Guiding Light Update Friday 7/15/05


By Jennie
Pictures by Boo

Frank and Harley get off of the elevator leading into the courthouse and discuss how long it has been since Harley has been since she could walk around in public and not have to look over her shoulder. Frank answers about the same amount of time since he has gotten any sleep. They discuss that the good news is that they are at the hearing and Frank says she will be a free woman after today. Harley says not to get her all excited in case it doesn’t work out that way and Frank reassures her that it will happen. She says the “important thing is that Alan is behind bars”. She walks away as Frank gets an uneasy look on his face.

Gus and Mallet are inside the courtroom talking about it being Harley’s big day. Jeffrey from the DA’s table tells Gus that Harley has his office’s full support. Gus thanks him but says that he is worried about Alan being on the loose. Jeffrey says he is worried more about Harley’s safety and about the safety of Gus with Alan being free.

Coop and Alex show up on the docks where Alex points out that the Spaulding yacht is where it should be in its slip. Coop wonders about the jet and Alex says that no one uses it without her permission and to trust her. Coop says that he doesn’t take much stock in anything she says these days, and Alex agrees why he would think that. She says that Lizzie is probably just off at a spa somewhere. Coop is skeptical that she would be at a spa with Sebastian, when she hears that Lizzie is with Sebastian she too becomes worried and says they need to find her. They leave the docks to call head of security at Spaulding to find Lizzie. The camera pans over to a man lying underneath some boxes on the ground, the man rolls over and it is Alan who has overheard their conversation.

Sebastian walks up to a sleeping Lizzie on the Spaulding jet, looks at her for a while and then taps her to wake her up. Lizzie is startled out of sleep and asks if they are there, Sebastian tells her they haven’t even left yet that they just got the part 45 minutes ago. Lizzie asks where Roxie is. Sebastian lies that she is with the pilot still. Lizzie looks at her reflection and thinking she looks awful says that she wants to go home and shower. Sebastian tells her no, that since the plane should be fixed in no time, she should just freshen up in the bathroom. Lizzie starts to go but stops as the phone rings and eavesdrops on Sebastian's phone call about how Alan is no where to be found. Sebastian tells the person on the other line to find him and tell him that he has something very precious and perishable to him, his granddaughter.

Marina and Danny enter the courtroom and sit down, Danny asks if she is nervous and she says yes, he realizes that she is also nervous about her police academy test results. She admits to being a little nervous but says she realizes it is out of her hands. Danny reassures her that she will get in. Frank and Harley enter the courtroom and she and Buzz hug, Buzz tells her that is almost over and she is coming home.

Alan wipes off his coat as homeless man behind him and says it is a beautiful day. Alan wants to know what is so beautiful about it and the man says that they are alive. He introduces himself as Leo and holds out his hand to shake Alan’s. Alan says he isn’t staying any longer and ignoring the hand stands up. Leo laughs and says he has heard that one before, Alan tells him that he is not homeless like him and that he was just looking for some peace and quiet to figure out how he was going to get out of town. Another homeless man joins Leo as he sarcastically asks if Alan is going to fly into Paris on the Concord and Alan yells that the Concord is not even in service anymore, Leo then says he guesses Alan is going to sail out on the Queen Mary then. Alan says that no he has “one more thing to take care of first”

Harley and Buzz separate and Harley hugs Marina. They say how good it is to see each other and Harley thanks Marina for everything. Marina says she didn’t do anything and Danny says that is not true. Marina tells Harley how they impersonated Harley and Gus to throw Alan off of their trail. Danny says to tell her what else is going on and Marina says she was going to wait till after the results. After reassuring her family that is not pregnant, which gets a look from her father after Danny says it; she tells them that she applied at the police academy. Harley and Frank argue over whom she takes after and Harley says of course she will get into the academy, it is in her blood. They all sit down for the start of the trial as Harley walks over to Gus, Mallet, and Buzz and asks them what is new.

Coop and Alex arrive at the courthouse, Alex decides to stay outside for a little while. Coop enters and sits down next to his father, asking him if he remembers the story of the girl who cried wolf. Buzz says it was a boy and Coop waves him off asking how it ended. Buzz says that the wolf ate the boy and Coop looking nervous says that was how he thought.

Lizzie wonders how she is going to get away from Sebastian telling herself to remember who she is and that he should be afraid of her. He knocks on the door and asks what is taking her so long. She stalls saying that “beauty takes time”, he says that a pretty girl like her is perfect the way she is. She asks for a few minutes and he says to take her time. He calls the pilot and wonders how long it takes to screw in a bolt and is told that they need clearance from Alexandra to take off. Sebastian says he is the president of Spaulding so they should listen to him. Lizzie calls Coop, and tells her that she is on the jet with Sebastian and she thinks that he is trying to kidnap her, she tells him they are still on the ground. Coop tells her to stall as long as she can by “being herself” or something. Lizzie gets a bit upset by this, but puts on powder and opens the door. Sebastian notices she looks pale and she tries to stall by saying she is afraid of flying. Sebastian grabs her and says there are worse things to be afraid of.

Harley says that here they are together again, referring to Mallet who says he is just there to show support. Harley asks if Alan is going to be there to testify, and Gus tells her to ask Frank. Harley suspiciously asks why she has to ask Frank, and they tell her that Alan escaped possibly with the help of Sebastian. She is worried that without Alan she may not be set free and that there is a murderer on the loose. Frank says that they still will have to let her go since Alan admitted in front of a roomful of people that he killed Phillip. No one looks too sure. Judge Ellis enters and says to Jeffrey that this request is unusual since Harley was already convicted of the crime. She asks if the state is ready to present their case and Jeffrey says that for the most part they are. The judge wants to know what “for the most part means” and Jeffrey says that the new suspect, Alan has escaped. Harley asks Gus how that means that he was just kind of sorta missing.

Alan and Leo are on the docks where Alan tells them that they are a sad lot, Leo still thinks that Alan is pretending not to be homeless. Alan says he has a matter of life and death to take care of. When Leo still is skeptical Alan asks Leo of he has any idea of who he is. A police officer walks up and says that he will bite and asks Alan who he is.

Jeffrey pleads the state's case, saying that Alan is being searched for and will be caught. Cut to Jeffrey asking Frank on the stand about the bloody gloves. Frank says that the blood is Phillips, and that they gloves who they got from Alex are definitely Alan’s. They know this from them being the right size and that they had a credit card showing that Alan bought them.

Alex, now on the stand, says she is so sorry for not coming forward sooner to help Harley. She says she didn’t because Alan is her brother and that she was afraid of Alan. The judge asks if she was advised of her right not to testify and Jeffrey says that she is getting immunity from prosecution for her help. Alex says she just wants to do what is right, and Harley wonders why now, Gus says that at least she is doing better than Alan is. Jeffrey then shows that Alex made a video out of fear from Alan. Cut again to Jeffrey asking the judge to drop all charges against Harley. The judge says that there is another matter at hand of Harley escaping from prison, which is still against the law.

Lizzie asks again where Roxie is, Sebastian realizes that Lizzie was eavesdropping on his conversation. Lizzie once again wants to know where Roxie is and Sebastian says the mutt is the least of Lizzie’s problems. She says that she is not a mutt, she has all of her papers. Sebastian tells her that she is worth and lot of money and Lizzie wonders why everyone always sees her as dollar signs. Lizzie takes Coop’s advice and starts berating Sebastian and pulling a prima donna act. The plane’s motor starts to run and Lizzie starts to freak out telling Sebastian she needs to do her yoga or she will throw up. Sebastian gives her 5 minutes. She starts to chant and Sebastian looking annoyed covers his ears and walks away. Lizzie starts chanting for Coop.

Alan tells the police officer that he doesn’t know who he is, and the police officer leaves telling Alan he should come to the 5th street job fair. Realizing that the coffee and doughnuts that the police officer brought were from Company, Alan makes a comment. Leo tells Alan that it is a place run by the Coopers, Alan corrects him saying that it is run by the Spauldings. Leo tells him that the Coopers are the “heart and soul” of Company and that they are one hell of a family. Leo says that Harley got a raw deal, and tells Alan that he saw her face once and that you can tell a lot about someone by their face being the window into the soul. He tells Alan that his face needs a lot of cleaning. Alan tells Leo he wants him to do something for him.

Gus tries to defend Harley by saying that he was the one who made Harley leave, Harley jumps up and says that Gus is lying. Trying to protect Harley, Mallet jumps up and says that it was his fault that they left. They all start to talk over one another in an attempt to protect the other. The judge tells her that although it is clear that she has to big fans that this is a court of law and that they all need to sit down. They all listen and the judge continues that even though she did break the law by escaping, that the situation calls for not following the letter of law and instead the spirit of the law. She drops all charges against Harley and tells her she is free to go. The courtroom celebrates as Harley and Frank hug.

Marina hugs Harley and tells her Harley how happy she is for her, and Harley says for Marina to go and find out her own exciting news. Danny and Marina leave after Danny tells Harley congratulations.

Buzz kisses Harley and she asks him to go and get her boys. He leaves as Jeffrey tells Harley not to run off, since she has papers to sign. They go back and forth about if it can be done later, and Harley hugs Jeffrey. Jeffrey acts all uncomfortable but she thanks him for getting this done so quickly. Buzz runs into Alex in the hallway and she apologizes again. Although he says he knows why she did it he says that it wasn’t about loyalty it was about trust. He tells her that he loves her and then walks away. Alex goes to follow, but Harley stops her and tells her to let him go.

Marina calls to find out her results, and with a frown she tells Danny she failed, she can’t keep the smile off of her face for long though, and admits she was kidding that she passed. They hug and kiss.

Mallet hugs Frank (there is a lot of hugging in this episode) and leaves the courtroom. Frank says he owes Jeffrey big time and Jeffrey says if they want to thank him to get Alan back in custody.

Alan gives money to Leo that if anyone asks about him to say he left on a bus. Leo tries to tell him to get whatever is on his chest to get it off and Alan says he is paying him to keep quiet not to give advice. Alan leaves and the other homeless man looks on with a knowing look on his face.

Sebastian tells Lizzie to stop with the yoga, and to buckle up. She says she is not relaxed yet and he says tough. She tries to stall with an idea for them to share Spaulding, and he calls her Babycakes, which sets her off. Sebastian tells her that he works alone.

Alex apologizes to Harley but she tells her that it is too little too late. She continues that what is sad is that even after Buzz forgave Alex for everything, she hurt him again. She tells her that she had a great guy, but asks what she has now. Mallet is on the phone checking out of his motel, and Harley stops him and asks him if he is just going to sneak off. They talk about how much they have been through in the last couple of months and say an emotional goodbye. He tells her that he hopes Gus takes good care of her. Harley says that he has taught her a lot, Mallet says “how to hurt?” and she responds no “how to forgive”. They hug and pull apart as the elevator opens up. He teller her to stay happy and that if she ever needs him. Harley looks sad as Gus walks up behind her and hugs her.

Mallet shows up at company and although he tried so leave, Marina makes him stay. He makes a comment that the bossiness didn’t skip a generation. Danny and Mallet introduce themselves and Mallet recognizes the Santos name. Marina tells him about the police academy and he revels about how she has grown up.

She leaves to get ice cream for the kids, and Danny asks Mallet about how he used to be a cop. He asks if him being a Santos will hurt Marina on the force. Mallet says that yes who he is will hurt her chances.

Lizzie tells Sebastian that he would not hurt her because she is his meal ticket. Coop jumps on the plane, and when Sebastian calls him Mr. Cooper, Lizzie corrects him. Coop says he called the cops, but when Sebastian calls him on why they aren’t there, he switches tactics, saying that Coop feels sorry for him having to deal with Lizzie. Sebastian throws Lizzie at Coop and says he is sick of the little rich girl. He calls the pilot and says to take off.

Jeffrey, Gus, Frank, and Harley discuss Alan as Buzz brings Zach and Jude in. Zach says that they missed her, and he starts to tell her stuff that she has missed. Zach asks when she is going to go away again and she hugs him and tells him never.

Danny says that from what Mallet said that letting Marina go is the only way not to make things harder. Mallet says that isn’t exactly what he meant and says that Danny works hard every day to make up for his past mistakes. Danny says that yes but he doesn’t want Marina to have to pay for his mistakes. Mallet says that if she means anything at all to him not to mess it up. They agree how great of a girl she is. Mallet leaves as Marina comes back into the room. She asks if she missed something.

Lizzie and Coop arrive at Company. He says that he hopes she isn’t mad at him for his acting on the plane, she says no. He tells her she is special. Lizzie admits that she was shaken by what just happened, and he tells her how Sebastian may have killed Dr. Wallace. Lizzie starts to faint as Coop catches her.

Zach and Jude catch Harley up on everything by telling cute stories, and Zach tells Harley that Buzz said they could keep a kitten that was born while she was gone. Buzz takes the boys to company as Harley hugs Gus in happiness. Shorty, the other homeless man from the dock, shows up and says he has information.

Gus gives him money and says he had a new roomie, and holds up a picture of Alan.

Alan stands outside of a door as a woman walks up to him saying she didn’t expect to see him that day. She says she saw some stuff on the news and he says not to believe everything that she sees. She asks if she should announce him, and he says no he will go in alone today.

She unlocks the door to room #5 and Alan walks in to find Phillip sitting behind a desk. He looks up and says “Hey Dad, I’m glad you’re here. Come on in.”

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