Guiding Light Update Tuesday 7/19/05


By Jennie
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Jill

Harley and Gus are kissing outside, where they are rebuilding Harley’s home. He tells her to keep her eyes closed, that it is time to show Harley her new home. He picks her up and carries her over the threshold. As he tells her “Welcome to your new home” she opens her eyes and gasps.

Gus has candles, lanterns, and tiki torches lit all over the room. She says it is beautiful and he tells her that the only thing beautiful is her. She asks if he did this all for her, Gus says he does everything for her. He tells her welcome home and they kiss.

Tammy applies lipstick outside one of the courtrooms when Sandy walks in. Tammy asks Sandy what is he doing there and he says that he received a phone call, from one of Bill’s new assistants, to come down and see a clerk about a permit. Tammy wonders why he called her also, unless it was a mistake and she got Sandy’s message by accident. Sandy says that might be the case and asks if the clerk is around. Tammy replies that she is in a late meeting with the judge and it might be a while. Sandy tells Tammy she can go but she argues that they should both stay since Bill left them both messages. Sandy smiles and tells Tammy that Bill didn’t leave him the message that she did and set him up.

Nate enters the darkened Lewis house, grabs a beer, and is taking a drink when Reva turns on the light, surprising him. He spits the beer out as she tells him he made a mess. Nate asks her what is she doing there in the dark. Reva says that it is her house, and wonders what he is doing there. Nate says he didn’t help her finish taking the money from Josh’s account the other night because her friend, Olivia, showed up.  So, he is there to take care of the job. Reva looks surprised and says that is interesting because the money is gone. Nate asks what do you mean gone, and Reva tells him that, exactly what she said, that someone took money out of the main Lewis Construction account. She says that she doesn’t know who did it but that someone knows. Nate realizes she means him and swears that he didn’t take it. The look on Reva’s face says that she doesn’t seem to believe him.

Jonathan sits in Company in front of his laptop with the screen opened up on a Cayman Islands bank account; he says to himself that it is just a little traveling money. Josh walks up to him and Jonathan quickly closes the screen. Josh says hello and asks what is he working on?

Harley and Gus break apart; Harley quickly puts her jacket back on as Rick calls out his arrival at the house. Gus isn’t too happy that Rick is there but Harley says to be nice, that it is sweet of Rick to come by. He walks into the room saying to Harley that he sees no cuffs, no ankle bracelets, and no jail jimmies, and jokingly asks if she is free. She chides him and says that he just saw her at Company as she gives him a big hug. He says he is happy to see her and as Gus rolls his eyes Rick asks if he is interrupting something. Gus makes another face as Rick says that he and Harley were good together. Harley tells Gus to be nice since Rick is responsible for putting a roof over the head of her entire family, not to mention that he is the best father for Jude. Rick says she is embarrassing him and Gus agrees he is a wonderful person, although quite sarcastically. Harley says she doesn’t know how she can thank him and Rick tells her that he is keeping a grocery tab of what everyone is eating, especially Frank, who eats like a horse. Rick hugs her again and says he will let her go. He starts to leave as Ross and Blake enter with balloons, food, and drink yelling it is a party. Blake grabs Harley in a huge hug. Ross realizes that there is a definite ambiance around the room that says it might not be a good time. Blake says she doesn’t care, because it is a good time since it’s Harley’s first night as a free woman, and they are going to “party till the sun comes up”. Blake wants to know everything about what has happened with Harley, from going on the lam to being set free. Gus looks more and more disappointed as it looks like he and Harley are not going to be alone. Harley just looks at him apologetically.

Tammy admits that she was the one who left Sandy the message from Bill, because he hadn’t been answering her calls. He tells her that he has been busy; she calls him on that saying that no, he has just been avoiding her. Tammy thinks they need to spend more time together to work things out between them. Sandy says that he doesn’t think it is something they can “just work out”. Tammy says that if by “something” he means Jonathan; she tries to defend herself, but Sandy cuts her off saying that when you love someone you don’t enter into a relationship with the intent to change that person. Tammy points out that he said he loves her and he tells her that she knows that he loves her and that she is the only one for him. He tells her though that there is someone else for her and that part of her still has feelings for Jonathan. She tries to interrupt again, and he stops her, saying no, it is true. She swears that she doesn’t have feelings for Jonathan and asks him why he keeps harping on it. Sandy tells her it is because she won’t admit it to herself and that he knows he is right.

Jonathan tells Josh that he thought he was out of town, as Josh takes a seat at Jonathan’s table. Josh says that he was, but he just got back and had decided to stop to pick up some takeout food. He says that his trip to San Cristobel was interesting and that he is almost sure that Jonathan’s adoptive mother’s death wasn’t an accident, even though he has no proof. He says that too many things don’t add up, especially the fact that Alfred disappeared right after it happened. Jonathan says that he doesn’t care about his family down there any more than he cares about his family in Springfield. Josh asks if that is why he quit his job at Lewis Construction. Jonathan looks surprised that he knows and Josh says that Tammy told him. Jonathan says he is not cut out for the office but Josh tells him that he thought he was doing just fine. Jonathan says he just would have screwed everything up and that Josh is better off without him; then he leaves.

Nate looks over the computer as Reva says they were the only ones who knew about the money, and that she sure as hell didn’t take it, so it must be him. Nate says he is telling the truth and Reva says not to tell her, but to tell the cops as she hands him the phone. Nate pleads with her to listen to him. He says that if he took the money, he wouldn’t have walked back into the house to get caught, but would be on a plane to Tahiti by then. Reva then asks him that if he didn’t take it, who did?  Nate says that professional hackers must have caught on when he unlocked her password and took the money. He tells her that she wouldn’t believe how little skill it takes to do something like that. Reva flashes back to Tammy telling her about Jonathan at the computer; at Lewis doing something that he didn’t want her to know about and how he seemed freaked out. Nate recognizes the look on her face.  He asks her what is she thinking and if she knows who did this. She tells him no, but he doesn’t believe her and calls her out saying that she thinks that Jonathan did it. He tells her that her own son stole money from her husband and asks her if she still wants to talk to the police.

Blake and Harley discuss Harley’s and Gus’ trip to New York.  Blake is getting more and more excited, as everyone drinks champagne. Harley tells Blake how they chased Dr. Wallace to New York and would have caught him if he hadn’t been hit by a cab. Gus throws in that the cab was most likely driven by Sebastian, Blake’s brother, and Blake thanks him for that little addition to the story. She then apologizes for any part that Sebastian had in Harley’s ordeal. Harley tells Blake that is not her fault. Harley asks Blake if she has heard from Sebastian and Blake emphatically says no, and that if he knows what is good for him she won’t. Blake says that she was so happy when Sebastian first came to town, because there was someone else who loved her father the way that she did. She admits she overlooked his bad qualities because of this. Ross interjects that he is just glad that he didn’t hurt Harley, or Gus, or anyone for that matter. Gus starts to say “on that note”, and Blake interrupts saying that they shouldn’t talk about anything sad. They should celebrate. Ross says he thinks it is time for them to go, but Blake protests, saying that she didn’t mean to horn in on their evening, but she just had to see that Harley was “safe and sound” for herself. Harley says she is glad to see Blake too, but tells her to get out. Blake says that she just has one more question and Gus asks if it is where the door is. Blake says no, but asks Harley what she is using on her skin because she has a glow. Harley blushes as Blake asks what exactly they interrupted. Blake tells Harley that she loves her and Harley tells her that she loves her too. Rick jumps in and says that he loves them too.  Ross joins in, and a group hug ensues as Ross says look, he found the door. Harley thanks them for everything, and Blake, Ross, and Rick leave. Rick walks back in and Gus tells him no to whatever he is going to say. Rick asks if he can use the bathroom and Gus yells no. Rick, laughing, leaves the house. Harley laughingly says how nice they are, as Gus puts his champagne down and says he will give her the tour. Harley says she figured that would come later, but Gus says, “first things first”.

Tammy and Sandy are fighting at the courthouse, and Tammy tells Sandy that he is the one with whom she wants to be. She admits that yes, she slept with Jonathan once, but only because he tricked her. Sandy says that he doesn’t want to do this here, and suggests that they go get the papers that they need signed, unless that was all a trick too. Tammy says no, that they do need to be signed, and they sit on opposite sides of the hallway staring at each other until Tammy jumps up and pulls Sandy into a sizzling kiss.

Jonathan is on the docks as many voices and pictures run through his head. Alfred, telling him that he is his son.  Reva, telling him that he is her son. Tammy, saying she wants to hate herself for feeling anything besides wanting to put a knife in his face for what he did to her. Reva, slapping him. Tammy, saying that even if they weren’t cousins, she would still reject him. Jonathan says he needs to get out of Springfield

Nate tells Reva that if she really wants the cops to find who stole the money, she should tip them off to Jonathan. Josh walks in the door and Reva says that she is surprised to see him. Josh says obviously and asks if there’s a “business meeting” going on. Nate excuses himself and Josh says that is what he was expecting to find. Reva fills Josh in on how Nate is really Alfred, and how he beat up Jonathan again. She tells him that Olivia confirmed everything and that she thinks that Jonathan is covering for, and helping, Nate. Josh asks, helping Nate do what?  Reva just looks at him.

Reva tells Josh that Nate has been hurting Jonathan physically and psychologically for years. She tries to stick up for Jonathan, but Josh says he doesn’t need a psychology lesson. She admits that she is scared for Jonathan and for the two of them. Josh says that she doesn’t need to be scared, because he is home. Josh tells Reva that he saw Jonathan at Company and that he looks like he was getting ready to leave. Reva blames herself and then tells Josh that someone stole 2.3 million dollars out of the Lewis Construction account. Josh says it is not possible because the only way someone could do that is if they knew the password, and the only people who knew it were Josh, Bill, Billy, and Reva. Reva admits to Josh her plan of having Nate steal the money.  Josh acts as if he doesn’t believe her, as she finishes the story. She tells him that Nate didn’t do it, but Josh says whoever did it will spend a lot of time behind bars. Reva tells him no because it may be Jonathan, but that it is Nate’s fault for being the way he is. She says that he knows how to push buttons like he did with her, telling her she was beautiful and desirable. Reva suddenly stops talking. Josh asks her to finish, and she says it doesn’t matter, but Josh tells her that he thinks it does.

Jonathan is on the docks when Nate/Alfred walks up and asks if Jonathan is going somewhere. Jonathan says yes, and that he should too because Reva and Olivia are onto him. Nate/Alfred asks if Jonathan has anything else to tell him, like about the money, his money that Jonathan stole. He says after all he has done for Jonathan, this is the thanks he gets. He grabs Jonathan by the head. Nate/Alfred accuses Jonathan of trying to leave town with the money and says that he knows Nate/Alfred can’t let him do that.

Tammy pulls away from Sandy and asks Sandy if he believes her now. Sandy says she is not making it easy on her; she says good, because she doesn’t want to make it easy, she wants to make it as hard as possible for him not to believe her. She says that she will write him love notes, call him constantly, and build a shrine to him if he will just believe that he is the one that she wants. Sandy asks her to please not build a shrine and she asks him not to give up on her. Tammy asks if he remembers when she wanted to give up, and how she jumped off the docks into the frozen water and he pulled her out. Tammy says that he saved her life and asks him if now he is just willing to walk away. Sandy says he doesn’t know and Tammy tells him he does, but that he can’t do it. Sandy says he needs to think and asks Tammy to take care of the permit thing. He says he will be back in an hour. Then he says that maybe they can give it another shot.  He kisses her, and leaves. Tammy looks hopeful.

Gus shows Harley the pictures the boys made for her to welcome her home. He shows her around and tells her stories about everything in the house, from the refrigerator, to made up food that will go in it. He shows her the great room and jokes that she will be in the kitchen, barefoot, while he and the boys are in the room with the new plasma TV. He tells her about fixing up the bathroom and the Jacuzzi he plans on putting in. Harley says how wonderful it all is and how grateful she is to have Gus in her life. He tells her that she is stuck with him and she says that is fine with her as they kiss.

Harley and Gus dance in the candlelight as she starts to undress him. They continue to dance and undress each other until he lays her down on the bed and they start to make love.

Josh says that he is going to find Nate and tear him apart. Reva says that it won’t help, because it won’t get him out of their lives, and it won’t punish him the way he should be punished. Josh says that he doesn’t care, but Reva does, saying it will just make him angrier and that he will take it out on Jonathan. Reva begs him to stop and tells him how embarrassed and ashamed she feels. She asks him to please let her handle this her way. He says that her way has stolen all of his, Bill’s, and Billy’s money, not to mention the money for their kids, and the money for payroll for all of their employees. He yells at her, and asks how she would suggest that they take care of this “her way”. He patronizes her, asking if they offer Jonathan milk and cookies does she think Jonathan will give the money back. She says that she wants to confront him, and that if Jonathan won’t give the money back then she will go to the police. Josh says that he will wait 2 hours for Reva to get the money but then he will go to the police. They leave to find Jonathan.

Nate has Jonathan by the collar and drags him to the edge of the dock. Nate/Alfred tells Jonathan that he is weak like his mother Marisa. He says that another thing they have in common is their fear of water, and that her coddling of him is why he is weak. Nate says that if Jonathan doesn’t give him the money he will throw him into the water. Jonathan agrees and Nate lets go of him. Nate threatens that if Jonathan leaves town with the money that he will hunt him down and finish what he started. Nate starts to leave, but at the last second turns around and, grabbing him by the head, pushes Jonathan into the water.

Sandy walks back into the courthouse and looks around for Tammy, but she is on the docks. She remembers back to when Sandy saved her life by pulling her out of the water and how he promised to take care of her when she hears someone in the water. She looks in, yells “Jonathan!”, and jumps in after him.

Reva and Josh go back to Company where Josh points out the table where he had been sitting. Reva wonders if he really has left town already.

Tammy pulls Jonathan out of the water, and tries to revive him. He starts to spit out the water and looks up at Tammy.

Reva apologizes again and wonders why Josh is even still with her. He tells her he knows that Nate took advantage of her, but when Reva says that Josh is letting her off the hook he tells her he isn’t. She asks if he is mad at her and Josh says yes, he is very mad at her, but mainly because Reva didn’t ask him to help her when things got tough.  Instead she asked a stranger. He says they have to figure out why she did that. He changes his mind though, and says that it is Reva who has to figure out why she did that, because this is no longer his problem but hers. Reva admits he is right, and Josh says that now they have to find Jonathan and Nate, get the money back, and make Nate pay. Reva thanks him and pulls him into a hug.

Gus and Harley lay in bed after making love. Gus says that this time last year they were making wedding plans. Harley says that they lost their way, but Gus says he thinks of it more as a detour. He says that they are surer now what a real commitment is: sticking with someone even when you don’t know what will happen. Harley says she knows that they are stronger together rather than apart; she wants that back.  Gus is glad and says he took the liberty of planning ahead. He said that while Harley was gone, things got hard for him and that no matter how bad things were, he was okay because he had Harley’s ring with him.

He slips the ring back on her finger and says that it is back where it belongs. She welcomes it home and then pulls out Gus’ mom’s ring and says that she had it with her today. She asks Gus if it is still hers and he says he would want it to be with no one else.

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