Frank and Marina are. Marina is stuck at the police academy. Buzz is surprised Frank is not there yet. Buzz feels like Frank needs to be there for the party. Coop is grateful that Buzz let him invite Lizzie. Buzz is a sucker for redemption. He also jokes that it is her restaurant. Beth and Lizzie walk in Company they are discussing her moving home. Lizzie does not feel like she will ever move back. Beth tries to bribe her with massages. Lizzie still says no.

Outside Company, Gus and Harley are talking about the mansion. Gus feels like Harley hates it. Harley only hates it a little. Gus is worried that Harley doesn't understand why he is staying there. Harley does understand. They agree that they will visit each other until the wedding. She doesn't want anything else to come between them.

Alan is in the jail thinking about Phillip. He is worried about finding him. He wants to know where he is.

In the warehouse, Someone is walking around.

Outside Company, Harley will do anything for Gus except move in the mansion. Gus reminds her that he did not ask her to. Harley feels like she is selfish, but Gus doesn't think she is being selfish. They both have a lot of stuff going on. Harley is looking at the model piece as she hugs Gus.

Someone is walking up to the room where Phillip was. They open the door and look around the room.

Gus wants to know that Harley is not mad at him for moving. She just wants him to promise that he won't let it interfere with their house. Gus won't let it interfere. Gus is worried Harley won't drop the Phillip thing. Harley plays dumb. She wonders what Phillip thing. Frank interrupts them. He apologizes for being late. Gus says they are all late. Frank wants to see Harley's ring. Harley says he already has seen the ring. Harley thinks Frank should be happy for them. Franks says he is happy for them. Frank hopes Harley will stay out of trouble now. Buzz comes outside and tells them to come in.

Inside Company, Coop asks Lizzie if she is ready to move into the Bauers' apartment. Lizzie feels like she is ready all she has to do is pack her closet. Lizzie doesn't think it will take long. Coop says he has seen her closet it is huge. She swears she is packing lightly. Coop has to go check on some food in the kitchen, and he wants Lizzie's help. Lizzie says she will help, but Beth walks up. Beth overheard their conversation. Lizzie feels like Beth should leave Company. Beth understands why Lizzie wants to move, but she things they should get a place together. Lizzie thinks she belongs at the Bauers'. She feels like everyone knows it except Beth. Beth feels like she knows what is best for Lizzie. Lizzie dismisses her. Coop wants to know what is wrong with Lizzie. Lizzie says nothing and wants to know if he is sure about the move. Coop feels like Lizzie should do what is best for her right now.

At The Beacon, Tammy says Jonathan didn't come there to cause trouble. Sandy feels like she is protecting Jonathan and wants to know why. Tammy says she is not defending him. She doesn't want there to be a misunderstanding. Jonathan tries t leave. Sandy wants him to stay and listen to him. Sandy thinks all Jonathan does is disturb people's lives and won't let him do it anymore. Jonathan pretends to be scared. He wants to know if Sandy is finished. He flashes on the kiss between him and Tammy. He leaves. Tammy thinks Sandy didn't need to argue with Jonathan. Sandy says he did. Tammy apologizes. Sandy doesn't think it matters anymore because of the police report.

Reva doesn't think that her and Josh need to go talk about Nate anymore. Josh thinks she should just answer the question. Reva says she already told him. Josh wonders if she left something out. Reva is hurt that he thinks she lied. Josh says he is just asking her a question. She sees the file and wants to know what it is. Josh tells her it is notes on Alfred Randall. Reva wonders what it says. Josh tells her that people saw her kissing Nate and falling on top of him at the bar. Reva thinks it is funny. She explains that a beer keg exploded on them. Josh wants to know if that is why they kissed. Reva thinks Josh is joking. He is not joking. Reva doesn't care what the file says. Josh thinks she is denying it. Reva says no those things happened, but she didn't sleep with him. Josh says that Frank is under the impression that they were an item. Reva thinks that person was wrong. Josh still thinks something else happened. Reva tells him that nothing did, but she could have slept with Nate before she found out who he was. Josh is hurt. He can't believe she almost threw it all away for Nate. Reva says it was not about Josh. Josh says it rarely is. He thinks Reva is selfish, and he tells her she probably thinks it was a moment of weakness brought on by a mid-life crisis. Reva doesn't know what brought it on. Josh is tired of not being enough for Reva. He was trying to do things for Reva to make it better. He feels like Reva didn't care. Josh doesn't think he can stay there tonight. He leaves.

At The Beacon, Tammy wants to know what Sandy did. He tells her he called the cops on Jonathan. Tammy can't believe he turned Jonathan in. She thinks it wasn't his place. Sandy says he is the only one who could call the cops. Reva couldn't do it , and neither could Josh. Tammy says he was going to give it back. Sandy doesn't believe that, and he doesn't think Tammy really believes that. Tammy doesn't want to talk about it anymore. Sandy wants to know why Tammy let Jonathan in , and why she keeps letting Jonathan in her life. Tammy says she is not letting him get to her anymore. Sandy doesn't think Jonathan would have ever left her alone. Tammy is upset. Sandy tells her he turned him in for her. He doesn't think she will have to worry about him anymore.

Jonathan is standing outside of Company looking in the window. Nate comes up. He has been looking for Jonathan. He wants to know where the money is. Jonathan stands up to Nate and tells him not in his account. Nate thinks Jonathan is being a punk. Jonathan says Nate can do whatever he wants to him, but he will not give him the money. Jonathan tells him he is giving the money back. Nate wonders if he is doing this to make Reva care for him. Jonathan tells him Reva is a good person, and he starts to walk away. Nate stops him and tells him it doesn't have to be this way.

Buzz gives Harley and Gus a toast. He tells them to stay under the radar for a while. Lizzie interrupts them trying to kiss. She wants to congratulate them. She thinks it is great they got a second chance. She tells them there meal is on the house. They thank her for the congratulations and the meal. Harley pulls Lizzie off to the side. Harley is glad Lizzie is there and wants to be friends again. Lizzie agrees. Buzz tells Gus he talked to Mallet and encourage him to convince Harley to drop the Phillip mess. Gus believes Harley has already dropped it. Buzz is not convinced.

Beth goes to see Alan. Alan is glad she is there. Beth was scared to face him to begin with. Alan doesn't blame her after everything that has happened. Beth doesn't understand how he could kill Phillip and let Lizzie take the blame during the trial. Alan believes it was for the greater good. He talks about Phillip being alive again, and he wants Beth to be bait. He wants her to lure Phillip out of hiding. Beth asks Alan what he wants her to do. He asks her to take out ads, and go on television. He doesn't think Phillip can resist her. Beth still believes Phillip is dead. She has accepted it and thinks he should too. She thinks he should let it go for the children's sake. She is worried about Lizzie. She tells Alan that Lizzie is moving into the Bauers' apartment. He says he will help her with Lizzie even though she won't help him with Phillip.

Coop gives Harley some drawings. The kids did them while she was gone. Buzz gives them a doorbell for the new house. Frank pulls Harley off to the bar. He wants to know if she happy. He wants her to be sure before she gets married.

Outside, Nate tells Jonathan it is not too late for them. He still loves him. Jonathan wants to know if that is why he threw him in the water. Nate says he had to be taught a lesson. He wants to know what he is crying about since his girlfriend saved him. Jonathan wants to know how he knew that. Alfred/Nate was there watching them. Nate says he can see why Jonathan has a thing for her. Jonathan says he doesn't. Nate thinks Jonathan is lying. He thinks it is the thrill of forbidden love. Nate doesn't think he stands a chance with her. Jonathan says he doesn't have a thing for her. Alfred/Nate tells him she is going to reject him. Jonathan tells him to shut up. He thinks Alfred/Nate is just trying to hurt him. He doesn't think he can hurt him again. Alfred/Nate thinks he can hurt him.

Reva is going through papers on her desk. She looks confused. She finds a receipt for a boat. She calls the coming pretending to be Mrs. Cooper. She wants to verify the date on the receipt. She finds out that Alfred/Nate has a boat reserved for next week. She is scared Alfred/Nate is going to kill Jonathan. She thinks she will kill him first.

Jonathan is looking in the window at Company. Buzz invites him in. Jonathan turns him down. Tammy comes up. Buzz goes inside. He wants to know where Gus is taking Harley. Gus says he will keep her. Lizzie interrupts and she gives a heartfelt speech about her dad giving her Company. She wishes he had just given her flowers. She feels she has learned a lot from running it. She feels like he would be proud of her. She wants to stop all the fighting. She gives Buzz the old Company sign.

Jonathan wants to know why Tammy is there. She wants to help him give the money back. He thinks she is just checking up on him. She says "No, I just". Jonathan wants to know why Tammy keeps playing with him like this. He wants her to just hate him. He thinks it will make it easier.

Josh walks back in the house. Reva thought he was leaving. He says he had time to cool off. Reva is trying to shut him out again. Josh gets mad. Reva doesn't want to talk about anything. Josh wants to know what is going on. Reva says she doesn't know maybe it is a mid-life crisis. Josh is mad now and leaves.

At the jail, Alan tells Beth to cut Lizzie off. Cancel her credit cards. He thinks this will bring her home. Beth doesn't think it will work. She says she has her own business. Alan doesn't think that is enough money for her. Beth thinks this is harsh, but she agrees to do it. Alan thinks this will teach her not to take her family for granted.

Buzz is amazed and confused. He wants to know why Lizzie gave him the old Company sign. She says it has been in her trunk for the past year. He doesn't understand. She explains she is giving Company back to him. She says it has him written all over it. Buzz hugs her and says thank you. Gus is proud of her. Coop thinks she is amazing. Lizzie laughs. They hear a knock on the door. Harley answers it. It is flowers for Lizzie. Harley looks at the card and recognizes Phillip's handwriting. Harley goes back in and makes excuses to leave. Gus wants to go with her. Harley says no.

Josh is in a hotel room, and he calls Billy. He is pouring a drink. He wants Billy to have a private investigator watch Reva. He tells Billy he can't be there right now.

Jonathan tells Tammy to leave him alone. Tammy tells him she could never hate him. Jonathan says no, I just make you feel like dirt. Tammy thinks Jonathan is going to angry with Sandy. She tells him Sandy turned him into the cops for stealing the money. Jonathan figures out it is to keep him away from her. Alfred/Nate is standing in the background watching them.

Reva calls Nate and leaves him a message. She tells him Jonathan is at her house. She doesn't know that Alfred/Nate is standing at company watching them. She tells him that they want to give him the money. She wants him to come to the house. She wants to him to leave town after they give him the money.

At the warehouse, someone opens the door to Phillips room. Harley walks in the room and looks around. She whispers Phillip. She turns around to leave, and someone grabs her by the shoulder.

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