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Dinah lies on the table in the examining room and tells Cassie that she is serious, that Cassie needs to wait outside. Cassie realizes that something is wrong and tells Dinah that they have had ultrasound appointments before and that she doesn't understand why she is so jittery. Dinah says she isn’t jittery that she just doesn’t like everyone looking at her and it makes her feel uncomfortable. Cassie tells her that she needs to relax and Dinah yells that she doesn’t need to relax just because Cassie tells her too. Cassie tries to calm her down saying that she just want’s to see and feel her baby. Cassie tries to touch Dinah’s stomach but Dinah holds up her hands to stop her and tells her that the baby is not kicking right now. Cassie tries again to touch her and says that sometimes if you touch the baby it will start to move, Dinah moves to once again stop her and the sheet falls down revealing her stomach.

Tammy arrives at Company with balloons and other baby items. She takes out her cell phone and calls Sandy. She tells him that she knows that they just left each other but that she just wanted to call and say hello. She tells him she is glad that they are back on track and to call her whenever he can, she will be setting up for the baby shower for her mom. She reminds him that she loves him, emphasizing it once again for good measure. As she hangs up she turns around to find Blake who after telling her hi says that it was a nice message. Blake then asks if she meant it, Tammy looks surprised at the question.

Harley and Gus lie naked wrapped in blankets on the floor of Harley’s new house. She kisses her way up his arm and as he wakes up tells him that although she was thinking the house needed some work it is growing on her. Gus asks her if she likes bare walls and giggling she tells him that she likes bare something. Gus likes this answer and laughs himself. Harley says that an empty house never felt quite so full and Gus agrees that their lives are pretty full. Harley declares that the boys would probably like some more stuff in their rooms though. Gus says he has been meaning to talk to Harley about that and tells her that it will be her job to pick out all of the details of the house. The idea of late night shopping trips to the home store excites Harley. Gus asks her if that turns her on and Harley answers that normal turns her on. Gus tells her that if she wants normal that he has something for her and tells her that he likes tiled countertops. Harley laughs that she never thought she would hear those words but tells Gus that tile is hard to clean. They banter about tile and grout and Harley says she doesn’t care because she used to dream about conversations like this while she was in prison. Gus tells her that this isn’t a dream it is real life. She leans over and kisses him on the cheek and says she will take it as they cuddle on the floor.

Jeffrey is with Alan at the jail and tries to get him to cooperate by telling him that it will make things a lot easier on him. Alan says he won’t say anything till he talks with his attorney and Jeffrey asks why since he already confessed. Alan says that is only according to ten people who hate him. Jeffrey tells Alan that he doesn’t hate him, and sarcastically Alan replies that they should play tennis sometime. He says he will call his secretary to pencil him in. Jeffrey states that it is a nice offer but that he won’t be making any social engagements for the next 20 years or so. Alan once again declares that he is not going to prison and Jeffrey reminds him that they have an airtight case against him for killing his son. Alan says not to underestimate him. Jeffrey tells him that speaking of tight he knows how Alan feels about “tight, confined, enclosed, dark” spaces and says that if he has anything else to tell him maybe he can help him out a little bit. Alan turns around and looks at Jeffrey.

Dr. Emory stands outside of Phillips door and looks at the headline on the Springfield Journal that reads “Alan Spaulding Arrested”

Harley and Gus walk through the house putting their clothes on. Harley stops in the living room area and says that the couch will go “right here”. Gus walks to the wall across from where Harley is and says that the flat screen TV will go there. Harley jokes that there is nothing more normal than boys and their flat screens. While Harley and Gus continue talking about normal life the camera cuts to Alan in his cell, and then Phillip sitting in the replica of the Spaulding boardroom.

Harley continues to get excited about the new house and exclaims how great it is. Gus tells her that he is going to get her and the boys into the house as soon as possible and Harley asks what about him. Gus replies that if that is his invitation he accepts. Harley says that she can’t have him living out of cars his entire life and someone needs to put a roof over his head, once her house has a roof that his. She says it is a crazy life and Gus reminds her that they are normal now, this is what normal people do. Harley says that they are almost normal but that their lives are like the soap opera they were on the set of in New York “The Light of Love”. Gus interrupts her saying that it is just “Light of Love” and that they dropped the “the” in a cute little homage to “The Guiding Light” becoming just “Guiding Light”. Harley says whatever but that Gus will have to watch that soap because from now on she is totally normal. Gus tells her to come on they are going to go to home store right away and Harley disappointed tells him she can’t go because she has Cassie’s surprise baby shower. She tells him that she used to hate all of that fuss but now that she just wants the normality of it all, especially the just hanging out with her friends part. They agree that this is a normal type of thing, except for the part where Dinah is carrying Cassie’s baby. Harley says she guesses that they need to do something to keep life a little off balance and Gus declares that after what they have been through that almost seems normal. He tells her that they can go to the home store tomorrow and that she should go hang out with her friends. Harley tells him that she wishes they were coming back to the house that night though and when Gus asks if they won’t be cuddling tonight, Harley says that the Bauer house just isn’t the same. The joke about everyone, including Mel snoring, but getting serious Harley says she just wants a good future for her kids. Gus agrees every family should have that and tells Harley he has some things to do to make sure that they get that kind of life.

Alan tells Jeffrey to save his scare tactics for the real criminals. Jeffrey says he is a pretty real criminal to him. Alan wants to talk to his attorney and Jeffrey tells him that he will get more by talking to him. He says that he could get Alan a bigger cell if he would just cooperate. Alan once again reiterates that he is not going to prison. Jeffrey says that it will be home for the rest of his life so they can make it more pleasant. Alan demands to make the call again and Jeffrey tells him to go ahead, that it is his life. He calls Dr. Emory who says she has been trying to reach him. Alan informs her that he has been “indisposed” and she says she knows. She wants to discuss how his situation will affect Phillip and says she has concerns. Alan tells her to keep doing what she has been doing and gets irate when she says that it may not be possible. Dr. Emory tells him that the money is running out and Alan says that he will get her more money. She asks if it will be a problem if he goes to prison. Alan yells that he will not go to prison and Jeffrey lets himself out of the room. Alan tells Dr. Emory to keep doing her job, and she agrees as long as she gets paid. She threatens to take her staff and leave Phillip on his own if Alan doesn’t pay her. Cut to Phillip tenderly touching a diorama of Springfield and walking around the faux boardroom table.

Tammy and Blake enter Company and Blake apologizes for the obnoxious question she asked. Tammy agrees that it was obnoxious and Blake apologizes but Tammy quickly gets upset that she sounded fake on the phone. She pushes Blake to tell her the truth and Blake admits that she just sounded a little rehearsed. Blake says that being a writer she tends to create drama, and when Tammy says there is nothing wrong with that she says that it is okay to create drama in work, not in real life. Tammy says her life is pretty simple. She has school, and work, and a great boyfriend Blake reminds her of her new baby brother or sister coming soon and Tammy agrees. Blake asks how things are going with Sandy and Tammy says he is the type of boyfriend any girl should want. Blake picks up on the word sure, and Tammy tells her that she is over thinking things. Blake says that actually she thinks Tammy is really mature and that she wishes she has a better record when it came to men besides Ross. Blake starts to tell Tammy about her poor love life when she stops herself saying that Cassie would not want Blake to be Tammy’s relationship counselor. She says that Tammy should be grateful she found a good guy cause they are hard to come by. She starts to realize that there may be someone else and asks Tammy about it. Tammy declares that No there is no one else but then changes the subject and says she must make sure that Cassie is on her way and quickly tries to exit. Blake stops her as she is walking out the door, but then tells her “Nevermind.”

Cassie tries to touch Dinah’s stomach as Edmund rushes into the room. He says that he thought that he was going to be with Dinah during the sonogram. Cassie realizes how strange they are acting and asks them about it. Edmund says that he just doesn’t want to upset Dinah and tells Cassie if she gives them a few minutes that he can make Dinah relax. Cassie tells them both that she will not go anywhere till she sees her baby. She leaves the room. Edmund closes the door behind her and barely misses getting hit by a bedpan that Dinah has thrown at him. She glares at him and informs him that next time she won’t miss.

Cassie leaves the room unhappy what is going on. Jeffrey walks up behind her in a suit and hands her flowers. She asks what the occasion is and he tells her that he is taking her out to dinner. She calls him sweet and he jokingly says not to get crazy. Cassie laughs.

Edmund asks Dinah what her problem is and she tells him that he is her problem. She asks if he realizes how close they came to getting busted. He says she should be glad they got to the makeup artist since her fake stomach looks incredibly real and touches the fake stomach. She smacks his hand away and she tells him that it is really uncomfortable to wear the itchy disgusting piece of rubber. He tells her that it just saved their lives. He tries to console her and he tells her that their secret is safe. Dinah reminds him that until she sees the sonogram, they have only won themselves 10 minutes.

Cassie hugs Jeffrey and tells him that she wants to go to dinner with him but that she can’t leave till she sees the sonogram.

Jeffrey asks Cassie why she isn’t in exam room for the sonogram. She tells him that she was asked to leave saying that Dinah is in a mood. Jeffrey responds that it can’t be a mood when it is always the same thing. Cassie tries to stick up for Dinah saying that she is pregnant but Jeffrey isn’t buying it. Cassie says she is trying to give her the benefit of the doubt and explains that Edmund is in the room trying to calm her down. Jeffrey calls Edmund and prince and Cassie makes a face, Jeffrey asks what is wrong and Cassie admits that it seems as if Edmund is trying to keep her away from the sonogram. She says that she may be making more of it then what it is though and asks Jeffrey where he is taking her for dinner. He tells her a dinner cruise and Cassie excitedly says that they have to do this stuff while they still can. Jeffrey asks if she is going somewhere and Cassie laughs and says no but the baby is coming. Cassie explains to Jeffrey that life is different with a newborn around. She tells him there will be things like sleepless nights. Jeffrey wants to know what happens when the baby is up all night if you have to go to work the next day. Cassie laughs and says that she doesn’t think Jeffrey will be spending many nights at the farm till the baby is in school. Cassie explains all of the other things that happen with the baby like diapers, and feedings, and sickness. Jeffrey admits that it may put a bit of a damper on their lifestyle and Cassie jokingly tells him that if he can’t take it he should leave now before he gets attached. He says she can’t get rid of him that easy though since he is already attached and says he hopes the new baby likes guitar playing and Cassie says he can sing the baby asleep. Cassie calls Jeffrey a brave man and he tells her that they will just have to take advantage of fun stuff pre baby. He informs her that the cruise leaves in one hour and wants to know if that gives her enough time. She says she wanted to change and he gives her a dress he had his secretary pick out for her. She goes to change as Tammy sneaks around the corner. Once Cassie is out of sight she asks Jeffrey if she is gone and tells him that they won’t be going out to dinner tonight after all.

Dinah says that maybe what is happening is actually a blessing and says maybe they haven’t thought everything through. Edmund wants to know what she is talking about. Dinah reminds him that all Cassie wants is to touch her stomach and when Edmund says that that can’t happen Dinah wants to know how to stop her from seeing the sonogram. He admits he doesn’t know and Dinah says they need to face the fact that they have failed. Edmund disagrees. Dinah tells him that she knows that it is going to hurt Cassie to find out there is no baby but she asks Edmund if they are together. He agrees that they are and Dinah says she thinks they need to tell Cassie the truth right away as Cassie walks in the room asking if they are ready for the sonogram.

Blake finishes up the decorations when Harley rushes in apologizing for being late. Blake runs over and hugs Harley again exclaiming “Look at you”. Harley reminds Blake she just saw her but Blake says she is just happy to see her free and beautiful. They joke about Harley being on the run a little bit and then Blake brings up Alan’s role in Phillips death. Blake says that he did try to shoot Phillip once before and Harley reminds Blake that he was aiming for her. Blake says it was the same intention though and Harley says Alan’s intentions are always the same, to save his son. Blake says that it is a happy occasion and they need to think of happy thoughts. Harley says she actually couldn’t be happier and tells her that she and Gus are engaged again. Blake doesn’t seem to excited and says that they didn’t waste time. She congratulates Harley but Harley says it doesn’t seem very heartfelt. Blake says that isn’t it she just didn’t think that Harley would be rushing back to the altar so quickly. Harley feels that they never really were apart and Blake says except for the time Harley spent in prison. Harley picks up on Blake's meaning and brings up Mallet. Blake points out that Harley brought him up, not her and Harley reminds Blake that Mallet is her ex-husband. Blake wants to make sure that there was no spark with Mallet and Harley says except for wanting to strangle him nothing. Blake says that there is a thin line between love and hate and Harley says they didn’t cross it. Blake says it is obvious that Mallet still loves her and Harley wants to know why she would say it. Blake says that she dos read and she knows that is why he took the job at the prison. Harley says that he took it to make up for the things he did to her and that he did make up for them and that she has forgiven him. She exclaims that it is Gus she loves and is going to marry and that nothing is going to get in the way this time.

Alan yells at Dr. Emory that she can’t abandon Phillip. The doctor reminds Alan that she is breaking the law for him and if she is not compensated she will leave. He threatens her and she reminds him he is not in the position to be threatening anyone. She tells him that she will accept a check that evening. Alan says it is impossible and says that it is extortion. He wants to speak to Phillip and she says she won’t put him on. Alan says he wants to hear his son’s voice as Gus walks in saying his son is right there and grabs the phone away from Alan asking who is on the other line. Gus demands the person on the other line tell him who it is.

Edmund tells Cassie everything is fine and gets Dinah to back him up. He notices that she has changed and Cassie says she is going out to dinner. Dinah asks if she is going with Jeffrey and when Cassie says yes she asks if it is somewhere fancy. Cassie says on the dinner cruise and Dinah tells her that that is romantic as Edmund turns around and gives her a look. A technician walks in, apologizes for keeping them waiting, and asks if they are ready. They all agree but the woman has trouble with the machine. Cassie asks what is wrong and she says that the machine won’t turn on. Edmund says perhaps that there is another one they can use and the woman answers that one is broken also. Dinah without emotion says what a shame and the woman says they will have to reschedule. Cassie asks if there is any way to fix it and the woman tells her not that evening. Edmund laughs that the baby isn’t going anywhere but Cassie looks dejected and kind of suspicious.

Tammy tells Jeffrey that tonight is the surprise baby shower. Jeffrey says they have made plans and Tammy says to unmake them. He asks if all of her friends will be there and when Tammy tells him yes he says he will get her there. Tammy thanks him and leaves before her mom catches her. Jeffrey walks around the corner to find Cassie sitting on a bench outside of the sonogram room. She greets him with a “Hello Sailor” and he asks how things went. She tells him about the broken machine and asks what he thinks of the dress. He says it is fantastic but seeing it on her makes him want to forget about the cruise and go for takeout. Cassie gets a confused look on her face and asks “huh?”

Harley tells Blake that one of the good things about being in trouble is that you are too busy to worry about other people’s troubles. Blake apologizes and says that she is just concerned. Harley knows but agrees that it was weird. Blake wants to know if anything happened with Mallet. Blake says she knows there is something that Harley is not telling her. Harley says that there is a lot she is not telling her. She admits that she was in love with Mallet at one time and that part of her will always love him. She states that now Gus is the love of her life and Mallet is just another ex husband. Blake asks again if Harley has forgiven him and Harley answers yes that she may even invite him to the wedding. Blake says that is so… and Harley answers Progressive? Blake says “that too”. Harley tries to get a curious Blake to back off and says that there is really not a story except for the fact she can put the past in the past and move which makes her happy. Blake says that she is glad Harley is happy and that she is happy for her. Harley says that Blake should be a lawyer and Blake says not to give her any ideas, but that she will help her plan the wedding. Harley says that this wedding will be small, simple and intimate and that nothing will get in the way this time.

Gus hangs up the phone and tells Alan that no one was there and says that he guesses that he is not the only one who is done with Alan. Alan disagrees and says that isn’t true or Gus wouldn’t be there. Alan says that this is only temporary and Gus agrees that it is the last stop before prison. He says that it is just like Hell and since he has been there he knows. Alan says that he has been in Hell since Phillip was taken from him. Gus states that if he has been in Hell he must not have heard the news and tells Alan that he is taking over Spaulding Enterprises. He tells Alan that he is getting what he wanted all along. Alan asks if there is anything else and Gus tells him that he is moving into the Spaulding house and taking all of Harley’s family with him. Alan says it sounds like a reality version of the Beverly Hillbillies and that they should put it on film. He tells Alan that the reality is that Harley will have everything that Alan lost. Alan says the only thing he cared about losing was Phillip and Gus says he is freezing his assets also. Alan exclaims he doesn’t have the authority to do that and Gus says as head of Spaulding he does. Alan tells him he needs to pay his attorney and Gus declares he will have a court appointed attorney. Alan tries to make Gus feel guilty by asking him if he doesn’t care about his father but Gus says it won’t work. He tells Alan it won’t work and that he is going away and there is nothing he can do about it.

Harley and Blake break out the champagne and talk about putting in a pool at Harley’s house. They discuss their boys and Harley’s phone rings, Blake tells her to answer in case it is about the shower. Harley answers it and talks to someone named Callahan. She tells him not to worry about him calling her and thanks him for what he tells her. Blake asks what is wrong when Harley hangs up and she tells Blake it was someone that she used to work with at the station that told her that Gus was there with Alan. Harley says she should go and when Blake asks her if she really wants to see Alan face to face she says no but she also doesn’t want Gus to do anything stupid. Blake asks what about the shower and Harley says that barring disaster she will be back and starts to leave. She runs into Tammy as she walks out the door. She tells Tammy hi, that everything looks good and that she will be back. Blake explains that there was a mini crisis and asks if Cassie is on her way. Tammy says she had to convince Jeffrey a little but that he is bringing her.

Back at the hospital Jeffrey tells Cassie he has a sudden want for a Buzz Burger. She wants to know if he is kidding and asks about the cruise and her dress. She asks if she is missing something and Jeffrey says he is just fickle. She wants to know since when. He makes up some excuse about wind on the lake and gets her to leave with him.

Inside the exam room Dinah wants to know why they are doing all of this again. Edmund tries to convince her that they are in this together and says they are doing a splendid job faking everything so far. She says that tonight was bad and he says that he can handle Cassie. Dinah states that Cassie wants to see the baby and he indicates that that is the point. She says she knows that he wants to hurt Cassie but doubts that Cassie really wants the baby as much as Edmund thinks she does. He tells her to trust him and she says she does. He reminds her of everything that Cassie had while she was in jail and Dinah tells him that she has “seen the movie”. He asks her if she will go along with his plan and she agrees. He calls her his girl and tells her that she won’t regret it. Dinah says that she hopes not since they will be together and Edmund agrees and says he wouldn’t have it any other way. As he pulls her into a hug, he gets an evil look in his eye while looking over her shoulder.

A police officer shoves Alan into a cell as Harley walks up behind Gus and tells him to come with her. Alan goads Harley saying she must really be enjoying this as Gus tells Alan that the Coopers have won even though he and Phillip tries to beat them down. Alan disagrees as Gus points out that the walls are closing in on Alan. Alan once again says he is not staying there and Gus tells him he is deluding himself. He says this is where killers belong and that Alan will die in there. Alan wants to know why Gus is torturing him and Gus says that this is what he did to Harley. She tries to get Gus to leave saying that it is over and all she wants is normal. Gus says it is sad to see it end this way and as they are leaving Alan yells out that he didn’t kill Phillip. Gus turns around to look at Alan.

Tammy and Blake hear someone coming so they turn off the lights and hide inside Company. Instead of Jeffrey and Cassie it is Dinah and Edmund. Dinah realizes it is empty and Edmund tries to get her to go home. Dinah says no that she wants a milkshake and Edmund asks what the point is since no one will be around to see her drink it. Blake whispers to Tammy that she forgot to flip the sign to Closed and maybe if they are quiet they will go away. Dinah yells out Hello again and Edmund tries to get her to leave. She tells him no that she deserves something for doing this.

Jeffrey and Cassie walk up outside of Company but Cassie sits down on the bench by the door and pouts. Jeffrey asks why she is stopping and she tells him that since it is so nice that he should go in and order and she will stay outside. He tells her he doesn’t know what she wants and she tells him she wants to go on the cruise.

Edmund tells Dinah not to start complaining again and she says that she is just a little sick of her belly and she wishes it were gone. Blake and Tammy overhear this comment and Tammy asks incredulously what she just said.

Jeffrey drags Cassie inside where Dinah is pushing around on the fake stomach. Edmund yells at her to stop as Jeffrey and Cassie stop at the door.

Gus says that it sounds like desperation from Alan and Alan swears he is not a murderer. Gus reminds him that he shot Phillip and that he is dead. Alan says that if they just let him out he will clear everything up. Harley says that there is nothing to clear up and they start to leave again. Alan tells them that they don’t understand that Phillip is alive as Gus and Harley look at him in disbelief.

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