Guiding Light Update Wednesday 7/27/05


By Jennie
Pictures by Boo

Danny sits at a table in Company reading a paper as his phone rings; he checks it and hangs up. He looks over at the counter where a guy is sitting and flashes back to his conversation with Carmine. He remembers that Carmine was saying how lucky he was to have a connection with the police force in Marina and how Danny told him it wasn’t a career move. Marina walks up and asks if Danny is reading the comics and he jokes that he is reading the missing person’s section to see if they have Marina listed in them. Marina tells Danny not to worry about her now that she is a woman in blue and he says he isn’t worried, just missing her. She reveals to Danny that she has been studying about remembering things seen at a crime scene, she says to take the guy who is sitting at the counter and Danny tells her to practice on him instead. She closes her eyes and starts to remember things about Danny’s current appearance and Danny says he wants to kiss her. She kids him that “doesn’t everybody” and saying that he hopes not, he leans in to kiss her as someone looks in at them from outside.

Sandy discusses with a cop about the 2.3 million dollars stolen from Lewis. He says he must have forgotten to mention the amount when he called earlier, letting us know that he was the one who turned Jonathan in. The cop asks if it was cash and Sandy tells him it was by electronic transfer. He tells the guy that whomever did it must have known the password and although he is not certain who it was, he suspects Jonathan to the point he would bet money on it.

Olivia can’t believe that Alfred hired security to protect himself from them and that now he is gone. Reva says that she figures he is going after Jonathan right now. Josh tries to console Reva by saying that Alfred is angry with them not Jonathan since they were the ones who had him cornered. Reva asks what difference it makes since Alfred has spent all of his life venting his anger on Jonathan. Bill says they will just have to stop him and Reva retorts that they don’t have anything to stop him with. She says they have to find Jonathan now and do something to protect him. Josh replies what if he doesn’t want help and Olivia says that he didn’t do anything to help her sister. Reva tells Olivia that Jonathan couldn’t help Marissa when he couldn’t even help himself, she says that it has always been Alfred behind everything. She exclaims that he is dangerous and they need to stop him now before it is too late. Bill offers to go downstairs and see if anyone saw him leave. Reva says that if Nate/Alfred would disappear she thinks that she could save Jonathan.

Jonathan says he accepts Tammy’s apology and that he will never ask her to do anything again because of her conscience. She says she is scared for him and Jonathan says he warned her to stay away from him. He advises her to stay away from him for good and that things are only going to get worse with him. Jonathan says that he hates all of them but that he never hated Tammy. He sobs to her that is why he came to her hotel room. Jonathan says he can’t help himself. He says he should know better but that he doesn’t and walks towards her. Tammy leans towards and passionately kisses Jonathan and they fall to the ground together. Jonathan stops kissing Tammy long enough to tell her that he needs her and then begins to kiss her again.

Reva says that if Bill can find Jonathan that they can keep him safe until they can file charges against Alfred. Josh says again that what if he doesn’t want to be found. Olivia says that Reva will just ignore the question again and ignore the fact that some of them aren’t convinced that Jonathan isn’t working with Alfred. Reva cries that Jonathan is scared to death of his father and if they don’t do something soon he is going to wind up like Marissa. Josh says that no one wants to see Jonathan get hurt but that if he is working with his father... Reva interrupts Josh to say that he is not. Reva starts to pick up her phone but says that she doesn’t have signal on that phone and leaves saying she needs to make a call. Bill comes back as Reva is leaving. He tells her that no one saw Nate leave and Reva says it figures. She tells Bill to let Josh and Olivia know that and that she was just going to get something to eat. Bill realizes she is trying to leave and asks her where she is going. Josh tells Olivia he is sorry that Reva is making it seem like everything is about Jonathan. He gives Olivia the information he received from the PI he hired to find out about Alfred’s role in Marissa’s murder. Olivia thanks Josh for the information. Bill tells Reva that needs to know what Reva is doing. She tries to make him see why she has to do this by asking what he would do if it was Emma in this situation. Bill says he knows what he would do but he wants to know what Reva is going to do. She says she has to find Jonathan. Reva then says she is going to try and make a deal with Nate, and that she isn’t scared of him. Bill follows her as she leaves.

Sandy asks if they are almost done and says he hopes that he can get the money back since Josh doesn’t deserve this. The cop asks where Josh is and Sandy says he is busy and wanted to handle it for him. Sandy picks up his cell phone and calls Tammy who is still kissing Jonathan. Sandy talks to himself wanting to know why she isn’t answering. The phone makes Tammy realize what she is doing and she breaks away from Jonathan. Jonathan says he would never hurt her and she says that he already has hurt her worse than anyone else ever has. She asks herself why she kissed him and how this could happen. She cries that she isn’t supposed to feel this way and when Jonathan says that nothing really happened she tells him not to talk to her. He tries to touch her to comfort her and she begs him not to touch her. She takes a handkerchief out of her purse and wipes her mouth frantically yelling at Jonathan to stay away from her as she starts to hyperventilate.

Danny asks Marina if she has talked to her mother about her new career move. Marina says that she called her and that Eleni hung up on her then called Frank and yelled at him in Greek and blamed him for the choices Marina made and that he was leading her astray. Danny sympathizes with Frank saying he never catches a break. Marina says that it is Eleni’s fault because she should be there living with Frank and being a part of their family. Danny says sometimes you can’t live with people although you love them. This upsets Marina who gets up from the table and walks away. Danny asks what he said and walks up to Marina and hugs her from behind and tells her that she doesn’t talk about her mom that much. She talks how she has little to do with her mom, that they have their normal little weekly talks but that Eleni just must have wanted more. Marina tells her how Eleni once married a Spaulding and Danny wonders if he should worry about her hooking up with a Spaulding the way the Coopers always seem to find the Spauldings. Marina jokes that she and Alan could be hot. She says that she thinks that she may actually be the first person to break that curse. He says that them being together is nice although it may be the last time they have this opportunity for a long time. Marina says that it will get better. She flirts by telling Danny that she will need someone to practice her holds on. Marina complains that people are acting strange around her like they have to be on their best behavior. She tells Danny everyone but him. Danny sees a strange man outside the window and stops paying attention. Marina asks if Danny is sure that her being a cop doesn’t bother him but she realizes Danny isn’t paying attention. She asks if there is something wrong, he kisses her and hugs her and looks over her shoulder at the guy.

Danny says not to worry about her friends because they will realize that she can get them out of traffic tickets. She tells him that she is going to be an honest cop like her father. He kids around with her saying that if his parking meter runs out if she will ticket him and she apologizes but says she has to. He leaves to go and put more money in the meter with Marina kidding him that if he has it ticket it isn’t from her but she won’t get him out of it. She asks him if he needs any quarters and he slaps his butt and tells her here are her quarters. Marina laughs. She gets up from the table and the guy outside starts to takes pictures of her. Danny grabs the guy from behind and tells him to tell Carmine to leave him alone. The photographer asks Danny who Carmine is. Inside a strange man grabs Marina and shows her a badge signaling her to be quiet. Back outside the guy Danny grabbed says he is a PI and shows him his card, Danny asks who he is working for. The guy says he is working out of Africa for Danny’s wife Michelle.

Tammy cries that she doesn’t know what she was thinking and how she could have let Jonathan near her. Jonathan swears he wouldn’t have let things go that far and Tammy says all she can see is the guy who hurt her. He promises he just came to talk to her and just needs her to be his friend. He swears he won’t hurt her and makes her look at him to see that he will never hurt her again. He doesn’t want her to leave upset as she is. She takes off running away and opens the door and finds Reva and Bill. Reva asks if Nate is there and when Jonathan says no, she makes him go back inside so she can talk to him while Bill waits outside. Jonathan asks Reva if she is going to quit and she says no and asks Jonathan if he is going too.

Danny says he doesn’t have a wife but an ex wife and asks why she would hire him. He asks why he was taking pictures of Marina. The PI says that he is not after anyone that he is just supposed to get a profile. The PI tells Danny that Michelle just wants to know that Danny is okay.

Marina tells the cop that she doesn’t believe that they want her for an undercover job since she just started the academy the other day. The guy says he is recruiting her if she is interested because she is everything they are looking for. She thinks it is happening too fast and asks if she can think about it. He gives her a card and says not to think about it too long.

Danny doesn’t believe that that is all Michelle wants. The PI says that Michelle figured if she called that Danny would just give her the same line as always that is he fine. Danny tells the PI to tell Michelle that not only is he fine that he is very happy. The PI says he will let her know.

Tammy goes back to her room at the Beacon and remembers the kiss she and Jonathan shared as a knock sounds at the door. She tells it to go away and tells herself not to answer it but can’t keep herself from walking to the door. She answers the door asking the person on the outside what they want and why are they there thinking it is Jonathan. Sandy is on the other side though and says he is there because she is.

Josh and Olivia walk up to the house and find Bill outside. They tell him that Reva is missing, again, he says that she is inside talking to Jonathan. They want to get in with Reva and Jonathan but Bill won’t let them. Olivia yells at Bill for taking Reva’s side. Josh reminds Bill that the last time Reva just wanted to talk to him alone that Jonathan grabbed her around the throat and almost killed her. Josh says he will give them 2 minutes. Bill begs Olivia not to be mad at him he is just trying to help her and Reva. Olivia says that Marissa was her sister not Reva’s and Reva doesn’t need any help on this. Olivia says that Bill seems more worried about Jonathan. Bill tries to use Emma to prove his point, the way Reva did earlier, but Olivia says the situation is totally different. Olivia says she needs answers from Jonathan, but Bill convinces Olivia to go somewhere with him.

Jonathan grabs a beer as Reva tells him he is in danger from his dad. Jonathan says that hiding doesn’t work and Reva asks him if he has a death wish or if it is about her. Jonathan sarcastically tells her it is always about her. Reva tells Jonathan that she understands that he chose Alfred over her but she doesn’t understand how he can choose a bully over the life she is offering him. Jonathan says he didn’t choose his father over her but that in the end it is easier to agree with him. Reva says he is not alone anymore. Jonathan asks what she will do to make him pay and blames Alfred for killing Marissa and tells Reva that Alfred admitted it. Jonathan tells Reva in detail how Alfred drowned his mother. Reva apologizes for what happened to Marissa and says that she deserved more and that so does Jonathan. She tells him she is going to make sure that he gets it. Jonathan cries for Reva to juts stay out of it and Reva tries to make Jonathan understand that this was just the mistake that they were waiting for to get Alfred for good.

Danny walks back and Marina tells him that he was out there for a long time. Danny says he thought he saw someone he knew but that he was wrong. Marina says he seems preoccupied now and Danny says she does also. Marina says they promised to be honest with each other no matter what and she asks what is going on.

Bill takes Olivia to Harley’s house and she wonders why they are there. She sarcastically asks if it is a secret test to become a Springfield tour guide. He says he wanted to share it with her and because it will be filled with people who overcame a lot and that, it will be good. Olivia wants to leave and says she thinks that Bill is trying to make her forget her sister and move on. Bill asks her why she always has to see the negative side of things and she replies that she doesn’t like to be caught off guard. He says that’s his girl and tells her that he knows that she hasn’t had the easiest life but that she has him. She tells him he has been watching too much Oprah. Bill tells Olivia that she has two people who love her very much, meaning him and Emma. He apologizes that Olivia has lost her sister but that he and Emma are her future. Olivia says that it is just hard that she has no one to talk to that knew he sister besides Jonathan whom she can not talk to right now. Olivia states that there were things about her that no one but Marissa knew and that part of her is gone forever because of that, more than Bill, who looks on nervously and curiously, can ever imagine.

Reva tries to get Jonathan to make Alfred pay for making his life a living hell and murdering Marissa. Jonathan says he can’t tell the police, that even if they believed him Alfred would come after him. Reva says that the police will protect him and that Alfred will be in jail. When he won’t agree she says they will forget all about it and that it is no big deal. Jonathan says it is a big deal because she was his mom and he loved her. He says if there was anything he could have done to stop Alfred he would have. Reva says that she is there and that she knows that Jonathan is afraid for her. She says she is afraid for him also. He asks why he should listen to her and she says that if he doesn’t that the pattern will continue with Alfred beating him and making him feel like nothing again. That he will make Jonathan do the dirty work and that it will just keep going until someone has the courage to stop the cycle. Jonathan remembers back to Tammy telling him how much he hurt her and he tells Reva he hurts people also. Reva asks if she is asking too much by asking him to break the chain. Jonathan agrees to confess and turn himself in and return the money but says he has to do something first and leaves asking her to trust him. Josh watches him leave and goes inside to ask Reva what happened. Reva says that she thinks they finally got Nate.

Sandy says she tried to call her but Tammy didn’t answer the phone. She says she heard it but didn’t get to it in time. Sandy says that he has to talk to her about Jonathan. He says that he knows that there are feelings involved and he tries to tell her about turning him in. Tammy tells him she doesn’t have feelings for him and that he is wonderful and won’t let him explain. She says she needs to apologize for being less than he deserves and passionately kisses him. Sandy pulls away and Tammy asks him to make love to her right now. He tries to talk to her but she pulls his shirt off and tells him that they have waited too long and that she can’t wait any longer, that she needs to be with him.

Olivia tells Bill how lucky he is to live in the town he grew up in because people know and remember him. Olivia says that no one knows her. She asks him to remember what color Michelle’s bike was and he tells her blue and remembers it in detail. She says that she is jealous that he remembers things about the past and that she wants things like that. He asks what about Sam and she says Sam was too young. She talks about how her childhood ended early and that her teenage years were not great. Bill wants to know about them and she says that maybe she will tell him someday but that now that Marissa is gone there are things she will never talk about again.

Danny tells Marina that he ran into someone from the past the other day and he didn’t want the memories that came with it. Marina asks what he wanted and Danny says nothing that he intended to give him. He admits that it just made him think of Marina’s new career and the life he wants for Robby. He doesn’t think that Robby will ever have the life he wants for him though. He asks Marina what her story is and she says that she wants a life without crime and wants to be a part of making that happen. He asks if there is anything else and she says yeah, she wants more coffee. She leaves out the part about the offer about the undercover job. He gets up to get her more coffee. When Danny leaves she looks at the business card and calls the number on it and tells the guy she will take the assignment. Danny calls Michelle to find out about the PI but can’t tell her what he wants to and tells her just to call him.

Reva says she thinks that she got through to Jonathan that he chose her over Alfred. Josh asks about Alfred and Reva tells him what Jonathan told her about Alfred killing Marissa. Josh tells her that without proof it is just one word against the other. Josh asks if Reva thinks that Jonathan is ready to stand up against Alfred in court and Reva says yes she does. Josh asks what makes her so sure and Reva says because he is her son and that he will do the right thing.

Jonathan goes to Tammy’s room at the Beacon and hops back over the balcony to Tammy’s room. He looks on in shock as Tammy and Sandy lay on the bed kissing passionately.

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