Guiding Light Update Friday 7/15/05


By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

In the hallway at the courthouse, Harley and Frank get ready for her trial. She thinks about how long it has been since she was a free woman not on the run. He smiles and assures her that once the hearing is over that she will be fine. Harley is hesitant, but happy that at least Alan is where he belongs. As she turns around, Frank looks nervous.

Inside the courtroom, Gus and Jeffery are busy working on their case. Mallet approaches Gus and makes it clear that he’s there to support Harley. Jeffery comments that the district attorney’s office is ready to fully support Harley and her plea for freedom. Gus seems distracted and comments on Alan being ‘out there.’ Mallet and Gus look at one another nervously as Jeffery mentions that he is most concerned over the safety of both Gus and Harley.

Alex and Coop are at the Springfield Docks. She points to a ship and tells him that she was right; the Spaulding Yacht is right where it is supposed to be. He looks worried nonetheless and wonders what is up with the jet. She informs him that that no one can take the jet without her approval. Coop lets her know that she’s not the most trustworthy person in town right now and asks her to check in on it anyway. She seems annoyed as she claims that her niece is most likely off in a spa enjoying herself somewhere. “In a spa? With Sebastian Hulce?” Coop asks her incredulously. Alex’s face drops as she finally realizes that Lizzie is with someone dangerous. She grabs a phone, and mentions that she’s going to call the head of Spaulding security. It is apparent that Alex deems Sebastian a major threat.

As Coop and Alex are exiting, we see Alan waking up from on the docks. He was hidden by some barrels, and was using his jacket as a pillow. Moaning and rolling over, he wakes up completely.

As Alan is sitting up, we notice another man behind him. The second man extends his hand, and introduces himself as Leo. Alan is rude and shrugs the guy off. He makes it clear that spending the night on the docks was a one night thing. He stands up and mentions that he only needs to figure out the best way to leave town. Leo, who is now with another unnamed homeless man, jokes about Alan flying to Paris. Alan looks away, with a serious look on his face, and mentions that he has one more thing to take care of.

Alan doesn’t want to made fun of and wonders if his new friends know who he is. A police officer walks onto the docks with food from Elizabeth & Company just as Alan is about to announce to his new friends his true identity. He quickly corrects himself, and mentions that he has never been to town before. The cop leaves off some coffee and doughnuts for the men.

Alan notices the bag that the food came from and comments that it’s from Company. The homeless mention how great the Cooper’s are and that they are the heart and soul of town. Alan doesn’t want to hear it and mentions that he has a job for Leo.

Danny and Marina make their way into the courtroom. She is clearly nervous about the well being of her aunt, and he assures her that things are going to be fine. He realizes that it’s something more, and wonders if she’s also still worried about the police exam. She shrugs it off, and claims that there is nothing she can do about it now – either she gets in or she doesn’t.

Harley finally walks into the courtroom, and her father immediately hugs her. He is glad that the day has finally come when she will come home.

Marina waits her turn so that she can hug her aunt. They laugh and smile with one another. Harley thanks her niece for being there for her, and Marina mentions that she didn’t do much of anything. Danny, who is sitting nearby, makes it clear that it’s not the truth. “What? What happened? Spill it.” Harley demands.

Marina mentions that she and Danny went undercover as her and Gus. Harley flips out; she turns to Frank wondering how he took it. He smiles, and admits that he too wasn’t happy with it. Danny stands up and reminds Marina that she has more news that she needs to share with her aunt. Marina mentions that she ‘wanted to get the results first,’ and Harley immediately wonders if she’s pregnant. Marina assures them that she’s not; she goes on to tell Harley that she took the Police Academy exam. She is met by hugs as Harley gushes on about how proud she is of her niece. Frank breaks up the party and tells them that they need to sit down as things should be about ready to start.

Harley looks up to see Buzz, Gus and Mallet all talking quietly with one another.

Back outside in the hall, Coop makes Alex promise him that she will call him immediately if she hears anything regarding Lizzie. She guarantees that she will and he heads inside. Alex lets him know that she needs a moment to collect her thoughts before heading inside.

Coop walks in and sits down next to his father, who immediately realizes that something is wrong. He mentions the story of ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ to his father and asks how it ended. Buzz reminds him that things didn’t turn out so well for the boy. Coop looks even more worried now.

Sebastian wanders around the plane while Lizzie lays on the couch fast asleep. He approaches her and stops, hovering just above her. She wakes up; wondering if they’re finally there yet. Sebastian tells her that, sadly, they’re not. He goes on to explain that the plane had a mechanical problem, and that they just got the part. He promises her that they are going to take off really soon. Lizzie immediately wants to know where Roxie is and he lies to her; claiming that the dog is still with the pilot. Taking him at his word; she shrugs it off.

Lizzie looks at herself in a mirror and thinks she looks horrible. She mentions going home, and Sebastian lets her know that it’s not the best idea. He raises his voice; telling her that she should just freshen up in the bathroom. She looks worried, but agrees to it. As she is about to shut the bathroom door Sebastian gets a phone call. Realizing that something is up; she leaves the door open a crack. Lizzie eavesdrops as Sebastian questions someone on the whereabouts of Alan. “When you find him, tell him that I have something he wants – his granddaughter.” He yells into the phone.

Back in the bathroom, Lizzie looks both nervous and frightened. She’s not sure what she should do, as she reminds herself that she is a Spaulding. She coaxes herself; mentioning that Sebastian should be afraid of her.

There is a knock on the door; Sebastian is wondering where she is and what’s taking so long. “Beauty takes time.” She calls out as Sebastian rolls his eyes. He lets her know that she can take her time and wanders into the main cabin.

Picking up the phone, Sebastian demands to know how much longer it will take before they get off the ground. He’s told that they need to get some sort of clearance and he erupts in anger. “You don’t need to get clearance from anyone other than me.” He hisses. “I am the president of Spaulding Enterprises.” He reminds them that Alex isn’t here and that he is. Before hanging up, he makes it clear that they have to leave pronto.

Still in the bathroom, Lizzie prays that Coop will answer his cell phone.

In the courtroom, Coop’s phone rings and he immediately jumps to pick it up. He demands to know where she is; she tells him and he can hear how frightened she is. She admits that she thinks Sebastian is trying to kidnap her, and mentions that they have yet to leave the ground. Rushing around, he tells her that she has to pull out all the stops when it comes to stalling the plane. He promises her that he is on his way.

Sebastian knocks on the door and lets her know that they have to leave. She looks upset, and he immediately notices it. She lies to him; telling him that she is afraid of flying, and attempts to run off the plane. Sebastian grabs her hard by the arm and informs her that there are worse things than flying to fear.

Lizzie pulls away from him; demanding to know where Roxie is. When he mentions the pilot; she yells out that she doesn’t believe him. Sebastian can see that she is acting strange and accuse her of listening in on his conversation. She admits overheard things, and he lets her know that Roxie will soon be the least of her problems.

Sebastian mentions Alan, and that he still hasn’t been contacted. Lizzie doesn’t want to hear it. She yells at him that she is more than a Spaulding; she is a person too. She continues to yell at him erratically. Everything from love to drinks, to yoga. He is frustrated with her as she fakes having a panic attack. Sebastian eventually gets so annoyed that he lets her do her yoga, reminding her that she only has five minutes left.

Sebastian lets her know that time is up and that they need to get going. She doesn’t want to deal with him, and brushes him off. She claims that she’s not relaxed enough yet. He pulls Lizzie to her feet, and hands her an air sickness bag. She continues to make a scene; she reminds him that next to Alan she has the largest amount of Spaulding stock. He doesn’t want to hear what she has to say and doesn’t think she knows who he is up against.

In an effort to stall him, she mentions that they could be a team and take over Spaulding. He grabs her chin; she breaks away. She knows that he wouldn’t hurt her as he needs her to get what he wants.

Coop rushes on board announcing that he has called the cops. He demands that Sebastian let her go. Sebastian grabs Lizzie, as Coop bluffs that Alan is at the police station confessing. He then pretends not to care. Coop mentions that Lizzie is high maintenance and the two teens begin to bicker. Lizzie looks offended and they all begin to yell at one another.

Sebastian gets frustrated and throws Lizzie towards Coop. He yells that she is not worth the aggravation. Coop and Lizzie leave; while Sebastian informs the pilot that he needs to leave immediately.

Harley stands by her men, and Mallet confesses that he wanted to be there to support her. She smiles; thankful for the support and then wonders if Alan is going to testify. Gus can’t look her in the face and then pawns the question off on Frank. She looks worried as the three men try to downplay Alan’s status. “Alan’s kinda, sorta missing.” Gus finally says. Frank informs her that someone helped him get away as she freaks out. He goes on to explain to his sister that they think his accomplice was Sebastian Hulce.

Harley can’t believe her luck, and mentions that the true killer is on the loose. Frank seems desperate to believe that since Alan confessed in a room full of people that the judge will have to let Harley go. Mallet and Gus look around nervously, clearly knowing that Harley’s fate is anything but certain.

Judge Ellis comes into the courtroom, and everyone is called to order. Alex walks in; she and Buzz exchange some heartbroken looks with one another.

The judge addresses Jeffery, and comments that a district attorney requesting this type of trial is unusual. He mentions that they now have overwhelming evidence proving that Harley is not the killer. He struggles with trying to explain what the evidence is, where it is, and why it’s so important.

Harley whispers to Gus; looking worried about Alan being missing.

Jeffery continues to struggle through the case. He questions Frank about the bloody gloves. Frank lets it be known that according to blood tests that the blood is indeed Phillip Spaulding’s. As he is testifying, Buzz takes a long hard look at Alexandra.

Alexandra takes the stand and apologizes for hiding evidence. She mentions that she was fearful of her brother and what he might do to her. Judge Ellis stops the line of questioning to ask Alex if it was made clear to hear that she didn’t have to come forward. She makes it clear that she wants to do what is right.

Harley whispers to Gus, wondering why Alex suddenly wants to do the right thing.

Jeffery shows the tape that Alex made in the even that something happened to her. He closes telling the judge that he thinks Harley should be exonerated of all charges ASAP.

Judge Ellis reminds the DA, that regardless of being innocent that Harley still broke the law by escaping from jail. Gus immediately stands up, willing to take the blame for Harley leaving prison. Harley doesn’t want him to do that and makes it clear that it was her choice. Mallet joins in and mentions that he also looked the other way when Harley escaped. The three are all talking at once; until Judge Ellis orders them to stop. Harley makes it clear that she made her own decisions.

Judge Ellis orders Harley to stand. She decides to make her ruling and mentions that sometimes it is necessary to go beyond the letter of the law. She orders the charges to be overturned, and requests that Harley be set free immediately.

Buzz, Frank, and just about everyone in the courtroom begin to cheer in excitement. Harley hugs her brother, while Mallet smiles knowingly. Marina hugs Harley and urges her to go check on the status of the police exam. Harley then turns to her father; wanting to see Zach & Jude. Jeffery mentions the stack of papers that he needs Harley to sign; Gus whispers that they could always do it at another time. Harley hugs him and thanks him for not dragging things out.

Alex tells Buzz that she’s glad things turned out for the best. She lets him know that she wished she could have corrected things quicker. He’s not pleased with her. He mentions that their relationship is about trust and not loyalty. Before leaving, he confesses that he loves her. She’s almost crying, and clearly going to follow him when Harley stops her. “Let him go.” She advises Alex.

Alex apologizes to Harley for not doing more to help her. “It’s too little, too late.” She tells Alex sadly. She mentions how sad it is that Alex betrayed her father not only once, but twice. She begins talking about her father’s loyalty and realizes that Gus is just like him. She walks off, leaving Alex to wonder what she has left in her life.

In the hallway, Marina gets off the phone to report that she failed. Then she bursts out in laughter and confesses that she passed. She hugs him, and he lets her know how proud he is of her.

Jeffery continues to finish up with some paper work when Frank thanks him for helping out. Frank also hugs Mallet goodbye and thanks him as well. Jeffery makes it clear that the one thing that would help him the most is finding Alan Spaulding.

Mallet is on the phone in the hallway getting prepared to check out of his hotel until Harley stops him. She lets him know that he taught her how to forgive. He looks like he is about ready to cry when he wishes her the best with Gus. They hug once more before he leaves; Mallet lets her know that if she ever needs him that he’s there for her.

Gus comes out into the hallway and they hug one another. She looks happy, but confused at the sight of him.

In the courtroom, Harley signs papers while Jeffery, Frank and Gus discuss how to best ‘step up’ the investigation. Buzz brings the kids in to see Harley and they hug one another. She assures them that she will never go away as Buzz and Gus look on with smiles on their faces.

Back on the docks, Alan hands Leo some cash. He makes it clear that if anyone asks about him that the men are to report that he left town on a bus. “I have some unfinished business to take care of.” He says. Leo gives Alan a word of advice- that he needs to be careful that he’s not only left with a money clip when the time comes.

Mallet arrives at the restaurant and sees Danny and Marina there. He realizes that he may have walked in on what is going to be a celebration and is ready to leave. Marina sits him down and lets him know that he can’t leave. She reminds him that he did way too much for her aunt to go home now. Mallet jokes that Marina has the Cooper stubbornness. Danny laughs and introduces himself.

Mallet recognizes the name, but doesn’t say much. Marina bursts in telling her godfather, Mallet, that she just passed the Police Academy entrance exam. Mallet is psyched and hugs her. She heads off to check on things in kitchen. Danny approaches Mallet and asks for his advice. He wonders if his last name will make it harder for Marina to do well in the force. He makes it clear that it will definitely make it harder for her. Danny seems worried; Mallet mentions that he has more to say. He goes on to explain that once you find someone worth the fight that it doesn’t matter in the long run how hard things are. Mallet leaves, and Danny looks more confused than ever. Marina comes back wondering what she’s missed. Danny looks like he has a lot to think about.

Outside the restaurant, Coop apologizes to Lizzie for how he had to handle things. He mentions how dangerous Sebastian was; that he killed Dr. Wallace. She looks worried and begins to faint. He catches her, letting her know that things are fine.

Harley continues to talk to her boys and spend time with them.

Shorty (the second homeless man from earlier) arrives at the courthouse, looking for Gus. After being paid off, he shows a newspaper that has a photo of Alan. Shorty tells Gus that Alan spent the night at the docks with him and his friends last night.

Alan arrives in a hallway and talks to a doctor, dressed in business attire. He mentions that he wants to go in alone and she ok’s it. He walks into a room that looks exactly like the Spaulding boardroom.

Phillip is dressed as though he is at work and says hello to his father. Alan simply grins from ear to ear.

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