Guiding Light Update Wednesday 7/13/05


By Elizabeth
Pictures by Boo

Sebastian and Alan rush into a suite at Towers. An appreciative Alan, wonders how Sebastian could have pulled it off. Claiming that he’s a good actor, he reminds Alan that the cops are bound to catch up with them. Alan is furious that Gus would set him up, wondering why his son would think he was capable of murder. He knows that he has to get going and asks Sebastian to call his pilot. He’s headed out the door and mentions having to make one more stop before leaving when Sebastian stops him. He tells his boss that they have some things that they need to straighten out.

Lizzie is standing outside her restaurant staring off into space when Coop arrives. He apologizes to hear, letting her know that heard all about her grandfather. She seems like she’s in a daze as she talks about how she can see Alan killing her father. She tries to remain upbeat about Harley being home. He hugs her and she reminds him that her family is crazy. Beth arrives and hugs her daughter who is upset. She wants to know how her grandfather could claim that family means everything after shooting her father. Beth tries to console her and convince her to come back to the house, but she doesn’t want to hear it. Lizzie storms off, telling her mother that she will never go back to the mansion.

Inside, Reva sits down with Olivia at a table. She’s heard the news about Alan and seems surprised. Olivia mentions how she heard Alan confess and that she thinks the Spaulding family is determined to destroy one another. She makes it clear that she doesn’t care what happens to Alan as far as a punishment goes. Reva looks confused and simply can’t understand why he would shoot his own son. They mention Harley and her upcoming release. Olivia then changes the subject and wonders what is going on with Nate. She warns Reva that Jonathan was raised to help Alfred whenever he asked. She assures Olivia that although she doesn’t have much of an idea now that she’s working on it. “The more I think about it, the more I think that Jonathan might know something about my sister’s death.” She yells at Reva. Tammy who happened to be in the restaurant overhears this part of the conversation and her jaw drops.

Jonathan walks into his father’s bar. Alfred is doing some paperwork at the bar and seems impatient that his son took so long to get to the bar. He mentions the ‘lesson’ he taught his son and then wonders if he’s been ‘spreading the word.’ Jonathan nods, letting his father know that he’s been doing as told.

Alfred mentions that they have to finish their mission before Reva figures things out. He goes back to the paperwork and shows his son a doodle, of Reva’s headstone. Jonathan looks worried, but only shakes his head. He approaches his father, wondering why he’s changed his plans. He reminds him that they only came to town to get money and get even. “Plans change.” Alfred tells his son. He looks annoyed and reminds his son that it always about more than money. Jonathan reminds his father that he was never supposed to kill Reva. Alfred doesn’t say much only that he’s here to help his son. Jonathan sarcastically asks if he’s going to help Reva the way he helped Marissa. Alfred makes it clear that he’s not ok with his son questioning his actions. Again Jonathan mentions Marissa and that he thinks his father did it. Alfred reminds his son that Reva and her family think of him only as garbage and nothing more. “We are going to give her what she deserves.” He yells at his son before leaving. Worried about where his father is going he questions him. Alfred doesn’t divulge too much information and simply tells his son that they next time he is given an order that he hopes it is followed. He warns his son to stay put and exits.

Tammy approaches her aunt, who doesn’t think she should hear what they are talking about. Both Tammy and Reva defend Jonathan to Olivia. Neither of them think he’s capable of murder. Tammy mentions that she saw Jonathan at the Lewis Construction computers, but that it’s probably nothing. The two older women ask Tammy to leave and she obliges.

Olivia reminds Reva that there is a reason that Jonathan didn’t expose his father. Reva reminds Olivia that she will help expose Alfred as a killer, but that she needs her help. She doesn’t want to hear this and tells Reva that Jonathan is Alfred’s son, whether they like it or not. She warns Reva once more that if she’s not careful she will be Alfred’s next victim.

Outside, Beth approaches her daughter once more. She tries to talk to her and convince her to come home. Lizzie erupts in anger, reminding her mother that the house is evil. SH yells about her grandfather killing her dad. She doesn’t want to go home and only wants to spend some time with Coop.

Beth sees that she’s up against a wall and pulls Coop aside. She tells him that he has no idea what he is up against and begs him not to fight her. He agrees that he doesn’t want to see Lizzie hurt and doesn’t say anything as Beth drags her daughter away. Coop watches as Beth and Lizzie leave. Lizzie begs Coop to tell her mother that they need some time together and is met only with silence.

Sebastian reminds Alan that things have changed and that he’s now in the hot seat. He makes it clear that he wants Alan to acknowledge that his life as he knows it is over. “Yeah, so what else do you want?” asks Alan. Sebastian’s intentions are crystal clear when he says that he wants Alan’s life as he knows it. He looks confused, wondering what aspect of his life that Sebastian wants. He takes a drink as he makes it clear that he only wants Alan’s money and power. Alan mentions that he treated Sebastian like a son and now is getting stabbed in the back. “I had a father.” Sebastian announces, and goes on to mention that he promised his father to take everything from Alan. He’s laughing and Alan claims that he is ‘stark raving mad.” Sebastian simply laughs. He offers to help Alan escape in exchange for Spaulding Enterprises and hands Alan a contract. “Do you have any idea of who you’re dealing with?” Alan asks angrily.

Coop is picking up toys in the Bauer backyard and it’s obvious that he’s mad about the way that things went down with Lizzie earlier. He’s about ready to call her when she shows up. She demands to know how and why he treated her the way he did. He lets her know that fighting with her family isn’t going to help things. He wonders if perhaps her mother is right. Irritated, she lets him know that if he doesn’t want her around that she can leave. Suddenly he realizes that she’s not supposed to be here with him and asks what happened. She informs him that she and her mother took separate cars and that she lost her after the first light. She asks him to hide her, and he’s not sure what he should do. She begs him to hide her in his room.

Reva and Olivia are sitting down talking. She tells Olivia that she understands how dangerous Jonathan can be, but that ultimately he wouldn’t kill Marissa. Olivia doesn’t know what to believe as Reva mentions that they need to get to the truth. Reva mentions her plan which involves Olivia luring Alfred to the house, where Reva can be alone with him. And she wants Olivia to make it look like Alfred beat her up. As they’re discussing the plan, Alfred walks in. Reva mentions it to Olivia and warns her not to do or say anything. The two women begin to fight with one another (verbal only, and for the sake of Alfred). They argue about Jonathan and whether or not he is involved in the death of his mother. Olivia storms out the back door, without having to look where Alfred is.

Reva looks up and sees Alfred standing there. She runs over to hug him and explains that Olivia thinks Jonathan had something to do with his adoptive mother’s death. He reminds her that if Jonathan is innocent that they have nothing to worry about. He takes her word for it that Jonathan is innocent and she begins to break down. She confesses to Alfred that Josh is mad at her for spending time with him.

Coop and Lizzie sit with one another in the backyard. They hold one another as Lizzie mentions how she’s worried that she will become crazy like her family. He assures her that it won’t happen. She smiles and lets him know that he has a wonderful way of making her feel safe. They kiss one another, glad to be with one another.

Sebastian eggs Alan on, warning him about the claustrophobia he will have in prison. Alan pretends to be disappointed in the fact that Sebastian is like his father as he looks over the contract. He seems shocked that Sebastian has left the Spaulding family with nothing. Sebastian laughs manically and reminds him that he’s the one who did that when he shot Phillip. As he warns Alan to sign the paper, police appear at the door and begin knocking.

Olivia walks into Outskirts and hears Reva’s voice in her head telling her that Jonathan wouldn’t hurt Marissa. She sees him sitting alone and walks over to him.

They make small talk and she orders a drink. He’s surprised to see her drinking and she mentions that things haven’t been easy lately. He almost seems surprised that she’s upset about her sister and she mentions Alan killing Phillip. He seems shocked that anyone would be able to do that to their own flesh and blood. She reminds Jonathan that no matter what people can’t get away with murder. She seems to be directing her comment at him and he tells her that he thinks Phillip got what he deserved. He doesn’t understand why she’s taking everything so personally. Olivia takes the opportunity to change the subject to Marissa. “Don’t you want the person who hurt Marissa to pay for it?” She asks. He doesn’t answer and only tells her that he doesn’t want to talk about it. She goes on and talks about herself and how she had to get tough in Springfield to survive. She mentions that perhaps they’re more alike than different. She informs him that when you find something good and lasting that you have to hold on to it. He seems to understand and mentions how much he loved her as he cries. Olivia brings up Marissa’s fear of the water and wonders if he has any idea of what happened. He claims not to know anything. She tells him that they can’t sit around while they watch people hurt those they love. He’s still in tears as she gets up to leave. Once she’s gone, he looks at the doodle his father made of Reva’s gravestone. He tells himself that his aunt is right.

Outside, Reva mentions how Josh left town because he wasn’t alright with her relationship with Nate. He’s incredulous and can’t believe this as she goes on and on about how she doesn’t even know if her husband is coming back.

She confesses that she told him about the kiss, and he warns her not to blame herself. He reminds her that she will be able to take care of herself, with or without her husband. He takes the blame for telling her how he felt as she mentions how vindictive Josh can be. Nate vows to protect her and she lets him know that she’s tied to him financially. Reva mentions the money at Lewis Construction and how she’s entitled to some of it. She says that she wishes she could transfer some of the money into an account for herself in case something happened later. She makes it clear that her biggest problem would be putting it into an account Josh wouldn’t be able to get his hands on. Nate seizes the opportunity and tells her that she could dump some of the money into the Outskirts account. “All I need is a password to the Lewis account.” He tells her. Together they take off to find the password in the house.

Coop stops them from kissing and mentions that perhaps she should take a nap. He offers up Michelle’s old room. She doesn’t think she’d be able to sleep as he assures her that if she needs to talk that he will be there for her. She mentions her father’s murder once more and he reminds her that sadly, on bad mistake can ruin some things forever. She agrees to take a nap and takes off. Once she’s gone he hears her phone ringing in her purse. He answers it to hear Beth on the other end. He confesses that Lizzie is with him at the Bauer house and that she wanted to stay. Lizzie watches on as Coop tells her mother that he’s with her.

Sebastian answers the door and finds a cop standing there. He mentions that he came to confiscate Alan’s passport. Sebastian assures the cop that he has things under control and sends him packing.

He shuts the door and reminds Alan that once more he owes him for his life. From behind him, Alan jumps out smashing Sebastian on the head. He falls to the ground while Alan runs off.

Coop admits that Lizzie came to the house and that she’s safe. Beth wants to come over to pick her up. He begs her not to and she tells him that she needs Lizzie as much as Lizzie needs her own family. “If you could give her some time, maybe a day…” He pleads with Beth.

She accepts that perhaps spending time with him is what her daughter needs and agrees to it. She asks that Lizzie simply give her a call when she can. He assures her that Lizzie is safe.

As soon as Beth is off the phone she sees Tammy. They both talk about how much they want to help people who refuse it.

Reva watches as Nate mentions how easy transferring money from one account to another is. He asks for the password and she tells him that it is ‘Harlan.’ She mentions that it was Josh’s father’s name and that he’s the one who started Lewis Oil many years ago. She leaves to get some air; while she’s gone he mentions how easy this is. She mentions to herself how Olivia better get ready as the plan is coming into play. She picks up her phone to make a call.

Meanwhile, inside Nate sends Jonathan a message telling him to come to the Lewis House. Jonathan thinks back to his aunt’s words and how hard it is.

Olivia is walking down the hallway in Towers when Alan grabs her from behind. He throws her in the closet, and she drops her cell phone.

Reva is trying to call Olivia and tells herself that Olivia has to answer. They have Nate right where she wants him.

Nate’s phone rings and its Jonathan. He warns his father that Reva is on to him. He stares out the door looking at Reva who is trying to make a call.

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