Guiding Light Update Thursday 7/14/05


By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo & Amanda

Lizzie is sitting all alone in the hallway of Towers with Roxie when Cassie walks by. She stops to check on her and Lizzie is evasive. She mentions that she has no one to turn to. Cassie looks at Roxie and then mentions to Lizzie that she thinks that they might have something in common.

Dinah and Edmund arrive outside of Company. She’s carrying the pregnancy pad and he begs her to put it back on. She doesn’t want to just so that he can get back together with Cassie. He calmly tells her that his plans have changed. He wants her to fake the pregnancy so that he can hurt Cassie who has conveniently forgotten why she ever cared for him in the first place.

Nate can’t believe that Reva is lying to him. He’s furious and can’t believe how stupid he’s been. Jonathan warns his father to get out while he still can. Nate hangs up and Jonathan immediately is worried about his mother.

Outside, Reva leaves a frantic message for Olivia begging her to hurry to the house. She’s unsure of how much longer she can keep up the charade.

Olivia continues to bang on the closet door, yelling at Alan to let her out while her cell phone rings where it was dropped – on the floor. Olivia realizes she’s not alone in the closet when she hears Sebastian’s whimpering and is shocked.

Reva continues to leave a message for Olivia when Jonathan shows up.

Edmund looks around nervously while Dinah lets him know that she doesn’t believe him. She lets him know that if he wants her to put the pregnancy pad on that he will have to do it himself. He obliges and she is all smiles. She is most definitely enjoying the attention.

Coop runs up to them, he’s out of breath and wondering if either of them has seen Lizzie. They shake their heads and he runs inside.

Cassie mentions that there is no use in pretending there’s not a problem. Lizzie confesses that the one person she thought she could trust turned on her. She stands up as she explains that she overheard Coop talking to her mother. Cassie can’t understand why this is a problem until it is explained to her that they are teaming up against her. It’s clear that she feels all alone. Cassie gives her some advice and lets her know that things will always get in the way. Lizzie mentions that she thinks that her relationship with Coop would be fine, if her family wasn’t so insistent on screwing everything up all the time. Cassie smiles and gingerly says “There is always something to complicate relationships.”

Dinah and Edmund walk inside the restaurant and he confesses to her that he has found his breaking point. He admits that regardless of what he’s done for Cassie that nothing has been or will be good enough for her. He’s convinced that his ex-wife only wants her dead husband back. You can see glimpses of the old Edmund as he tells Dinah that Cassie will be crushed when she realizes the baby is gone. With a devious smile, he tells her that it will make it worse for Cassie to find out that it has been gone for a long time. Taking Dinah’s hand in his he tells her that he’s going to rip Cassie’s desire right out of her hands. Edmund mentions that without her help he can’t get even and makes it clear that they have to be in it together. “I need you, Dinah. I need you desperately.” He tells her.

Olivia tries to wake up a grumpy Sebastian by smacking him a few times. She’s confused as to why he’s in the closet and dressed as a cop. She realizes that he’s the one who helped Alan escape and continues yelling for help.

Standing up and regaining his balance he reminds her that if he and Alan were in cahoots together that he wouldn’t be locked in a closet. His head clearly hurting him, he asks her to stop banging on the door. “I have someone counting on me.” She tells him as she continues to yell and bang for help. Informing Sebastian that he’s going to have to share a cell with his boss she turns around. He’s flashing his night stick at her and wonders why she would be so rude. He’s clearly not happy with her.

Reva looks around nervously wondering why her son has decided to drop by now. He tells her that he saw her and wanted to stop by. He mentions that he’s talked to Olivia and now wants to have a heart to heart with her. Reva’s excited that he wants to talk, but makes it clear that she needs him to leave. He looks hurt as he begs her to talk to him.

Nate looks at a photo of Reva, angry that he’s setting her up.

Reva tries to stop Jonathan before he leaves mad. She tells him that she can’t handle him anymore. It’s obvious that she’s turning him away to protect him, but he doesn’t know that. “Whatever you get from here on out, you deserve and don’t forget that mom.” He spits out at her, furious with how she’s treated him. He leaves just as Nate comes out to check on her. She’s close to tears, but forces a smile anyway.

Cassie reminds Lizzie that right or wrong that Beth’s heart is in the right place. She gets ready to leave and Lizzie stops her, she wants more advice. Lizzie even comments on Cassie’s engagement ring and jokes that she and Beth could open a jewelry store together. Cassie smiles and reminds her that if things aren’t working out now, then perhaps they were never meant to be. She walks off leaving Lizzie alone. Further down the hallway Cassie stops. She looks at her engagement ring and comments on how things didn’t work out with her and Edmund. Looking sad, she removes it.

Back where Lizzie is, her phone rings. She notices that it is Coop before answering it. When she picks up the phone he immediately gives her the third degree and demands to know where and why she left. Not knowing how to respond she hangs up.

Olivia moves out of the way of Sebastian’s night stick. He laughs at the fact that she’s frightened of him and continues to beat the closet door with the stick in an attempt to get out. She pesters him to hit it harder. They exchange words back and forth talking about how they need to have the right amount of faith in people. He finally gets the door open and she shoves him back in the closet before taking off.

Coop is pacing around nervously at the restaurant. He’s ready to track her down when his cell phone rings. It’s his brother, Frank on the phone letting Coop know that Alan escaped. Something is mentioned about Sebastian and Coop assures his brother that he knows who he’s talking about.

Sebastian gets out of the closet and is about to walk out of the Towers Suite when he runs into Lizzie. They both seem surprised to see one another, however Sebastian seem a bit happier about this turn of events.

Dinah doesn’t understand the recent turn of events in the latest saga of Edmund’s love life. He continues to tell her that it was Cassie who ultimately decided how she was going to be treated by him. He goes on to explain that they finally want the same thing – Cassie to be miserable. “I was wondering if you would join me in making it happen.” He asks her with an eerie calm to his voice.

Dinah seems skeptical about what he is telling her. She’s not sure how she can trust him. He takes her hands in his and informs her that he’s willing to prove himself to her by spending the night with her. “I want you, Dinah, and only you.” He tells her. Dinah looks nervous and whispers Cassie’s name breaking the mood. Edmund looks up to see his ex-wife standing over them looking baffled.

Coop comes out from behind the bar wondering if Cassie has seen Lizzie. He looks panicked.

On the patio outside of Company, Jonathan hears the voices of his mother and father. He hears Reva reminding him that he has to throw all the hurt cause by Alfred back in his face. He also hears Nate telling him that he’s the only one who truly cares for Jonathan. Grabbing his head he yells out “Stop it. I know a way to stop you.”

Nate comes outside and approaches Reva. He confesses to her that he’s having a ‘crisis of conscience’ and that he only has one more button to push before it becomes final.

He informs her that he feels like he’s going behind Josh’s back. Nate doesn’t want to be the one to transfer the money and tells her that since she is the one with an actually claim on it that she should do it. Claiming to be bad with computers, Reva searches for a way to get out of it. He assures her that he will help her along with each step. He goes on to let her know that if he presses the buttons that it would feel too deceitful. Reva laughs nervously and lies to him. She tells him that she gave up on computers after the last few crashed on her. She stresses that without the money transfer that she will be left with nothing and he doesn’t buy it. Nate tells her that he doesn’t believe that things are truly that bad between her and Josh. She continues to try and convince him that she will be left with nothing. He rubs her shoulders and tells her that he’s sure things will work out for the best.

Cassie seems annoyed and tells Coop where to find Lizzie at Towers. He runs off while she sets her sights on Edmund. She doesn’t understand why he would proposition Dinah only to get even with her. She’s furious while Edmund is still as calm as ever. He mentions that Dinah is important to him and that he simply wants to show his appreciation. Suddenly Jonathan comes rushing into the restaurant. He doesn’t understand why she is still wearing the pregnancy pad and almost spills the beans.

Dinah pulls Jonathan aside as he tells her that she should come away with him. He informs her that he has some money and reminds her that things in Springfield will never work out for them. She glances over at Edmund and lets him know that it might not be the case any longer.

Lizzie walks into the suite and is curious as to what Sebastian is doing in her grandfather’s suite. He explains that Alan wanted Sebastian to pick up some Spaulding related papers. Lizzie doesn’t buy it and curious about why he’s dressed as a cop. He comes up with another excuse about needing to get into the suite. She doesn’t seem to care and mentions that the suite was probably a bad idea. He offers to talk to her and says the right things. She comments on how she doesn’t have anyone to listen to her anymore. Sebastian tells her that she will have to force people to listen to her if she wants results. Confused, Lizzie tells him that she doesn’t know how she’s going to do that. Sebastian nods and informs her that he has an idea.

Nate continues to rub Reva’s shoulders. She looks worried as he tells her that he’s not sure if he should believe everything he’s being told. She tells him that her relationship with Josh is strained despite their history. She mentions their chemistry and he lets her know it’s still there. He begins to unbutton her blouse when someone knocks on the door. Smiling he leaves for the kitchen while she supposedly gets rid of whomever is at the door. Reva opens the door and is met with a punch by Olivia.

Smiling Olivia mentions how fun it was. Reva doesn’t seem so happy and informs her conspirator that their plan is going well.

Sebastian suggests that Lizzie come with him to Florida. He tells her that he has a meeting and that they can easily take the corporate jet. He begins packing some things that are in the closet. She’s unsure as he convinces her that he has no ulterior motives. “Let me put it this way: you can disappear for a few days to get your family all worried about you before you make your demands.” He explains to her. Lizzie’s not sure what kind of demands she would even need to make. Sebastian continues to bait her and tells her that she could ask for whatever she wants – including bargaining for more time with Coop. She decides she wants to go with him and picks up the phone to call Coop. Lizzie wants to explain what’s going on, but he warns her not to. It will take away from the point of the mission, he tells her. She doesn’t seem to sure that this is the best plan for her and Sebastian looks annoyed.

Jonathan doesn’t want Dinah to stay in town only for Edmund. He obviously thinks she is better than that. She informs him that things are different. As she tells Jonathan that she and Edmund are going to work together and make Cassie’s life difficult she smiles. He doesn’t understand why she would want to be with someone who doesn’t care about her. “Have a good life, D.” He tells her before walking off. He almost looks like he’s going to tell her that he cares about her before leaving, but stops short.

Cassie informs Edmund that he can’t sleep with Dinah. He doesn’t want to hear it and changes the subject by giving her a gift. She looks confused until he explains that it is a book of baby names and the parental contract. He goes on to tell her that although he failed as a husband that he doesn’t want to as a father. He hands her a pen and asks her to sign it so that they can have equal rights to the child. She thanks him as she prepares to sign it.

Coop busts into the Spaulding suite at Towers convinced that he’s going to find Lizzie. He sees Roxie and wonders where Lizzie is. He immediately knows that something is wrong if she left Roxie behind.

On the jet, Lizzie drinks something tropical as Sebastian explains that Roxie is with the pilot. He reminds her that soon the only thing she will have to worry about is how deep she wants her tan to be. Lizzie smiles and mentions that things could be much worse. She lets him know that she’s ready to go and that she wants to world to realize that she means business.

Reva complains about how late Olivia is while she tries to stop the bleeding from her nose. She informs Olivia that Nate is getting cold feet. Reva mentions that she had to be ‘convincing’ and Olivia automatically wonders what that means. Reva seems perturbed by the thought. Olivia continues to explain that Reva will have to do whatever it takes in order to get the transfer to go through. The two women continue to bicker back and forth. Olivia pushes Reva back inside and tells her to get the job done. Reva comes back inside and searches for Nate who seems to be missing. She drags Olivia back inside and can’t believe that he’s left.

Jonathan leaves the restaurant. As he walks out Alfred stops him. “I hope I misunderstood what I just heard.” He tells his son. Pulling him aside he wonders if Jonathan was going to leave town if Dinah had agreed to go with him.

Cassie looks up from the paper and is pleased. He hands the pen to Dinah and has her sign it. “I think I have one final request.” He tells Cassie. She looks worried until he explains that he wants to collect his belongings from the farm. Cassie looks surprised but lets him know that she will get things ready for him. She leaves looking happy and tells the two of them goodnight.

Edmund looks to Dinah wondering of she’s finally convinced of what he’s doing. She tells him that she’s not sure he won’t ever go back to her. He pulls her to him and the two passionately kiss.

Lizzie sits alone complaining about the lack of entertainment on board the jet. She calls out, wondering where Sebastian is. When she doesn’t heard from him she picks up her cell phone and calls Coop. He sounds worried and she makes it clear that he betrayed her trust. Coop tries to tell her about Alan and she doesn’t give him a chance to get a word in edgewise. She hangs up the phone and explains that she is leaving town with Sebastian. She sits back laughing, thinking that she has made Coop jealous.

Elsewhere in the plane Sebastian calls Alan and lets him know that he has Lizzie. He informs Alan that he has 24 hours to return the phone call and stresses that he will only keep Lizzie safe for a short while.

Outside the restaurant, Cassie calls Jeffery. She informs him that she has good news and that things are going to be fine.

Inside, Edmund and Dinah dance together. He hugs her and when she’s looking has an evil look in his eye.

Alfred wonders if his son was going to leave. Jonathan mentions that perhaps it is time for the both of them to leave. Alfred ignores his comment and mentions that he hasn’t gotten what he came here for. When his son questions what is going to happen he asks if Jonathan even cares. He shrugs and tells Alfred that he really doesn’t care about Reva.

Olivia and Reva desperately try to figure out if the transfer was made or not. Reva is worried that he has figured everything out and left. She finally realizes that he transferred the money. Olivia seems excited until Reva explains that he transferred it to a different account. “Nate and the money are gone.” She announces looking worried.

Jonathan sits hunched over a computer at the Springfield docks. He looks at a transfer of funds from the Lewis Construction account into his personal account in the Cayman Islands. The amount is for 2.3 million and he comments that it is finally payday for him.

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