Guiding Light Update Monday 7/25/05


By Jennie 
Pictures by Boo

Dinah and Edmund walk into Company and Edmund wonders why the lights are out and the door was open. Tammy, Blake, and Mel hide waiting for Cassie. Dinah starts to complain about the heat and how hot it is carrying “this thing” around. Jeffrey and Cassie are outside of Company where he tries to tell her that he is addicted to Buzz burgers. She can’t believe that he would choose a Buzz burger over the dinner cruise with her. Dinah talks about how she is hot and sweaty and can’t take the stomach anymore, she is attempting to take it off when Jeffrey and Cassie walk in. Cassie wants to know why it is so dark. Mel, Blake, and Tammy show themselves explain about the baby shower and tell Dinah she is not going anywhere till she explains her comments to Cassie.

Coop and Lizzie walk into a hotel room together. Lizzie says it isn’t a penthouse suite but she feels like she can breathe where they are. Coop says the important thing is there is no one there to tell them they can’t be together. He no one there to stop them. He kisses her.

Gus says he has had enough and as they leave Alan says Phillip is alive. Harley tells Alan he is losing it, and Alan admits that he did shoot him but didn’t kill him. He says they can’t hold him for a murder he didn’t commit. Gus says he sees what Alan is doing by trying to lay the groundwork for an insanity plea. Alan asks if they want to see him.

Alan says he has been protecting him and keeping him safe. Harley wants to know from what and Alan says from all of them. Harley asks if she is going to tell the same story to all of Phillip’s kids. Alan says the kids deserve to see their father and Harley agrees but says that Alan took Phillip away from all of them. Gus inquires if maybe he is telling the truth and Harley can’t believe what Gus is saying. Alan says he knows that Gus would believe him and Gus sarcastically says they just saw Phillip at the gas station. He says he doesn’t know if Alan is just trying to get off or if he has a mental problem but that Alan is going to pay for what he did.

Edmund tries to cover for Dinah but Tammy wants to hear Dinah talk. Tammy asks why she said that she wants to be rid of the baby due to the heat and her being fat. Dinah admits that she is not enjoying the pregnancy as much as she was allowing Cassie to think. The women all share their pregnancy problems. Dinah says she didn’t want to be known as the same old selfish Dinah by admitting she wasn’t happy. Cassie thanks Dinah for carrying the baby and being honest with her. Beth rushes in and apologizes for interrupting but asks if she can talk to Tammy. She asks Tammy if she knows where Lizzie is. Tammy asks if Lizzie is in trouble and Beth says she doesn’t think so but she doesn’t know where she is or what she is doing.

Lizzie and Coop’s kiss becomes even more passionate. Lizzie breaks apart from Coop asking if he is thirsty. She makes all kinds of excuses till Coop asks her if she is stalling. Lizzie wants to know what he thinks she is stalling from. He says this is the first time they have a chance to be alone together. Lizzie says she wants to take things slow and savor the moment and continues to stall by turning music on. Coop turns the music off and Coop sits her down to talk. He asks her to tell him the truth that she doesn’t want to do this. Lizzie says no that is not what she is trying to do that she wants them to be together, Coop says they are, and Lizzie says no that it is for them to “be together, be together”. She says that is the only reason that people come to hotels together. Coop says that is not the only reason and it is not the only way for them to be together. He asks her if he will be her first.

Alan asks if they don’t want Phillip to be alive. Harley declares that there is a problem, they were all at his funeral. He says that they did a good job making it look as if he were dead. Alan says he shot Phillip because he had to since he was threatening to take the children away. He says that he ran into Dr. Wallace, who said he could save him. Alan says that he figured that they would send Phillip to prison if he lived so he got Dr. Wallace to help him by faking the death certificate and the funeral. Harley asks if Alan killed Dr. Wallace also. Alan says that for someone who doesn’t believe him she is asking a lot of questions, but that she hasn’t asked the most important one. She bites and asks where Phillip is. Alan says he is safe but very delusional. Gus says that he must not be the only one. He won’t tell them where he is though but says he has to be out to pay Phillip’s caretakers. He tells Harley that if he is let go he will want to hurt Harley more than anyone else and asks if she wants him to finish the job he started.

Lizzie gets upset and she declares that she is not a virgin and that she has lot of experience. Coop doesn’t believe her and tells her that if this is her first time it doesn’t have to be if she doesn't want it to be. Lizzie says if they were to be together and Coop says they don’t have to be. Coop just says that he doesn’t want to have secrets and hide from each other anymore. Lizzie is afraid that this will change things and Coop says he hopes it will. Lizzie gets upset and says he is acting like he doesn’t want to be with her. They fight and Lizzie says she is going to the bathroom but walks through a door. Coop points out that she went into a closet.

Beth walks back into Company and stops to talk to Mel. They have an uncomfortable conversation about Rick. Mel tells Beth that she and Rick are working through their problems and that she doesn’t have a problem with Rick’s relationship with Beth. She says it is like an old picture in a shoebox. She knows that Rick can pull it out to look at it, but that he will always put it back. Dinah tells Cassie she should get back to the party and Cassie asks Dinah to stay. Dinah says no one wants her but agrees to stay. Jeffrey leaves after Cassie gives him a hard time for being Tammy’s accomplice. Edmund congratulates Dinah and she says having a shower for a baby that doesn’t exist feels wrong. Blake tells Edmund to leave but before he does, Cassie talks to him about how wonderful it is to be celebrating their baby. Edmund leaves telling Cassie to have a great night and that he wants to see all of the presents. He walks outside where Jeffrey tells him that he is playing a dangerous game with fire and he is going to get burned. Edmund brings up the barn fire saying that Jeffrey barely escaped. Jeffrey warns him that he isn’t the one to be worried about that it is Dinah.

Harley asks Alan if he is threatening her, and he says no just offering advice. Alan asks how he can convince them. Gus tells him that they are going to be fine that they are getting married and that Alan is going to be in jail for a long time. Alan tells him that he will never get to know his grandchildren. Alan brings up Zach saying that he deserves to see his father. Gus says he is going to get a shrink to see Alan and as they try to leave, Gus asks Harley if he believes his story.

Gus takes Harley out as Alan yells again that Phillip is alive. Outside of the cell, Harley says that that is some story and Gus says it is a lie. They ask each other if they are okay, and Harley says it is the worst thing he has ever tried to pull. Gus says he has some “life together” stuff he needs to take care of and leaves. Harley looks at the door to Alan’s cell.

Jeffrey tells Edmund that the only link to Cassie is the baby Dinah is carrying. He accuses Edmund of using Dinah. Edmund says it is ridiculous and Jeffrey tells Edmund that the last person that Dinah loved like this was Hart. He tells Edmund that Hart “ripped Dinah’s heart to shreds and that now he is dead.

Cassie says it must be hard to look at all the baby stuff and realize what she has to give up. Dinah asks Cassie if she is feeling sorry for her and Cassie says that she is. Dinah says that they hate each other and Cassie agrees but laughs at it as if it is no longer true. Dinah says Cassie doesn’t realize how hard she is making things and Cassie says she does, Dinah again says she doesn’t. Cassie tells Dinah again how grateful she is and tells her that one-day she will make a good mother. She also tells Dinah that she doesn’t know how to thank her but that in her eyes they are even for everything in the past.

Coop knocks on the door and tells Lizzie to come out. She refuses and he tells here that there is nothing wrong with being a virgin. He can’t actually bring himself to say the word since he is trying not to embarrass Lizzie again. Coop says he will talk to the door since Lizzie won’t come out. He tells the door that he is totally into this girl who puts up roadblocks. He says how one-minute things are fine and then she goes on the defensive. He continues that he sees glimpses of the real girl though, and that she is kind of beautiful on the inside. Lizzie asks from the other side “only kind of?” Coop says he will never let her down and that the truth is that Lizzie picked him and that he is picking her too. He says that is it and gets up away from the door. Lizzie comes out and runs to Coop hugging and kissing him.

Gus comes into Company and the girls ask where Harley is. Gus says she is coming any minute and tells Beth he is just throwing out the trash holding up a picture of Alan. He says that he would throw the real one in but he is in jail.

Harley goes back to Alan’s cell. She inquires of Alan that if she believes his story, she wants to know where he is holding Phillip. Alan says that if Harley gets him out of jail he will taker her to Phillip.

Outside Of Company, Beth asks Gus what is going on. He tells her that he is taking charge and she says that is not necessary since he will just complicate things. Beth says that bringing Harley and her family, especially Coop will just complicate things with Lizzie. Gus tells Beth to back off from Lizzie and things will get better. Beth says that is easy for him to say since he is not a parent. She says she is going to stop Lizzie from making mistakes before she makes them.

Cassie thanks Tammy and everyone saying she was surprised. She thanks and acknowledges Dinah as the woman who made this all possible. The other women grudgingly raise a glass to toast her. They decide to open more presents to get out of the uncomfortable situation.

Ross walks up behind Edmund who is standing outside looking in the window of Company. He asks who he is there to see Dinah or Cassie. Ross tells Edmund if the baby is a girl, he will know where he is coming from by being so protective. Ross continues to tell him the pitfalls of having a girl. Ross walks in and asks how his girl is and Dinah says she has to leave, leaving Blake to look on in wonder. She walks outside and tells Edmund that either he tells Cassie about the baby or else she will.

Harley says she isn’t sure if she believes him, but Alan says that she wouldn’t be there without Gus if she didn’t. Jeffrey shows because Harley called him. Jeffrey says that Alan would say anything to get out of jail since he is a claustrophobic. Jeffrey tries to deal with Alan, saying that Alan tells him where Phillip is. Alan refuses unless he goes since Phillip has only been in contact with him. Harley says she has to know and tells Jeffrey to do it. Jeffrey makes the call to Frank and Alan says they won’t regret it. Harley shakes her head like she already does.

Beth walks up to Cassie and congratulates her. She mentions that Cassie already has a full life with her kids, Edmund, the hotel, a new baby, Jeffrey. Cassie realizes that Beth is trying to tell her something. Beth warns her not to give her heart to Jeffrey. Cassie asks what she should do if he already has it and Beth says to get it back before it gets broken. Jeffrey walks in and looks nervous at the two of them talking. He walks over and although Cassie hugs him, she looks over his shoulder anxiously.

Dinah tells Edmund about the party telling him how nice Cassie was to her. She tells Edmund that even Cassie doesn’t deserve this, and says Cassie has forgiven her. Edmund tells her that no she hasn’t and convinces her that Cassie is just being nice because of the baby. He tells her that she is the only woman for him. Dinah tells him how lucky she is.

Coop lights some candles and music starts up as Lizzie starts to kiss him passionately. He lays her down on the bed and they continue kissing as she starts to undress each other. Right as they really start to get into it there is a knock at the door. They scramble to get dressed and blow out the candles as Gus threatens to kick open the door. They open up and Gus walks in asking if something is burning. He tells Lizzie that her family is looking for her and that they are a little crazier then normal. She walks over to Coop and says that for the first time in her life she is fine. Gus says that he believes her and he likes the two of them together. He also says that he is there for her if she needs him. Gus tells her that he talked to Rick and he is going to give her the garage apartment so that she can have a space of her own. Lizzie says she doesn’t understand what is going on and Gus tells her that since Phillip is gone and Alan is just gone in the head that he is going to make things right in the family. He leaves and tells them they can go back to whatever they were doing, but tells them to be careful.

Alan wants to know what is taking so long. Harley tells Alan he has kept Phillip hidden away for this long what will a little while longer hurt. Harley then asks what she ever did for Alan to hate her so much. He blames her for taking Phillip away from him and she says no that everything that ever happened was because of Alan. An officer walks in hands Alan an envelope with a key. He holds the key up and tells Harley that it is the key to both of their futures.

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