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Josh & Revaís:

Cassie pounds on the door looking for her sister. When she realizes that no one is home, she turns to leave and runs into Tammy, who has also come looking for Reva. Cassie realizes that her daughter is upset and asks what is wrong. Tammy tells her that she is scared. She is scared of holding on too tight and of letting go. Cassie thought that things were good between her and Sandy. Tammy looks a little guilty and Cassie asks her if this is about Sandy or not. The two go inside to finish the discussion. (Nice of Cassie to just invite herself into her sisterís home whenever she wants.) Cassie starts to fix them both something to drink when Tammy tells her that Sandy thinks she still has feelings for Jonathan. When Tammy sees her mothers reaction to this, she starts to leave. Cassie promises not to over-react and asks her daughter to explain. Tammy tells her that Sandy gave her an ultimatum. She just doesnít know how to explain to Sandy what is going on with her when she doesnít understand it herself. Cassie tells her that she has to find a way to let go of Jonathan or he will drag her down. Tammy tries to tell Cassie that she feels for Jonathan when he is hurting. She thinks that she is the only one that can help him. Cassie tells her that she is not the only one, and reminds Tammy of all the things that Jonathan did to her. She knows how her daughter feels, because she is the same way. She always thinks that she is the only one that can help someone, and it cost her everything. Tammy tells her that she is not like her and she will not let Jonathan come between her and Sandy. Tammy knows she shouldnít have tried to talk to Cassie about this and storms off. Cassie starts to try to go after her, but her cell phone rings. She sees that it is Dr. Sedwick and takes the call. The doctor tells her that Dinah is coming in today for a sonogram and she thought Cassie would want to be there for it. Cassie thanks the doctor for the information and confirms that she does indeed want to be there. She rushes off to the doctorís office.

Elizabeth & Company:

Outside, Edmund sits deep in thought at the table. Dinah walks up behind him and startles him when she yells Ďbooí in his ear. She is having second thoughts about keeping the appointment with Dr. Sedwick. She tries to talk Edmund out of making her keep the appointment, but Edmund insists that she do exactly what he tells her. She needs to go to the appointment and explain to Dr. Sedwick that she will be seeing a new OB/GYN doctor from now on. He tells her that they are setting Cassie up for the biggest fall of her life. He tells her that Cassie has to believe that Dinah is carrying this baby for as long as they need her to. Dinah makes sure that if she goes along with this, once Cassie has been destroyed, they will move on with their lives together and have their own baby. Edmund assures her that is what will happen when he sees Sandy walking up. Sandy asks if Edmund has seen Tammy. Edmund tells him that he has reluctantly agreed to stay out of Tammy and Cassieís lives to please Cassie. Sandy rushes inside to look for Tammy. Edmund sends Dinah off to her appointment with the doctor. Sandy comes back outside reporting that Tammy is not inside. Edmund asks if he can help with anything. Sandy reminds him that he said he was steering clear of Tammy. Edmund tells him that he still cares and would like to help if there is a problem. Sandy takes him up on it and the two of them go inside to discuss it.

Inside, Sandy explains to Edmund how Jonathan keeps coming between him and Tammy. Edmund advices Sandy to not allow Jonathan to play on his need to protect Tammy. He tells him that if Jonathan wants to play with fire, that he should start a five-alarm blaze. When he sees someone come into the restaurant, he excuses himself from Sandy and greets the woman. He asks if she remembers handling some legal matters for him in the past. She tells the Ambassador that he is a hard man to forget. Edmund joins her at the table and explains that he wants to adopt a child without his wife knowing about it. The woman has better ethics than that and turns him down cold. Edmund knows that he needs to find a good attorney that doesnít have so many scruples.

Josh comes in looking for Sandy. Sandy tells him that he has gone over all the books, and he is certain that Jonathan took the money. Josh lets him know that he is taking care of it. Sandy wants to call the police, but Josh warns him to leave it alone, insisting that he is taking care of things on his own. Josh leaves and Sandy starts to take off too, but Tammy rushes into his arms and kisses him. He asks her what that was about. Tammy tells him that she realizes that she can not help Jonathan and she is putting him in her past. She knows now that what she was feeling for Jonathan was pity, and she also knows that she canít save him. She knows that he was just leaving, but she has to stay here for awhile. She tells him that she will meet up with him later and rushes inside. Sandy remembers what Edmund told him earlier, and places a call to the police. He tells them that he has proof that Jonathan stole 2.3 million dollars from Lewis Construction.

Dr. Sedwickís office:

Dinah arrives ready to tell the doctor that she has decided to use another OB/GYN and is shocked to learn from the doc that she is scheduled for a sonogram and that Cassie will be there to hold her hand. She goes into the exam room and tries to call Edmund. Edmund isnít answering his phone, so she leaves him a message and tells him what is going on. She is about to get busted and needs to talk to him right away. She warns that he will go down with her. She tries to call him a few minutes later and he finally answers. She tells him what is going on and is kind of freaking out a little that their plan is about to go up in smoke. Edmund reminds her that she is doing this for the two of them, and rushes out to make it to the doctorís office just as Cassie shows up and announces that she is there to hold Dinahís hand and they will both see the baby soon. Dinah collapses onto the exam table. Cassie rushes to her side asking if she is okay. Dinah tells her that she is just going through a pregnancy thing and that lately she just gets nauseous when anyone even looks at her. This whole sonogram thing is just freaking her out. She tells Cassie that she doesnít want anyone in the room with her except Edmund. Just then Edmund arrives and asks to talk to Dinah alone. Dinah goes to the hall for a bit as Edmund tries to convince Cassie to go home since she is upsetting Dinah and that isnít good for the baby. Cassie knows something is up since they are both acting so strangely. The doctor comes in and Edmund asks to talk to the doctor in the hallway also. He escorts the doc to the hall as Dinah comes back to the exam room and lays on the table. She thought she heard Edmund ask Cassie to leave. Cassie tells her that she will leave as soon as she has seen the sonogram. She tells Dinah that she just wants to feel the baby. Dinahís eyes get about as big as saucers as Cassie reaches to feel the baby kick.

In the hallway, Edmund explains to the doctor that Dinah has decided to go to another clinic and find another doctor. The doctor isnít surprised at all, as pregnancy makes all mothers a little worrisome. She tells Edmund that she will have to hear that from Dinah in order to follow protocol, and in the meantime they can go ahead and do the sonogram.

The Beacon:

Josh is in no mood for Jonathanís sense of humor and tells him right away that he is there to talk about the money. Jonathan tells him that he has no idea where the money is. Josh tells him that maybe his father did scare him into taking the money, but he is there to deal with Jonathan for right now. Jonathan gets in his face and tells him to go ahead and hit him. He reminds Josh of all the things he has done to Tammy, Cassie, and Reva. He admits that he has the money stashed somewhere and is going to enjoy partying it away. He pushes buttons on Josh and tries to goad him into hitting him. Josh guesses that he learned this behavior from Alfred. Jonathan admits that he learned all his survivor skills from his old man. Josh tries to tell him that surviving isnít living. He can see where Alfred would teach him that because Alfred is a coward and a weakling. Jonathan comments that he is just like his father. Josh doesnít want to hear that. He knows that Jonathan is nothing like Alfred, he just wants Jonathan to wake up and see who he is. Josh tells him that Reva isnít weak or cowardly either and she has the strength to help him. Jonathan doesnít want her help. Josh tells him that no one can stop her from helping him. He wishes Reva didnít love Jonathan, but the fact is that she does. He tells Jonathan that he needs to grow up and be the kind of man that Josh knows he can be. He saw a flash of that man that day in the gym when Josh pushed him to his limits. Jonathan smugly tells him that one flash is all anyone will ever see. Josh feels sorry for him now and tells him that if that is true, he might as well fall off another mountain and not get rescued this time. If he canít live life as a man, what is the point of surviving at all. Josh sadly leaves the room feeling like he didnít get through to Jonathan at all. It isnít true though, Jonathan has heard what Josh said and seriously thinks about all of it.

On the dock:

Reva is a little startled to find Alfred there watching her. She asks if he is following her. Alfred lets her know that he didnít appreciate showing up to meet her at her house and finding Josh, Bill and Olivia waiting for him. She tells him that she knows who he is now and warns him not to get any closer. She calls him a coward and a bully. Alfred tries to intimidate her by telling her that Jonathan thinks he is also a murderer and that if he did kill the woman that Jonathan called mom, what is there stopping him from killing Jonathanís real mother. Reva tells him that he drowned Marisa and when she saw Jonathan tonight he was soaking wet. She makes that she has her car keys in between her fingers to use as a weapon if she needs to. She doesnít think that Alfred has the guts for murder, he is too much of a control freak. He likes to push peopleís buttons and throw them in the water and watch them thrash around. Alfred reminds her that she left Jonathan on his front step. She tells him that she did that to save Jonathanís life. He tells her that what she calls salvation, Jonathan calls abandonment. The two continue to argue with Reva accusing him of being a monster and a child beater and Alfred trying to play on her guilt to get to her. She is a mother bear now and determined to protect her cub. Alfred claims to love Jonathan and only gave him the discipline that he needed. Reva tells him that if he wants to fight her for Jonathan, she is willing to do that. She knows what her son needs and she will kill him before she lets him hurt her son again. Alfred then plays with the idea that he should get a restraining order to keep her away from him and Jonathan. He tells her that there isnít a judge in the world that would give Jonathan to her after her encouraging him to drink and rob record stores. He also points out that her husband threw him down a flight of stairs. Reva is startled to hear that he knows about any of that. She gets fed up with him and pushes him against a wall, holding him there by the throat. She continues to threaten him to stay away from her son and tells him that she will do everything in her power to get Jonathan to understand that he needs to get as far away from Alfred as he can get. Jonathan shows up and wants to know what is going on. Alfred tells him that Reva thinks she is going to make him chose between her and him. Jonathan listens to the two of them go at each other for a little bit before demanding that they stop. He tells Reva to go away. Reva is hurt and thinks that he is choosing Alfred over him. She tells him that she will never stop loving him, or trying to help him and again tells him that she can keep him safe. Jonathan tells her to go away. Reva finally leaves and Alfred hugs his son thinking also that Jonathan has chosen him. Jonathan is furious at his father and tells him that he only told Reva to leave because this is between the two of them. He remembers Joshís words and decides that he is going to be a man and finally stand up to his father. The two start to push and shove each other with Jonathan getting more and more angry. He wonders if that is what happened with his mother. Did she finally get tired of his beatings and stand up to him too? Is that why Alfred killed her? Jonathan is taken by surprise when Alfred admits that he did kill Marisa. Alfred tells him that the whole town believes he did it anyway. Jonathan tells him that he used to be afraid of Alfred, but he isnít any longer. He is going to get that money out of his bank account and give it to Alfred and then he is done with him. He shoves his father one last time and starts to walk away, but Alfred grabs him and shoves him up against the wall. He tells him that he will decide when they are Ďdoneí and that Jonathan should never turn his back on him. He warns that even in his most vile imagination, he has no idea what Alfred is capable of. He then tells his son that if he tells anyone what has just happened, Alfred will deny it all. Jonathan is willing to take the chance that others will believe him over Alfred.

Back at the Lewis house:

Reva comes in looking for Josh and asking if Bill and Olivia are gone. Josh doesnít look too happy to see his wife. Reva thanks him for being there for her and Josh gets a little testy. He tells her that on the way home from San Cristobel, there was a beautiful woman sitting next to him that had no qualms at all about flirting with him even though he had his ring on. He tells her that he had to ask himself Ďwhat would Reva do?í Reva is interested now and Josh brags that the woman told him "All the good men are either gay or dead, in prison, or married to your wife." He tells her that the woman gave her business card to him when they got off the plane. Reva asks if he kept the card. He tells her that isnít the point. The point is that he had temptation sitting right next to him and he chose to deal with it differently than she did. He knows that it is exciting to have someone new pay attention to you, and it is flattering, but she has to deal with it differently. He tells her that he loves her and he is going to do everything he can to help her with Jonathan and Alfred. He also warns her to never go bungee jumping with their marriage again, and if she does, not to expect him to be waiting back at the top for her to bounce back from her plunge.

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