Guiding Light Update Monday 7/18/05


By Jennie 
Pictures by Boo
Proofread by Jill

Alan stands outside a door; a woman walks up to him, saying she didn’t expect to see him that day. She says that she saw some stuff on the news; he says not to believe everything that she sees. The woman asks if she should announce him, and he says no, he will go in by himself.  She unlocks the door to room #5 and Alan walks in to find Phillip sitting behind a desk.

Philip looks up and says “Hey Dad, I’m glad you’re here. Come on in.”

Edmund is standing outside Company, looking in the window, as Dinah comes up behind him and asks, “Guess who?” Edmund asks how many guesses he gets and Dinah says, “one”. She asks what is he doing there, and he says he is continuing with the plan to hurt Cassie by making her hurt as much as he and Dinah did. Dinah says that they should torture Cassie later, and that Edmund should join her back at her place. Edmund agrees and they leave.

Cassie and a woman named Janet, who is carrying a big bunch of balloons, are setting up for a kid’s party. Janet asks Cassie if she is sure she doesn’t need more manpower, but Cassie says she should be okay even though her clown cancelled.

Ross walks outside, and Cassie asks if Clarissa is inside. Ross says yes, she is chasing RJ around Company. Ross says that not only is RJ Clarissa’s favorite cousin but that she is planning on marrying him someday. Cassie says that Clarissa has good taste. Ross asks if Dinah is planning on stopping by. Cassie says she doesn’t know, but that Dinah is more than welcome to stop by and stay for a while. Ross says that he hasn’t been able to get a hold of her on her cell phone and that he will stop by the Beacon to see her. He asks if it would be okay to come back and get Clarissa later, and Cassie says yes, although the party might end early due to lack of a clown. Ross laughs and says he can’t help her with that as he leaves, and she jokingly begs him to help her out. Cassie wonders out loud what she is going to do about a clown when Jeffrey walks up and asks if she needs help.

Frank and Mallet are talking at the courthouse. Frank says he is going to the station and asks Mallet if he would like to come for old times’ sake. Mallet says no, he thinks it is time for him to get going. Frank asks if he has a job waiting for him. Mallet says no. Frank asks Mallet to join him since Alan is still on the loose. Mallet says that Harley doesn’t need him hanging around. Harley and Gus run up then; Although Harley is surprised to see Mallet, she seems glad because they have a tip on the whereabouts of Alan. They tell Frank and Mallet about the tip from the docks and they say there is nothing there but an old office complex where he may be hanging out. Harley asks Mallet if he is coming and he says yes, although he is not sure why Alan would still be in Springfield and not out of the country with everyone looking for him.

Alan walks into a perfectly recreated Spaulding boardroom and tells Phillip he looks good. Phillip says he is glad that Alan is there since there are some problems on zoning they need to go over before their meeting. Phillip says he wants to keep Alan involved; Alan replies that he appreciates this. Alan tells Phillip that he has to say goodbye and leave Springfield to protect both Phillip and himself.

Mallet, Harley, Frank, and Gus arrive at the docks. Harley lays out a plan and Frank says that Harley, Gus, and Mallet should stay where they are since they are civilians. Mallet agrees with Frank, but Harley and Gus disagree. Harley says she isn’t afraid of Alan, and she wants to be there when they get him. The foursome starts to look around the abandoned office building, splitting up into groups of two. Harley and Gus go one way and Mallet and Frank another. Gus tells Harley to stop for just a second and she says she didn’t get as far as she did by stopping. Gus says he just wants to protect her. Harley says that she is not only going after Alan for herself, but for Phillip because even after all he did he didn’t deserve to die the way he did.

Alan tells Phillip that he has taken his rightful place at Spaulding Enterprises. He says he is going to step aside and let Phillip continue to do everything on his own. Phillip tells him he doesn’t have to. Alan says that if he leaves then Phillip can run the company until his kids are ready to take over. Phillip asks how the kids are and Alan calls them “perfect little Spauldings”.

Phillip says that he loves them and wants to give them everything they deserve. Alan says that that is what he wants for Phillip. Alan replies that Phillip has board members waiting. They say goodbye. Phillip stands up as some orderlies walk in. He is wearing his suit coat with pajama bottoms. He hands the orderlies some paper and acts like he is conducting a meeting. Alan stands outside, and breaks down as he says goodbye at the door.

Jeffrey and Cassie stand outside of Company where they discuss Jeffrey going either to an event with lawyers or a children’s party. Jeffrey makes some comments about her being a “sexy mama” that make Cassie blush. Feeling a tug at his leg Jeffrey says there is a small dog, and kneels down to the child. The little boy asks him if he is a magician. Cassie tells the little boy to go and tell the others that Jeffardo the Magnificent is there. Cassie says if Jeffrey wants to make magic with her later, that he better pull something out of his hat.

Dinah and Edmund kissing; she pulls away and says that she still sees Cassie in his eyes. He says you have to love someone before you can truly hate them. Dinah talks about how special tonight will be and how they will connect with each other. She tells him how she felt when the baby died. She says she wants to get pregnant with Edmund’s baby that night, he tells her not to even think it.

Alan and Dr. Reese discuss Phillip, saying that he is completely delusional, although he enjoys his delusions. Alan asks how Philip’s chest is and she says he is healing very well, just a scar is left. Alan tells her he is leaving for a while. He asks if she thinks he will ever come out of it. Dr. Reuse says probably not. He tells her to take care of his boy. Alan takes one last look at the door as Harley and Gus walk up and sees Alan, telling him not to move.

Rick walks up to Tammy at Company and Tammy asks him where Jude is. Rick says that Jude is upstairs. Rick says that Tammy will be glad to know he just want to the doctor and that her father’s heart is ticking and in good shape. She asks if she can listen and puts her head on his chest. Cassie and Jeffrey walk in and make small talk with Rick and Tammy. Rick says he must get back to the hospital. Cassie says that Jeffrey is cute when he is freaking out. Jeffrey says the only magic he wants to do is to disappear. RJ asks if he is really going to do magic, Jeffrey says no, Cassie says yes and Rick leaves. Jeffrey tells the kids to sit around him and he pulls money from behind a kid’s ear. The kids call him on and tell that he got it out of his pocket. He then tries to make Cassie disappear but the kids’ say she is right behind him. He says he has a secret that he is the worst magician, and tries to pull a tablecloth knocking everything off of the table. He then throws paper plates, which makes the kids start to laugh. Jeffrey then starts a food fight that everyone joins in on.

Edmund and Dinah, he says he has to sabotage his old family before making a new one. Edmund wants to see Cassie want the baby and afterward see her face when she realizes that there is no baby. Edmund says that their only goal can be making Cassie pay. Edmund starts to passionately kiss Dinah to get her mind off the questions.

Harley and Gus tell Alan not to run but he does and hits a dead end.  When Gus and Harley corner him, he starts to run again and Frank tackles him seemingly out of nowhere. Harley tells Alan that this is her winning. Gus asks him what he was doing there as Frank handcuffs him and Alan sarcastically says he was plotting a plan of secret domination. Alan tells Frank to arrest him and Gus says he is going to prison. Alan tries to make Gus feel guilty for being a bad son and Gus tells him he has already pulled that particular guilt trip before. Harley says everyone will know what he has done and that her family stood by her. She asks where any of the people are that love him, and he says they are gone. Frank takes a handcuffed Alan off to jail. Harley and Gus follow and the camera pans in on room #5.

Edmund hears an evil sounding voice in his head, saying that Dinah is a sweet kid but that she can’t get pregnant. It says that they have to keep Cassie thinking that Dinah is pregnant with Edmund and Cassie’s baby so that he can get her back. The voice tells him that to get Cassie away from Jeffrey she must think that Dinah is still pregnant. The voice asks about Dinah and Edmund thinks to the voice that she is getting what she wants, but the voice says that is evil and congratulates him on it. Edmund gets dressed to go to the party, where he knows Cassie is.

Jeffrey is entertaining the kids, and Cassie says he surprised her again. Cassie says that she is playing hard to get when Jeffrey gets a call. Cassie asks if it is good news or bad news. He says that the good news is, they got Alan, but the bad news is he must leave. He says he will be back because he can’t disappoint his fans or Cassie. He kisses her and leaves.

Alan is at the courthouse, wanting to know what is going on;  why is he there, instead of at the jail getting a mug shot they can post all over the papers. They say he is a flight risk and must keep him in close sight. Harley says he will pay. Alan says he will be exonerated. Alan says that the confession won’t stand up; Gus asks what about the gloves. Alan tells them to bring in Alex, since she has the gloves and she is used to the courthouse. Alan tells Harley that she ruined his life by pushing him over the edge and that she will now ruin Gus’. Harley throws back that she wasn’t the one who ended his life and that nothing will keep Alan from paying.

Gus says he thinks Alan is disgusting. Alan says that they don’t know everything. Harley asks what they don’t know that he better tell them soon since he will be in a tiny little cell. Jeffrey walks in and asks what is going on. Alan says that if Jeffrey prosecutes then he will sue them for false imprisonment. Frank fills in Jeffrey on the arrest. Alan then turns to Mallet saying that he blew his chance.

Mallet asks if Alan ever shuts up. Alan tells him that he did everything for her and she chose Gus. Gus tries to convince Harley to leave but she says she wants to see him pay. They kiss and leave. Mallet says they are moving on and leaving him behind, Alan say Harley is leaving Mallet behind as well.

Dinah wakes up and calls for Edmund. She puts on a robe and finds a letter telling her that he is going to find special champagne to celebrate their “newfound” understanding. There is a knock on the door, Dinah calls out Edmund but it is Ross, she hurries to put on the pregnancy pad and answers the door. Ross hands her a bag of Pringles and milk saying he likes to look after her and the baby. Dinah says that she wishes that Ross could be a true granddad to this baby.

Ross says she will have more babies. She says when he tells her that she believes it, he says she should. She says why does she need a guy to have a baby and Ross says that she would be selling herself short, that she deserves everything. Dinah says she wants a family like Ross’. He hints that she could have a wonderful man who is not Edmund. Dinah compares her and Edmund to Ross and Blake. Ross says he can’t argue with her on that and Dinah celebrates that they are in agreement. She says she will prove to everyone that she and Edmund are real.

Tammy and Cassie clean up after the party. Cassie says Tammy is the best because she is always looking out for her and says things that seem like they are finally looking up. Edmund looks in from outside as RJ spots him. Tammy brings Cassie’s attention to Edmund. He says he just wanted to make sure that RJ was having a good time. He tells RJ to go have fun, and Cassie says that he is not intruding, that RJ is glad to see him. They discuss how sad things are between them and Edmund says he didn’t want to make things worse. He says he knows things are hard since this is the anniversary of Richard’s death. Cassie is shocked that he remembers. Edmund says that of course he remembers since Richard was his brother.

 His phone rings.  At first he doesn’t answer, and continues to talk to Cassie about how Richard’s death is something they will always share. He finally answers the phone.  It is Dinah; she hears the kids in the background and asks where he is.

Dinah asks again where he is. Edmund says he is in front of the liquor store with a candy store next door. She says they could have just ordered room service but he says he wanted it to be special. She buys his story and asks if he forgot. She likes that answer, but when Edmund brings up Cassie’s name, she says she doesn’t want to hear it, and Edmund says “Cassie who?”

Jeffrey calls Cassie and she tells him Edmund was there. She discusses Richard’s death with him, and he says he shouldn’t have left. She thinks things are starting to get better and that he is trying to let go. Jeffrey says to be careful, that Edmund always has something up his sleeve. Cassie says she thinks Edmund is getting the message that she is moving on.

Frank and Mallet discuss how great it is that Harley is out and how good it is for all of the Coopers. Frank tells Mallet to stick around Springfield; Mallet considers it. Frank says that every once in a while when he talks to Eleni, Marina’s mom, she says that no place has ever felt like home since she left Springfield. Mallet says nowhere feels like home but perhaps, possibly,
Springfield. Mallet says that maybe he will stick around for a while. Frank is glad to have him back and hugs him.

Gus and Harley are at Harley’s house. She says that home would be nice with walls and doors and plumbing. He says home is where the love is and that therefore in essence Harley is his home. He tells her to close her eyes, picks her up and carries over the threshold. She opens her eyes and gets a wide smile on her face

Alan is told to have a seat by the policeman guarding him. He thinks about the room where Phillip is being held. The camera zooms in on Phillip’s wedding band, as he gets up and stares at a picture of Beth on the wall.

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