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By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Danny arrives at Elizabeth & Company to find that Marina has made them a romantic dinner. They have romantic music, candles and flowers. Marina notices that Danny seems uneasy and wonders what is going on. Sighing, he tells her that he doesn’t want his reputation to get in the way of her new job as a cadet. She assures him that no matter what he is good for her. “You’re the one who gave me the confidence to take on a whole new dream.” She tells him.

Tammy continues to try and wake Jonathan up after having to pull him out of the water. He spots up water and wakes up. He immediately thanks her for saving his life.

Nate watches the two of them from behind the fence with a furious look upon his face.

Bill and Olivia are waiting for Josh and Reva when they arrive home. On the front porch, the Bill and Olivia mention that they need to discuss the Nate/Alfred situation. Reva seems slightly miffed that Olivia has told Bill about their failed plan. Reva goes on to tell the three of them that she doesn’t care too much what happens to Nate anymore; all she cares about is her son. Olivia is quick to mention that they don’t even know Jonathan’s involvement in the whole scheme; she reasons that he might have had something to do with Marissa’s death. She has a plan and wants to confront Alfred with the facts. When she sees that Reva doesn’t think it’s the greatest idea she turns to Bill and Josh for support.

Tammy looks confused as to what happened with Jonathan in the water. She doesn’t understand why he simply didn’t swim back to shore. As he refuses to tell her any details, she realizes that he can’t swim. Confused as to how he got on the water, she accepts that he doesn’t want to talk about it. Together they walk off the dock platform, headed for someplace warmer.

Nate watches the two of them. As soon as they are out of eyesight, he comes out of the shadows looking madder than ever.

Marina and Danny continue to flirt with one another over dinner. They make some jokes about their relationship, her being a cop and seem to be having a good time together. As they’re laughing, a man walks into the restaurant. He sees Marina with a police officer’s hat on and realizes that she’s with Danny Santos. He gets a sly grin on his face.

Tammy and Jonathan walk into a room at the Beacon. She informs him that it’s a spare suite that her mother always keeps empty and mentions that no one will bother him. She continues fussing about him, telling him that he needs to get into a hot shower. Jonathan is sitting on the bed, shivering and rocking back and forth in place. He looks like he’s in a trance and Tammy notices. She realizes that he’s more freaked out by what has happened than she originally realized. She offers to call Reva or take him to a doctor, but he refuses. Looking concerned, she asks what he was thinking. He looks scared as he tells her that the thought crossed his mind that perhaps he should have let himself drown. She’s appalled by this and he changes the subject quickly. He reminds her that she had someplace to go and that she should make a courtesy call to let her date know she’ll be late. Nodding, she picks up her phone and calls Sandy. While she’s on the phone, Jonathan collapses onto to floor.

The Lewis foursome move into the porch as Olivia mentions that her plan isn’t complicated. She wants to confront so that they can have a better understanding of what is going on with him, Jonathan and Marissa’s death. Josh agrees that it might work and Bill agrees that for his wife’s sake that it is worth a shot. Reva, on the other hand isn’t so sure. She doesn’t think it will work and is most definitely not ok with the new plan. Olivia begs her; reminding Reva that she has to find out about her sister. Not wanting to listen to what the three of them are telling her, Reva begins to walk out. Josh stops her, telling her that she needs to do them a favor and get Nate to come over to the house. Though she doesn’t look pleased, Reva picks up her cell phone and begins dialing.

At the docks, Nate picks up his cell phone. He wonders if she’s thoroughly thought things through about Jonathan’s role in the missing money. She tells him she has and that she wants to see him. After hanging up the phone, Reva tells Bill, Josh and Olivia that he’s agreed to come over; the rest, she tells the three is up to them.

Reva walks out of her house, and picks up her phone. Tammy is on the other end and tells her aunt that she needs to get to the Beacon as soon as possible. “Jonathan’s here and he’s in bad shape.” She reports to Reva.

Marina takes an order from the man who has been watching them and returns to Danny. They joke about how her days as a waitress are numbered. While he’s talking to her, Danny notices the strange man. The two men exchange looks, and Danny makes up an excuse about having to make a phone call outside.

Shortly after Danny has gone outside, the man follows. On the patio, Danny pops out from behind the trelice. “Who the hell are you? Why are you tailing me?” He demands to know from the strange man.

Jonathan and Tammy look at one another, clearly thinking about other times they’ve spent together. He mentions something about how much different things would be if they weren’t related; she immediately changes the subject and lets him know that it’s not an appropriate conversation. He looks into her eyes and tells her that there is something he wants to confess to her about his mother. Just as he’s about to confide in her, someone knocks on the door. Tammy opens to door to find Sandy there. He notices that she is wet and doesn’t seem to believe her when she blames it on a sprinkler. She turns back toward Jonathan wondering what it was he had wanted to tell her. Mad that they were interrupted, he yells at the two of them to leave. Sandy and Tammy leave, both taking long looks at Jonathan before exiting.
Nate knocks on the door to the Lewis house and seems surprised when Olivia answers. He’s polite to her, as she questions why he would stay in town and not look her up. She then mentions Marissa and he becomes defensive. “I loved Marissa.” He tells her. She nods, letting him know that she and her sister talked a lot before her death. “She told me as lot of things, Alfred. I know what you did to her. And I'm telling you right now you are not going to get away with it. “Olivia informs him.
At the Beacon, Reva knocks on her son’s door and demands that he open. Not wanting to see her, he tells her to leave him alone. She doesn’t want to and brings up the stolen money. “You've been protecting your father Alfred for months. Well, it's all going to stop, Jonathan. Right here, right now, one way or another. “She yells at him.

The strange man informs Danny that he wanted to congratulate him on having a cop in his pocket. Danny looks furious, and reminds him that he’s no longer part of the mob. He warns the man that the family had better stay away from both he and Marina. “I will not warn you a second time.” Danny says.

Reva sees that something is wrong with her son and wonders what is going on. He brushes her off; wondering why she cares all of a sudden. Reva gets mad and insist that he explain why he put not only himself but her in danger as well when he hid Nate’s real identity. He refuses to accept the blame and reminds her that she could have put an end to all of it, if she had wanted to. He goes on to yell at her for never trusting him and mentions that perhaps if she had some faith in him that things would have turned out differently. She doesn’t want to believe this, as her son mentions that at least Alfred cares for him. She looks shocked as her son explains that Alfred truly does love him. “. He respects me in ways you never even came close to. “He screams at her with tears in her eyes. Reva looks destroyed, reminding her son that Alfred is a monster that abuses him. “You hit me, too. You hit me! “He yells back at her. Reva is crying and apologizes, calling it a terrible mistake. She apologizes to him for screwing things up, and promises that she can keep him safe. Reva begs him to give her another chance.

Alfred acknowledges that things weren’t wonderful between him and Marissa; he reminds his sister-in-law that no marriage is. Olivia doesn’t let him off the hook and mentions that her sister was the one who ended up dead. He shakes his head, laughing at the notion that he killed Marissa and Olivia begins to attack him. Suddenly, Josh and Bill come out from the other room. Bill holds his wife back. Josh wonders why Alfred wanted to set Reva up. Alfred looks at them all and explains that he’s glad things can finally be out in the open. He claims that it was a set up by Jonathan. Pretending to care about his son, he mentions that he only ever wanted to help Jonathan and then tells the Lewis’s that Jonathan is a pathological liar. He claims that he only came to Springfield to watch his son grow up, and that he knew he wouldn’t be welcome as Alfred. “I have to save him.” Alfred goes on to explain to them about Jonathan. Bill and Josh look confused, and Olivia looks intrigued. “Olivia, you're right. Marisa was murdered. She was drowned on purpose, but not by me. I am all but certain that Jonathan was the killer. “He tells them.

Tammy watches as Danny and Marina look happy with one another. She turns to Sandy, and mentions how it isn’t fair that Jonathan is still getting in the way of their relationship. Looking at her, he mentions that she’s the only one who’s affected by him. Looking indignant, she tells him that she would have saved anyone from drowning; that there was nothing special she did by saving his life. “You could have called an ambulance, waited until it got there and just washed your hands of it.” He tells her. She reminds Sandy that when he showed up that she went with him – no questions asked. Tammy reminds him that she is moving forward with her life and that she finally wants him to see him. He understand and tells her that if she wants a relationship with him that she has to clean her hands of Jonathan. She doesn’t look too sure about what Sandy is telling her and looks away.

Alfred continues to plead his case, and mentions that he found a plane ticket while in his son’s room. According to him, Jonathan took a trip to see his mother only a few days before she was found dead. Josh doesn’t buy the story, and can’t understand why Jonathan would do something like that. Alfred mentions the instance where Jonathan pulled a knife on Reva, and claims that his son has a horrible temper. He claims that all of Jonathan’s bruises are from when Jonathan, himself, lost his temper. “That's the pattern. Jonathan lies, then he explodes, then he lies again to shift the blame on to someone else.” He explains. He finishes talking and thanks them for letting him tell his story.
As soon as he’s gone, Bill and Josh can’t believe that Alfred would come up with such an insane story. Olivia, on the other hand, mentions that she doesn’t know who she should believe anymore.

Reva tells her son that they’ve got to stick together and start over. She tells him that she doesn’t care what has happened in the past, and seems to be getting through to him. Reva mentions that they can deal with anything together, even if part of it has something to do with Marissa’s death. He pulls away from her, mad that she would think he killed his mother. Jonathan yells at Reva to get out of the room and they both have tears in their eyes.

Marina and Danny have dessert with one another, and she notices that he’s distracted. She wonders if perhaps it has something to do with business and questions him about it. He brushes her worry off and kisses her. Someone watches them from outside through the window.
Bill and Olivia walk into a suite at the Beacon. He’s confused as to why she didn’t want to go home, and she tells him that she needs to think. She’s clearly upset and mentions that she doesn’t know who to believe. Bill lets her know that his gut thinks Alfred is to blame. She hugs him as he promises that nothing will happen to them.
Tammy reminds Sandy that she loves him and that she choose him. They hug one another and she apologizes for making it seem as though he wasn’t everything she needed.

Josh bangs on Jonathan’s door, and smashes it in when Jonathan refuses to answer it. He storms in. “Shut up! Sit down! You and I need to have a little talk. Right now. “ Josh yells.

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