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On the Docks:

Tammy has pulled Jonathan out of the water and tries to see if he is okay. Jonathan still has his rye sense of humor and tells her that she is talking right in his ear, how can he not hear her. He realizes that she pulled him out of the water. Tammy tells him that they are even now. Jonathan thanks her. Tammy asks how he ended up in the water. Alfred quietly watches in the shadows as Jonathan makes an attempt to take off, telling Tammy that he is okay. When Tammy sees him stumble, she lends her support as she leads him away from the docks. Jonathan continues to proclaim that he is okay and doesnít need help. Alfred watches the two of them leave, not happy that Jonathan made it out okay.

Josh & Revaís house:

Josh and Reva arrive home to find Olivia and Bill waiting for them. Reva realizes that Olivia has told Bill about Alfred and isnít happy about it. Olivia knows that Reva probably told Josh everything and uses that to justify why she told Bill. The two women fill both Josh and Bill in on the finer details of Revaís plan as they all go inside the house. Olivia isnít sure what to believe. She doesnít know if Alfred or Jonathan killed her sister. Olivia just wants to confront Alfred straight out and see if she can shake him up enough to admit something. Reva doesnít think that will work at all. Alfred is an expert liar, it will not be easy to slip him up. She isnít concerned about that right now. She is worried about her son and is going to go find him. Josh and Bill agree with Olivia that it is worth a shot to confront Alfred. Josh asks Reva to call Alfred and get him to come to the house before she leaves. Reva calls Alfred on his cell and tells him that she thinks he is right and that Jonathan is the one that took the money. She asks him to come to her house. Alfred tells her that he will be right there. Reva tells Olivia, Josh and Bill that he is on his way, but it is up to them to get the truth out of him before she leaves to find Jonathan.

When Alfred arrives, Bill and Josh hide in another room as Olivia answers the door. Alfred is surprised to see his sister-in-law at the door, but covers it well. Olivia invites him into the house and asks how long he has been in Springfield without getting a hold of her. Alfred tells her that he has been busy setting up a business and getting organized. Olivia asks him if he has also been busy making up ĎNateí and lying to Reva. Alfred asks how long she has known. Olivia tells him just a little while. She asks if he heard about Marisa. He reminds her that he is Marisaís husband, of course he has heard about her. Olivia tells him that her and Marisa continued to stay close and Marisa told her everything that Alfred did to her. Alfred tells her that he loved her sister, and yea they had their ups and downs. He can imagine what Marisa has told her. He tells her that the biggest mistake he ever made was loving Marisa. Olivia tells him that she thinks drowning her is a bigger mistake. Alfred laughs and tells her that is pretty funny actually. Olivia loses her cool and goes after him, calling a sick monster. Alfred is a bit surprised when Josh and Bill come out of the other room and hold Olivia back. Josh confronts him about all the lies he has been telling and asks if Reva was going to be his next victim. Alfred admits that he invented Nate to get close to all of them. He claims he did it because he know all the stories that Jonathan had told them and if he had come to town as himself, they would not have paid attention to him. He spins a story that Jonathan is a pathological liar and he only came to town to save his son from himself. He tells a good tail, even with a few tears thrown in so they can see how sincere he is. He tells them that he thinks that Jonathan is the one that killed Marisa, claiming that he found plane ticket stubs in Jonathanís room that prove he was in San Cristobel a few days before Marisaís body washed up on shore. Olivia doesnít know what to believe at this point. Alfred thanks them all for allowing him to get this off his chest before leaving. Josh canít believe that Olivia would give any credence to what the man says at all.

The Beacon:

Tammy has brought Jonathan to a room that her mother always keeps at the Beacon because she knows no one will bother him there. Jonathan is shaking uncontrollably and seems really shaken up. Tammy tries to help him out of his clothes and suggests that he take a shower. When Jonathan seems to snub her help, she gets angry and tells him that she has someplace else to be. She starts to leave but notices that Jonathan is really spaced out and becomes concerned again. She manages to get his shoes and socks off and his shirt and throws a blanket around him. Jonathan becomes a bit vulnerable and tells her that he should have just let himself sink to the bottom of the lake. Tammy is horrified to hear him talk like that. He tells her that his mother was in the same situation and wonders how she felt and what she was thinking. He catches himself before he starts to cry and turns on the tough guy routine again, telling Tammy that she should call whoever she was supposed to meet and tell them that she is going to be late. Tammy calls Sandy and tells him that she is at the Beacon and something came up. She assures him that she does want to see him tonight, more than anything. Jonathan tries to get up and walk and collapses on the floor. Tammy screams his name and rushes to him, hanging up the phone as she does. She gets him back up on a chair, and calls Reva. She tells her aunt that she needs to get to the Beacon right away because Jonathan needs her. Reva tells Tammy to make sure that Jonathan doesnít leave. Tammy tells her that she doesnít think he could leave, even if he wanted to. Jonathan tells her that he wishes they had been different people. We see that he still has feelings for Tammy. Tammy doesnít want to talk about that. Jonathan starts to confide in her about all that is going on with his mother and his father when Sandy knocks on the door. Sandy asks why Tammy is soaking wet. Tammy covers for Jonathan and explains that they had a run in with a faulty sprinkler system. Jonathan gets angry when he remembers that the two of them were supposed to have a date tonight and orders them to leave. Tammy reluctantly gathers her purse and belongings and leaves with Sandy. Jonathan has a bit of a temper tantrum and throws a pillow across the room. He wraps up in the blanket and sits on the chair as someone else knocks on the door. He thinks it is Tammy coming back and is a little disappointed to hear that it is Reva at the door. He lets his mother in and she lays into him right away. She knows that he took the two million from them, she knows that he has been covering for Alfred for months, all of that is coming to an end. Right here and right now. She notices that Jonathan is still shaking and asks if he is okay. The two of them argue about all that he has been keeping from her. He tells her that all of this is her fault because she didnít trust him. If she had trusted him just a little bit, none of this would have ever happened. When Reva protests, he dares her to look in his eyes and tell him that she trusts him. When she canít do it, Jonathan tells her that at least his father trusts him. Reva canít believe that he feels that way. Alfred is a monster that uses him for a punching bag. Jonathan is almost in tears as he admits that he pushes his fathers buttons sometimes, but Alfred does love him and respects him and wants the best for him. Reva tells him that she knows that she made some major mistakes with him, but she wants another chance. She wants to keep him safe. She begs her son to let her help him. Jonathan doesnít want to hear what she is saying. He is just too afraid to believe in her and keeps telling her to stop saying what she is saying. Reva begs him to give it another chance. She almost has him until she tells him that even if he hurt his mother, she is there for him. This infuriates Jonathan again. He is hurt that she could even think that he might hurt the woman that raised him. Reva realizes her mistake and tries to take it back, but it is too late. Jonathan orders her to leave his room. Reva slowly leaves, not knowing what else to do.

A little later, Jonathan comes out of the shower trying to towel dry his hair when there is another knock on the door. He cautiously asks who is at the door. Josh tells him to open the door. Jonathan tells him that he has nothing to say to him. Josh answers by kicking the door open. He orders Jonathan to sit down, they are going to talk right now.

In another room, Bill opens the door for Olivia and asks why she didnít want to go back to their own place tonight. She tells him that she just thought it would be nice to spend the night here. He realizes that she is still thinking about Jonathan and tells her that he believes that Alfred is the one that killed Marisa. Olivia is very distraught and feeling guilty that she wasnít there for her sister. Bill reminds her that she had her own problems to deal with here in Springfield and promises her that everything will work out. He will not let himself, her or their family be hurt. Olivia wishes she could believe him.

Elizabeth & Company:

Marina has set up a table for her and Danny to celebrate her getting into the police academy. Danny worries that she could be held back because she is dating him. Marina tells him that she doesnít worry about that, and he shouldnít either. He is the main reason that she had the courage to go after a whole new dream in the first place. She tells him that he needs to face it, he is good for her. That lightens Danny up a bit and they sit down to enjoy their meal. Marina tells him to close his eyes, and puts on a police hat that Frank gave her. When Danny opens his eyes, he chuckles and tells her that he thinks she looks really good in the hat. As the two of them toast to their future, a man walks into the restaurant and watches them. He sits at a table and Marina asks for his order. Once the order has been placed, she rejoins Danny and tells him that soon she wonít have to take orders again. Danny reminds her that she will still be taking orders, just a different kind. Marina agrees that is true, but she is still looking forward to it. Danny makes an excuse that he needs to make a call and tells her that he will make it outside. When he leaves the restaurant, the man that was watching them follows him outside. Danny stops him and asks who he is and why he is following him. The man tells him that he just wanted to congratulate him. He tells Danny that they have been keeping tabs on him because he is a Santos. Danny tells him that he left the family, and they all know that. The man tells him that he doesnít want any trouble, he just wanted to congratulate Danny on getting a new girl. One that is joining the P.D. He thinks that is very smart of Danny, to be sleeping with a cop. Danny warns the man to stay away from him and Marina and the man takes off. The family made their point, Danny knows that they are still watching him. Marina comes out looking for some help in picking out their dessert. When they have finished the desert, Marina talks about starting to jog every morning to get in shape for the academy. She notices that Danny has been preoccupied since he made that phone call and asks about his business. She wants him to know that she really is interested in what he does and thinks he is always on top of things. She asks if he will be having to go out of town again soon. He tells her that the only place he wants to be is with her. She thinks he is a very smart man. The two playfully enjoy a kiss.

Outside, Tammy and Sandy stop at the table to talk. Tammy doesnít think it is fair that Jonathan still comes between them. She tells him that she would have stopped to help out anyone that was drowning, not just Jonathan. Sandy tells her that she could have just called an ambulance and waited for them to get there and then washed her hands of the whole thing. Tammy reminds him that she left with him and didnít look back. Sandy knows that, but he tells her that he needs a promise from her if the two of them are going to try this again. He tells her that she has to completely wash her hands of Jonathan. If the two of them are going to be something, Jonathan needs to be nothing. Tammy tells him that Jonathan is nothing to her. She has made her choice, and she chooses him.

Back on the Docks:

Reva has come to the docks to clear her mind and think a little bit. She is shocked when she turns around to see Alfred standing behind her.

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