Guiding Light Update Tuesday 7/26/05


By Jennie
Pictures by Boo

Frank takes Alan down the hallway where they are holding Phillip. Alan says that Frank needs to take the handcuffs off of him because he has to be the one to open the door due to Phillips mental state. Alan says he has to trust him and although neither Frank nor Harley looks like they want to Frank unlocks the handcuffs but warns Alan not to try anything. Mallet comes running in and Harley asks him what he is doing there. Mallet says that he just heard the news and wanted to be there to see it for himself. Mallet says that if what Alan is saying is true that he will be very sorry for putting Harley through it. He also tells Alan that even if it is not true he will make Alan very sorry for it. Mallet asks Harley where Gus is and she tells him that he had stuff to do. Alan tells them to be quiet because Phillip is right behind the door and they don’t want to upset him. Frank says that being dead is upsetting enough. Alan starts to open the door.

Bill and Olivia arrive at Reva’s and Reva thanks them for arriving as fast as they did. Reva replies that she received a package for Jonathan by overnight mail that has Marisa’s belongings in them. Olivia starts to reach for the package but Reva says that since it was addressed to Jonathan that they should wait for him and all open it together. Olivia says that she is still not entirely convinced that Jonathan is innocent. Bill calms Olivia down by saying that they all want the same thing, the truth about what happened. Josh comes in and says that they may have to wait since the police are looking for Jonathan because of the theft from Lewis. Josh says that Jonathan never returned to his place last night meaning that he might know the police are after him and he might be gone for good.

Tammy is just going out and opens the door to her room as Jonathan rushes in. Tammy lets him in and Jonathan says to close the door. Tammy tells him he looks awful and he says he needs to stay there for a while. When she asks why he tells her that the police are after him and she realizes that he is the one who stole the money from Lewis. She asks how much and he tells her a little over 2 million dollars. She says that Josh is going to go ballistic and Jonathan says he already knows. Tammy asks if Josh was the one who called the cops but Jonathan doesn’t know. He says that they may be after him for something else and when she asks what he says “not now”. Jonathan asks Tammy if he can stay, she is reluctant but he pushes her to say yes.

Buzz takes the burned picture of Alan out of the fireplace at Company. He wonders why he didn't think of throwing it in the fire first. Alexandra walks in and says she was hoping they could talk. Buzz says he was hoping they wouldn’t and walks away from her.

Alan says that they have to be careful going in and Harley agrees. Frank gets impatient and takes the key and pushes into the room.

Alan, Frank, Harley and Mallet walk into the room but it has been completely ransacked and no one is there. Frank asks if it was Alan’s plan to escape. Alan swears that it is where he kept them and that it was the exact replica of the Spaulding boardroom. He swears that he had it there, and Mallet tells Alan that he killed Phillip when he asks where he is. He says they have to find him and Frank says he will take him by the cemetery to see him on the way back to the jail. Mallet asks if Harley is okay and she says yes, she starts to say she didn’t think they would find anything when Alan interrupts her. Alan says Phillip is in danger and they need to find him now.

Alex says that Buzz has every reason to be angry with her since she didn’t come forward sooner to help Harley. She says that she was there when Harley really needed her though. Buzz says that she was too little too late. Alex says that Alan threatened to kill her if she went to the police. She says that Alan threatened Buzz also so that she was protecting him also. She admits she was making excuses and she should have come forward sooner. She tells Buzz that it wasn’t easy to turn her brother over to prison. Buzz tells Alex that the entire time she knew the information his daughter was in danger. Buzz asks if something would have happened to Harley if Alex would have shown up to comfort him without saying anything to him about it. He tells her that things between them are done and he never wants speak to her again and walks away from her. Alex follows and pleads that she would do anything to make things up to him. She walks out of Company alone.

Tammy says Jonathan can stay but asks why he keeps making things worse. He asks if he can eat some of the food Tammy has out. She asks where he slept and he says under a culvert on 5th street. She says he stinks like it was a Dumpster and says that is the real reason he came to her, to use her shower. He says she knows the real reason that he came there, and looking longingly at her says she knows why. She tells him to use the shower anyway and he kids with her to scrub his back. She looks shocked and he says he was just kidding and goes to take a shower. He thanks her. Tammy picks up the phone to she is going to call someone.

Reva asks Josh if he was the one who called the police, and he says no. He says how the police found out is the least of their problems. The phone rings and it is Tammy telling Reva that Jonathan is there with her at the Beacon. Tammy tells Reva that Jonathan is in trouble and Reva tells Tammy to keep him there. Tammy says not to come since Jonathan asked for her help and she wants him to believe in her. Reva says that she is helping him by telling her. Reva tells Tammy again to keep him there and hangs up. Reva says she needs to leave for a little bit. Josh wants to know who was on the phone. Reva won’t tell him and he yells at her that she is doing it again, shutting him out. Reva explains why she wants to be the one to find him. Bill says he understands why Reva is doing what she is doing. Reva asks Olivia if she wants Jonathan to be hurt by Alfred again. Olivia says that she doesn’t want Jonathan to be hurt. Reva decides that they can go with her as long as they all stay calm. The all leave for the Beacon together. Nate/Alfred walks up outside the house but hides as the foursome leave the house. Alfred starts to enter the house but changes his mind and follows them.

Jonathan comes out of the shower and asks whom she is calling. Tammy says that she is calling room service since she figured he was still hungry. He says no because the room service guy might see him. Tammy asks why he won’t turn the money back in and he says it is not that simple. She tries to reason with him and he says it was wrong to come there and tries to leave. Tammy tells him to stay. He opens the door to find Reva. He asks Tammy if that is why she made him wait. They tell him they just want to talk and it is either them or the police. Jonathan asks if Josh was the one who ratted him out and Josh says no. Reva tells him about the box and Josh tells Tammy she doesn't need to be there and for her to go to their house and wait. He also tells her that if the police come by to say she hasn’t seen Jonathan. Reva says they just want to help him and for Jonathan to go through Marisa’s things so they can say goodbye. Alfred shows up at the door and he says that is a swell idea.

Alan tells them how the room was set up before. He describes the Spaulding boardroom, including the model of Springfield that Phillip used to stare at for hours. Mallet says that Alan has the crazy act down pat. Harley says that he seems to believe what he is saying and when Mallet claims that is scary. Harley says that maybe it is because Alan is telling the truth. Alan tries to leave to find Phillip and runs out of the room. Frank says stop or he will shoot, Alan doesn't stop and Frank fires a shot.

Alan does stop and Frank says it was a good choice. He tells Mallet to cuff him, Mallet does and Frank takes him outside. Alan says he has to find Phillip. He tells Harley to do something since he could be all alone. Harley and Mallet walk back into the room where Phillip was being held. Mallet asks Harley what Alan’s deal is, he wants to know if he is trying for the insanity plea. He then tells Harley that you should go crazy before you do the crime, if you pretend after that it doesn’t work. Mallet says that maybe he really has gone crazy from the guilt of shooting Phillip and sending an innocent woman to prison. Frank reenters and says he can’t feel guilt since he doesn’t have a conscience. Frank declares that Phillip is dead and that it was a waste of time and tells them it’s time to leave. Mallet says he needs coffee and tells Harley he will buy. Harley says she thought he was leaving town and he retorts saying that okay, she can buy, he smiles at her and leads her out of the room.

Reva tells Alfred that he doesn’t belong there. He says that although he and Marissa weren’t together at the end they were a family once and tries to make Jonathan remember that time. He says that all of this makes it hard to understand. Olivia asks what is not to understand and Alfred says that Jonathan killed Marissa. Alfred states that everyone thinks Jonathan is innocent of killing Marissa, but asks if Olivia really believes it. Reva tells Alfred to stop and asks him if it is not enough that he beat Jonathan his whole life, now he wants to blame him for a murder he committed. Alfred points out everything that Jonathan has done wrong in the past. Jonathan asks Olivia if she believes he killed his mother. Reva tells Olivia that she knows that Jonathan didn’t kill Marissa but Jonathan knows Olivia suspects him. Olivia can’t say she doesn’t believe it and Jonathan runs out and jumps over the balcony at the Beacon.

Alex shows up at the jail and Frank tells her that she needs to find out what Alan is pulling by saying that Phillip is still alive. Frank takes her into see Alan.

Mallet asks Harley to tell him what is going on in her mind or if she wants to talk to him about the ring on the finger. Buzz shows up and asks why Mallet hasn’t left town yet. Mallet says that things are just getting interesting. Buzz asks what is gong on and Harley tells Buzz Alan’s story about Phillip being alive. Buzz wants to know the punchline and in disbelief asks if it is a repeat of the Dallas storyline where JR was shot and if they are going to wake up and it was all a dream. Buzz walks away and Mallet says he knows by the look on Harley's face that she thinks that Alan’s story may be true.

Alan sits in the jail cell and Alex gets his attention. He says thank god that she came and Alex asks why he is telling people that Phillip is alive. He says that he is alive and in danger and he needs Alex’s help. He tells her how he has been keeping him safe with at the warehouse. Alan tells Alex how vulnerable Phillip is at this point in time. He tells her that the doctors wanted more money and that they have no time to waste. Alex starts to say if Phillip is alive and he swears he is. Alex says that what Alan did was wrong since Harley was in prison. Alex says he wasn’t the only one who suffered naming Beth and Lizzie.

Alan says that this is why he is coming forward now and Alex tells him it is all about him. He says he can’t survive in prison and Alex says she understands. Alan exclaims he has to get out to prove it and says since Alex is on the outside she can find Phillip for him. Alan says she is all he has left. Alex commands Alan to swear on their mother’s grave that he is telling the truth and he swears on his own life that he is telling the truth and he has never been saner.

Mallet comes up to the counter and asks for refills and Buzz says they do have waitress service at Company. Buzz asks what is going on and Mallet starts to tell Alan’s story again but Buzz wants to know what is going on with him and Harley. Mallet says nothing and Buzz reminds him that she is taken, Mallet says he knows and Buzz replies to remember that. Buzz says that Gus should be helping her not Mallet and Mallet retorts “Where is Gus?” Buzz tells Mallet not to encourage Harley to believe in Alan’s story and Mallet says that no on can tell Harley what to believe. Buzz agrees. Mallet says he will leave for good one Harley believes that Phillip is dead for good. She walks up and tells Mallet that she believes Phillip is dead and that she is going to pick up her kids. She thanks Mallet for helping her and leaves.

Bill asks where Jonathan is and Reva says he landed on his feet and is took off but she doesn’t know where he went. Reva reenters the room and tells Alfred it is his fault Jonathan left. Alfred says he is relived Jonathan is all right but upset he got away since he wants answers also. Olivia says she is calling the police to arrest both Jonathan and Alfred. Reva fights her. Alfred agrees to call the police so they can find the truth. Alfred says that he never laid a hand on Marisa and never stole their money. He says he is only trying to do the right thing and is only getting their scorn. He tells them he wishes them all nothing but misery and Bill and Josh say it sounds like a threat. Reva says that he is not stupid enough to threaten them when he is outnumbered and there are no other witnesses.

Jonathan shows up at Reva's and grabs Tammy, yelling at her. He tells her that he knows that she is scared to be alone with him. She tells him she is not scared to be alone with him. Tammy apologizes for calling Reva and says that she can’t bear to see him the way he is. She tries to talk to him and help him. He lets go of her and she says she knows this is about more than the money that he is fighting for his life. She says although he thinks he is alone he is not.

Frank asks Alex what Alan had to say and she answers that he told her the same thing he told all of them. Frank asks if she believes him and she says of course she doesn’t and that he has lost his mind. Frank says that he will be going away to prison for a long time and Alex says Phillip can finally get some justice.

Harley goes back to the warehouse where Phillip was being held and looks around the “boardroom”. She walks towards the trashcan and dumps it out looking through some papers. She picks up a piece of the model as a voiceover of Alan talks about how Phillip spent hours looking at the model of Springfield. Harley looks at the piece and says that Phillip must be missing it.

Alfred says he feels like he is playing a “dangerous version of monkey in the middle”. Each person in the room suggests a different way to get rid of Alfred. Alfred says he had a feeling that this might happen and calls in an officer he has hired. He says he figured that if he came to get Marissa’s possessions that they would get hostile. He tells them he doesn’t want her possessions anymore and leaves with the officer telling them he will see them all soon.

Jonathan says he accepts Tammy’s apology and that he will never ask her to do anything again because of her conscience. She says she is scared for him and Jonathan says he warned her to stay away from him. He advises her to stay away from him for good and that things are only going to get worse with him. Jonathan says that he hates all of them but that he never hated Tammy. He sobs to her that is why he came to her hotel room. He says he should know better but that he doesn’t and walks towards her. Tammy leans and passionately kissed Jonathan and they fall to the ground together.

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