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At Reva and Josh's, Reva and Josh discuss how things have been lately. Reva feels like things are going to get better. Josh asks "How so?". Reva tells him because Jonathan is going to give the money back, and he is going to testify against Nate. Josh doesn't seem to convinced that Jonathan will. Reva thinks everyone deserves a second chance. She thinks that not giving Jonathan a second chance will be a mistake. She truly believes he will return the money.

Jonathan hops over Tammy's balcony. He is looking in on Tammy and Sandy. He is shocked by seeing them together. Sandy tells Tammy she is so beautiful. He has wanted to touch her like this since the first time. She kisses him. Jonathan flashes back on their kiss and argument.

Alan demands to see Chief Cooper. He tries to bribe the guard. The guard turns him down. Alan can't believe it. He wants to know if the guard knows who he is. The guard says yes and rattles off his prison number. The guard also tells him he killed his own son. Alan screams that he didn't kill him. He is alive.

At the Spauldings, Beth and Alex are talking about Alan shooting Phillip. Beth feels sorry for Alan. Alex thinks he is where he needs to be. Beth thinks Alex just wants his seat at Spaulding. Alex wants to know if Beth had the key to his cell would she let him out? Lizzie is in the hall listening. She calls the jail to find out what visiting hours are.

Harley is at Company. She is holding the model piece she found. She flashes back to how they found the room, and Alan insisting that Phillip was there. Gus walks in. He is in a good mood. Harley tells him he doesn't need any more caffeine. Gus tells her he is a ghost buster. He is happy Alan is in jail. He is happy to be running Spaulding, but he needs to find all the ghosts. He thinks that is a full time job. Gus notices that Harley has something in her hand. He wants to know what it is. He is being silly asking her over and over. She hides the piece on the booth, and she shows him two heartburn pills. Gus takes one and eats it. She says she didn't want him to think she is stressed over the wedding. He asks if is she is stressed. She says "No it is the chili cheese fries" Gus brings up Alan telling them Phillip is alive. He thinks she believed Alan for a second. She plays it off like she didn't. Gus is scared she wants to postpone the wedding. She can't wait to marry him. Gus tells her there is a house he has to clean up before they can move into theirs. He wants to move back into the Spaulding House.

Lizzie goes to the jail to see Alan. She lets him know that someone does not ever want him to get out. This person wants him to rot in hell. Alan cannot believe it when she lets him know that person is her. He is very hurt.

Josh checks to see if the money is back yet. The money is not there. Reva believes Jonathan will return it. Josh wants to know when. Frank shows up. He is doing a follow up on the complaint that Sandy made. Reva and Josh are shocked that Sandy filed the report.

Sandy and Tammy are in bed, they have obviously made love. Sandy tells Tammy he loves her. He wants to know if she is happy. Tammy says she is, but she doesn't look to convinced. She lets him know she chose him. They hear a noise from outside as they are kissing. Sandy wants to know what it was.

They get dressed. Tammy thinks it was just the wind. Sandy doesn't seem to think it was. They go out on the balcony. There is nothing out there but a plant on the ground. Tammy thinks everything is OK, but Sandy looks like he doesn't believe that. They go back inside. The phone rings. Sandy doesn't want to answer, but Tammy opens the phone. She hands Sandy the phone. Josh is insisting that Sandy come to the house now. Sandy knew this was coming. He thinks he can explain. Josh again insists that Sandy come to the house. Tammy just looks worried.

Josh tells Reva and Frank that Sandy is on his way. Reva wants to know if the money is returned will there be an investigation. Frank doesn't look happy. He wants to know what Reva knows about the money. Josh explains that she is protecting Jonathan. They feel like Alfred is the reason he took the money. Frank agrees to check into Alfred and the money.

Frank leaves to go to Crossroads.

Lizzie cannot believe that Alan wants her help. She lets him know how much she hates him. Alan doesn't think she understands. He is trying to tell her that Phillip is alive, but she lets him have it about taking her dad away from her. She can't believe he shot Phillip and watched him bleed to death. Phillip didn't deserve that. He tells her Phillip is alive. She cries "what what"

At Company, Harley freaks out. She tells him it is a bad bad place. He tells her he has to. He wants to make it a home again. They talk for a while about it. She ends up agreeing to move in there with him. Gus leaves to make sure there are no ghosts at the mansion. Harley wants a room without a ghost in the closet. Harley picks up the model piece and, she says she has enough ghosts in her life.

Sandy is getting ready to leave the Beacon. Tammy is worried that there is a crisis going on. Sandy assures her that everything is OK, and that he will be back before she can miss him. He leaves the room. She already misses him. She goes to the mirror to brush her hair and sees Jonathan.

Sandy arrives at Reva's. Reva is very angry that he turned Jonathan in. He was supposed to back off and let them handle it. He disobeyed a direct order. Sandy doesn't feel any remorse. Reva thinks it is payback, and she brings up the accident at the cliffs. She talks about how Sandy left him there to die. Josh thinks they should handle this differently. He thinks if they don't go after Alfred, Jonathan will end up in the hospital. Sandy explains he did it to protect Tammy. Reva thinks Jonathan has changed and won't hurt Tammy again. Sandy and Josh both agree that Jonathan hurts Tammy without even being around. Sandy wants Jonathan out of her life.

At the Beacon, Tammy wants to know how long Jonathan has been there. She says she doesn't have to explain herself. Jonathan says quit explaining. He says he just saw what Tammy needs. She wants him to leave. Jonathan says he will be gone before Sandy gets back. He tells her he is returning the money. Tammy wants to know why. Jonathan looks at her, and she figures out it was because of her. This upsets her. She wants him to return it because it is right. He grabs Tammy, and says when has he ever cared about doing the right thing. It looks like he is going to kiss her.

Lizzie can't believe that Alan wants her to help him. She thinks he is a liar and crazy! She tells him he is worse than her dad ever was.

Gus take his blow up doll and other things to the mansion. He is packing up Alan's things. Beth and Alex walk in while he is talking to the doll. They think they are interrupting. They think he is making himself at home. Beth is not OK with that. Alex thinks he is exactly where he should be. He tells them Harley is moving in. Beth is mad, but what she is really mad about is Gus helping Lizzie. She thinks he is trying to erase everything Phillip and Alan. She tells him he is not Phillip and never will be.

Harley gets to the jail. She finds Lizzie upset. Lizzie wished Alan was dead. Harley advised her against thinking like that. She tells her the truth is not always as simple as it seems. Lizzie thanks Harley and, she leaves the jail.


Harley goes to talk to Alan. Alan thinks she is there to torture him. She gives him a water and a medal Zach sent. Alan knows something is up. Harley tells him she might believe his story. He offers to convince her, and brings up paying Dr Wallace. He starts going crazy, and yelling at Harley to help him get out. She leaves.

Lizzie gets to the Spaulding House. She takes Gus's side. She tells them about her visit with Alan. None of them believe Phillip is alive. Gus lets her know they are family. He tells her he is going to make this a home, and she is welcome to move back in anytime. She says it will take a while. She forgives him for being so hard on her during the trial. She starts throwing Alan's stuff away. She is enjoying it.

Reva understands that Jonathan hurt Tammy. She doesn't believe he would do it again. She thinks he has changed. Sandy doesn't. He says he would do it all over again. He doesn't care if he loses his job. Josh isn't going to fire him. They shake hands. Reva is upset that is over with a handshake. Josh doesn't think it is over until the money is back and Alfred is in jail. Sandy leaves. Reva calls Jonathan, and leaves him a message to call her asap.

Jonathan looks scared, as he brings up the kiss between him and Tammy. Tammy wants him to stop. She believes it was a mistake. Jonathan is being hurt full. He tells her it just got her in the mood to sleep with Sandy. He thinks Sandy owes him a "Thank You". Tammy slaps him. He tells her she kissed him because she wanted to. It was real. He almost kisses her again. He pulls away and, he tells her he knows it was wrong. He lets her know Sandy is the person she needs to be with. Tammy doesn't think so. Jonathan believes that all he does is hurt her. He doesn't think Sandy will ever hurt her. He thinks she deserves to feel happy. He believes he just makes her feel dirty. Tammy grabs his hand, and she tells him he has made her happy.

Harley gets to the mansion and hears jumbled voices from the trial. Gus comes in. He tells her he got the best room. Harley is upset, and she says she can't do this.

Alan is in jail. He is talking to himself. He finds it ironic that Harley is the only one who can help him.

Franks is back at Reva's. He wants to talk to Reva not Josh. Josh insists he tell him what is going on. Frank says they don't have enough to charge Alfred. He is acting like there is something more going on. Josh pushes until Frank asks "how much do you know about Reva's relationship with this guy?"

Jonathan looks amazed and asks Tammy when he made her happy. She tells him when he decided to give the money back. She is happy that Alfred won't be controlling him anymore. She thinks he can be a good person. When she says that, Jonathan gets upset. He tells her she can only have one good guy and that is Sandy. He opens the door, and Sandy is standing there. Tammy looks upset. Sandy and Jonathan just look disgusted with each other.

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